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on October 2, 2012
There's too many glowing/bad reviews from people that only played the demo and reviews that...aren't even reviews but just a paragraph of praise or hate.

I'll try my best to help out any potential buyers.

It would take all the room on the page to go into detail about all the gameplay changes but basically, if you've ever played Gears of War, the gameplay is very similar to it.


- You can change your characters handedness on the fly. Don't like having to play as Helena on the right side of the screen? Just press RS and she'll switch to the left side.

- Dark atmosphere. Even though it isn't scary they at least tried.

- Smooth controls.

- Inventory is better to accommodate the action. You just use Up/Down on the d-pad to switch weapons and Left/Right to switch items. You have little restrictions now except you can't swap items with your partner.

- The skill system is nice. You can pick up skill points that drop from enemies and customize your character however you'd like upon meeting the requirements for the skills to unlock. There's skills that increase gun power, reload speed, melee power, recoil, accuracy, skills to not have to rely on your partner, increased ammo pickups, etc.


- Melee feels overpowered. Why waste tons of ammo on a zombie when you can just beat them up?

- Zombies are back... but now they're faster, carry weapons like bottles and guns, and they're only in Leon's campaign. The majority of the enemies are J'avo, which are like soldiers that are half dead, smarter, and carry guns. The rest are your typical BOW monsters.

- A lot of Quick Time Events and even some cheap deaths.

- Turning off Waypoints turns off your HUD. This may be patched.

- You can only restore one block of health at a time per pill. Any herbs you find have to be mixed to make more pills. It can be annoying in a heated fight.

- Scripted events and lots of setpieces. You can no longer shoot zombies laying or sitting still like in the older games. You have to wait for an event to happen before you can harm them.


- There's 4 campaigns and 4 hours worth of cutscenes. Each campaign is around 5 hours long.

Chris' campaign is very action heavy and is like a constant warzone (Well he IS in the military now...), Jake's has just as much action, and Leon's campaign tries to be more atmospheric but it doesn't take long for the action to ramp up.

The 4th campaign is unlockable after finishing those 3. I won't spoil it for anyone reading.

Some people may like that this game is a lot longer than previous ones. I personally felt it dragged on because the gameplay is much faster paced and there was a lot of QTEs.

- Too much action. Think of all the enemies in mercenaries mode in RE 5 + enemies shooting at you and you have this. Some people like it, some don't.


Honestly, I think this is what Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City should have been.

I love the classic Resident Evils more but still enjoyed RE 4, 5, and 3ds exclusive Revelations. This latest one is just too much of a change for me. It feels like it tries to appeal to everyone but doesn't quite accomplish it.
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on October 17, 2012
I wanted to like this game. I've been putting in the time to play it and replay it - analyze it for its parts and get a feel for it on the whole. At the end of the day, I'm disappointed. The game feels, in one word, unpolished. In this review, I will quickly compare RE6 to some of its prequels, to provide a jumping off point for readers. I won't talk about everything I've noticed, this is just a quick summation of my impressions.

I think RE4 was the greatest evolution of the series: it tells a compelling story, it was fun to play, and it felt fair. I completed RE4 on the Wii, and I think nothing can compare to the wii-remote for aiming, except maybe a light gun. Truly being able to aim quickly, without finessing a thumbstick was natural, the quicktime events (QTEs) were SO COOL, the graphics were good, the art style was good, the new weapons upgrade and inventory system was well implemented and motivating, and Leon just felt bad-ass to play. RE4 was difficult at times, but it was fair, and I never felt cheated when I died. With RE6, I am constantly feeling cheated, such as when a melee QTE overrides a situational QTE, causing my death. Moreover, the sequence of events in RE6 feel completely forced, like I am being herded nonsensically and unemotionally from one "cool" setting to the next. As one example, in Leon's campaign, it just seems silly that the bus I fought to get on at the end of Chapter 1 just randomly gets in an accident and everyone dies at the beginning of chapter 2, such that I end up in a cemetery for the beginning of the next level (uninjured by the bus crash and explosion).

RE5 had a different feel than all the past games, because it was more action-oriented. I am okay with this, because it was necessary for the story that CAPCOM wanted to tell. The story was not as good as RE4, and the gameplay was not a giant step forward in the series. Still, I thought it perfected the evolution begun in RE4, and the implementation of co-op play was perfect. I played the entire game through with a friend, and that made RE5 more fun than RE4 in my eyes. The shop system, the huge variety of guns, and the importance of upgrades truly added a level of replayability that kept me going back to RE5 long after I beat it. Removing the inventory system in RE6 seems illogical to me. The new inventory system is not an improvement; it is more difficult to organize and customize for quick access. Removing the ability to customize guns or buy new guns is also a step back in the series for me - one of my favorite things about RE5 was the excitement I felt in finding a more powerful shotgun - or debating between carrying a handgun that was more powerful or could carry more ammunition. I think most gamers love personalization, and RE6 did away with what made MY playthrough of RE5 all MINE. To be fair, RE6 does co-op well, and the multiple person boss fights is really cool.

RE6 Complete Impressions:
My sense is that RE6 would have been better if CAPCOM had taken an extra few months to fine tune it.
It released early (why?) even though I think most fans would have been happy to wait.
It sacrificed personalization for a new inventory and skill system (why?) that is less fun, less intuitive, and promotes less replayability.
It eschewed slow, logical, natural story progression in favor of stream-lined action and big set pieces (why?) when this is not the type of game RE fans grew to love.
It opted for new and shiny (new characters, new inventory menu, new healing system, new skill system) over tried, true, and loved (why is there no mention of Jill or Sheva, where is my grid inventory, why don't my herbs spray, and why can't I customize my guns).
It chose quantity (of playing time, explosions, scare-moments) over quality of the experience (remember feeling like you were in Leon or Claire's shoes in RE2, just trying to find more ammo and just trying to survive).
In the end, I think RE6 chose marketability over polish, style, and its own legacy.

That's too bad CAPCOM. I really wanted to like this game. Instead, I'm left feeling frustrated and upset. I'll feel even worse when CAPCOM decides to bleed its fans dry by releasing DLC with Jill or Claire in it, when they should have been in the game to begin with (don't be surprised when they do - CAPCOM made too much money off of Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape).
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on November 3, 2012
The biggest flaw in this game is the relentless use of cinematic button mashing in order to survive an ordeal. THese button mashing sequences can seriously damage your controller. There's this one scene where you have to rapidly slam your left analog stick side-to-side, and it keeps resetting itself. In one sitting I was flipping it so fast for 5 minutes straight before it let me continue on. No way is that good for a controller! Because of the cinematics constantly disrupting your game, the game starts to play more like the Indigo Prophecy or Heavy Rain. You have zombies that can "superman" you, which puts you in a cinematic button mash, and they constantly over-run you, with ammo being very scarce; and so is stamina which is what you need to beat them back when you are out of bullets. That's what you expect from a survival-horror game; yet it made the game's difficulty feel cheap. Because of how fast the enemies move, and how they can attack you, you can't just line up head shots. With some weapons, you'll find you can easily use up a clip or two on one enemy; and you can be surrounded by 10 or more enemies at the same time. They also don't really reward you for big boss fights. You'll waste the boss, get the stroy to progress, but no skill points for your effort. You sue skill points to purchase skills, which you can only purchase after completing a chapter, or from the campaign main menu. You can only have 3 equipped at a time. These skills are expensive compared to the amount of skill points you get, and there is at least one or two skills you need equipped at all times. One keeps your aim steady, the other is for defense. They made a mistake with getting rid of the old inventory system, and the weapon upgrades. Now, essentially you have more space, but it's alloted for weapons you will pick up on the course of the campaign, and you usually have no room for health restoring items.

I do like the voice acting and the story was good; but the game felt more like a chore than an activity. It's not nearly as difficult as Dark Souls, but it's definitely cheaper in the ways that you find your self getting killed.
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on March 8, 2013
I wish they had stopped the resident evil games after RE4 which was good, funny, and smart.
This is like, great if you want a half assed gears of war clone, you might like this. the only actual "survival horror" chapter is Ada's.

I also don't understand why, instead of having one linear game, they split it up so you get various character's POV's. It just makes for boring and repetitive story telling.
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on August 14, 2013
RE6 follows in the unfortunate shambling footsteps of RE5 by taking the series even farther away from its roots, making it less and less a survival horror game and more of a Gears of War action fest. Out of the four campaigns, Leon's might be the best as it actually features zombies(!) and the environments (at least initially) feel like a Resident Evil game. The Ada campaign is not bad as well as you're not forced into co-op play and again, it feels more like a RE game. The Jake campaign is so-so, the best thing might be that it's relatively short, and the Chris campaign is a freaking disaster. This is probably the most offensive campaign as it feels like the creators are really gunning for the COD crowd and forgetting completely what makes a RE game a RE game. Overall, the game is one uninspired action set piece after another, it is stupidly relentless - kind of like playing through what Transformers 5 might be like. I really really hope Capcom brings RE back to its roots.
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on December 7, 2012
Resident Evil 4 was a great game. Resident Evil 5 continued that tradition, but some of the luster was lost. I greatly enjoyed the cooperative play that was gained, even if it made the game less terrifying than its predecessor.

Resident Evil 6, however, is terrible. The story is a mess. The controls are abstruse. You cannot pause the game, like, ever. And this is 2012. Why are we still doing quick time events in games? The developers got carried away with over the top cutscenes and online features that seem like a waste in such a joyless game. Gone are the systems for upgrading weaponry. Most enemies can just be ignored by running past them. It's a bad, bad game. If you don't mind profanity, look up the Zero Punctuation video review of this title.

If you're a die-hard fan of the series, you already own this game. If you're not, skip it. Play RE4 or RE5 instead.
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on December 31, 2012
I'm a very big fan of RE and have been excited about this game for years. I wanted to like it, even when I felt the temptation to turn it off after an hour I kept going. I did warm up to it a little but my final conclusion is that it's just ok. While it is playable, it gets VERY boring after a while. All of the environments look the same (it's very easy to get lost or turned around if you're in a hurry or running from something), green herbs are scarce, and they've done away with purchasing upgrades using money. You now have these stupid little things called skill points. Each skill thingie you pick up in the game (instead of money) is probably worth about two points each, which is ridiculous because you can't get hardly anything once you finally rack up enough points to purchase something. All of the skills you really want cost about 12000 points, so you have to beat the game and play again before you'll have enough points for something decent, or you'll have to skip out on the crappy semi-helpful skills you need in order to save up for something big. You also don't get to find treasures like you did in 4 and 5. I thought that was great fun and definitely made the game replayable because you could always find something you hadn't found before.

Remember how easy it was to point and shoot in RE5? Say bye bye to that. I'm not exactly sure what they've done with the lasers on the guns, but it makes it absolutely impossible to see what you're shooting from faraway. I'm not a hardcore gamer or an expert but I've heard people compare game play to Modern Warfare blah blah blah a bunch of other games I've never played. So maybe it's just me that has that issue, either way it's ANNOYING!!!!

I know everyone has some reservations about new games when they come out, they're expecting the old formula that they liked with a bunch of new stuff thrown in, so if you're reading this review. I get that, I totally do. I'll end this by saying, it's worth a play, it was fun and I enjoyed it, but it's definitely not a game I would want to play over and over again like 0-5. It feels like an unfinished RE game, with all of the things that made it fun removed.
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on January 23, 2013
Apparently, they do not include a players manual with the box anymore, so figuring out the controls is kind of trial and error. They do offer some in-game control tips, but most of them are on the loading screens so by the time they tell you, you are already a good way through the game. When the game starts off, you can choose 3 campaigns (and a 4th unlock-able) but in order to understand the story, you have to play them in order. (I was confused and thought I was just picking characters but they are actually 3 story lines that coincide and overlap). I also do not understand how, considering it is 2013 and hundreds of first person shooters have influenced game-play for years, yet Resident Evil still doesn't allow you to duck and shoot at the same time?! It is nice that they are trying to introduce a lot more action than the previous games, but for a game that is trying to mix this sort of gameplay into the survival horror play, you would think they would have some better controls to dodge, duck and shoot. Lastly, this reaction/timing-"hit this button combination at the right time to dodge a boss or die instantly" thing is just getting old. I want to shoot things, not play Simon!
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on November 1, 2012
Resident Evil 6 is a step backwards for the franchise. Sure, the plot of RE was never coherent and the characters were very cardboard, but there was still some fun to be had with gameplay mechanics.

People have been split on the RE franchise since RE4, and in RE6 it seems like the development team took note of that. Unfortunately, what the developer decided to do was try to please EVERYONE. This is evidenced by the games 4 individual campaigns and separate multiplayer modes. In the attempt to try and please all the developer may have pleased no one.

I don't want to spend too much time criticizing this game because, honestly, I do not think it is worth the time. This is more of a warning to those who intend to purchase.

1) DO NOT play this game alone. If you are going to suffer through the story and gameplay, do it with a friend.

2) The story is still incoherent and neither of the 4 campaigns seem to resolve anything about the RE canon. In fact, this game introduces a new evil entity called "Neo-Umbrella" that never manifests itself. Yeah, they didn't even try to be creative with the name.

3) In RE4 and RE5 enemies provided distinct visual signs that you could melee them after shooting a vulnerable spot. That distinction is highly diminished here. Enemies have very spastic movements that do not translate into obvious signals. RE6 has regular melee attack moves to alleviate this problem, but the significant melee attacks are context sensitive which means you must read the enemy to know if you can do them. It also doesn't help that enemies are often clipping through the environment or skipping frames of animation

4) You can upgrade certain skills to improve your ability to take down enemies, but I often could not tell the difference while playing. The old upgrade system is much better because of the clear damage values.

5) Unlike RE4 and RE5, there is no dumb fun to be had in RE6. I will admit that I approached the game thinking that some of the mechanics would be broken or outdated and that the plot would be ridiculous. However, I still managed to have fun in RE4 and RE5. The enemies and bosses in that game had a certain flare that is tough to describe, but enemies in RE6 are abundant and annoying with no rhyme or reason. I played RE4 and RE5 on the most difficult modes, but I lowered the difficulty of RE6 because at a certain point I just wanted to be done.

6) There are a few enjoyable parts in Jake's campaign and the beginning of Leon's. Mercenaries mode is more of the same so if you like the gameplay you will like that as a time waster.

I'm finding it difficult to summarize my thoughts so I will just say that RE6 was not worth the experience. If you want more RE because you think it's a good franchise I say stick with the previous games. Perhaps if the game is cheap and you are extremely curious then go ahead and purchase it, but be prepared for disappointment and frustration if you know you are not a RE fanatic.
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on October 10, 2012
Well it sucks to write this review. I have been playing resident evil since the first game on playstation 1. Instead of writting pages worth of hate, here is the breakdown.

+Good Idea for a resident evil
+4 Character Games In one
+Good Graphics

CONS (and there is a lot)
-every two seconds there is a cut scene (makes the control of the game feel out of your hands)
-the zombies look terrible (almost like first time game designers put them together, same with deaths)
-Leon's game tries to be "horror" but also tries to be too much like chris's game. Too much action.
-Chris is too much like Gears of War resident evil style/ghost recon resident evil. Doesnt even feel like resident evil anymore when your running around for long enough.
-Terrible inventory setup
-Boring skill upgrade
-You fight the same monster many many many times, very boring. (im talking boss fight, the guy never dies).

I could go on and on. Game feels like a step back. How do you move forward with RE 4 and 5 only to go back steps with RE 6 ??? It feels like they just tried to Mix all the RE together and just have run out of ideas. End note, when you have to talk yourself into playing the game after spending 60 bucks on it. Not a good sign.
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