Customer Reviews: Resident Evil [Blu-ray]
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on January 27, 2004
This was a taut, chilling, and surprisingly effective zombie kill fest. The opening with the lethal lock-down of the complex by the super-computer is at once coldly methodical, and deadly. Milla as the heroine has transformed markedly since her Fifth Element days, and does an admirable job as the anesthesia victim. This film really moves along at a great pace, the Marylyn Manson soundtrack kicks it up a notch along w/ the action sequences. A deadly virus is released in an underground research complex, the host computer kills all the scientists rather than risk external exposure of the virus. A security detail is dispatched to ascertain what went wrong, but are themselves targeted by the newly animated dead. One of the better of its breed to be sure, very polished and gritty at the same time. It works, recommended.
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on September 16, 2004
It was really funny when this DVD came out because it is titled "Resident Evil: DELUXE EDITION" and in actuality there are more special features on the original release. The only thing one could label "Deluxe" about this edition is that it has a small about a 2 minute clip from Resident Evil 2.
So, if you are looking to buy Resident Evil, then its a fun movie. But if your looking for "deluxe special features", then this is most definately the wrong place.
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on December 15, 2005
I recently purchased Resident Evil: Deluxe Edition from Having never seen this film before, I realized that I played a gamble with this DVD. However, I think I did alright.

For 11.49, you really can't go wrong. This film features non-stop action, suspense, and a semi-decent plot to go with the flow of the film. Mind you, the plot has the structural integrity of a block of swiss cheese. But, bear in mind that Resident Evil is not a film that was made with the intention of getting nominated for an Academy Award.

Movies of this genre require only 2 things:

1) A beautiful female lead who knows martial arts and can manipulate a 9mm with the finesse of a Parisian street artist (that is a compliment).

2) Lots of on-screen death and destruction. Resident Evil is chock-full of "#2". Zombies are shot at, kicked at, punched at, and even head-butted at one point I think.

Grab the popcorn and Coke. Dim the lights, and turn up the sound. For 12 dollars, I do not think you will be disappointed.

5 solid stars. Not for quality, but for pure entertainment value. Do NOT expect deep, thought-provoking dialogue, and thematic material from this film.

DO expect one hell of a ride....and with Milla driving, you'll definitely be in for a treat!
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on April 9, 2007
"Resident Evil" starts off with a slam-bang double-opening - inside an ultra high-tech underground research-and-development facility, something goes terribly wrong and a gas escapes as the facility's emergency system kicks in, locking down the building and resulting in the apparant deaths of hundreds of employees; at about the same time, above ground, a young woman named Alice (Milla Jovovich) wakes up inside a grand mansion with no memory of who she is, only minutes before the place is stormed by a group of well-armed commandoes. Thus begins the successful movie adaptation of the "Resident Evil" series of video games.

With "Resident Evil", it was far from a given that it could make such a good transition into a movie, to me at least. It's not like "Silent Hill" (which has also generated an excellent movie) or "Fatal Frame" (which I'm still waiting for the movie version of), both of which had lots of identifiable movie potential from the beginning. The "Resident Evil" games are a bit different, almost nonstop action, most of them not as developed along character or story purposes (these aspects have begun growing in some of the more recent Resident games). They needed to fill in some areas for the movie to be as good as the games. Most of the games pit S.T.A.R. (a highly trained law enforcement organization) agents against hordes of ravenous zombies, occasionally teaming the S.T.A.R. agents with other characters. It's made a lot of great games, but could it move into just as great a movie? One thing they did was split the focus up among more characters of different backgrounds - you've got the S.T.A.R. team, you've got the amnesiac Alice - whose nature is kept a mystery until near the movie's end) - as a main point-of-view character, there are the Umbrella (the name of the corporation that owns the underground facility) people and you've got another major character coming into it from outside the main 'groups'. (This trend of character diversifaction has continued with the "Resident Evil: Apocalypse" sequel, and some of the more recent entries to the game line) It takes longer to build into where the zombie carnage really starts flying, which is fitting for the first entry of a movie series. It introduces the elements at a pace that's equally good for longtime fans of the games and books as well as for viewers who've never even heard of the concept. All in all, the transition was more successful than I thought it could be - this is a great, hi-octane horror-action movie which succeeds in establishing good characters and a great 'edge-of-catacylsm' air. The ending flows directly into "Apocalypse"; and a third "Resident Evil" movie is coming in Fall 2007.

Great beginning to what's shaping up to be a great, and long-running, horror saga.
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on February 6, 2004
Let me say straight off that I have never played Resident Evil (I don't get the time). I found this movie to be great fun with a shocking opening. I can't believe the opening isn't listed as being scary. I mean think about it, you're just getting ready to go home and the fire alarm goes off, you try to leave but you're sealed in and about to get dosed with Halon gas. I watched the opening sequence and it chilled me, because at the time you don't know who's deliberately killing the workers. Then we meet Alice (BTW no-one names her) who suffers amnesia. From then we get into the Hive and the horror that awaits.
I enjoyed this movie and found it moderately jumpy without being a gorefest (I don't like proper gore flicks). To the reviewer who asked why Milla is running around in a red evening dress, I have to ask: Did you watch the movie? It's made quite plain that she puts the dress on because it is laid out ready on the bed and she doesn't get the chance to change.
So it didn't go everywhere like the game, well to be blunt, that works in a game but in a film, it would look patchy and disjointed. All in all I liked this film, Milla is sexy and kick..., Michelle is moody and tough and the sounndtrack rocks. Can't wait for the sequel.
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I have to confess that I don't play video games - eye-hand coordination and lightning reflexes weren't included in my genetic package, so this review is based on the movie - and nothing but the movie.

Other than Milla Jovovich, no cast member did any real acting. Michelle Rodriguez had a fairly difficult role to play, but the snarling and eye rolling was just too much at times. She was necessarily tough, but the dialogue also really let her down. The rest of the cast was on par for a B Grade horror movie, and only slightly more animated than the zombies.

This movie is what happens when you mix too many good things in a haphazard way. Imagine trying to write a coherent script when your "must" list includes zombies, were-dogs, sloppy genetic mutations with long tongues, a controlling computer system, an impregnable "fortress", a knockout babe with amnesia, a SWAT team, biological warfare, viruses, spies and saboteurs, a battle on a train, and guns - lots of guns.

The zombie scenes failed to impress, no gore to be seen anywhere - they just looked like a typical crowd of people in the mosh pit at a rock concert. The mutating tissue-thing was straight out of a Dean Koontz book, and most of the suspense scenes weren't very suspenseful, because whatever you expected to happen - did.

On the cool side, you had the wicked lasers to do the slicing and dicing, Alice's (Milla) hot red zombie-kicking slit-way-up the side dress, and the fight scenes. Many parts may seem familiar, mainly because you've seen scenes just like them in other popular action movies.

Next time let Alice do some Mortal Kombat with Lara Croft and you can call it a Final Fantasy.

Amanda Richards, February 22, 2005
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on October 12, 2004
Blood flows and the Dead walk and chomp in Paul W.S. Anderson's charnel house of a videogame-to-movie zombie opus "Resident Evil", a hyper-kinetic, supremely stylish, super cool barrage of living Dead and corporate wickedness.

Instead of plowing its profits and R&D budget into detergents and oven cleaners, the nasty Umbrella Corporation has built itself a big bad virological bug. But as go the best laid plans of mice and men, the Big Bad Bug gets out into the uber-secret underground laboratory/think-tank/weapons factory that is the Hive, and the Hive's super-genius super-computer called the Red Queen gets all twitchy, snuffing all hands on board---with extreme prejudice.

The fun is just getting started. Cut to former shiny-happy Umbrella Corporation employee Alice (played tastily by actress-model-singer Milla Jovovich) waking up in the shower of a mansion with no memory as to how she got there. Not to worry, as she soon has plenty of company: a crack-squad of commandos sent in to do a by-the-numbers infiltration: get in, shut down the psychotic Red Queen, get out. Simplicity itself, right?

Dead wrong. Everybody in the Hive is dead---but they just don't seem to want to stay down. Slaughter, high-style, ample blood and goop, and a note-perfect Marilyn Manson score ensues, and our marines have to look sharp or find themselves turned into zombie chewtoys.

If you're looking for insanely high style, zombie chewing goodness, some nice scares, a good workout for your home entertainment system, model-actress-singer Milla Jovovich in a torn mini-skirt kicking wire-fu butt against undead Doberman pinschers, and all of this served up with a generous side-order of the Red Sauce---well, brothers and sisters, you've come to the right flick! Make sure the safety's off your 9mm Ruger, sling the double barreled shotgun at combat ready---that's you, Soldier!---and let's head deep into the zombie-haunted hallways of the Hive.

Zombie purists were concerned when original director, and zombie Grand-Master, George Romero turned the reins over to Paul Anderson, who had a choppy directorial resume: he had previously helmed the lackluster "Soldier" and the grisly if silly space-opera gruefest "Event Horizon". They need not have fretted; from the opening credits to the apocalytpic coda, Anderson proves a master stylist, working with cinematographer Dave Johnson (who worked with Anderson on "Alien versus Predator") to deliver ample zombie-chewing fun with a tight editing technique that serves up the carnage with a mix of brutality and flair.

The acting here is equally note-perfect: Milla is at the top of her game and shows off her acting chops as well as her more corporeal talents; in the hands of a lesser actress the role would have been generic action-flick fodder. Michelle Rodriguez (Ocampo) keeps snarling and cracking wise 'til the bitter end; Eric Mabius is charmingly and appropriately plastic (where is his character coming from, anyway?) and also carries off his role like a champ. Colin Salmon (James "One" Shade) once again bravely carries Shakespearean delivery into Anderson's laser jaws of death, while James Purefoy does what he has to do as the poor man's Chris Lambert. He's a good villain, and because of that you end up rooting for the zombies and even the digusting "Licker".

But look, the real delight here is the way Paul Anderson, cinematographer Johnson, and composer Marilyn Manson all work together to play out their gory magic on a palette of silence. Can you beat the scene where the Red Queen is first shut down, the blast doors all slide open, and there is that palpable hiss against the tomb-like quiet of the Hive---and then the groans of the shuffling, shambling, *very* hungry dead? Or when, after a second's reprieve, the survivors cower in a control room from an undead bio-engineered abomination, hungry to get in, pounding at a bulkhead blast-door? The movie is at its best when it is a series of gorgeous shifts from dead quiet to blood-thirsty crescendo.

The Hive and its environs are so brilliantly executed that Anderson effectively creates another character in the set-pieces alone, from the parquet and marble digs of the Mansion to the sleek, techno-sexy sterility of the Hive, to the goth-industrial Road-to-Nowhere that is the train---all of this adds to the horror and frame the desperation of our heroes as they war against the Living Dead (the train station and Hive Entrance being an actual underground system in Berlin!). Few films manage to bring everything together like "Resident Evil", and Anderson is to be commended in making it all work out in spades.

Finally, kudos to Anderson's team for mixing up effective CGI with animatronics: in the last few years, horror directors have taken the easy road with cheap computer-generated effects, and happily Anderson opts for tastily gory animatronic models that give beasties like the "Licker" the respect they deserve.

A word should be said about the special features here: while it's a treat to have a ticket to the less ambitious "Resident Evil: Apocalypse", fans of the original will find the six segments on the special effects centerpieces of the film tasty, particularly in the mix between good old-fashioned animatronics and CGI. The alternate ending is amusing for completists, if only to show just how critical a solid editor can be. And without a doubt, the hysterical main commentary track with Anderson, Jovovich, and Rodriguez is worth the price of admission alone. Lucky, lucky Paul Anderson.

The billion dollar question, of course, is---is "Resident Evil" scary? Imagine being locked up in the wilderland of the cubicle with flesh hungry co-workers, armed only with your wits and a 9mm automatic. You tell me, Soldier---you tell me.
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on January 26, 2016
Resident Evil is such a hot mess
Originally given to the Father of modern zombie George A. Romero (Go out of your way and read his script it was a bit different but, much better then what we got in the end)
The studio double crossed Romero and found a cheaper more lazy director/writer in Paul W.S. Anderson
Who would take the Resident Evil "Brand" down a deep dark hole where it needs to be buried once and for all
This is not a Resident Evil adaption it's a cheap action film with lots of terrible CGI F/X's and no real connection to the source material
Milla Jovovich character Alice doesn't even exist in the games
The only major highlight of this film is a naked Milla Jovovich but, she's a former eastern European model she'll get naked at the drop of a hat!
Anderson and Jovovich would get married after filming this so-called horror film which would lead to the character of Alice taking over the Resident Evil Universe and pretty much be the face of these movies
You gotta love Hollywood nepotism
Terrible spit in the face to all fans that grew up on these games
Without a doubt one of the worst video game adaptions ever -5/10
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on January 15, 2014
Superbit DVD, High quality encode that when plays via an Upscaling DVD player, produces quality that matches Blu-ray pound for pound. There are no special features because of the high bit rate used, but from my experience, nobody watches those anyway. Aspect ratio is 1.85:1 aka it fills your widescreen TV.

I abandoned Blu-ray after I found it to be too restrictive of a format. Hardcore DRM that requires firmware updates via Sony servers and limited access to view your disks anywhere you want. Slow loading times and the security risk and less than stellar quality of the players. I now own an upscaling DVD player and have HD TV service, and I'm 100% satisfied as are many others.

Digital downloads like Amazon's service and cheap DVD's and upscaling players have all but killed Blu-ray. Sony is desperate now to the point of manipulating sales numbers and putting "plants" on sites like Amazon to try and boost sales. DVD's are outselling Blu-ray 3 to 1 now but Sony has a plan to manipulate those numbers by including the DVD with the counts totally as a Blu-Ray sale and thus manipulates the numbers.
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on May 7, 2002
I would rate the video game movies like this:
1- Resident Evil
2- Mortal Kombat
3- Final Fantasy
4- Tomb Raider
5- Mortal Kombat: Anilation
6- Double Dragon
7- Street Fighter
The history of video game movies has been rocky, but this one restores my faith in the genre. I saw it twice in the theatre, and I will be watching it a infinite amount of times on DVD. Something I did not like about it was the lack of gore. That is something Resident Evil [the game] had been known for. But it did not disappoint me as much as other games to movie adaptations. It starts out with a fatal mistake of a virus being unleashed in a place called The Hive. A computer then kills everyone in the building. A elite team of soldiers has been sent to clean up the mess. It's ending leaves it wide open for a sequel, which I really REALLY want to see. Mill Jovovich gives a great performance in the movie along with the other actors. This is a good movie and you will most likely enjoy it.
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