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VINE VOICEon October 2, 2012
The Resident Evil 5 guide was written by piggyback interactive and it was a fantastic guide. I was hoping those guys would've made a guide to Resident Evil 6. But alas, they did not. We're stuck with Bradygames. And while the guide isn't bad by any means, it simply doesn't go the extra mile that say... a piggyback interactive guide would've gone. Resident Evil 6 is a huge game and perhaps one may need a leg up. The guide isn't perfect, but it will help out any player who is struggling through Resident Evil 6's main adventure.

The guide begins by introducing you to the characters you'll play as while also introducing you to the games various systems in play. This is actually a good place to start for beginner as the game itself doesn't explain a lot of these things in great detail in its tutorial. It also offers up some strategies on how to do these things. It's a good way to get started, though, much like other guides if you already know all this there's no point lingering here.

The guide wastes no time jumping into the walkthrough, however. There is a walkthrough for all four campaigns. The guide even suggests which order you tackle them. Suggesting you go with Jake, Chris and Leon. The walkthroughs, however, are arranged the way they are in the game. Meaning Leon's walkthrough comes first, followed by Chris's walkthrough and then Jake's walkthrough. And each walkthrough has the same kind of feel to it. Each section begins with the maps, which are mainly just wireframed. They'll point out all the items in an area such as ammo, herbs and emblems. The walkthrough itself will really help you through much of the game's challenges and moments. Sometimes it's great to know what lurks around the next corner. The guide is also filled to the brim with lots of screenshots that are clear. At the end of each chapter they'll give you a break down of how to obtain the best ranks and suggestions on how to allocate skill points. It seems odd, then, that Bradygames doesn't really offer a ton of tips on just how to acquire the best rankings all the time. They'll lead you from point A to point B but they're not going to tell you the best strategies for getting an S rank. You're on your own there.

The guide's appendices then do a breakdown of all the various emblems, trophies, dogtags and titles. Most of them just being relegated to a table. That's not to say the guide ends there. It's actually got a huge rundown of Resident Evil 6's other modes. For instance, it tells you everything about the creatures you can play as in Agent Hunt Mode and gives you a rundown of the stages and goals. The Mercenaries, however, get a much better breakdown. The guide telling you about each of their loadouts and giving you advice on how to utilize them in combat. Then it shows each of the maps, outlining some good strategies.

The guide then lists out all of the skills that you can acquire as well as the items you can collect. There is also a breakdown of each of the game's weapons. Again, though, I wish the guide had gone the extra mile. It tells you about all the weapons but rarely (if ever) offers up suggestions on what the best load out might be. While you could easily look at the tables to determine, there are times when even Resident Evil makes other weapons more useful. For instance, while one gun may have far more power than another, the firing speed and reload speed of another gun may give it an edge. Bradygames fails to point this sort of stuff out.

There is then a weapons appendix, telling you about each of these enemies and how to really stick it to them. And as an added bonus, there is actually a small Achievement/Trophy guide to tell you how to get some of the harder to score trophies.

There really isn't much that keeps the guide down. About the only problem I really have with it is that it offers the most basic of basic stuff here without really reaching much higher. One of the nicer things about Piggyback Interactive's Resident Evil 5 guide was that it was more than willing to give you tips to completely master the game, not just get through it. Bradygames has some good strategies in the campaign, but for the player that wants to go the extra mile by playing through higher difficulty settings or getting the best rankings, Bradygames merely tells you about these things but not necessarily how to go about them. For instance, the walkthrough is written as though you'll play the game on normal mode. But it doesn't provide any tips or tell you about how enemies may play on Veteran, Professional or No Hope difficulty. And actually, you may need other tips for some of the higher difficulty settings. Piggyback often went so far as to provide tips for those wanting to speed through or tips and suggestions for how to go about it on the highest difficulty setting (even suggesting an optimum weapon load out). It's probably not necessary for Bradygames to do all this, but it would've helped players do more than simply get through the game. In fact, it might've helped some players vastly improve their game to go that extra mile.

Nevertheless, the guide isn't bad by any stretch of the imagination. It'll get you through the game and tell you the secrets, it just doesn't offer up any advanced strategies. Which might've actually helped just a tad with this particular installment of the series. Playing the game on higher difficulty settings, for instance, actually changes the experience and requires a different approach to some situations. It might've been helpful had Bradygames reached a little higher. At the very least the guide is still good as it is. Especially for those just hoping to get through the story.
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on July 20, 2013
This guide is definately one of the better guides that Brady Games has published recently. It gives very good analysis and walk throughs for each of the chapters and side-missions.

It definately helped me to get through the tougher parts of this game. I would buy this again, if I had to.
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on December 15, 2012
Friends always think I'm a sucker for this, but I always buy the guides for RE games. I like having one for quick reference and the art. There are a few mistakes here and there (mostly about Mercs and exclusive emblems that aren't actually character exclusive... and also a mistake that threw me off--direction-wise), but overall, it's a nice guide.
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on December 20, 2012
I purchased this great official game guide right after I completed playing my copy of RE6, because I needed to know everything about RE6 that might have missed in my first playthrough.
The guide is amazing, more than 350 pages of complete walkthrough, fabulous pictures, maps, tips, tricks, and many more awesome details that no mere review can hope to give it its right!

If anyone wishes to know everthing about Capcom's masterpiece of 2012; I recommend buying this guide.
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on October 24, 2012
The game is the best yet! Ihave zero complaints about the game,the chapters are out of order which you will find out after plying it. No biggie though. I will caution buyers though, I pre-ordered this game and as of yet to recieve the game upgrde or the $10. gift cert. that amazon promised. so for the game five stars for the services promised one star.
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on December 5, 2012
I simply love Brady games and their awesome guides. I really needed this during some boss fights when I really didn't know or have the time to run around looking for the best weapons to demolish them with. Great guide!
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on August 17, 2013
Have all a gamer need in the quest to complete the game especially for achievement hunters.
This game itself is relatively harder than previous ones so a game guide could prevent rage.
General view on the game is mixed so I recommend it to people who do enjoy the game so buying a game guide is worthwhile.
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on July 22, 2013
I was stuck at a level that was driving me insane before I got my guide from Amazon. After reading about this level I was able to finally get through it. Now when I get stuck I just consult my guide and usually able to move on.
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on January 1, 2013
i have bought other guides before this one is by far the worst and the lay is very horrible!

the information seems jumbled and confusing. the picture for the most part are not helpful too small to be useful. just a poorly done guide i have always bought prima guides and will never stray again.
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on October 22, 2012
RE has been always been In my blood i have all the originals refuse to sell em this guide is as good as all the others I also purchased the hard back copy with the three patches I am a horder of re collectibles this is the best game so far and best guide
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