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on November 18, 2013
The Supreme Mall Ninja here folks, bringing you another installment of my tactical pearls of wisdom.

First off, let me say these things are awesome. I mean this bracelet lets me combine my tactical awesomeness with my inner ninja.

I mean we all know that you can never have to many blades on you. But, let me tell you how these blades saved not only my life, but the lives of countless others.

So there I was at my annual LARP'ing convention ("live action role playing" for you newbs out there). Now most of the guys go as warriors, wizards, elves, hobbits, or trolls. Not me though. I go full tactical-commando. Some guys go LARP'ing but I go TARD'ing (tactical actual real demonstration).

Hell yes everyone, I'm king of the TARDs.

So there I was TARD'ing it up with all the LARPers one afternoon, when some guy an a F150 drives by screaming at us calling us nerds. Well, the supreme mall ninja was having none of that. I yell out to him to respect my awesomeness and to my surprise he turns around.

He jumps out of his truck and that's when I knew it was on. He saw my colleagues with their foam swords, and cardboard shields and I bet he thought we were going to be easy pray... little did he know I was armed with these tactial babies.

Into my wrist I reach and out with the blades. Lightning bolt, lightning bolt, lightning bolt I throw, except these weren't those pansy lightning bolts cast with foam balls. These were the lightning bolts made of 440c steel.

Granted I have to work on my throwing. Because all landed about 4 feet in the ground in front of me. And yes, F150 guy did continue to come over and make me kiss my own backside. But could you imagine what I could have done if I was really trying??? I just let him think he won, because Sun Tzu said something like "let your enemy think he wins and then go all tactical on him".

So after F150 guy let me go, my daggers were still in reach. I picked one up ran to his truck and BOOM!... out goes a tire. So I start making my tactical retreat and get to the trunk of my car. Out with my .308 FAL and then we saw F150 guy changed his tune.

I swear if it weren't for these tactical daggers, that guy would have killed us all.

Supreme Mall Ninja highly endorses this product for all you budding mall ninjas.
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on January 12, 2013
Bought these for my resident Resident Evil fan and was impressed with the daggers. The clasps on the cuffs could be made of tougher stuff, but no worries! At least we're prepared for zombies! BTW: This is NOT suitable for children! The daggers are real weapons.
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on September 20, 2014
I've been doing various martial/self-defense/combat arts for over a decade, and a lot of that has included buying various weapons and demanding instructors show me how to use them. Eventually, you find parallels. If you know how to use a knife then any fancy knife/dagger makes sense and etc. I bought this thinking the leather-looking cuff looked pretty cool. The way it laces into the loops of the spikes keeps them ultra secure, but the ends are poking out, so they will catch on things if you rub close (like if you try to conceal it under a sleeve or are wearing a cape for cosplays). The secureness of the spikes means you're going to have a heck of a time getting to them in any hurry. I keep seeing them advertised as a throwing weapon and for the life of me I cannot figure out any practical use besides tossing it underhand to the guy and telling him to think fast. No-spins or regular throws tend to result in the heavier loop end hitting, or the spikes bending (they come to a wicked point, making them thin and fragile). All these are literally good for is sliding ONE over your finger at a time and punching, and even then I don't recommend that. If you hit something tough rather than puncture what you're hitting, you're going to feel all that feedback in the ONE finger you're wearing that ring on. That crap is going to hurt. I tried to sell this at a garage sale and nobody wanted it. Frankly, you're better off just punching the guy or grabbing any random item in the room and hitting them with it, making this an impractical self-defense weapon, no matter how cool it looks. The description for this item is irresponsible and ridiculously unrealistic, and i find it offensive that they went the 80's route and tried to sell it with an endorsement of "ninjas." You aren't climbing crap with these. EVER.
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on January 24, 2014
This product could be hugely improved if it wasn't specifically designed for the loop holes to face up, or toward your person. If you're wearing a cloak you cannot free them quick enough. Good for the ankle as well if you can't deal with the uncomfortable way it fits to have the loops pointing down.
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on February 18, 2016
When I received these, I was initially excited. The spikes themselves are great, solid pieces of metal. They could really do some damage if you were put into that situation. Liam Neeson would have loved to use these at the end of "The Grey."

Unfortunately, I think there is a a slight design flaw. First, they are perfect for guys with huge wrists. I'd say I have average sized wrists, so when I try to tighten the Velcro fastener around my wrist, I have to really pull it tight passed the boundaries of what it's designed for and they end up either feeling very loose or just not well placed. If I beefed up or used them while wearing a thick jacket or sweater, they might feel more comfortable. You could also try cutting the Velcro parts in half, but the leather is so thick, you would need the right tools to do this.

Also, the bracelet is specifically designed to be worn as you see in the photograph. As I was wearing them, I realized I preferred wearing them upside down with the spike tips pointing back at me. The problem is the leather strap is designed the other way around, so flipping it up makes the bracelet unwearable.

However, I after all was said and done, I realized they fit perfectly around my shins :)
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on December 28, 2013
the spikes are strong and have many many uses not just for your hands..the band is a little cheap but it is wide and can been worked on to be made better...all in all for the price a very good buy for the methods of use if you know what your doing ...
as said not for and hardcore!!!.
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on January 9, 2013
these are difficult to throw but very fun and cool. also they were a lot sharper than what i expected which was a bonus
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on January 16, 2014
The leather is very stiff and has 2 large creases in it so it doesn't fit your wrist very well.
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on April 30, 2014
So this was meant to be a cool addition to my brothers arsenal(he really only has a taser and maybe a paintball gun) but it definitely disappointed.

The box this came in was very dirty and almost torn to shreds, I had to find another box to put it in before I gave it as a gift; also I had to wipe off not only the "leather" band but the little blades as well because they had a film of something on both.

The blades are supposed to fit comfortably on your fingers but they are rough and feel grainy/cheap with a very dull end.
The bracelet is far to big to wear, unless you are a lumberjack, and almost fit around my brothers ankle.

Overall, this could have been sold at a freakin dollar store, it is not worth even a second look. Save your money and excitement for something worth buying. Thanks ^-^
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on August 24, 2013
It fits my arm very good dosent slip and they are very sharp pointed i just got them to add to a apocalypse costum for Halloween I got one at a flea market and asked we're they got it so now I have two and love them i have a complete costume now like the one on resadient evil extinction they can be used as a weapon and used as knuckle spikes they can hurt somone very badly I whouldnt wear them out in public unless Halloween becuse that are a weapon not to just wear for looks unless with a long sleeve shirt
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