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TOP 50 REVIEWERon May 10, 2010
This guide is really comprehensive.

The walkthrough covers the main mission as well as all the guild missions very clearly, complete with strategies to handle the enemies and battles. Every chapter comes with a level map to help uncover all the hidden treasures, particularly useful if you don't want to spend energy hexes uncovering them. Also included on the maps are the Special Challenge Enemies (SCE) which only appear during specific chapters, and sometimes they drop items like the extremely valuable Bezel Shard which increases your Hero Gauge Bezels.

There are plenty of helpful lists. You can find on the skills for each character for each experience level, arena enemies and prizes, complete data for all sorts of weapons and their customised parts, all the scrap items and what they can be scrapped into, character apparel, quest items and other sort of items. There is a list for everything you see on the menu in game.

There's also a complete table of enemies with information on their attack, defense, and most importantly the type of items they drop. This is very useful when you're lacking a particular item and wants to know where to find it.

At the end of every chapter, there's even a checklist to make sure you've completed every side mission and collected every item except for the SCE items. To make sure you've collected every item, use the checklist together with the list of SCE on page 286.

The only thing I wish was included is perhaps to have all the maps shown altogether on a page or two, even if it means duplicating the maps that already appear in the chapters. That's because the elevators don't connect the maps (so called levels in the game) sequentially. Navigating using elevators is might be a bit confusing for the first few hours of the game. This is just minor quibble.

Overall, this is a great guide. Well worth the money.
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on February 14, 2011
Resonance of Fate is a great, unique feeling RPG title. The setup for the game however can be confusing , especially early on which is why I picked up this guide.

The guide was very helpful to get me through the game. Just like a Final Fantasy guide, often it isn't needed but gives great tips on bosses, locations for hidden loot + maps, crafting etc. It gives you that help to keep you moving along so you enjoy the game and not get frustrated trying to fight some boss that it turns out you aren't supposed to fight yet. This guide delivered on all my expectations for what a strat-guide needs to do.

Inside this guide you will find a break down of the combat system (gives some more helpful tips that the tutorial may not fully explain well), maps of the world, hidden items, ideal way to tackle the quests and side quests, how to tackle those crazy bosses etc. The guide will tell you where to find your quests and how to complete them , all while giving you some very detailed map break downs.

In RoF, the world map is hidden by tiles. The guide will actually tell you what is under the tiles, meaning there is no need to waste titles trying to find hidden items or towns. Just match up the map in the guide to your area map and start dropping tiles. The guide also will tell you when optional boss encounters appear on maps, what items they drop, what level you should be before fighting them etc.

All in all, the guide does exactly what you would expect it to do. What holds it back from a 5 star rating from me is that they could of gone that extra step with the guide to polish it up. While the guide is extremely helpful and pretty much gets 99% of the stuff right (it does make some mistakes but they aren't game breaking. Often with item shops), I found the map and quest layouts a bit annoying. Say you gotta do Quest A and B. Well page 1 will have Quest A w/ map A but since there is space left on the page you will see it tell you how to do quest B. Turn the page huh? a map? Its Map B but under it is Quest C stuff. A few times I'd end up flipping through pages to find the right map I needed because they didn't bundle the maps together.
Main Issues I had:
a. they bundled the maps together and would have you refer back to them
b. they organized the quests better or simply gave in and made the book another 15-20pages in length to not jam all the stuff onto the pages.

** Still this is a great guide! It is very durable, after constant use for over 6 months it hasn't fallen apart like some guides I owned where the binding fails and the pages start to pull away from the glue.(usually that's a manuf. defect). The guide steps you through getting a near 100% run on your first play, and has very detailed map layouts which is a must. They even break down the combat zone maps with item locations so you know it isn't necessary to turn right as there is junk there. Avoids an unnecessary fight. If you own Resonance of Fate or plan to pick it up, you wont be disappointed with this guide.
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on January 2, 2011
I am finding this guide to be very helpful for the most part. However, I keep coming across errors in the information provided by the authors. Most notably is inaccurate information about items available in shops and at tinkerers during specific chapters. For example the guide suggest buying molotovs and incendiary rounds at ebel city shop before entering the dungeon in chapter 3. These items are not available from the shops until chapter 5. The inaccurate information makes this guide at times very frustrating.
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on September 11, 2010
Resonance of Fate is a hard game so I brought this book for tips on game play. This book has a lot of information about the pro's and cons of each characters, items ,and weapons combo. If you want to unlock everything in this game get this book.
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on February 16, 2014
I apprieciate being told exactly what to expect!! Thank you so much! It really helped with getting me through the chapter I was stuck on.
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on December 4, 2014
Pretty good and useful strategy guide
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on March 22, 2010
First of all, the game is pretty challenging. The book gives lots of information about items and maps or so. It would be a little help because it doesn't teach how to customize guns (which is extremely important) Doesn't really teach where to level up in each chapter. (High level will certainly make the game easier) More importantly it doesn't teach how to make money... Money is always a issue and there's quick way to make it. It would be better to find walkthroughs online.
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on March 3, 2016
great for a good game
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on October 31, 2015
Gift for a friend.
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on September 27, 2015
Great guide
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