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Season 5
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21. Responsible Parties CC

Hathaway finally informs Ross about her pregnancy. She is disappointed when he tells her he won't be returning to Chicago.

Anthony Edwards, Noah Wyle
45 minutes
Original air date:
May 14, 1999

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Responsible Parties

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Season 5
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    1. Day for Knight Lucy Knight, a third year medical student, begins her first day in the ER. Although she impresses doctors with her ability to answer medical questions, her attempts to help patients are clumsy.

    46min September 25, 1998
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    2. Split Second To save rent money, Carter lives in a medical student dormitory as a resident advisor. While visiting Corday at her apartment, Benton meets her father. Corday realizes that the only way she can stay at County General is to start over as an intern, which she eventually decides to do.

    46min October 2, 1998
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    3. They Treat Horses, Don't They? Greene agrees to serve on the search committee to consider candidates to permanently fill the interim position as chief of emergency medicine. Despite Weaver's objections, Ross gets the job as the new pediatric emergency room attending doctor.

    44min October 9, 1998
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    4. Vanishing Act A wounded gang member tries to leave the ER to exact revenge. Benton keeps Reese's hearing disability a secret from his co-workers. Jeanie tells Ross she'd like to be his physician assistant in the pediatric emergency room. Weaver interviews for the job as permanent chief of emergency medicine.

    44min October 15, 1998
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    5. Masquerade Jennifer plans to relocate to St. Louis and take Rachel with her. Carter places Lucy in charge of the Halloween party at the dormitory so he can do research for his presentation. But trouble occurs when two medical students take drugs with alcohol and almost die.

    TV-NR 45min October 30, 1998
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    6. Stuck on You Greene risks his life to save a teenage male prostitute. Because of the Halloween fiasco, Carter is terminated as resident advisor, and searches for a new place to live.

    46min November 6, 1998
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    7. Hazed and Confused Frustrated with her inability to conceive, Hathaway confronts a pregnant woman opting for abortion. Weaver derives enjoyment from seeing Anspaugh muddle through as interim chief.

    46min November 16, 1998
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    8. The Good Fight Even though Carter and Lucy constantly bicker with each other, they join forces to save the life of a young girl who desparately needs a blood transfusion. Lucy and Carter search Chicago to locate her father, who is a perfect match for her rare blood.

    45min November 20, 1998
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    9. Good Luck, Ruth Johnson Since today is the hospital's 100th anniversary, the new chief, Amanda Lee, arranges for Carter to escort a woman, Ruth Johnson who was born 100 years ago today, around the hospital. Lee encourages Greene to supervise a study on a new pain medicine, and he agrees.

    46min December 11, 1998
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    10. The Miracle's Worker On Christmas Eve, Benton refuses to let Romano operate on a patient when it becomes evident that Romano is intoxicated. Jerry thinks that Lee may be stalking Greene.

    45min December 17, 1998
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    11. Nobody Doesn't Like Amanda Lee A curious Greene discovers Lee's a fake and that Anspaugh never checked her credentials. A day care worker suggests to Benton that Reese requires a "special needs" environment because he's exhibiting problem behavior.

    45min January 8, 1999
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    12. Double Blind Hathaway clashes with Evans, who obtained a grant for a seminar at the clinic without consulting her. Ross jeopardizes a hospital study when he administers an experimental drug to a patient without the hospital's consent.

    45min January 22, 1999
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    13. Choosing Joi Corday refuses to testify against Romano after he threatens Benton's career. A harried Anspaugh accepts Romano's offer to serve as acting chief.

    45min February 5, 1999
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    14. The Storm: Part 1 Benton takes a costly sign-language class. Romano suggests Benton enroll in a program whereby Benton would substitute for vacationing doctors at rural hospitals for high pay. Part 1 of 2

    45min February 12, 1999
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    15. The Storm: Part 2 Emergency personnel feverishly work to save the lives of children involved in a school bus crash. Mobalage's wife suffers from multiple stab wounds. Carter and Lucy refrain from sexual relations with each other due to hospital policy. Part 2 of 2

    TV-NR 46min February 19, 1999
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    16. Middle of Nowhere Benton travels to Mississippi to earn extra money working as a "locum tenens" doctor--a visiting temp--at a rural hospital in a small town. Instead of a hospital, Benton finds a rural clinic run by Maureen (CELIA WESTON), a nurse practitioner and Catholic nun.

    TV-NR 45min February 26, 1999
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    17. Sticks and Stones While on a ride-along with paramedics, Carter drives the ambulance through a riot to get back to the hospital and accidentally hits a teenage boy. Jeanie is pursued by both Reggie and Dr. Baker. Lucy struggles to convince an Asian family that they should tell the grandmother that she has a fatal tumor. Hathaway decides not to leave with Ross even though she's pregnant.

    45min March 26, 1999
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    18. Point of Origin Weaver visits a woman she thinks might be her biological mother. Later, Weaver realizes the woman cannot possibly be her mother.

    45min April 9, 1999
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    19. Rites of Spring Romano forces Benton to choose between two different fellowships. Greene and Corday become better friends on the way to a medical conference. Carter mentors a student.

    TV-NR 45min April 30, 1999
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    20. Power A terrible storm causes a power outage, and the backup generators fail. The staff frantically works to keep patients alive.

    TV-NR 46min May 7, 1999
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    21. Responsible Parties Hathaway finally informs Ross about her pregnancy. She is disappointed when he tells her he won't be returning to Chicago.

    45min May 14, 1999
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    22. Getting to Know You Weaver rescues an abandoned, drugged 2-year-old boy. Romano offers Corday the cardiothoracic fellowship that Benton rejected.

    45min May 20, 1999

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Genres Drama
Director Christopher Misiano
Starring Anthony Edwards, Noah Wyle
Supporting actors Julianna Margulies, Gloria Reuben, Laura Innes, Alex Kingston, Kellie Martin, Eriq La Salle, Abraham Benrubi, Ellen Crawford, Yvette Freeman, Moira Walley-Beckett, Cress Williams, Vaughn Armstrong, Stephanie Dunnam, Lucy Lee Flippin, Maggie Lawson, Nathan Le Grand, George McDaniel, Eric Christian Olsen
Season year 1999
Network NBC
Executive Producer Michael Crichton
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Customer Reviews

The complete fifth season of ER is coming to dvd!
I have watched ER since the start and loved it when it was reruns.
Rosemary Jost
All in all, a fine effort for one of television's best dramas.
Joshua Spaulding

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38 of 39 people found the following review helpful By Joshua Spaulding on August 4, 2006
Format: DVD
Season five was a season of comings and goings in the venerable Thursday night NBC drama. Despite the second major cast member checking out in two years, the show continued to be strong and the foundations of one relationship that would continue on for a number of years was set in place at the end of season five.

Mark Greene (Anthony Edwards) and Doug Ross (George Clooney) haven't always agreed on the way they practice medicine or how to deal with authorities, but they are both great doctors and despite their differences, are also pretty good friends. Season five sees Greene trying to walk the fine line of friend and manager as he copes to deal with Ross' basic disregard for authority. The pediatrician finally goes over the line with one terminally sick boy, breaking every protocal, which eventually leads to his departure from the Cook County General emergency department.

Clooney was quickly becoming a big star on the big screen and a burgeoning movie career was pulling him away from his weekly television series, so when the time came to go, he left. This was a pretty big blow to the cast, the second original member to leave in two years (Sherry Stringfield's Dr. Susan Lewis left in season three), but as has been the case, the show continued on with great additions to the cast to take the place of Clooney.

Before he left though, Clooney fought for and got a pediatric ER approved, with himself as the attending. His relationship with nurse Carol Hathaway (Julianna Margulies) continued to grow stronger, as the two planned their future together. As the season drew to a close, Hathaway discovered she was pregnant with his twins, but when she told him the news, he couldn't return, leaving her to face the pregnancy alone.
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35 of 43 people found the following review helpful By Fisherman on March 30, 2006
Format: DVD
It's finally here! The complete fifth season of ER is coming to dvd! Season five is one of the most intense seasons of ER period! Kellie Martin joins the cast as Carter's med student, Lucy Knight. Also, Doug Ross (Georege Clooney) leaves the show in a riveting two parter. Jeanie's condition worsens, Benton realizes his son is deaf, and at the end of the season, Hathaway finds out she is carrying twins. That is just the tip of the iceberg of what happens in ER: SEASON 5
This is a must for any fan. Also, I would like to correct a careless mistake made by

The cast members they have listed at the top of the page are not in this season, most of them didn't even come in until the ninth or tenth season. The entire fifth season cast is:

Anthony Edwards
George Clooney
Noah Wyle
Julianna Margulies
Gloria Rueben
Laura Innes
Alex Kingston
Kellie Martin
Eriq La Salle

As for the cast members listed at the top of the page, here are the seasons they came in:

Goran Visnjic: season 6
Maura Tierney: season 6
Mekhi Phifer: season 9, recurring previously in season 8
Parminder Nagra: season 10
Linda Cardellini: season 10

There have been many other cast members on the show since season five, but these are the ones mistakenly listed by amazon as being on the fifth season. This season won at least one emmy, if not more, and earned even more nominations including one for Noah Wyle. Patient story lines include an a man who has strapped a bomb to himself, a girl who needs a transfusion of a rare blood type, a man dressed as an elf who has a heart arrythmia, a school bus accident, a shot stripper and a DUI victim.
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19 of 24 people found the following review helpful By La Maquina on July 23, 2006
Format: DVD
It's a good season worth owning. I assume you already know this if you are reading this. The DVD set is presented with good sound, picture quality etc.....however....

I was really disappointed to see that Warner Bros. cheaped out on the English subtitles this time around. Seasons 2-4 were awesome to watch with the subtitles for the hard of hearing, as it really helped with the comprehension of all the medical jargon that was being spewed out at 100 miles an hour. As a medical professional myself, I got a lot out of this "special" feature. My fiancee, who is NOT a medical professional, found that she was able to get a lot more out of the show by watching the subtitles as well. It definitely helps a viewer appreciate the complexity of the show's writing.

The show is still great. However, it is inexplicable why we had to wait 7 months for this DVD set to come out when they obviously didn't put as much work into it as the previous sets (ie. they didn't want to pay someone to transcribe the scripts and sync subtitles). This is especially irksome considering that season 5 has been available on DVD in the UK for quite a long while now. I had just assumed Warner Bros. was spending the extra time and cash to do the job right for North America. I was wrong.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful By Susie 311 on February 5, 2013
Format: DVD Verified Purchase
After 37 years of raising three wonderful children, and working way too hard doing it. I am now catching up on old programs I knew about but could not truly enjoy til now. So owning my seasons of ER has been like being a member of the family.
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