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on September 30, 2011
Rwake finally releases their new album and I admit that Rest was #1 in my most anticipated album of this year. Bought the MP3 download and have listened to it a few times the last 3 days on my workouts. With that said, the direction has shifted a little bit. First off, in my opinion Rest is not as crushing as Voices of Omens. The lead singer has changed his singing style with less gut and a little more throat. The female vocalist takes less of a role as well and the strange absence of that dark backround noise has me a little off. In a positive direction, the album feels more complete in a specific direction. It seems that this is one story broken into 6 parts while Voice of Omens was 9 separate tracks. The overall theme i would say has more southern rock influence much like their album If you walk before you crawl, you crawl before you die and a little bit less sludge but no doubt they are still a sludge/doom band. On a side note the album cover is freaking sweet. My favorite track so far is "It was beautiful but now its sour" but like their last album i have a feeling the others will grow on me alot more. I have a feeling this album will keep me coming back over and over again. Finally my final words, I would say I am not dissapointed but not sledgehammered into the ground in euphoric noise. Perhaps this album is a fine wine that is meant to be savored slowly since it is more mature or it can be even a minor dissapointment. Either way, I think you should take the plunge and listen to REST, i doubt you will find a better sludge/doom/southern rock album this year.
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on September 29, 2011
A lot of reviewers state Rwake came into its own as a band on "If You Walk Before You Crawl, You Crawl Before You Die". I'd be inclined to agree, except that this album changed all of that for me.

"Rest" is an album that sees this band reach and claim that potential that all the fans, bloggers, and reviewers saw that they had. Rwake is definitely still Doom. They are still Sludge. They still shred. They still juxtapose moments of haunting clarity along with the prerequisite cacophony. What they have done on "Rest" is bring all of those elements together with a palpable focus and power. The cohesiveness of this record may stand out more than anything else in my opinion.

You may not find this album as "catchy" (if Rwake can even be considered so) as the previous records, but I dare you to search the catalogue and find a moment as jarring as the beginning of "It Was Beautiful..." or moments as powerful as the last half of "The Culling". I don't believe you will.

If this record doesn't hit your music blog or magazine's "Best of 2011" lists I be extremely surprised. I'm going on record and calling "Rest" Rwake's best album.
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on February 10, 2012
Rwake is a Southern sludge metal and Rest is the sextet's fifth broooding album. The instrumentation is traditional except for the use of samples and a moog. There are 3 songs over ten minutes long. This is music of the most holy, heavy sort.

Comparisons include: Harvey Milk, Neurosis, and the Melvins.
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on November 24, 2011
First of all, the amazon.com review referring to Rwake as backwoods is a stereotypical insult. Rwake hail from Little Rock, and while that city isn't exactly New York, its half a million population and well known reputation as a fine medical center with one of the nation's best medical schools in the University of Arkansas at Little Rock campus and its atmosphere is as comparable to any city near its size in the country.
So that point established, you are not getting Black Oak Arkansas here. "Rest" is a doom album but only in the merest technical terms, as their music does lumber along at a slow pace like their counterparts Yob from Portland, Oregon, or maybe Electric Wizard. Other than that, Rwake are a unique metal band. Every cut is an epic workout, long but full of unique riffs and ideas. The band can barely be compared to anybody, as they've truly broken new ground. The closest I can come to is perhaps imagining Philip Cope of Kylesa fame doing a doom album instead of the metal/jam style his own band does.
"Rest" is heavy. Very heavy. Doom fans will love this album and appreciate the musical exploration that also has a very melodic interlude midway through the CD, making it safe perhaps for bands of this genre to throw in some mellower segments of their own.
This is one of the best metal releases of the year, and thanks to Rwake, people will understand that Little Rock is producing some great stuff. Let us remember Evanescence also hail from LR, so on the strength of "Rest", it's possible a whole new scene could erupt from Arkansas in the metal department, which would be great, as there are already far too many tired cliche blues players and boring beyond death folkies who are keeping the cornpone image alive and insulting the intelligence of a lot of Arkansans such as myself along the way. We don't need redneck Dylans. When our fair state has also produced a superb pop rock band in the Gunbunnies, who woefully didn't make it past their stellar debut, and the aforementioned Evanescence, Rwake is a welcome addition, although sadly very few stations play them or even know who they are. That's okay - take the show on the road if the home crowd doesn't get it. The world's gain is worth Arkansas' loss if they refuse to acknowledge the brilliance and heaviness of this band.
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