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on September 10, 2013
Countless shows and two studio albums over the past four years have proven that the Michael Tait brand of Newsboys sells. The previous two releases with Michael Tait were somewhat forgettable overall, but their third release is thankfully more memorable, and that is largely because the Newsboys delivered on their promise to push the musical envelope and take some risks.

This sounds nothing like any previous Newsboys album. Over their 16 studio project career (over 25 years), they have explored many facets of pop/rock. This time around, they boast a dance-pop sound. We started hearing it on Born Again and God's Not Dead, but it's pushed even further here. They explore elements of dub-step ("That's How You Change The World"), bubbly Brit pop/rock ("Go Glow", "Fishers of Men"), modern pop ("Restart", "Love Like I Mean It", "Disaster", "Enemy"), a piano ballad ("That Home") and a CCM'y sound with an electronic flare ("Live With Abandon", "One Word", "We Believe"). Many of these songs sound like today's secular radio dance songs and it's pulled off very well.

Lyrically, the album features positive and encouraging messages. It's been a while since we've heard the quirky lines or thought-provoking lyrics of former Newsboys. With Tait, the quirkiness we've seen with older Newsboys songs like John Woo, Take Me To Your Leader, Live In Stereo (random tracks that popped into my head) are non-existent, but there are plenty of clever lyrics, such as "Seven billion people on a spinnin' ball / And they all mean the world to You" on "Fishers of Men". Other lyrics off the album are often worshipful and anthemic in nature. Most of the songs also have a big catchy chorus and have a strong youth appeal.

Highlights off the album include dub-step influenced "That's How You Change the World", bouncy "Fishers of Men", and the stripped down piano ballad "That Home". While being far from a masterpiece, this album is a very solid pop/rock/electronic album with anthems for living out the Christian faith. There is enough risks taken to be a musically engaging album while still feeling coherent. 3.5/5

If you interested in picking up this album, consider spending a few extra extra dollars to pick up the deluxe edition which has a handful of new tracks.
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on September 15, 2013
Wow how to start. Newsboys is a veteran group that has been around almost since the rise of Christian music itself. This is their 17th studio project and let me is different, but good. I thought with what jesusfreakhideout described, this would be a heavy techno, dance-pop induced sounding album. Not really to much. It is pop though. That's how you change the world definitely gives a good start to the pop sound and then is followed by Restart which is techno but on a refreshingly light side. "You, hit the restart" will certainly get into your head after a listen or two or three. There are some tracks that do tend to run together musically and lyrically but a few standouts exist. That Home, disaster, One Word, We Believe, Man on Fire, and The Living Years (the last two are from the deluxe version)are stellar songs. As one reviewer said though the same thread of thought seems to run through the whole album and that is 'this is who i was and this is who God is making me to be or who I am now.' We believe is a good current update and companion piece to Rich Mullins famous song 'creed'. the Living Years is a remake of one of my favorite WFOG radio songs by mike and the Mechanics from the 80's. There is a worship cover that I am pretty sure is the last track on the deluxe version 'Stronger.' If I'm wrong then it should be cuz I know this song will go into churches all across the country. It hits a lot of highlights of the Christian faith that 'We believe left out lol. No it does a great job. Overall this album is great although there are some areas that do need improvement but a solid effort for a band that had endured longer than most bands do and still make groovy yet Christ centered music. I think as lead singer Michael Tait has solidified himself as a leader of this legendary group. As time goes on, this group will be back, hopefully, to where it was when Peter Furler was lead singer. From what I've heard's a good start forward. Next album could be even more epic if that's possible.
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on October 8, 2013
Being a huge DC Talk fan, I have followed all three members through their solo careers. Now, 2 of my childhood bands that I grew up with have two vocalists from the band as their new lead singers. While I love what Kevin Max is doing with Audio Adrenaline, I can't say the same for Michael Tait and the Newsboys. I saw them a month after Michael joined the band and it was different, but really good. Tait could pull it off. Born Again comes out though, and I just didn't feel like I felt when I listened to releases during the Peter Furler Era, or even the John James era. While it was good, I just couldn't call it a full out Newsboys album. But I figured they were just experimenting since they gained two new band members. (Jody returned to guitar in 2009) So "God's Not Dead" came out, and well, it was mostly covers of popular worship songs with a FEW originals. The Newsboys began sounding less and less like themselves and more like a new band started by Michael Tait, (heck their live shows are all new songs except He Reigns and Something Beautiful. Not even their signature song "Shine" is played) But were not talking about the shows or other albums, were talking about "Restart" and I had low expectations with this album, and...I didn't care for it. The Newsboys have always been a Rock/Pop band, and this erases all of that and re-introduces them as a dubstep sounding band. The first single "Live with Abandon," really didn't impress me. It seemed like it was thrown together quickly to guarantee radio play. And that just isn't the Newsboys. Michael Tait, whether with DC Talk or by himself, as well as the Newsboys themselves always seemed to set the bar when making new music, here it seemed as the goal was to make quick radio friendly songs to guarantee attention and album sales. (Eye on It anybody?) Other songs on the album just aren't on par with the single but they are nothing like the final four songs. I am shocked that they actually appeared on a Newsboys album. They don't fit at all. As a whole I am just not impressed with the album or the band. My expectations have been lowered for every album and sadly, I am not a big Newsboys fan anymore. To me, the Newsboys broke up at the end of 2010 and Michael Tait revived "Tait" and recruited Duncan Phillips, Jeff Frankenstein, and Jody Davis formally of Newsboys to be his backup.
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on July 13, 2014
This is THE BEST Christian music I have ever heard! I wouldn't classify it as's not like most of the praise and worship that I've listened to before. Many of the songs on this album make you want to get up and dance! And the lyrics are pure poetry, both beautiful and inspirational. I feel like I'm praying as I sing along. I've played this album at least 100 times in the car CD player and put it on the iPod that I just bought. I play it a lot and I play it loud...making a joyful noise unto the Lord!
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on July 20, 2014
It was hard for me to like the new Newsboys. I miss Peter Furler so much! He really made the newsboys. To me, it's a different band now.

Nevertheless, this new band is great, as is this album. Several instant-hits on this song. You'll like them the first time you listen to them. Restart is an applicable title. Because it's a little bit of a departure from the witty lyrics and sort of alternative sound they had in the past. This album is more dance music, I would say. Which isn't bad. Love it. Definitely fun up-beat songs that will get you moving! Sort of like some of the more up-beat songs they've had in the past - except on this album it's almost every song!

You'll like it. Just buy it.
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on March 5, 2014
What's not to love about Newsboys. This is one of those things where you like it or don't, no in-between. This is one of my families favorite Christian bands, in fact, I've seen the perform three or four times and got to do a meet and greet at one of their shows. I like that there are some more ballad types of tracks rather than everything being primarily upbeat and fast paced. The song That Home that Michael wrote for his mother brings tears pretty much EVERY time I hear it though not for the same reasons. I've never had a mother like he sings about and my solemn prayer is that my children are able to relate to this song about me after I'm gone. The 1st time my son heard it (he's 12) he was moved to tears and came running to hug me saying something like "thanks for giving us "that home" like Newsboys sings about. I haven't heard a Newsboys CD I didn't like but honestly think the band is that much stronger with Tait on lead vocals.
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on July 24, 2015
With 12 songs on this album, you are in for a treat! We purchased this for our 12 year old son but all of us have listened to it over and over again! Our favorite track is probably "Restart" but they are all good. The lyrics are strong, full of meaning and the vocals are tight. A great album for all ages but especially youngsters who need good wholesome music in their lives. Our son's "tuneless" voice is often heard singing out the lyrics to "God's not dead, He's surely alive". It has given Richard and I many opportunities to share with him what the words mean when he has asked.

A great example of the lyrics is in "Fishers of Men".
"Seven billion people on a spinnin' ball
And they all mean the world to You.
It's times like these that I feel so small
There must be something I can do.
I played it safe in shallow water,
Never had the faith to cross the border.
God I've gotten good at being comfortable,
It's time to leave my comfort zone.

Cause you said, "Go... Go... and I will make you fishers of men. Go... Go... I don't care who or where you've been. So don't be afraid to show the world your faith, cause you're never alone. Just Go.. Go, and I will make you fishers of men." "

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on December 22, 2013
I'm a big Newsboys fan... Both old and new. While there are some beautifully touching tracks on Restart ... A few destined to be classics. Somehow this album seemed more "produced" and less sincere than the last several albums. God is glorified by the boys as always... And in spite of my comments, I have been touched by the message and music.

New Years update: The album is really growing on me.
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on March 1, 2014
The Newsboys has long been one of my favorite groups. Their electronic sound coupled with their very creative lyrics makes for an excellent listening experience. This album is no different. Michael Tate's voice really plays well with their overall sound. "Fishers of Men" (track 8) is what initially turned me on to the album. Good reminder to "go, go, go" reach the "7 billion people on a spinnin' ball that all mean the world to you" (i.e. God). That paired with the message of "Go Glow" makes for a great challenge. We are reminded of God's wonderful grace in "Disaster" and "Restart" (the chorus to both gets stuck in my head and I'm pleased that I can't forget it) and "That's How You Change the World" reminds us that it's faithfulness in the little things that makes us effective as Christians, not the big flashy productions. "That Home" is a beautiful ballad about a home where faith rules prefiguring our Eternal Home and "One Word" has served to express my longing to just hear one transforming word directly from the mouth of God. In classic Newsboys fashion, "Stronger" at the end of the album resonates more than the orginal did. The other tracks on the album are of equal quality, but don't resonate quite as strongly with me personally. I guess we all have our favorites. I will note that I have rated all the tracks 3 stars or better with an (unprecedented) four tracks rating five stars (usually only one or two tracks per album will make it that high for me). Hopefully this album will uplift and challenge you as much as it did me, while getting you to kick up your heals and dance for joy.
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on February 18, 2015
love this album a lot. I like the new modern pop direction they took it in. just a hint of electronic meets rock. half the songs from this album made it to my iPod playlists which is saying something, and the fact that I can download it right now and still get a hardcopy coming in the mail! this is why I shop Amazon instead of iTunes. Wrap it up and put a bow on it cause I'm sold!
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