Customer Reviews: Restoration Scriptures True Name Edition Study Bible 4th Edition
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on October 28, 2007
* Hebrew proper names are supplied, including the replacement of the traditional English "LORD" with the Tetragrammaton.
* Footnotes provide interesting background information, insight, and clarification, from a Hebraic Roots perspective.
* A number of frequently-used English words are replaced with Hebrew transliterations, thus helping the beginning student of Hebrew to become more familiar with some basic vocabulary.

Cons: I do not intend to be unnecessarily critical, since this version has many helpful features. It is quite apparent that this project was a massive undertaking, and I certainly do not want to detract from its value. However I feel that it would benefit greatly by careful proofreading and editing, and that the following points could be made:
* On a number of occasions, the transliterated Hebrew word is not, in fact, the actual word used in the Hebrew Scriptures. This can be confusing and at times misleading.
* The punctuation is unwieldy and many times grammatically incorrect. There is an annoying overuse and misuse of commas and colons. These are often distracting and interrupt the flow of the text.
* Although the notes many times provide helpful background information, insight, and clarification, on occasion they come across as being opinionated and dogmatic. It would seem preferable if these opinions were expressed as such, rather than being presented as facts.
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on March 9, 2008
First the translation was translated by Moshe Koniuchowski who is a leader in the two-house movement.

Furthermore, the preface starts out stating that the translation emphasis the two-house movement, in other words it's been manipulated to push a particular doctrine.

I don't know about anybody else but I don't want a translation translated by one man who has a doctrinal agenda to push, I want a translation that emphasizes what the word says.

One example of the how his doctrine has influenced the translation is spelling the Messiah's name Yahshua but there is no Hebrew name Yahshua, the Hebrew spelling they say it comes from is Yod-Hay-Waw-Shin-Ayin but that is Yahushua but that is not the name that is in any of the Aramaic or Hebrew text, the Hebrew name that is used is actually Yod-Shin-Waw-Ayin which is Y'shua or Yeshua. There is only two books of of over 500 that spell it this way, two books that had been circulated throughout a rabbinical community and brought forth by a rabbi to refute the faith of the Messiah. The 500-700 Aramaic text and all the other Hebrew texts all have it as Y'shua or Yeshua over 1000x throughout the New Testament text.

I know it does not fit into the whole has to be Yah sacred name movement but it is the truth. I would rather have the truth than man-made doctrine, which is what I hate. Whenever you follow doctrines that are contrary to what the word says, you are in a cult.
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on July 5, 2014
First off, this Bible is WAY TOO HEAVY and big to carry around; they need to condense it by printing on better/thinner paper and getting rid of the heavy binding. Second, too expensive. There is clearly no reason for the price being as much as it is especially considering you can get better quality Bibles for much less (or even free from some ministries. I have a beautiful lamb skin Bible, with notes, etc that was provided free from one ministry).

With that said. I found some of the additional notes helpful in shedding light on some scripture passages, but the Hebrew words which were randomly added to the text was distracting. Too me, it felt as is someone with little knowledge of the Hebrew or Greek language added words "here and there" to make themselves sound knowledgeable. I originally purchased the 1st edition, saw numerous grammatical errors; and then purchased the 2nd edition, found some errors corrected but still did not like the flow. I would not recommend this Bible. There are far better ones on the market.
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on February 12, 2015
This bible is a Christian bible by a deceptive pastor trying to pass himself off as a Rabbi. The Jewish bible does NOT have the "new testament" attached to it. Also the commentaries written by pastor Koniuchowsky are misunderstandings such as what he writes about Isaiah 53 and why Jews do not read it in the synagogue (there are plenty of resources explaining why not so I wont put it on this review) If you want to learn about Judaism and the Jewish bible please check out Artscroll or JPS.
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on March 22, 2016
This bible renders the Name of the Creator and His Son in hebrew, and uses current language in it: however, it also uses hundreds of Hebrew names, words, and idioms throughout the text. There is a glossary at the back of the bible to define words and phrases, but flipping back and forth through the book becomes very cumbersome in a hurry. I wish I'd known that there were so many transliterations (they're not written in Hebrew, thankfully)- I would not have spent money on this bible. I do like that the Names of the Creator and His Son are rendered in Hebrew, and also that the titles for God are rendered as Adonai, etc. I'm still looking for a bible-this one isn't very useable for me.

I purchased this bible directly from YATI, not Amazon.
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this bible for this price is a rip off for the blind and those void of the holy spirit. Selling it for this price put worldly profit over Father Yahweh purpose for his authorship. There is a bible that is better that sell for 25.00 and a sacred name bible that is free; for a good will store or anyone to sell this bible for this amount let me a true Hebrew by birth know that these sellers are headed by satan incarnated in a physical body. For those who would pay this amount for this bible remember Father Yahweh would never rip you off. There is a better version that sells for 25.00 with study notes and more. This bible the restoration scriptures true name edition study bible in any form fair market value should not exceed 55.00 total cost. Yahshua, Yahweh's salvation died for us because He loved us, his word should never be PROSTITUTED for corporate or personal financial gain. Note! until one has an understanding of the original hebrew language they should not use modern hebrew or any other modern language less than 4000 years old to define or transliterate both sacred names; only bastards bear different family names with different spellings than their fathers. My family name is spelled with the exact identical letters as my biological father and mother and we all spell our sir name identical letter after letter as our father. Yahshua Messiah said I'am come in my father's name and you receive me not 'let any other come in his own name him ye will receive [Prophecy Fulfilled]..John 5:43;Proverb 30:6.
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on October 8, 2012
I have roughly 60 translations of the bible, some done by a single translator and others by large groups. I have 7-8 Hebrew/Jewish translations and this is the one I have settled on for my daily reading and study. I have learned approx. 300 Aramaic/Hebrew words while studying it over the last 3 1/2 years and it has been a real blessing.
I read mainly in the King James bible for 25+ years and this version flows just like the KJV and it makes learning the Aramaic/Hebrew words much easier since the paragraphs read very close to the KJV.
I now purchase these bibles whenever I am able to, to give away to special people in my life.
I am not in total agreement with all of the study notes but my mind has been changed on some things and my understanding has increased greatly thanks to the Hebraic imput which has been lacking for the last 1800 years since the scriptures went out in to the world in the 2nd languages of greek, latin, german, english ...etc and many things fell by the wayside when translating words from one language to the other. It is like getting the scriptures fresh all over again and I count this version of the Holy Scriptures as one of my most prized possessions and recommend it to everyone. It is the best.
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on February 22, 2015
I was actually expecting a NEW Edition, but then when I saw what they cost - I realized that I actually got a great deal - so thank you... these Scriptures are worth so much more than money can buy. I am reading my way through from Berscheit to Gilyana (Genesis to Revelation) for the first time without the "Church Fathers" and translators with anti YAHSHUA biases... having messed with HIS WORD and thwarted the Redemption plan of YHWH for HIS people ISRAEL. It is an experience not able to be put into words and continually brings tears to my eyes... after having spent 34 years in the desert of the "christian lawless wilderness"... so... thank you again for this work of wonder... truly inspired by HIS RUACH HaKODESH
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on June 8, 2011
Beautiful Bible, and everything about the Bible itself is awesome. However, for the cost of the Bible, every page is mechanically dog-eared from Isaiah to Revelation, or roughly 2/3 of the Bible. So, I want one without dog-eared/bent pages. Please advise, Amazon. I waited a week to get it, now I can't use it.
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on June 6, 2013
This is an awesome bible/commentary. I was introduced to this study bible by my mentor and friend in the Jewish studies and have found this to be an absolute best study bible I have ever laid eyes on. The Hebrew translation is so clear and key to my walk with Yeshua!
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