Customer Reviews: Resurrecting Midnight
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VINE VOICEon August 31, 2009
Wow. And that my friends, is probably the understatement of the year. This is easily the best and purest action packed book in this insane series. The naming of this book is pure genius, almost like a "hidden in plain sight" type of thing. Like most of EJD's books this one starts out with a bang. Actually more like an explosion, and that carnage of metal and flesh sets the tone for the rest of this book. Gideon is back and he has the devil on his tail and the devil's wife in his heart.

Guys, when I say this book is pure action I really do mean it. I hate to make the comparison but, a day in the life of Gideon makes a day in the life of James Bond seem like a day in the life of K-Fed! Eric pens a story so polished, so refined that it's impossible not to get drawn in. Gideon is the main course, but the main course in and of itself is nothing. You need side dishes. Side dishes that bring OUT the main course, and make this meal perfect enough to be your last meal. The "side dishes" in this book/series would be Scamz, Arizona, Hawks, Konstantin, Catherine, and my favorite Alvin White. They are to Gideon what hot sauce is to fried gizzards.

One thing that I also like about EJD's writing is that he formulates the enemies as well as the main characters. They aren't one-dimensional nobodies. No, no, no, no, no. They are a mattress of unclean, shameless, resolute violence wrapped in sheet of unapologetic sexuality. In this book we follow Gideon as he dispenses his very bloody, very painful version of Judge Hatchett. Unfortunately, over the years he's made a lot of very powerful enemies and they are chasing him; bent on giving him back some of that blood and pain. However, Gideon is harder to kill than a vampire on "E" but the chase is oh so satisfying! Intertwined between the flying body parts, the insatiable hatred, and the unmistakable "sizzle between the sheets" that Eric is known for, is a story about WHO Gideon is. That's a question that he has, in some shape or form, been chasing since the age of 7 when he was forced to become a man.

I said earlier that this is the best book in the series, and it is. Eric has a literary icon in the making with Gideon. I'm not being flippant when I say this, but the last time a character had this effect on me and the people around him was Roland of Gilead. This series is THAT good. Read the first three books so you can experience what we already know, and make these people a part of your literary life as I have.
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on August 26, 2009
OMG!!! I love Gideon! Is it okay for me to love a fictional character? From reading Sleeping with Stranger & Waking with Enemies, I knew that that Gideon was off the chain and that Dickey's writing had gone to another level.

Originally, he explored the con man world with Thieves Paradise, but with the Gideon chronicles, he has taken his action writing to almost a movie level. As you read about the car chases, shoot outs and fights, you feel like you are there. He takes you places in Argentina that the average person would never see, but you feel like you've seen it all. I'm still trying to figure out why none of his books haven't become movies!

Resurrecting Midnight is a great book. Make you that you read Sleeping with Strangers, Waking with Enemies and Revenge before Dying before you read this one, but all four books will keep you on the edge of your seat!
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on August 27, 2009
OMG!!!! I don't even know where to begin. Gideon is the new James Bond/Jason Bourne with a whole hella LOT more sex appeal. I agree with the previous poster. I am in love with Gideon. I just want to bring him home and rescue him from all the violence, lies, destruction and cheats he has in his life. EJD has elevated his writing to a level that leaves me spellbound. I also agree that this series needs to be a movie. I hope he's getting some offers....EJD send the book to NEways needless to say Gideon is back in all his sexy hitman glory and that wench Arizona is back too. I hope he gets over his infatuation with her.....I agree with Hawks..."she's just a woman." I'm glad to see the boxer and Constantine from D4R back, but I'd really like to have a Lola/Miss Jones reunion:-).
Please run don't walk to get this book.
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on November 9, 2009
It is difficult to categorize Eric Jerome Dickey's work. His early titles dealt almost exclusively with the often tangled dance of relationships between men and women, yet they could not be classified as romance or erotic works despite containing elements of both. And while his early and mid-period novels occasionally strayed into the areas of mystery or crime fiction, they retained a strong pull toward the exploration of relationships.

Recently, however, Dickey has been writing books that fit comfortably, though not exclusively, within the thriller genre. His novels featuring the international assassin Gideon (of which RESURRECTING MIDNIGHT is the fourth) contain all of the genre's trademark elements while strongly retaining the erotic aspects of his earlier work. The result is something that is quite different from anything else out there at the moment.

Dickey's Gideon is a man who was born in poverty and has grown to become an assassin for hire. His background has been delivered piecemeal over the course of the Gideon novels and in such a way that the more that is revealed, the less we truly know. But what we do know is that Gideon is ruthless, not entirely likable, and seemingly without a moral code, which is what one might expect of someone in his occupation. Also, following the events of DYING FOR REVENGE, he trusts no one. But when he receives a call from Arizona, a former lover, he reluctantly finds himself drawn into an assignment on behalf of Scamz, a man who once saved his life and is now Arizona's husband.

As it turns out, Scamz is in possession of a briefcase that is part of a matched set. The other briefcase is with a group of assassins known as "The Four Horsemen" --- and they will do anything possible to complete the set. Diametrically opposed to each other, Gideon and a carefully picked team follow a trail of mayhem, destruction and violence from the streets of Miami to the alleys of Buenos Aires, where an apocalyptic confrontation takes place.

Along the way, Gideon discovers that almost everything he believes to be true about himself and others is false, a revelation that will affect every future second of his life. At the same time, he finds himself in the crosshairs of a blackmail scheme set up by a mysterious entity that seems to have access to his entire portfolio. In order to save himself and those few people whom he loves, Gideon is willing to do whatever is necessary to extricate himself from what appears to be a gigantic double cross that will leave few --- if any --- of the players left standing.

RESURRECTING MIDNIGHT doles out violence and erotica in equal doses while presenting an exciting, riveting and addictive plot set against the backdrop of one of the world's most exotic and dangerous cities. Gideon, while not being especially likable, is matched against adversaries who are every bit his equal in ways that the reader will never expect. The last 100 pages, in particular, contain surprises that will leave audiences stunned, including one that may well be unlike anything you have ever read. If you don't think of Eric Jerome Dickey as a thriller writer, your entire perception of the man will be changed after reading RESURRECTING MIDNIGHT.

--- Reviewed by Joe Hartlaub
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on October 26, 2009
Gideon is at it again only this time, Arizona resurfaces with a mission for him to go on for some package as a debt owed to her boyfriend Scamz Jr for saving his life in London. Well Arizona and Scamz Jr isn't the only ones out for the package, here enter's the 4 horsemen and the apocolypse. With the horsemen is Medianoche a*k*a Midnight, the man Gideon thought he killed when he was a child. Then you have someone trying to blackmail Gideon in the process for 2.5 million.

I enjoyed the book a lot, but I was a little bit confused on the origin on this package. They said it was the money that former President Bush stashed and somehow loss so it was up for grabs with the data being stored in these briefcases. You had to have both of them to recieve the pay day. Other than the pacakge drama, the words and different languages used intrigued me like no other. I love words and love learning new things which I believe is what EDJ is hoping to accomplish with these books. I learned pieces of history and other stuff I never knew about.

I hope that Gideon left Medianoche alive for the soul purpose of wanting to get to know him. Things are about to come out with this man still breathing. Medianoche learned of betrayal by his bestfriend /step brother, The Beast, who was head of the horsemen. With that tid bit being spilled, it's only going to get worse before it get's better. I hope they join forces.

I think Gideon should forget about Arizona and make Hawks his ride or die chic. Arizona revealed in some ways that she loves Gideon, but she's with her ex-lover, Scamsz son, Scamsz Jr. While that may be what it looks like to Gideon, something is telling me that Scamsz Jr is holding something over Arizona's head. Scam Jr did have his own grandfather and uncle killed, so it wouldn't surprise me not one bit.

Another interesting thing, is that the entire time I'd been reading this series, I assumed Gideon was 100% black, so there's some mystery there too.

As usual, can't wait for the next installment, should be fire with Medianoche and Senora Raven on the loose on top of the other things that were revealed. Great job EJD!!! I hated to see the book come to an end.
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on September 2, 2009
Oh yes he is back. The baddest fictional character in urban fiction right now. Gideon does his thing once again. Once again he stands and delivers. He battles with his personal demons and childhood hurt. Takes on those who wish to play against the rules he lives by. Those who wish to take him off this planet to soon. Those who don't understand this man is one who should not be taken lightly. Gideon stands and delivers. EJD has done his thing once more. Weaving drama, action, supsense, and non stop action into the 4th installment of the man known as Gideon. Why this hasn't been picked up. Or pitched to a studio as a movie yet I don't know. This is easily equal to Bourne, James Bond, and so many other characters. This series has the depth the meat and potatoes to be turned into a movie that is one for the ages. The introduction of Medianoche as Gideon's real father and the drop on what truly happened was awesome. Bringing in the group The four horseman as an assasin crew to be feared and respeceted. The Beast, Medianoche, Senor Rodriquez, and Senoritat Raven. As four non desript non caring assasins. Who come together for one purpose and one purpose only. To bring and retrieve the package. Senorita Raven a discharged ex soldier's introduction into the scene was magnificent. Even though she doesn't compare to Hawks on the level of sensuality and killing. Her loyalty and fire to protection of those she has signed up for, who she fights along side. Matches that of the caring that Hawks has for Gideon. Easily it is seen that even though Gideon still cares for Queens Scamz it is Hawks who seems to be a much better "fit" for Gideon. If one woman truly is a "fit" for him. I wish Lola and Mrs. Jones from SWS and WWE were included or just mentioned on how they are now. We see in this book that Hawks truly has Gideon's back and understands the man of Gideon. Finally in this battle Gideon know has a partner, in the solo world of assasin's Gideon has someone to protect him and watch out for him. The big man known as Shotgun-Alvin White. What he lacks in education he makes up for in fight and ability to handle a shotgun. His devote loyalty makes him a nice counter piece to Gideon. EJD brought it all home yet left us hanging on the edge of our seats. With the questions left open in this book. A must read if you haven't purchased. If you are checking this out for the first time. Definitely go pick up the three previous books on Gideon. Thank you EJD for an awesome job. Taking our minds to places and destinations that we may physically never go. In our minds though we are standing in Buenos Aires walking the slums right with Gideon and his crew.
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on September 23, 2009
Dickey brings us another action-packed, thrilling chapter of assassin Gideon's life, previous ones are Sleeping with Strangers, Walking with Enemies, and Dying for Revenge, In this installment, Gideon is drawn back into the life of an old girlfriend, a con woman named Arizona. Accepting a contract to help her find a package that contains technology that will ensure a multimillion-dollar payoff, Gideon is actually brought face-to-face with the man he thought he killed when he was just a seven-year-old boy. Spanning continents, Gideon finds himself in a war zone in Argentina, fighting the best assassin team in the world, the Four Horsemen. It is in Argentina where Gideon comes face-to-face with the truth about Arizona, and also his father, the man he thought he killed years ago: Midnight who happens to also be the deadliest of the Four Horsemen.

This exciting read will keep Gideon fans at the edge of their seats with fast paced action that makes you feels like you were watching a movie. Set in exotic locations Resurrecting Midnight is an action packed thriller that doesnt disappoint a 5 star must read!

Anna Draper
Readers in Motion
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on December 21, 2009
Eric Jerome Dickey has made me fall in love with an assassin. Would absolutely love to see Gideon on the big screen. Finally Gideon is getting answers to his troubling questions, and I am glad that he took Alvin White along for the ride. All the characters are great in this book. Medianoche just blew me out of the water. I thought that Dying for Revenge was the best in the series but Resurrecting Midnight takes the number one spot easily. There is plenty of action in this book, I didn't want it end. This series just keeps getting better.

Sleeping With Strangers
Waking With Enemies
Dying For Revenge
Resurrecting Midnight
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on May 17, 2015
This is the fourth installment of a fast-paced, action packed thrill ride. Don't start here unless you've read of listened to the first three. Each part can stand alone as a fun story in and of itself, but the whole is far greater than the parts. Well read and acted. Funny, suspenseful, derring, insightful and stylish. E.J. Dickey has done a marvelous job of entertaining with the Gideon series.
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on December 31, 2009
I am having a hard time finding the right acronym to start this off with! EDJ has done it again and Gideon is the closest thing to James Bond I have seen. I saw where Puffy said he wanted to play the first black James Bond but Gidieon will have soemthing to say about that. Great continuation on the phenomenal trilogy!
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