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on April 30, 2007
Chimaira are truly one of those modern metal bands out there today that never cease to impress me with every album they release. Being a huge fan of Chimiara, the one thing that just impresses me about these guys is that they always get better with every album they put out, and their latest masterpiece 2007's "Resurrection" proves just that. This album is an incredible follow up to their 2005 self titled third album (which was a great album), and it's also one of the best metal albums of 2007 thus far as well. This album also marks the return of former drummer Andols Herrick. Mark Hunter's vocals are more awesome and intense than ever before, and a bit more varied on this album as well. Lead Guitarist Rob Arnold shreds and tears throughout with sick ripping leads and solos, and even some nice melodic harmonies are included as well. Keyboardist takes a more active and prominent role on this album and his keyboard effects really add so much to this album. Listen to the album closer "Empire" for instance. And of course Andols Herrick's fast double bass drumming is just absolutely amazing and will pummel your face straight to the ground, and he's sure proven that he hasn't lost a single beat.

The opening title song "Resurrection" is a very fast heavy song with great killer headbanging riffs, a careening solo from Rob, and some pummeling yet forceful double bass kicks especially during the chorus. This is no doubt my favorite song on the album. Antother one of my favorites track three "Worthless" is another fast blistering track which included a great catchy chorus in which Mark growls in as well as some fast pounding drumwork, cascading riffs, and a killer solo. Track four "Six" is the longest song on here clocking in at (9:44), and it's also one of the best songs that Chimaira have ever written. Mark's vocals are great, as well as the guitarwork, the solos, and drums. "No Reason to Live" includes some nice bass lines, and some machine gun like snare drums, and a nice mellowish solo in the beginning which are all soon followed by some some machine gun double bass kicks and some more fast drums, more solid riffs, and another nice melodic solo is included as well. Track six "Killing the Beast" is one of the more slower songs on the album which includes slow yet heavy lurching riffs, and a slow yet sinister and steady double bass drum beat throughout. "The Flame" is another mid paced number which features some machine gun like chugging riffs, and some killer guitar harmonies, and another nice solo to boot. Another highlight for me, "End it All" is another fast blazing scorcher which features fast punishing double bass drums especially during the chorus and another blazing solo. The next two tracks "Black Heart" and "Needle" are great fast careening headbangers that will make you want to play air guitar like crazy and get some mosh pits going. And finally we have the closing song "Empires" which includes some black metal esque keyboard effects, pummeling double bass onslaughts, as well as another careening guitar solo. Here's the entire song list, and the ratings.

Jeremy's song ratings:

1. Resurrection (4:37) - 5/5 My favorite song

2. Pleasure in Pain (3:04) - 5/5

3. Worthless (3:44) - 5/5

4. Six (9:44) - 5/5

5. No Reason to Live (3:44) - 5/5

6. Killing the Beast (3:47) - 5/5

7. The Flame (5:23) - 5/5

8. End it All (4:21) - 5/5

9. Black Heart (4:33) - 5/5

10. Needle (3:08) - 5/5

11. Empire (5:33) - 5/5

In my mind, "Resurrection" is truly one of the best pure new metal albums to come out in a long time. I definately and honestly rank this album along with "Enemy of God" by Kreator, "Blood Mountain" by Mastodon, "Christ Illusion" by Slayer, "Tempo of the Damned" by Exodus, "Through the Ashes of Empires" and "The Blackening" both by Machine Head, "The System Has Failed" by Megadeth, and among other great new metal albums I've had the pleasure of listening to over the past three years now. Overall "Resurrection" is without a shadow of a doubt thus far Chimaira's best album of their carreer, and it's also one of the best metal album of 2007 thus far as well.

Bottom Line: A must have for all Chimaria fans, metal fans, or just good music in general. Fantastic job guys. Buy this album ASAP!!

P.S. Be sure to catch Chimaira at the Sounds of the Underground Tour this upcoming summer. I hope I get to go this summer.
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on January 3, 2015
At first when i heard this album i thought it was a step down from self titled but it grew on me. The 2nd time around i was hooked. The big slap in the face to Roadrunner records by making the song and album Resurrection. With songs like Six,Needle,End it All,No Reason to Live,Black Heart,The Flame,Worthless & Empire. This is one of Chimairas most personal albums yet. It is the album with the return of longtime drummer Andols Herrick. The drums are wicked insane,the timing the patterns it just obliterates. The guitars are sick and crunchy as always. One thing about Chimaira is their tuning and i think it is distinct. Been a fan since Present Darkness. Shame they brome up after Crown of Phantoms. Also check out the Infection and Age of Hell. All Chimaira
albums show progress more from the last. That is why i am never disappointed,they always amaze me they always keep it heavy and fresh. I got the special edition of Ressurrection with the bonus dvd,which is 1 hour making of the album as well as discussing why they switched labels & went with Ferret/Nuclear Blast. Mostly in part because their self titled album was excellent but got marketed poorly & Chimaira were being treated unfair,so they came to Nuclear with a whole new set of songs filled with rage. This is 1 of their best,heaviest & most cohesive albums to date. Every song is amazing & the guitars & samples shine here,just listen to Six & Black Heart,No Reason to Live,Worthless & Empire. They all are killer. But if u have their Coming Alive 2dvd/1cd album it comes with the Ressurrection documentary on disc 2 where the concert is located,so if u have the original album but want the making of go get Coming Alive,it is loaded with about 6 hours of bonus stuff as well as the full length concert & the concert on cd. Buy it !
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on December 2, 2015
A great amazing album to listen to. One of my favorite bands and some of there best work as far as musicians. Totally recommend that everyone who is a Chimaira fan should buy this and give this a true listen to.
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on March 6, 2007
I was kind of nervous buying this cd. The album "Chimaira" was pretty good had a few songs I liked but nothing really stuck out to me like how the other cds did. First off I would like to say Chimaira is an amazing band and put on f***ing great live show. I really recomend getting the CD+DVD bundle. The dvd is worth getting I wont say to much s**t about it but it's worth it. This cd is just amazing I love it. If you are a Chimaira fan then check this out and if you didn't like there last album "Chimaira" still check this out. I didn't care for that album but this album is great.

I give the cd a 4/5

and the dvd 5/5 so i just made it 5 stars.
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on April 6, 2007
Chimaira has done it again, they've released an album that rips you to shreds and then stomps you flat! Like with their self titled album Chimaira, they've set a new standard for themselves and for the metal scene. Also, they've stayed true to their roots and at the same time experimented and tried new things.

The album starts off full blast with the title track "Resurrection," the pounding "Pleasure in Pain," followed by the crushing assault, "Worthless." Early Metallica comes to mind when they get more experimental with the 9 minute epic "Six." The solos are very memorable and its definitely much slower than their old work, well worth listening to . Then things get more intense with the thrash-like "No Reason To Live."

The second half of the album tends to slow down more, but picks up toward the end. The slowest song "Killing The Beast," is personally my least favorite song, I typically skip it, but listen to it once in a while. Mark Hunter experiments more vocally on this song, it works but not to the extent you'd expect from Chimaira (no "Salvation"-like screams here). Then the slightly faster "The Frame" ensues. Its a great metal song, but not up to Chimaira's standards. The last part of the song sounds similar to how "Inside The Horror" ends. Then things really pick up with "End It All." Andols Herrick's hammering drums are at full throttle throughout the song, especially during the chorus. It's then followed by the heavy "Black Heart," and the mind blowing "Needle." Herrick's drums on "Needle" alone should put Chimaira up for a Best Metal Performance Award. Then lastly, we get to "Empire." The orchestra work really gives it a dark, atmospheric sound. The lyrics give great depth:

Do you believe in me

Enough to sacrifice

Do you believe in me

Enough to end your life


When you walk the path

You will discover a world undreamed of

Your suffering will be legendary

Do you believe in suffering

It took a couple listens to really have it sink in, but overall, this album is as powerful as their self titled effort. Except for two mediocre songs, "Resurrection" will definitely stand strong among 2007's best metal albums.
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on March 17, 2007
Chimaira's last, self-titled effort, was easily one of the best metal records of 2005. Problem is, achieving such greatness exhausted the band members. Then, to make matters worse, they experienced a bit of internal conflict while on tour (particularly between new drummer Kevin Talley and frontman Mark Hunter), and after their relationship with Roadrunner went on the fritz, fans wondered what would come of the Cleveland-based sextet . But with a new record label (Ferret Records), and original drummer Andols Herrick back in the fold, Chimaira were revitalized, and ready to make new music again.

If you thought Chimaira's last album (which was decisively heavy and uncommercial) was experimental, you a'int heard nothing yet! Even though parts of the group's fourth full-length sound familiar to previous works, "Resurrection" is, overall, doubtlessly the group's most progressive, confident, accomplished, and well-rounded disc to date. As a result, Chimaira are not only separated from the old "metalcore" pigeonhole, but they are now miles away from it (I'd say "progressive thrash" is a much more accurate descriptor.) And even though it may not be as epic or addictive as the self-titled release, "Resurrection" is definitely more accessible and easier to digest.

In addition to boasting some of Chimaira's most expansive and innovative songwriting, "Resurrection" is living proof that the band members have matured and improved a great deal since their 2001 debut, "Pass Out of Existence." Despite returning from a three year hiatus from the band, Andols sounds like he hasn't missed a beat; guitarist Rob Arnold maintains a steady flow of meaty riffs and industrial strength leads, and also adds an abundance of ripping solos, melodic leads , and various other guitar harmonies and textures (see "No Reason To Live" and "The Flame" for examples); Mark's vocal range is expanded (he actually has a surprisingly decent singing voice, believe it or not!); and keyboardist/sampler Chris Spicuzza is allowed to take a much more active and prominent role in the songs.

With a ultra-heavy, adherent groove, corrosive, chug and churn riffing, remarkably fast and forceful double bass slamming, emotional vocals (including a memorable growl-to-yell build-up), and a catchy chorus, the title cut begins the album on a strong note. The highly infectious "Worthless" is another instant classic, and is sure to inspire some vicious mosh pits when played live. It is packed with palpable energy, blistering, turbocharged thrash riffage (think Slayer meets Hatebreed), deft drumming, a blazing solo, and an explosive, irresistibly hooky chorus that will get tattooed to the listener's brain after only one listen.

The rest of the album isn't quite as exhilarating, but it's no less interesting or memorable. There's a nine-and-a-half minute long epic called "Six," which is the most intricate tune Chimaira have written yet. It's a very dark, atmospheric, foreboding, and well-textured track, featuring a heavy prog-metal influence (i.e. occasional acoustic guitars and keyboard ear candy), but doesn't fail to make room for some electric guitars, hefty, double bass kicks, and a wailing guitar solo. This track is also of note for Mark's multi-faceted vocals; he alternates between his normal throaty yells, robotic vocals, and even a bit of near-crooning. Following that, three other highlights crop up near the end of the album, including two brisk, catchy thrashers - "Black Heart" and "Needle" - and the symphonic, black metal-esque set closer, "Needle."

"Resurrection" comes close to but does not quite reach the standards set by its predecessor (but, to be fair, the standards set by that album were extremely high.) Plus, not all fans will fall in love with Chimaira's new, progressive sound (some fans will long for more entirely heavy songs and air-guitar-worthy riffing.) Overall, though, "Resurrection" is a very solid album, a worthy listen, and yet another fine inclusion in Chimaira's increasingly outstanding discography. And everybody should give Chimaira credit for at least one thing: They have never yet made the same record twice.
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on April 6, 2007
I've been a fan of this band since 2001. To me, Chimaira is a band that has never disappointed. Their albums keep getting better & better. Having Andols back on the drums definitely makes a difference. This album is great from start to finish. I bought it the day it came out, and it's been in rotation in my CD changer ever since. As I hinted at, the drumming is amazing, and Rob came up w/ some great riffs & solos for this album, like on "No Reason to Live" & "The Flame." Chris' keyboard work adds a lot to the album as well, especially on the album's closer "Empire." I can't listen to the album w/o repeating the song "Six" at least twice. That song is phenomenal & completely unique for the band. The only song I don't particularly care for is "Killing the Beast." Song for song, this album is one of the best metal albums I've heard in a long time.

Definitely get the special ed. w/ the DVD if you can. It provides a cool look at the band over the last couple of years since Andols left as well as the making of the album. Most importantly, though, it's HILLARIOUS! I was laughing constantly. There are definitely some Spinal Tap-esque moments on the DVD. The band has a cool sense of humor about themselves. Morgoth rules!

This is easily their best album to date, and that's saying a lot.
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on April 27, 2007
If you liked Chiamaira's self tilted Ep you will be surprised to hear this album. On Resurrection, Chiamaira has added alot of operatic elements (bells and keyboards and some clean vocals) and added some slower tempo songs. This is not the nonstop metal train they showed in their last album but more a leisure cruise through metalcore with a few stops in emometal territory. If I bought it I wouldn't ask for a refund, but I wouldn't buy their next album. If I may make an analogy to Metallica's discography, Chimaira's self title ep was like ...and justice for all - a non stop shred machine that might have even over done it a bit to prove themselves hardcore metal musicians, but this one is like The Black album, where the music is still hard, but its getting a little too Andrew Lloyd Weber for me. Lets hope their next album isn't a LOAD of (ya know).
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on May 7, 2007
First of all this is classic chimaira,this album is alot better than it's predessor.The whole tone of this album is gritter and more focused,and shows how heavy this band can really be.It's great to have andols back on the throne once again i love hearing his intricate patterns it really takes each song to another level(not that kevin tally is a bad drummer)andols is just perfect for this band.Hopefully the next album is even heavier and a little more chaotic.
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on October 27, 2010
Chimaira may have gotten pretty popular for a while when this album came out, which will always lead elitist snobs to dismiss them or any popular band as mere teenage music to be derided or at least not taken seriously; however the reason Chimaira got the attention they deserved was partly because they were always good to their fans and of course largely because musically, they are just that damn good!

This album is very Chimaira sounding without being unoriginal, it maintains all the key ingredients that their previous albums had used and builds upon them to create a strong and interesting album; with inventive riffs, memorable solos and absolutely astounding drumming from the now reunited Andols Herrick.

Vocalist Mark Hunter requires special praise on this record. His vocals do always become better with each passing album and every time he has a much more varied range of voices here than in the past. When he sings on this album, you can just imagine him commanding the audience on stage, ever a truly excellent front man.

The music is a little more technical and complicated than some of their previous albums, and more driving and angry than the Self-Titled album which directly preceded it. This is no bad thing however, as it allows all of their albums to maintain their own individual feel and stop them becoming samey or repetitive as a band.

The album is thankfully very long and though it may not sink in entirely on first listen, after a few spins you will begin to understand what a huge album this is, with such attention to detail and an especially high standard of song writing.

There are plenty of stand out songs here, including the long and eastern tinged semi-epic 'Six,' the heavy 'Killing The Beast,' and the catchy 'Worthless.' The absolute highlight of the album and arguably even their career however, is the punishing and emotionally intense track 'The Flame,' with its sexual-abuse lyrical themes, amazing riffs and hammering chorus, musically everything about the track is perfect and conspires to create on of the best tracks the band has written to date.

This album as a whole is just heavy as hell, and despite requiring a few listens to fully appreciate its charms, it is probably one of the best albums the band have released and certainly a must have for existing fans of the band. Highly recommended.

***If you can, try and get the special edition DigiPak which comes with an excellent, (if slightly tongue in cheek at times) Making-Of Documentary. ***
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