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on July 23, 2014
Works great on my Windows computer. At first it didn't work when running one of my gamecube games (too lazy to dig up my gamecube and hook it up to the TV), but I managed to dig up some instructions for working with dolphin emulator-- thanks to skid on the forums.

"1. Change the Device in the top left hand corner to Keyboard.
2. For each of the buttons and controls, right click on the gray button
3. In the pop up, change Device to the USB gamepad
4. Click Detect
5. Press the gamepad button
6. Press Select
7. Make sure that the control appears in the lower text box. Press Set.
8. Press OK
9. Repeat from step 2 for each button and control
10. Type in a profile name in the top right hand corner
11. Press Save
12. Enable Background input
13. Press OK
14. Start the game "
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on March 26, 2015
I recently bought this controller last week specifically to play Gamecube Emulator games on Dolphin.
The controller itself reminds me of the original in every way. The buttons are just fine and feel good enough without being too loose or cheap.
The only negative thing I have is that it doesn't come in my favorite GC controller color Orange. The Indigo color is my 2nd favorite because that was the color of my GC console when I owned one back in the day.

Not a big deal but FYI to the MFG, if you build it (Orange), I will immediately purchase a 2nd. J/S

The top review for this controller posted the list of steps in order to configure to Dolphin. It helps some but it took me an hour to actually figure out how to map each button. Here is the list that I configured to make the controller work perfectly.

1. Top Left Corner: Change the output to USB GENERIC CONTROLLER. Hit Refresh to make it pop up if it is blank.
2. Under each column listed, right click the button and choose the correct option.

Button Configuration: Keyboard #Keys = Gamecube Buttons
Key 0 = Y
Key 1 = X
Key 2 = A
Key 3 = B
Key 4 = L
Key 5 = R
Key 6 = Z
Key 9 = START

Main Analog Stick (Grey)
UP = Axis Y-
DOWN = Axis Y+
LEFT = Axis X-
RIGHT = Axis X+

C-STICK (Yellow)
UP = Axis Zr-
DOWN = Axis Zr+
LEFT = Axis Z-
RIGHT = Axis Z+

D-PAD (GREY) (N,S,E,W is the Compass reference)
UP = Hat 0 N
DOWN = Hat 0 S
LEFT = Hat 0 W
RIGHT = *You guessed it* Hat 0 E

You should check each button on the controller as they will highlight in RED if they are correct on the screen. Once everything is mapped correctly you'll need to save the configuration on the top RIGHT corner. Name the configuration whatever you want and now you have it saved.

So far the games that I have played with the controller that work perfectly on Dolphin are (Hulk Ultimate Destruction, SSBM, Super Mario Sunshine, Batman Vengeance, Luigi's Mansion, Judge Dredd vs. Death, Metroid Prime)
Best website to go to for ISO downloads is Emuparadise.
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on April 17, 2014
I have just purchased one of these controllers to use with Dolphin.
My experience:

- plug 'n' play works decently, but it's worth installing the drivers that come on the mini-disc, as it adds rumble functionality (I'm using Win 7)
- the L,R-analog functions *do not* work
- the Z-button feels a little weird, mine was stuck when it arrived, but works fine now
- the biggest issue is that there's no official website for this controller, you can't find the drivers/support online. I hope I don't lose the mini-disc

overall: not perfect, but seems manageable. Vast improvement over playing with the keyboard. Super Mario Sunshine is a bit uncomfortable because it relies on the L,R-analog buttons.
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on August 20, 2015
There are heaps of things wrong with this controller. Every button the controller is stiff, the usb cord is at the most 4ft long, L and R have no analogue (no varying degrees in pressure sensing), the plastic overall feels like its from the dollar store, c-stick is buggy and inconsistent, and finally (the cherry on top that brought me to writing this review)... the hardware is utter trash that WILL break eventually no matter how gentle you handle it.

With that said, I was sapped into buying this twice. First time I bought it, it broke within the first couple months. But I figured the reason for that was because I was letting friends use it whenever we'd play. So oh well, not much to be done there other than buy another and keep the controller exclusive to myself. So its on sale and I decide to buy it again. This time I make sure to use it very sparingly, but still it just ends up broken.
Now when I say broken I don't mean the controller snapped in half or the buttons break. The hardware inside the controller just dies. It becomes "unrecognizable" whenever I plug it into my computer. Both times that's how the controllers broke. It was gradual as well. I would sometimes get it become recognizable again by fiddling around with the orientation of the cord but eventually that doesn't do the job anymore.

So all in all, if you want a GURANTEED TO BE TEMPORARY controller then by all means, buy this. Otherwise look into buying an adapter.

There is a 4 port one that doubles as a PC and WiiU GC adapter. While I don't currently own it, I have tried a friend's. It was only for a few hours so I can't vouch for how durable it is in the long run. But thats what I'm going to buy next.
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on September 4, 2015
I bought this because I have Melee on my computer. It works pretty well but if i were to pick things for improvement, I would have to say that the sensitivity of the Left Analog makes it hard to do Up-Tilts without jumping. Also the shoulder buttons weren't sensitive enough so wavedashing can be challenging
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on March 18, 2014
I bought a controller from Retro Link before - it was a USB N64 controller. I really liked it, except that it was insanely difficult to set up. It worked great once it was set up, but holy dolphin it took a while to get there. I actually had to install third-party software to get it working.

That's not the case with this one. It came with a driver dvd (which was very small, the size of a gamecube disk). I installed the drivers onto my Windows 7 Ultimate machine, plugged in the controller and it instantly worked. I mapped all the controls in Dolphin 4.2 as they should be mapped without any trouble. I used to use a wired Xbox 360 controller for Gamecube emulation, but I must say, this is a step up. It was well worth the $20 to me.

In comparison to a real gamecube controller, it is surprisingly close. The biggest difference is the L/R buttons, which feel more springy on this one, but they're more than usable. This is about the build quality I would expect from a third party retailer selling gamecube controllers, so it isn't quite the quality of the Nintendo ones, but it is acceptably close. It is lighter than regular controllers, but it doesn't feel flimsy in the least and the buttons are all really solid.

I'll update this review if I have any more thoughts, and I may add a video component eventually comparing it to a real Nintendo Gamecube controller, of which I have a few. I'm a big Gamecube fan and it's good to have something like this. Retro-Link really came through this time.
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on January 26, 2015
Good controller, bought mine for project64, mostly Mario kart. Only reason I can't give 5 is because the cord is pretty short, ~6 so I had to get a 3' extention to run from my computer mounted under the tv to the couch. I plan on getting a couple more soon since they've shown to be reliable. Also they do have rumble capability. UPDATE 6/27/15: 3 out of 4 work, one decided to die with no warning after 1 or 2 uses w/o using rumble. Seller wasn't very helpful so I decided to open it up myself, looks like I got a bad board. Soldering inside is lazily done but sufficient enough that it should work. I wouldn't buy another one of these. UPDATE 2: So between 10 uses all 4 controllers I purchased have stopped working completely and seem to be causing electrical interference to my USB ports. After repeated contact with the seller they still refuse to do anything about the issue, thanks for taking my money guys.
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on September 21, 2015
Compared to an actual GameCube controller, this feels extremely cheap. The shoulder buttons are difficult to depress smoothly, and click roughly into place when they are fully depressed. The Z button wobbles in place. The controller behaves well in software, at least, all the buttons register correctly, if sporadically and vibration works.
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on May 29, 2015
Perfect! Works great especially for use with emulators. Plug and play couldn't be easier to set up. Feels almost original Nintendo factory quality, I was honestly blown away by how good this thing feels. Not your typical third party knock off controller.
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on October 31, 2015
Great GameCube controller, just like the real thing, it's 90% a real GameCube controller and seems very reliable - still good after one month of use. Of course the real thing is better, but this definitely isn't a bad controller by any means.

Update: Still good after 2 months of use.
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