Customer Reviews: BLACK RetroDuo Portable System [RETROBIT]
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on March 13, 2012
If you want a snes clone that can play all your games, (or close to all), look no further.
If you want it to play all your nes games the nes port it comes with shadily can only play about half your titles(at least 1/2 of what I have tested so far which is about 8 games). Its nice to have but it will make you wish it played like the original retro duo.(only issue I had with 75 nes games was battletoads crash 2nd level and paperboy can't play cause can't register 1st players controls.) want dragon warrior Nope can't have it. want castlevania 3 again nope. Retrobit got lazy on the Retroport with this system. Maybe the snes version they did is better. Can't tell till someone tests paperboy, battletoads after 2nd level, castlevania 3,Dragon warrior, Afterburner, Rad Racer II on the RetroPort for the snes. The one that comes with the system does not allow you to put it in any snes devices other than Retroduo portable.

Speakers suck, get headphones plug them in.

features : allows any snes controllers / accessories
Neglected features: no nes controller port for nes games accessories, no genesis controller port for genesis games accessories.

Recommend getting retrogen addon, compatibility is amazing with the two devices
can play sonic 3 & knuckles on game genie enough said.

Screen colors badish(depends on game and retrogen addon less noticable but retroport its very noticeable with), size bigger than competitors though.Snes games for the most part are ok for display.
has controls for contrast.

AV out have not tried yet.

built in controller sucks, luckly comes with 2 snes clone controllers that kick snes controllers off their high horses.
multitap works also with it.

over all:
good snes clone
meh nes clone
with retrogen add-on amazing genesis clone
really bad speakers
meh screen
built-in controller sucks
2 other controllers, amazing
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on June 28, 2012
Okay... I;m here to give you the scoop upon both system and tell you which one I prefer over what. it should help those upon what system to buy so I'll go through the basics like in my Supaboy Review [...]

The Units: You can see my Review of the unit itself at the link but I'm going to compare each one instead of telling you about each one. Much like the Supaboy, the Retro Duo Portable was nice and sturdy and was a lot smaller and easier to hold so point for the Retro Duo Portable for that. The AC adapter off the top of my head I cannot remember where it goes since I sent my unit back but I didn't think it was that much of a problem. The D-Pad AND button on the Retro Duo Portable are both terrible. The D-Pad is slightly worse in my opinion on the RDP because I found mine to be very lose and had that feeling that my thumb would slip off. The Buttons are FAR to spaced apart so good luck playing Mega Man X because the Y and the A button are like 9 years apart from each other. As for the battery life the RDP gets about 8 hours compared to the Supaboy with only about 3 so point again for RDP for longer battery life.

Verdict: While the RDP may have longer life and an easier to hold surface, it's button layout makes the unit unsatisfying to use for long periods of time not to mention the D-Pad as well. Supaboy has much better buttons and a D-Pad that becomes better after a long use.

The Games: I had no trouble with any games on the systems however I ran into the same problem on the Supaboy. Super Mario RPG claimed to work but didn't. HOWEVER, I found a HUGE solution and something to try for people who are having trouble with running Super Mario RPG. Basically (I found the best way to do this is with Mega Man X but any game would work fine I just use Mega Man X for this trick.) take Super Mario RPG and put it in the Supaboy and you'll probably get a black screen as I do 90% of the time. Take Super Mario RPG out and then put in Mega Man X (Or whatever game you're using.) and make sure it loads properly. As long as you can see that it's working turn it off and take the game out and then make sure your next game is Super Mario RPG and bam. Super Mario RPG (At least for me) works almost every time. Now the Retro Duo has 2 ways to play games as such you can play NES games as well. I found the NES games to work fine on the unit however I didn't get to play very many of them and why is that? Because after about 8 or so game swaps the pin connecter in the adapter BENT INSIDE the unit and I was unable to put ANY game in so the adapter just broke on very little use.

Verdict: Both units have no trouble playing either games and i'm not going to count the NES side of the RDP so. Both win.

The Performance: The sound on both systems were fine for the most part however the RDP had more trouble playing some music. An easy way to test which system can handle more advanced music is U.N. Squadron. U.N. Squadron had some of the most advanced music of the time and it's an easy way to tell if your unit can handle it's superior sounds. Supaboy was able to run the music at a slightly screechy-scratchy sounds but overall it was bearable. The RDP BUTCHERED the music to no end and you HAD to play with the sound OFF. The picture quality of the RDP is slightly lacking as well compared to the Supaboy. The Supaboy is bright and colorful as for the RDP seems a little washed out and kind of blah. But I'm not done with the RDP yet. My unit eventually kept becoming more and more and more screechy-scratchy and some games that sounded fine started getting that. It became progressively worse with each game to the point where every time Mario JUMPED in Super Mario World gave off a horrible screech. So I'm not if my unit was defective or what but the speakers shot themselves with my unit.

Verdict: Supaboy's sounds and picture quality is far superior to the RDP.

The Uses: The RDP can do everything I mentioned in the Supaboy so there really isn't much to say however... The RDP is superior in one more way. The RDP comes with an adapter that you can put controllers into AND you can play with a controller in the first port in portable mode where as with the Supaboy you can't. You have to use the Supaboy's buttons all the time for player 1 however there's always that time where I don't feel like turning on my TV and I just want to prop up my unit and play and you CAN do that with the RDP.

Verdict: Both can do what I want them to do but the RDP can do that one extra thing that would of been really nice to have.

Final Verdict: My RDP was okay for the most part but it's performance issues and bad sound made the Supaboy all the better to have. Like I said, I could of got a defective unit but I just was not satisfied with my RDP at all. But there were some pluses to the RDP such as the controllers it came with. I never did mention the controller, but the Retro Duo Portable's controller were FANTASTIC and as close to a real SNES controller as could be. However the smaller things can't save it from me saying,

I choose the Supaboy over the Retro Duo Portable for my SNES experience.

Hope this review helps those who are in need of another opinion on both systems.
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on October 23, 2015
As soon as i received it; i place it to charge...once charged i placed an old SNES game in it and turned it on...i was playing my old mortal kombat game again after so many years sitting in storage...The sound is not very great so i connected my headphones to it...sounds ok besides listening also to some static/feedback but the game played great. At first nothing happened the first time i inserted the game but after trying it the second time...the game played fine...

Week 2 update: After using it for almost 2 weeks I troubleshooted some issues and resolved them...first of all if it does not play your game; take out the game cartridge and again insert it but gently and not all the way in....I had some issues where the game would not play but only after re-inserting the game gently and kinda halfway now works...I had problems with some games but now that i do the same thing with cartridges; they all work great...i am a big fan of Donkey King Country 2 and it plays great!!!!
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on November 23, 2012
This is the best clone system out there! And it's portable!

- Directional buttons do not work very well on the system and the actual buttons are a little far apart for no particular reason. But they do come with clone controllers... Clone controllers are pretty damn good, but the directional buttons are far from perfect... HOWEVER, you can plug actual SNES controllers into the system, to make it feel exactly like a portable SNES.

- Battery life is around 8 hours, and only takes about 2 1/2 - 3 to charge up. This lasted me through most of the 10 day power outage of Hurricane Sandy.

- The NES adapter works almost is a bit bulky, but that adds to the awesomeness of the product. Retrobit also makes a very cheap Sega Genesis adapter called the RetroGEN Adapter, which works just as good as the NES adapter, but just remember, the buttons will be kinda weird.

- This works with the Super Everdrive and the PowerPak as well as Super Mario RPG (which the other systems do not)

- Stand is a bit flimsy and doesn't really stand on it's own, but you can DIY a little bit to make it more sturdy.

- You can plug the RDP into the television if you wanna use it as a home system, plugged in. Picture is very good!

- I've played the Supaboy and the FC-16 Go and this is the BEST portable system you will find with the longest battery life.
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on November 5, 2015
A little bulky, but what can you expect from a portable that plays Super Nintendo games? It works great with good picture and I love that when connected to a TV, it still plays on the littlescreen as well as the tv, great for others watching. And if you wanna know, the battery life is good too. Haven't tested it from full to dead but its long enough to make me happy!
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on March 16, 2016
I've had this thing for a few weeks now, and I'm really digging it. To be honest, I've mostly been playing NES games, via the adapter and EverDrive-N8 cart, but it's been playing those games really, really well.

I've seen a few complaints about how the D-pad works poorly. To be honest, I don't think it's the D-pad at all, but rather how the *games themselves* are programmed. The response is good (but not great) on the SNES version of Ms. Pac-Man, but it absolutely sucks on the SNES version of Mr. Do!. It's a bit touchy on the NES version of Legend of Zelda, but it's been perfect on the NES versions of Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong.

I also noticed some complaints about the NES cart adapter. Yeah, it's not the most...assuring thing in the world. There's no give-away *click* to let you know it's in, and it doesn't take a heck of a lot of force to remove it, but it WILL stay in there. I've loaded up the NES adapter with a cart and put it in the slot, and I've turned the RDP upside-down (mid-game, too!) and all worked well.

All in all, I really love this thing. RetroDuo Portable + EverDrive-N8 cart + Super EverDrive cart = every NES and SNES game you could possibly want without consoles and a butt-load of carts taking up space.
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on June 9, 2013
The RetroDuo Portable (RDP) is a handheld system that plays SNES games, or, with the help of adapters, NES and Genesis games. The box includes the RetroPORT NES Adapter, specifically redesigned for use with the RDP, along with two controllers, an adapter to connect the controllers to the device, an acrylic stand for when hooking it up to a tv, and an AV cord. The RetroGen Adapter can be purchased separately to play SEGA Genesis titles on your RDP. Take all your classic cartridges along with you and relive your memories on the go! A great buy for gamers of all ages!
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on October 27, 2015
Works perfectly.

Just to clear up some negative reviews I read before I purchased one:
Yes the power switch is on the side but I have absolutely no worry about turning it off while playing.
Battery life is great 8+ hours.
The volume out of the handheld is fine but it is better with a cheap pair of $5 ear buds.
There is absolutely no reason you should worry about "losing your save file" on RPG games like Super Mario World etc. The save file is on the cartridge not with your console.
The buttons have no lag time (haven't tried connecting the separate controllers for use on a TV though).
The screen on the handheld is awesome it rivals a top end phone screen.
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on July 7, 2014
-Long battery life.
-Plays most games and compatible with other adapters such as the Super Game Boy and RetroGen.
-HD compatible.
-Durable snap-on acrylic stand.
-Decent audio/video output.
-Screen is very easy to clean.

-Too much wiggle room in cartridge slot: Accidentally shaking the system results in automatic reset and loss of data (Most major flaw in the system). Issue is very common in 46 pin SNES games and can also affect NES games and 62 pin SNES games to some extent. A 46 to 62 pin adapter is needed in the future along with a narrower cartridge slot.
-Unoriginal hardware, which results in incompatibility with certain games, none of which I own. Look on Wikipedia or other websites for said incompatible games.
-Poorly designed system and adapters (Severity of issues may vary, but issues are ranked from highest to lowest):
-Controller Adapter has a fragile design and is only compatible with SNES input devices, rendering devices such as R.O.B., Zapper, Power Pad, Power Glove, and N.E.S. Advantage useless (2nd most major issue).
-RetroPort N.E.S. Adapter is too large and does not always make a tight fit with the system. Modification is needed in order to secure a tighter fit.
-The ystem is too large to hold in your hands, so it's better off as a stationary console.
-Stiff controls.
-Slight video issue: Flickers like an old television during start-up.
-Reset command should have its own button and "Contrast" should be renamed to brightness.
-Misleading LED: When battery is low, the LED remains green, but it flashes.
-Screws provided with stand serve no purpose. The stand has pegs that prevent them from being put in.
-Limited headphone compatibility: Certain versions of Earbuds manufactured by Apple may or may not work.
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on May 6, 2015
I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend. He loves it! It's great because now he can play all of his older games that he hasn't in a while. The only this is the way the adapter for the NES games fits. It's a little loose and jiggles out very easily. He mostly uses it and has tot hold it at an angle. The SNES games work great!
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