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on February 8, 2004
I purchased this exceptionally, well written, in-depth study further to my own research into anti-Semitism (hatred of the Jews) spanning many years.
Replete with specific references, the text of this work provides a compelling and deeply disturbing investigation as to how, virtually unnoticed by large elements of the International community, a lethal hatred of the Jews has once more come to the fore and depicts how it has been so influential in manipulating public attitudes through the media & also it's influence within political realms pertaining to circumstances in the International arena.
At the outset, the book declares that to anyone even modestly acquainted with current events, it is readily apparent that the Islamic World is today the epicentre of what is cited as a particularly virulent brand of anti-Semitic hatred.
The reader is shown how throughout the Islamic world, Israel has been allegedly transformed from a country into a malignant force, cited as embodying every possible negative attribute - aggressor, usurper, occupier, corrupter, infidel, murderer and barbarian, with the Israelis themselves being allegedly viewed as foot-soldiers of the same dark force instead of human beings, parents, students, civilians, women & children. The book demonstrating how this hatred depicts the Jews themselves as constituting what is described as the sinister force behind almost every significant event in the World.
Through a seemingly endless, inexhaustible supply of material, the historic and underlying causes of this irrational hatred are discussed. Individual readers must make up their own minds upon the many aspects of this investigation, some aspects of which may be seen as controversial by some. One issue examined is how Islamic anti-Semitism perhaps draws and meshes seamlessly with it's Christian and Nazi "cousins" in Europe where similar patterns of anti-Jewish hatred were practised, taught & richly developed for centuries in some areas of Europe.
Further discussed is how such teachings may have found an entrance corridor and a sympathetic audience amongst the Arab/Islamic world surrounding the re-birth of Israel in 1948. Nazism's ideology cited as having been defeated on the battlefield but the book showing how named Arab leaders had already been thoroughly steeped in it's doctrines and eager to embrace it's ideological package in relation to the Jews. The study declaring that the Arab world's hatred of the Jews now equals that of Nazi Germany at it's peak and discusses how that seldom will you find anyone opposing or discrediting anti-Semitism in the Islamic world or even amongst it's supporters.
References are also provided of the dissemination of hatred through official Arabic Government channels and publications where Jews are depicted as "apes and pigs" and the "worms of the entire World". In one example, tthe book illustrates how what are described as Iranian anti-Semitic propagandists, erase all distinctions among Israel, Zionism and the Jews. These sources cited as describing the State of Israel as being not merely Zionist but a "bunch of Jews" and that the ridding the World of this "bunch of Jews" is a prime Muslim obligation. Israel being further described by Iranian leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei as a "cancerous tumour that must be excised".
In relation to the Palestinian-Israeli issue, the reader is shown clearly that central to the signing of the Oslo Accords was an agreement to cease the propagation of hatred towards the Jews, but that the hate has instead been constant and unceasing through the official Palestinian media as well as the schools and the entire Palestinian education system where an implacable hatred of Israel & the Jews is shown to be included in many school books. Alongside this, the reader is shown how the doctrine of Holocaust denial has been ever present reality. Something which the book reveals to have been reinforced by the recent Palestinian Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, (cited as being portrayed by the West as a moderate & a suitable �peace partner' for Israel), who is shown to have written a doctorate on Holocaust denial & the alleged secret relationship between Nazism and Zionism.
The book illustrates whenever reference is made in the Islamic world to the Holocaust, it is nearly always in the context of the "final solution" not being final enough or that the Holocaust never occurred at all. The book, in no uncertain terms, declares that these passions in the Islamic World are not the end of the matter, with anti-Semitism also reawakening dramatically in Europe whilst also making unprecedented headway in the United States. Anti-Semitism cited as now finding ready acceptance on many college campuses and among the "opinion makers" of the media elite. Even a significant contingent of Jews are themselves shown to be promoting what are cited here as nakedly anti-Semitic ideas.
The book declares that it is foolish to dismiss the potential of this new anti-Semitism outlining that few observers comprehended the depth of Hitler's obsession with this hatred of the Jews until the World was confronted with a catastrophe of unprecedented dimensions. It being further illustrated that the modern day champions of this hatred either possess or are working assiduously to obtain weapons of mass destruction whilst simultaneously proclaiming their desire to murder Jews and destroy their State. Seldom has a book had such a profound effect upon me in recent years. Highly recommended. Five stars is not enough.
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on May 2, 2004
As explained in the editorial reviews, Gabriel Schoenfeld analyzes resurgent antisemitism and presents an interesting thesis about it.
THESIS part 1: As is well known, in the 19th century, European antisemitism underwent a radical shift, from a religious and economic basis to a racial and pseudo-scientific one. Conspiracy theories abounded. Schoenfeld argues that the new European antisemitism of the 19th century migrated to the Middle East and blended with pre-existing Judeophobia (which was not as virulent as the European variant). Compounded with the growing Palestine conflict and Arab frustration at losing out in the process of modernization, Arab peoples looked for a scapegoat. Here is where the imported European antisemitism comes in. Rather than blame themselves for falling behind the West in terms of economic and scientific progress, it was easier for Arab elites to blame "the Jews" or "the West" controlled by a Jewish conspiracy. Religious leaders and authoritarian political leaders (such as Nassar) resented that the Jews thrived in the West and that Israel became a successful, wealthy, democratic state while Arab states grew ever more poor.
THESIS part 2: The Muslim Middle East distilled racial and conspiracy theories and -- in the post-Holocaust world -- reimported them to Europe. Why do Europeans buy them? There are some radical right-wing antisemites left in Europe, and their nationalism and xenophobia merges with antisemitism. This is particularly true in eastern Europe, Germany, and England. *However*, more dangerous is the fact that antisemitism has found favor with many on the political Left. The generation of 1968 (anti-war demonstrators, envionmentalists, Greens, etc.) is now in power in Europe. Many of its members have not abandoned their anti-Americanism and excessive admiration for so-called Third World liberation movements, the PLO included. They distrust America; they resent America's support for Israel; they perceive Israel to be an apartheid state or genocidal regime; and they claim that American Jews control the policy of the US government. Anti-Zionism becomes antisemitism. Hatred of Israel and its policies translates into dislike of Jews in Europe. Another important factor is the very large Muslim population in contemporary Europe. Jews make up a minuscule percentage of Europe's population, but countries like France are 10% Muslim, and that percentage is increasing. That's a lot of voters in the future. For now, however, Muslim Europeans are disproportionately unemployed and resentful. Their frustration and anti-Israeli sentiment has led to numerous attacks on European Jews.
STRENGTH: Schoenfeld's catalogue of incidents is not exhaustive, but it is very thorough. Moreover, his thesis seems to be very compelling. That European antisemitism migrated to the Middle East, has returned, and mixed with preexisting attitudes on the far Right and not-so-far Left is certainly food for thought. This reader found his thesis quite convincing overall.
WEAKNESS: This reader, who is a professional academic, found Schoenfeld's documentation to be disappointing. An example: "in one recent novel, the antihero, a Jewish entrepreneur, is presented sipping champagne while contemplating a plan to take the blood and organs of healthy [Russians] and to sell them to medical centers in Israel" (p. 75). While this sentence is footnoted, the note refers to a report in which the novel is mentioned, not to the novel itself. I wanted to know the name of the novel and the author, not the name of some EU or WJC report on antisemitism. Unfortunately, the book is full of such citations. Often, one does not find the original item, but rather secondary literature about it. Schoenfeld has certainly done his research, but it seems that he has trolled Associate Press reports, newspaper articles, websites, and NGO reports rather than archives and academic sociological studies. This may not bother the casual reader, but an academic would demand more rigorous documentation. (Hence, only four stars.)
CAVEAT: Some readers will not agree with Schoenfeld's personal politics or views on the West Bank/Gaza question, but I think that one may overlook these aspects of his book and still learn a lot, regardless of one's political persuasion.
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HALL OF FAMEon January 22, 2004
This wonderful new book sheds light on the scourge of renewed anti-Semitism. The author looks at two main elements in the new rise of hatred that the world has not seen since the days of Nazi Germany. Focusing on the radical left and fundamentalist Islam the author clearly demonstrates this new alliance that holds hatred of Israel at its center but which publishes anti-Semitic literature and fans the flames of terror. Here the book examines the recent pogroms in France where religious Jews were assaulted whenever they ventured onto the street and Jewish centers were bombed, although not reported, this rise in evil is clearly shown to be the shame that now overhangs Europe.
The book draws two major reasons for the rise in anti-Semitism. First the author explores the Arab-Israeli conflict and shows how the catharsis of anti-Zionism has grown into full blown hatred through the government sponsored publication of Elders of Zion by many regimes such as Saudi and Egypt. Then the book looks at the fact that many leftist Europeans us Israel as an excuse to be anti-Semitic, in affect attacking the holocaust survivors so as to remove themselves from the shame of not preventing the Holocaust. This two pronged offensive is uncovered in this excellent book which rivals in its directness the `Never Again' work of Foxman. A must read for anyone interested in Intolerance, diversity, anti-Semitism, Islam or Israel.
Seth J. Frantzman
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on October 20, 2004
In the 1930s, antisemitism was a serious problem. It manifested itself in widespread defamation of Jews, attacks on European Jews in particular, a series of horrible anti-Jewish laws, and an environment in which the combination of attacks on Jews and anti-Jewish propaganda caused Jews in general to become increasingly despised. So despised that it was possible to murder millions of them in World War 2.

That is not exactly what is happening today. For the most part, Jews are faring well, and very few have been murdered. But anti-Jewish propaganda (much of it "antizionist") is widespread, especially in the Arab world. This book describes where things stand, and it notes the intensity of anti-Jewish propaganda in the Arab world, clearly showing that "the parallels between Nazism and the current Arab-Muslim brand of anti-Semitism are striking." It also shows how Arabs are training many of their children to be antisemites.

A chapter on Europe shows a striking correlation between Arab attacks on Israelis and local attacks on European Jews. I hadn't realized the extent to which terrorist attacks inspire violence elsewhere, but the author also explained that "the September 11 terrorist attack on America led to a sharp increase in European violence against Jews," with dramatically increased incidents of violence in England and France in the months of September and October, 2001.

The author says that antisemitism is a grossly delusional view of the world and its implications continue to reach far beyond the fate of the Jews. I agree, and that's a reason I think this book is important for everyone.
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on January 16, 2004
This is an extraordinary book; I couldn't put it down, and when I finished it, I was filled with despair about the direction of events. The book clearly shows that the menace of anti-Semitism is becoming ever more deadly and pervasive. I haven't seen any reviews yet, but I suspect it will be the focus of much attention; among other things, the author pulls no punches in discussing the purveyors of the new anti-Semitism, including various leftwing Jews, many of them tenured academics. The picture painted here--meticulously documented and written in a voice of urgency--is alarming in the extreme. It is certainly easy to see why Elie Wiesel wrote a blurb calling this book "necessary" reading.
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HALL OF FAMEon May 23, 2008
Schoenfeld investigates the resurgence of the ancient hatred by surveying its latest sources, carriers and ways of dissemination. Identifying the Islamic world as one of the largest hosts today, he uncovers its ancient roots in that culture, looks at the reasons why a particularly malignant strain is flourishing there and how it is being transmitted to Europe and the Americas. Unfortunately a European native variety is on the rise as well whilst some or other mutation has taken root on college campuses in the USA. A complex pathogen, antisemitism's latest manifestation is composed of many strains, ancient and modern, religious and racialist, rightwing and leftist. Like Phyllis Chesler in The New Anti-Semitism and Bernard Harrison in The Resurgence of Anti-Semitism, the author argues that today the greatest danger comes from the left, from a tradition rooted in the Enlightenment.

In the Middle East where the plague is driven by state-sanctioned media, it is a blend of the indigenous with a variety imported from Europe. And it has spread beyond that region throughout the Islamic sphere to places like Malaysia. Most noteworthy about this type is the blatant lack of distinction between antisemitism and anti-Zionism. Schoenfeld provides many examples from countries like Egypt, Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia and the Palestinian Authority. Further evidence is available in Peace: The Arabian Caricature of Anti-Semitic Imagery by Arieh Stav. Holocaust denial is rife and the infamous forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion is popular throughout the region. From there, it is exported by oil-rich states to the Muslim communities in Europe. In both the Islamic and Western worlds the virus is propagated by the intelligentsia, mainly those in government, the media, the academic community and religious structures, but in the Arab world it has captivated all levels of the population.

In the West a significant shift has taken place, so that the phenomenon is now widespread on the Left amongst antiglobalists, environmentalists, anarchists, feminists and churches of that ideology, although it still exists on the far right too. In fact, a three-way diabolical convergence is taking place in an unholy alliance between Leftists and Islamists, and where the Far Left and the Far Right meet. Even more alarming is its prevalence in liberal circles where intellectuals are responsible for saturating media like the New York Times, LA Times, BBC, The New Statesman, The Guardian and The Independent with anti-Israel tropes equating Zionism with racism, colonialism & imperialism. These people of course indignantly deny that they are antisemitic. The liberal Abraham Foxman who in Never Again? underestimates the threat from this side, considers 1998 the year of the plague's rebirth. But William Nicholls recognized the danger long ago, identifying anti-Zionism as the typical expression of the new antisemitism in his 1993 book Christian Antisemitism.

The disease first emerges as enmity to Israel, then the haters start targeting Jewish organizations and individuals with an arsenal of smears and insinuations. These include ascribing vast and sinister influence to them and questioning their allegiance to the country in question. The aforementioned British media are notorious for their bias and dishonest reporting on the ME conflict, as Robin Aitken reveals so well in Can We Trust the BBC? In the UK, some prominent personalities include the author AN Wilson and a clique of Anglican clergy with ties to the Sabeel Ecumenical Centre, whilst the USA is afflicted by the famous Pol Pot fan Noam Chomsky, academics like Walt & Mearsheimer and Jimmy Carter. Most of these enemies of Israel exhibit a peculiar sanctimony and a distorted morality characterized by extreme selectivity, arbitrariness and immunity to facts. Futile as it may seem, on behalf of those not yet infected it is important to reiterate facts like: 20% of Israeli citizens are Arabs who are represented by 3 parties in the Knesset, Jewish Israelis are composed of all races including Asians and Africans and that those who flee the horror in Darfur find refuge in Israel.

Mutual hatred serves as a strong attractor. As if the aforementioned foes weren't a strange lot, the obsession is also shared by large numbers of nutcase conspiracy theorists and religious cults that deny the Hebrew descent of the Jewish people, claiming that European nations are the true children of Israel. Genetic and DNA evidence has finally disproved the claim of the descent of Europeans from the so-called lost ten tribes. What bizarre bedfellows these cults make with the liberal protestant denominations that display the same hostility in their divestment drives! And with those theologians trying to revive replacement theology who are so brilliantly exposed by Barry Horner in Future Israel: Why Christian Anti-Judaism Must Be Challenged. The intention is always to undermine the legitimacy of the State of Israel as well as Jewish history, especially the Jewish connection to the land and the Temple Mount.

Schoenfeld's book is short compared to the aforementioned works of Chesler, Foxman and Harrison, but he makes the case very well with compelling arguments in words of great impact. The book includes bibliographic notes and concludes with an index. The most illuminating work on the causes of the phenomenon is Why the Jews? by Dennis Prager & Joseph Telushkin which considers all aspects, including the spiritual. Antisemitism never remains just a Jewish problem; it inevitably brings terrible suffering to all societies under its spell. But there are effective ways of counteracting it. Yoram Hazony's book The Dawn: Political Teachings of the Book of Esther, draws on ancient wisdom which reveals ways of destroying it.
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on May 15, 2008
In this highly informative and fascinating book, Gabriel Schoenfeld traces the various currents that have led to the endemic proportions of neo-Anti-Semitism today in the form of an implacable and bottomless Israel-hatred, that is endemic in the world today.
He points out that the most likely place to find anti-Semitism in Western countries is among the elite opinion-makers among academia, the arts and the media. The author also points out that paradoxically, because Jews are so heavily overepresented in the Left, one finds a large contingent of Jews who themselves are nakedly anti-Semitic/violently anti-Israel.
The second chapter of the book is about the Islamic strain of anti-Semitism, traces this phenomenon form Malaysia and Pakistan to Iran and the Arab world.
The Tehran times of 2001, in a dispatch typical of thousands reported "There is no documentary evidence for the gassing of even one human being in a German camp".
In the words of an Iranian government official " As long as Israel is not burned and wholly destroyed peace and tranquility will never prevail in the region".
Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah ali Khamenei 'Israel is a cancerous tumour" that must be excised.
Now you ask yourself who are the aggressors in this conflict?
According to the regular columnist of the popular Egyptian government-sponsored daily Al Akhbar, Fatma Abdallah Mahmoud: " With regard to the fraud of the Holocaust...many French studies have proven that this is no more than a fabrication, a lie and a fraud!! That is, it is a scenario, the plot of which was carefully tailored, using several faked photos completely unconnected to the truth. Yes, it is a film, no more and no less. Hitler himself, who they accuse of Nazism, is in my eyes no more than a modest "pupil" in the world of murder and bloodshed. He is completely innocent of the charges of frying them in the hell of this false Holocaust!!""...
"But I, personally, and in the light of this imaginary tale, complain to Hitler, even saying to him from the bottom of my heart, "If only if you had done it, brother, if only it had really happened., so that the world could sigh in relief without their evil and sin".
Or the vitriolic Ahmad Ragab in Al Akhbar: "Jews are the most vile criminals on the face of the earth. Let us give thanks to Hitler of blessed memory for taking revenge against the Jews, although Muslims do have a complaint against him (Hitler) that his revenge was not enough."
Schoenfeld highlights the reason for the venomous and obsessive Arab hatred of Israel, including envy of Israel's economic success, resentment that Jews who have always suffered from a 'dhimmi' status- "The Jews are our dogs"- have established equality for themselves through sovereignty, fear by despotic Arab rulers that the equality and democracy in Israel will be demanded by their own subjects and rage at the military defeats suffered by the despised Jews whenever Israel has defended herself, starting with the "Nakba" suffered by the combined invading forces of Egypt, Iraq, Syria and Jordan at the hands of the less well armed and heavily outnumbered Jews in 1948.

The author also deals with the glorification of murder in Palestinian culture such as the popular display in a museum in the West Bank city of Nablus celebrating and recreating the Arab homicide bombing of the Sbarro pizza family restaurant in which fifteen Israelis died (including women and children) and dozens more injured. The display was complete with fake body parts and pizza piece strewn all over, and thoroughly enjoyed by thousands of Palestinian visitors.

He points out the central difference between the Nazis and the Palestinians (aside from capability) is that the Nazis kept their extermination of Jews a closely guarded secret. They never chose to advertise their mass murder of men , women ands children. By contrast the Palestinians trumpet their murderous intentions on airwaves, in the classroom and in the street and have massive celebration celebrating their successes in killing Jews, especially children.

But outside the Islamic world the anchor of anti-Semitism today is on the Left and is no less vicious and unrelenting than the Muslim variety (the two are closely aligned).
After a year of massive terrorist attacks in Israel mainly on women and children by the Palestinian terror groups, culminating in the massacre at Netanya at a passover Seder which killed 29 Israeli civilians, Israel retaliated by mounting an operation to destroy bomb factories, arrest the masterminds of the attacks and seize illegal weapons from the terrorists.

This led to massive attacks across Europe on Jews, and a massive media and academic blitz against Israel's existence.

Israeli books have been banned from Oxford university bookstores and Israeli academics banned from universities across the world. No other country has been singled out like this, including those with far worse human rights than Israel. Of course the Satanic comparison of Israelis to the Nazis is the staple of the Leftist academic and media propaganda.
Schoenberg warns that such violent propaganda, if not stopped, could easily lead to genocide as Nazi propaganda led to the Holocaust.
At "anti-war" and anti-Israel demonstrations across American universities Jewish students have been spat on and physically assaulted and slogans chanted calling for the killing Of Israel and physical destruction of Israel chanted as well as other claiming "Hitler did not finish the job".
The International Solidarity Movement, a Marxist and anarchist group that bring student and youth from Western countries to Israel to help Arab terrorists attack Jewish targets, has praised "armed struggle" and described Israeli children as "fair game" for murder.
The author provides some revealing material against violent Israel-haters of Jewish birth on the Left, such as Norman Finkelstein who has praised Hezbullah and Hamas "resistance", and Tony Judt who has called for an end to their state of Israel as it is an embarrassment to diaspora Jews, knowing full well that this would mean the physical elimination of five million Jews.
The bottom line pointed out by the author is this "Israel a democratic country victimized by terrorism is singled out from all the nations of the world, many of them viciously oppressive tyrannies and accused of terrorism. The Jews having suffered the most determined and thoroughgoing genocide in history are accused of perpetrating genocide. The language in which such accusation are leveled is extravagantly hateful, drawn from the vocabulary of World War II and the Holocaust but grotesquely inverted with the Jews portrayed as Nazis and their Arab tormentors cast in the role of helpless Jews. Anti-Semitism is the only word for an anti-Zionism so one sided, so eager to indict Israel while exculpating those bent on Israel's destruction, so adroit in the use of moral double standards, so quick to issue false and baseless charges, and so disposed to paint Israelis and Jews as evil incarnate".
This book is fascinating and illuminating but it is also harrowing and disturbing to read of the depth and venom of the hatred for Israelis and Jews, by both the Muslims and the International Left.
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on May 30, 2004
It is a human trait that we do not notice trends and movements until AFTER they have arrived. How else to explain the refusal of Jews to leave Germany before WWII or currently, the blindness in regard to the growing anti-Semitism we see everywhere around us?
Anti-Semitism has migrated from Christianity and settled in with Islam and the Left. At one time no respectable person would dare claim to be anti-semitic - it was only the uneducated, the ignorant, the fools. As noted by the author, suddenly it's in to be prejudiced and strangely intellectuals are leading the charge - from European capitals to college campuses. While some of this, the author notes, started as anti-Israeli feelings it has quickly evolved into an anti-Jewish message that is barely concerned with providing intellectual cover. And it brings nary a protest!
General Zinni was interviewed and named those responsibile for the Iraq mess. His answer was telling - he named five Jews in the administration - not the VP, not Bush, not Rice or Rumsfeld. No, five Jews. When this was pointed out he stated that he did not know the faith of the five, sopmething so hard to believe as to be dismissed out of hand. The real story is that he sought to blame Jews for our troubles (shades of the Black Plague) and nearly got away with it. Not suprisingly he is pro-Arab. This was followed by dottering Sen Hollings who woke up to blame the war on "Jewish interests" then said he was not blaming the Jews - Go figure.
The book does not answer the psychological or emotional reasons for this trend perhaps because there is no answer for irrational thinking. The answer is found in ideology. The European (and increasingly American) Left supports the Arab cause in the ongoing Middle East battle. The question of WHy an intellectual would choose religious fundamentalists, thugs and terrorists over a Western-oriented society that allows dissent is a question that must be answered in another book.
But the fact remains, as the author notes, that anti-Semitism is a function of most Arab governments and this brainwashing has spilled over to its inhabitants who regularly march in protest - not for political, economic or religious freedom. No, crowds proclaim their hatred of Jews and their fervent wish to exterminate them.
The book is well-documented but given Zinni, Hollings, NPR, the Cairo Times and the hate spewing from Damascus, Pakistan and Iran and the voice of terrorists murdering "Jews" on film, exactly, uh, how detailed must one get? This is an important book that should be updated frequently with the latest signs of this most disturbing of trends.
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on January 2, 2004
This book is a fantastic read. Full of interesting and, terribly, true details, Gabriel Schoenfeld describes the world in a new way. I would really reccomend it to you!
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HALL OF FAMEon June 27, 2005
This book was published in October 2003, and this review is being written in late June 2005. This is important because even though the fundamental picture of Anti- Semitism in the Islamic world, in Europe, and to a lesser degree, the United States is valid there is an element of Schoenfeld's analysis that has already failed to pass the test of time. When he wrote the work there was a great deal of hope that the US effort in Iraq would effect a fundamental transformation throughout the Middle East, toward Democratization, and with this reduction in Terror, and even reduction in anti- Semitism.

But as it appears now the situation in Iraq is a quagmire. Defense Minister Rumsfeld said a few days ago that the Iraqis would have to win it ' by themselves' indicating that the US might leave fairly soon , and with it leave a big mess. This summer there is also planned the Israeli disengagement from Gaza which is being interpreted by all Palestinian groups, and especially the Terror groups as a victory for violence.

In other words the reduction of anti- Semitism hoped for by Schoenfeld in this book does not seem on the way. In opposite the election of a hardliner President in Iran earlier this week, who referred to Israel as an ' illegimate state' only underlines how strong Anti- Semitism in the form of Anti- Zionism is in the

Islamic world.

And here one warning made by Schoenfeld is extremely timely. He shows how many Jewish leaders, including Louis Marshall believed that the Nazis were just a bluff, and would go away of themselves. It seems to me that anyone who thinks a bit about Jewish history should understand that the fundamentalist terrorists who are threatening destructive action to Israel are not just going to go away. It is extremely alarming that when a month ago the leading Islamic clergyman connected with the Palestinian Authority called for ' the genocide' of all the Jews in the world , no one paid attention. There was no outcry. Israel did not even attempt to intervene.

Schoenfeld outlines a situation of increasing danger for the Jews through the actions of anti- Semitism. Since he wrote the book the dangers have only increased. And here I would point out that the greatest dangers are what might be called ' state- anti- Semitism', and especially the state Anti-Semitism, of Iran, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the Palestinian Authority.

The return and intensification of the one world's oldest ' social diseases' ought to be I want to suggest a source of worry not only for Jews, but for all those who care for human dignity and freedom.

For if the Islamic world succeeds in its goal of destroying the Jewish state this will not simply mean the end of one small democracy in the Middle East. It will be a signal that Terror and Totalitarian violence are on their way to taking over the world.
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