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on March 13, 2010
I just received this film yesterday and i have to say that this film is incredible. From the director of the 36th chamber of shaolin now returns with the sequal. The story however does not follow up from the original 36th chamber, but it has a unique twist to it that changes the whole tone from the original film. It is more of a comedic role that director Liu Chia Liang put forth into this film, but keeps it fundamental to the heart of the film and that's staying true to the martial arts direction.

The film opens up with workers receiving less compensation for there hard work, Gordon Lui; the star of the film, plays a con man trying to convince the corruptors that he will threaten them with his so called kung fu if they dont pay the workers higher wages. when the vilians came to the conclusion that it was obvious that he did'nt have any skills in martial arts, they move in on him and contineud with giving workers less pay. The workers try to pressure Gordon Lui's character to learn kung fu at the shaolin temple. But the problem was he had to manage to get in, and it was'nt easy and it was quite funny. When he finally made it in, San Te the orignial shaolin priest gave him a chance to learn kung fu, but it came with a price. He must build a scaffold for the temple. After three years, he finally build the scaffold, but San Te told him to leave, leaving Gordon Lui's character in confusion. He later learn that scaffolding was his new kung fu, and he was set to save the workers and help them to receive more compensation.

I can tell in conclusion that the director wanted to go into a different tone with this sequal, and i belived that it mixed pretty well. The fight scenes were unique, in which Gordon Lui had to perform some incredible tricks with bamboo's and twine, which left me speachless. I have to also give the picture quality an A+. Celestial/Dragon Dynasty holds the rights of the original shaw brothers titles giving the consumer a top of the line print from the original master. I feel that it is very important for the consumer to undertand the difference between bootleg and legitmate realeases. I have to say that this realease is legit. The only fault i have with this release is that it does'nt have any special features leaving it with a gap, but overall it is a great film. I highly reconmend you purchase this copy.
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on July 28, 2011
I am a big fan of Shaw Brother movies, and I saw the first and third versions of the 36th Chambers movies. The first one stars Gordon Liu as San Te, who runs away and joins the Shaolin Temple. He is at first rejected but overcomes the obstacles before him through hard work, patience, determination, and diligence, winning admirers within the temple until he earns his own chamber... The 36th Chamber.

The third movie in the 36 Chamber series stars Gordon Liu in a supporting role next to Hsiao Hou who plays Fong Sai Yuk. In both of these actors' extremely capable hands, Disciples of the 36th Chambers doesn't disappoint. The martial arts is great. Disciples of the 36th Chamber is also the last movie Lau Kar Leung directed through Shaw Brothers.

Comparatively, Return to the 36th Chamber is a TERRIBLE movie. In fact, it is probably the worst movie Lau Kar Leung ever made. For one, the movie doesnt' have a lot of fighting. Mostly actors like Gordon Liu (pretending to be monk San Te) getting beat up along side Hsiao Hou (dressed in disguise as a defenseless factory worker with bad teeth and skin). The worst part is that Hsiao Hou didn't get to display any of his acrobatic skills or kung fu in the movie and Gordon Liu didn't do any "real" fighting until the last five or ten minutes of the movie. Kara Hui was in it and she also did nothing. It was a big fat waste of time and I was so disappointed, I only needed to watch it once, unlike the other movies where I watch them over and over again.

Gordon Liu plays a loser con man who can't get his lies straight, even after he is accepted into the Temple as a pupil of San Te (PLAYED BY ANOTHER ACTOR!!! luckily for him, the actor did a good job but still, he was NOT Gordon Liu in his most famous role). In this movie, Liu learns something called Scaffolding Kung Fu... that's right. Scaffolding. SIGH.

If you like the 36th Chamber movies, watch the original or Disciples of the 36th Chamber (the latter is my favorite out of the series). Master Killer aka 36 Chambers is heralded as the best kung fu movie in history (though in my opinion, 8 Pole Diaphram, also starring Gordon Liu, is a much better movie).
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on August 22, 2012
As a martial artist with 30-years of experience and a true martial arts movies fanatic I will say that Return to the 36th Chamber is one of my all time favorite movies with the superb Gordon Liu(Lar Kar Fai)and a group of talented martial artists. It is extremely entertaining and wonderfully done. If you are into the genre and haven't seen this one make it a mission to get it. Gordon Liu is first class and possesses true screen chrisma. Take a look for yourself.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon July 5, 2010
RETURN TO THE 36TH CHAMBER isn't quite in the legendary classic status that THE 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN falls into, but it's close and I find myself liking it just as much as the original film. Lau Kar-Leung (a.k.a. Chia-Liang Liu) directs again; Gordon Liu stars again. Except, in an inspired twist, Gordon Liu plays a fast-talking con artist who masquerades as the mighty Shaolin monk San Te, the character Liu played in THE 36TH CHAMBER OF SHAOLIN. The fights are absolutely fantastic, the Shaolin training is just as rigorous, and yet this 1980 sequel comes with a more lighthearted flavor. The balance works.

"Where is your unbeatable skill, monk?" is the taunt that would haunt Chou Jen-chieh. When dastardly Manchurians bully the poor laborers of the local fabric dye mill and lower their pay, Chou Jen-chieh (Liu) passes himself off as the monk San Te to intimidate the Manchurians into backing off. What follows is some laugh-out-loud moments as "San Te," thanks to some timely assists from the factory workers, demonstrates his peerless kung fu prowess to the Manchurians. Except that the deception is penetrated, and the factory workers and Chou Jen-chieh, who in reality is quite inept with martial arts, are soundly, painfully trounced into submission. The Manchurian goons sneer at Chu Jen-chieh: "Where is your unbeatable skill, monk?"

What does a humiliated Chou Jen-chieh do? He hies himself to the Shaolin temple to learn real kung fu. Except it's not that easy. First, one must prove worthy to be a Shaolin monk. And, in this instance, a con man's glibness is not an asset. It's great fun watching Chou Jen-chieh try to sneak and trick and bluff his way into the monks' good graces. He's not fooling anyone.

The real San Te, the abbot of the 36th Chamber, shows up in this movie, and it doesn't matter that an actor other than Gordon Liu is playing him. He's still a great character and he channels Mr. Miyagi in this picture. He takes pity on the con man, or maybe he sees something in him. But he allows Chou Jen-chieh to stay, tasking him with various menial challenges (washing his fake hair over a well, constructing bamboo scaffolding for the temple's upcoming renovation), with the promise of kung fu training implicit upon completion of these tasks. This is the middle act of the film, and it constitutes an exercise in fabulous slapstick as the undaunted Chou Jen-chieh, comically fumbling and bumbling, mimics shaolin moves during the monks' training sessions. When the scaffolding project is completed years later, the abbot expels a frustrated Chou Jen-chieh. Jen-chieh comes home, regarding himself as an abject failure.

But, somehow, during his time of servitude in the 36th Chamber, Chou Jen-chieh had unwittingly developed his own unique style of kung-fu, something he later calls scaffolding kung fu, and he applies his new style in exacting revenge on the evil Manchurians. The film's last half hour provides some truly electrifying fight scenes. And Gordon Liu, unveiling unexpected comic timing and a sense of gleeful abandon, has never been more charming and infectious. RETURN TO THE 36TH CHAMBER is a really fun movie with flawless, innovative kung fu and great laughs. And, by great laughs, I'm not including that one guy with the exaggerated buck teeth a badger would die for.
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on June 28, 2012
Yes, this movie is a comedy. And yes, it takes until midway through the movie, just like the original 36th Chamber when he shows up at Shaolin, but you get the same fantastic movie. Although Gordon acts alittle more comical in this loose sequel, he is still a trouble maker at Shaolin, just more comical in his training.
But, the end, is, well..... Awesome. You get 15 minutes of fighting.Johnny Wang is great. He is the perfect opposite to Gordon. They each bring out the best in each other. Gordon can'not shine as well without Johnny and Johnny looks his best as a villan with Gordon.
The copy by Dragon Dynasty is great. You get a clean copy, the best without blu-ray and it is glorious Mandarin with English subtitles. In 2:35 or 2:40 it is beautifully letterboxed and the sound is nice. Definitely in the top 5 Gordon movies, which means, in the top 5 best ever Shaw Brothers movies. Heroes of the East, 36th Chamber of Shaolin, 8 Diagram Pole Fighter, Shaoin vs. Wu Tang and Return to the 36th Chamber ( IN THAT ORDER1111)
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on March 15, 2014
I'm very thankful & grateful for the expedient service of the seller. The DVD was in excellent shape, brand new in fact! As for the movie itself, it was an interesting premise. Although technically a sequel, it has nothing to do with the first movie. Gordon Liu's character, although ventures toward the famed Shaolin Temple as in the first one, is completely different from the previous movie. His character of "Chou Ju Chieh", or "Ah Chieh" for short, is a sniveling con- man! Compared to the more stoic and braver "San Te" character from the first installment. I highly recommend it!
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on May 7, 2014
If you like Kung-Fu Movies, you are sure to love this second edition of the 36th chamber series. Things are a little different in all of the movies in the series, but it is filled up with the standards of excellence in showing some fighting styles and training techniques as well as the envisioned lifestyle that comes with it ... like I said - If you like Kung-Fu, this is for you !
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on January 26, 2015
The product came in great condition as for the film itself I urge martial arts fans to buy this film. This film may well be one of the best martial arts films of all time let alone best Shaw brothers film. The story is well thought out but what stands out is the content of action this film delivers. A great insight into the world of shaolin kung fu.
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on December 1, 2014
The original 36th Chamber is a brilliant film. This one is campy and although fun, lacks a lot of the intrigue of the first film - replaced by a lot of comedy. The ending 15 minute fight choreography made up for it though - but be warned this is definitely not as good as the first film.
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on June 11, 2012
I am a kung fu fan and enjoyed the movie. However, when compared to the 36th chamber of Shaolin, which sets the bar for measuring this movie and another one in the series it comes out mildly entertaining. I would still recommend it for purchase, but only for the most devoted kung fu fans.
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