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Revan's continued story and the Emperor's identity

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Initial post: Aug 6, 2011 1:24:26 AM PDT
George Neuro says:
The story surrounding the emperor of the Sith is very... vague. We know that it's quite possible Revan and Malik met this emperor- or atleast very highly plausible that they visited the Sith empire and then returned from unkown space.

Revan knowing that such a great danger existed shifted his motives from saving the republic from the mandalorians to conquering the republic in part to save it. To fortifty the republic under a more authoritative form of government, possible his own empire.

Or so that's what I gathered. Now apparently this emperor was the very same that led them to their new world from their battle with the Jedi. Using arcane rituals to keep him alive for all that time.

anyway- my connection I want to make is that the emperor of the sith that invaded the republic 300 years after revan goes back into unkown regions... is not the original Emperor but Revan.

It's just as out there as the emperor being, the original, who led the fallen sith to their homeworld to begin with.

The two reasons I say this may be true is because, there's so little information about the emperor. It could just be as easily, an unkown figure we haven't met yet, but if it's the case of, "A story yet to be fleshed out," You'd think we'd atleast have a name. But we don't even have that- just that he's male.

So my thinking is Revan goes back and takes his place for whatever reason.

The second reason is that- once the Sith make the single greatest advancement on the republic in galactic history- the emperor walks away; leaving everything to the Dark Council. When has a Sith ever walked away from power?

I'm not filling in the details by any means, but it's plausible. I almost wished they wouldnt have finished Revans story, as I think the mystery for his character would've been better. IMO he's probably the best character in the EU, grand admiral thrawn being a distant second.

Any thoughts? I was also wondering what other people who are fans like about the character Revan? Please share

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Last edited by the author on Aug 6, 2011 6:47:01 AM PDT
Rykn says:
There is another possibility just a formidable as yours (possible spoilers depending on how you look at it. It's not bad and it's slated as common information that the devs gave out but if it's not your thing look away) and this one comes from what we know about from Star Wars: The Old Republic.

You see in the game there is a Flashpoint (Instance) around level 30 I think for the republic, Called Taral V (The Developer walkthrough video is here: [Am I allowed to link to sites if it's relevant? ... guess I'll find out]) Anyway it is learned through a female human force ghost that there is a Jedi who has been imprisoned for fighting the empire for about 300 years and you with your group are tasked to try and rescue him.

Now from that people have speculated that the female force ghost is the Jedi Exile from KOTOR 2 informing us about Revan who after disappearing to fight the empire all those years ago has been captured and imprisoned cause lets be honest no matter how OP the emperor is, Revan triples that. The best they could even hope to do is build a giant prison all for him :D. It is confirmed Revan's presence WILL be in the game somehow in some way but in truth it's all speculation and we truly won't know anything until either the book or the game comes out (hopefully in that order).

I am excited for this book and while I would have preferred another KOTOR game to find out what happened to Revan, This great desire has been festering ever since I beat KOTOR 2 and a book will sate it just fine. Also Revan x Bastila I need to know how all that works out. *prays*

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 6, 2011 6:20:25 PM PDT
George Neuro says:
I haven't really followed the KotoR mmo, but after seeing this I think you guys are dead on. It's def a much more concrete answer to what had happened to Revan. Add in, the female jedi could easily be the exile and this is looking more and more like the real outcome. That kind of sucks that Revans story might come to a final conclusion, in a level 30 something instance.

Anyway I've dropped my own possibility and I'll be going with this one. I can't wait for the book to come out. I dont think Ill be doing biowares latest kotor, as mmo can be life killers lol

In reply to an earlier post on Aug 27, 2011 10:04:38 PM PDT
Darth Bane says:
i love grand admiral thrawn hes a a genuis at fights and battles but revan and malak had egos but i love both revan and malak both awesome charecters luke skywalker steps up his game in heir to the empire i still have yet to read my hardcover books of dark force rising and the last command but why do people hate darth malak sooo much it makes no sense i see malak to be just as wicked as both darth sidious and darth vader revan is one ultimate charecter hes not a charecter youd mess with if he was a real person i mean hes got alot of amazing abilitys i heard this revan book will end the knights of the old repebulic video game series of books

Posted on Sep 6, 2011 1:16:39 PM PDT
Hopefully the Jedi Exile goes back with Revan to wherever it is that he went in the Unknown Regions and kills the Sith Emperor because she's a hardass.

I still hope that they leave his story a bit open ended. Both the Jedi Exile and Revan have great airs of mystique around them, which makes me really enjoy their characters. (They're also both female in my eyes and always have been)

Posted on Nov 4, 2011 1:05:18 PM PDT
Seph Storm says:
I for one like concrete endings. Unfortunatly, I know LucasArts has a thing for the light side, and as such, there will almost be an official lightside ending to TOR. On Revan, I think both suggested outcomes are unlikely. Revan taking over as Emperor makes more sense, but it fails when compared to the TOR comics, where the Emperor is seen, he looks distinctively different than Revan. Also is the issue of power. The Sith Emperor appears to have extreme power. Bending 2 Strong Jedi Knights to his will (Revan and Malak), Controlling the Dark Council for 300 years without revolt and also communicating with his "Apprentice" across the galaxy. Revan was a force to be reckoned but there is no history of him having this level of power. (Besides, the Emperor must die at some point, and they arent killing Revan like that.)

As for capturing Revan, what would be the point? Why keep him alive with even a remote chance that he could be saved? Why not destroy him, or re-turn him? More interesting is the Revan mission that has been revealed. We know that Revan left his mask... What does that mean?

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 4, 2011 1:17:44 PM PDT
Darth Bane says:
i never played knights of the old republic 1 or 2 i tryed beating the first one but i had problems trying to beat it on my own i love star wars but revan malak and other sith lords in the knights of the old republic all are awesome charecters including the jedis as well i love the new old republic video game as well i only read books tho

In reply to an earlier post on Nov 8, 2011 7:02:16 PM PST
AO says:
OH MAN you need to go dust off those CDs and play those games! The second was pretty good, but the first was awesome!! Best Star Wars game I've ever played and one of the best Star Wars stories I've ever experienced, period.

Posted on Nov 9, 2011 11:10:23 AM PST
Preventer says:
/\ This.

I never believed that I'd like EU. The KoTOR series brought me to that and now I can't stop.

Posted on Nov 11, 2011 2:42:34 PM PST
Craigery says:
Before I comment, here's a little back story from Knights 2. I'm getting the impression that "Revan" is going to slightly follow the story line that was on deck for KOTOR3. KOTOR2 had a major bug. If you're a fan, you've likely played through it a few times and unlocked most of the ending, but what a lot of people might not realize, Kreia gave out more details with each play through in that ending. The original ending was scrapped (as was the HK factory and a few other story lines) to hit a dead line. Parts of the original ending ending up on the game disc though, and the audio could be dug out. In this is where the bug came in, and Kreia for some reason doesn't offer certain options each time you play. (Very annoying.)

The Exile was going to be the main character of the third game (that died in pre-production), so I'm glad this character will be a point of focus in the book. T3-M4 knew exactly where Revan was, and what he was doing and was working out an agenda in the background of the entire second game. Much of this got cut, but most revealing was the scene where HK-47 figures it out, and T3-M4 zaps him and wipes his memory. (LOVED IT.) Where things get murky is with the light side/dark side feature of the games. If you were Dark Side in part 1, pretty much everyone is dead, except maybe Bastilla. With Lucas being such a stickler for the light side/redemption, and still holding a lot of control on these stories, I'd imagine this book will follow a light side Revan on a path of Redemption.

All I really know is that I hope this isn't a one shot story. With a 300 year gap open to be filled, there is so much more that they can do with Revan and the Exile. We do know that beit light or dark side, Revan was indeed attempting to amass an army to defend against a Sith threat. As Kriea was very adament about, they weren't the true Sith, but followers of their teachings. Different in many ways. There was some discussion about how a Sith would never abandon power, but we've never got into the meat of the TRUE Sith before, and that's where this story was always heading. The games crafted a premise of the True Sith being so evil, the Sith themselves feared them.

I think the Old Republic did a great job of giving understanding as to why in the Luke Skywalker universe, the Sith were only a Master and Apprentice. This was not a philosophy that came from the True Sith, but from those who survived this era.

There are characters we shouldn't expect to see if they hold true to the story of the last game. Kriea tells the fate of every character (this is where the bug comes in, because you may not have gotten her to do this, or not for everyone.) We know that the Exile inadvertently assembled the next Jedi Counsel with all those he trained, that many of them die, but all of them leave with him on his journey to the outer rim. The story really positioned the cast of the second game to be more focal than those from the first... so who knows what is going to happen? We were left with a cliff hanger of the Exile preparing to go to find Revan. Kriea wanting to destroy the force and send the wound through it was poorly explained, but it was a means of taking out the True Sith in a manner. Prepping the Exile was a back up plan. The Exile technically should rival Revan's power in every way and then some. So do we end up with a tale of evil Revan falling into the true sith, and the exile being the one to stop him?

My head hurts! I just feel like disappointment is going to smack many of us with this book, because of all the variables. Had they made the game, your choices could have been imported as was done in Mass Effect 2 to give you the feeling of continuity this book just can't give.
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