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on February 15, 2014
At face value, the fifth long-player from Poland's finest exports appears to be the same as we're usually used to hearing from Vader, with blistering, Slayer-inspired guitars and drums thrashing around with reckless abandon beneath frontman Piotr "Peter" Wiwczarek's visceral (although not overly so) vocal growls. But upon further inspection, 2002's "Revelation" is actually a substantially more groove-oriented effort than 2000's "Litany" was, and even goes so far as to flirt with occasionally restrained tempos. (indeed, whereas that album had grindcore tendencies, this is a piece of pure, straight-up death metal through and through.)

Furthermore, it is also important to note that "Revelation" is more centered around guitar solos than pretty much everything that we have heard from Vader previously. In fact, this release is actually home to some of the all-time best solos in the band discography! Sometimes they remain chaotic and careening, sure, but for the most part, guitarists Wiwczarek and Maurycy "Mauser" Stefanowicz make them much more involved, ripping, and technical -- so much so, that it is not uncommon for them to even verge on being melodic.

Opener "Epitaph" is a catchy energy rev up with a thrashy, chugging main riff. The growly yet simultaneously always intelligible vocals and locomotive drumming then kick in, thus helping the number to gain momentum pretty much throughout its whole playing time. But, of course, an inspiring guitar solo section also aids in this fact -- it is a really memorable, trade-off-section that begins with a ripping, ascending/descending, whammy-tinged solo, and tacks on three more fiery solos after that. And "The Nomad" is the perfect follow-up to it, as it, too, is a steady bruising with a meaty chug and another round of really ripping and air-guitar-able solos that have a surprisingly high amount of melody in them.

All bets are off, though, for the next song, "Wolftribe," a speedy death metal blast that overflows with chainsaw picking, insistent thrash beats, and blistering soloing. And "Whisper" is even more brutalit is an utterly devastating death metal blast fest with a healthy dose of nearly mind-boggling drumming and descending, whammy bar-soaked solos. The vocals are also of particular note, here, as they come courtesy of Adam "Nergal" Darski (and anyone who has ever witnessed Behemoth's music can attest to just how killer this cat's pipes are!)

It is "When Darkness Falls," however, that likely takes the cake for being the album's epic. Boasting a steady chug and some more irresistible hooks ("Revelation" is laced with strong ones throughout) are always a plus, but the fact that "Darkness" also boasts some well-placed (and perfectly-executed) fast tempo changes and thrashy, tight, cymbal-heavy drumming really help to lend the song an epic scope. And two other epic, shred-happy, and all-over-the-map solos also further drive this point home.

"Torch Of War" is another solo-fest, boasting leads that ranges from chaotic and shredding to slower and more melodic. A bunch of devastating death metal drum blasts also highlight this beast. "The Code" continues in this vein, with a strong, grumbling bass line, thrashy picking, and clattering cymbal rides; but the next song after that, "Lukewarm Race," is a more in-control venture with hooky, industrial strength chugging, ominously brooding groove, and ripping solos. adherent groove, and ripping solos. All told, it all makes for one remarkably catchy, mosh pit-ready song, and a definite album stand out. But immediately back on the blistering side, "The Revelation Of Black Moses" is yet another brutal and speed-happy blast of pure, unadulterated death metal

When placed back to back, 2000's "Litany" is the better of the two records, but that definitely does not mean that "Revelation" is, in and by itself, a very, very good album, and one that is easy to recommend to all extreme metal aficionados. But hey, this should be a no-brainer for all seasoned metal fans, because the same could -- err, check that: Should -- be said for just about anything with Vader's name on it, now shouldn't it?!
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on March 9, 2003
This is an absolute classic and is one of my 'most played' Death Metal CDs ... and for good reason ...
As soon as the opening track gets under way the listener soon becomes aware that THIS band MEANS business! And, it seems, the core of the band (Peter and Doc) have been doing the business for quite a number of years now. It certainly shows in the quality of the musicianship and production ... long may they continue!
Solid bass, blistering guitar leads, an artillery of drum fire and Peter on Throat - his awesome power (and slight accent) gives something extra special to the music ...
I rate this alongside Malevolent Creation's 'Eternal' as an absolute 'must have'
Highlights? Epitaph, The Nomad, When Darkness Calls, The Code ... the whole damned album!
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on August 15, 2002
What else do you want me to say besides Vader? This Polish deathmetal band has impressed us with every new cd that has came out. I have their last 5 cd's and i can say that each one either beats the one before it or it is just as incredible as the one's prior to it. Vader is one of the best bands out there today, and one of the most expirenced at that. Doc, Vader's drummer, continues to put listeners into awe with his rhythmatical and fast blast beats and fills, he is by far one of the best drummers out there! This cd is way worth the $15 or whatever you pay for it, it is deffinatly one of Vader's best cds, and it is one of my perosnal favorites. Another plus to this cd is Mauser, the guitarist, he is also one of the best in the deathmetal world. He is amazingly fast and he continues to keep his rhythem. Peter is one of my favorite vocalists in deathmetal, he has a very deep voice and he uses it well. His voice deffinatly fits this band better than anyone would. For the love of all that is sacred, BUY this CD, it is one of the best things that could happen to you, so just do it!
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on September 1, 2004
One day I was at the record store, looking for Vader's "Litany" and came across only one album in the Vader section: "Revelations." I was a bit indifferent and decided that I'd go home, check out metal-archives reviews on the album and decide whether or not I'd purchase it after reading all the reviews. Hmm, pretty decent reviews with good ratings, sounds like a very solid purchase! I listened...and while I remain slightly disappointed at the fact that this is a step down from the godly "Litany," I'm not going to do a review for comparison purposes. This review is for the music on THIS album, not a debate on whether or not album X is better than, worse than, or as good as album Y.

No, I don't think this isn't as good as Litany, but it's not bad by any means. The death metal tank from Poland is still going strong with bludgeoning and militant music. Like most metal fans know, death metal evolved from thrash, and you can easily hear the thrash era Slayer influences in Vader's music. These influences show clearly in tracks like "Epitaph," "Torch of War," and "The Code" with speedy guitar, some of which sounds in vein of Metallica as well (listen carefully to "The Code" and you`ll hear it). If you know anything about death metal, then it's obvious that all of the songs are going to be pertinently wild and fast (death metal wasn't born from thrash to be known for gentleness, evidently).

The guitars are very indistinct in sound - thrashy with plenty of heavy slab, which feels like dropping anvils on your head. This album along with "Litany" have opened my eyes to the wholesomeness of Doc's drumming, who puts on nothing short of a bountiful performance. There isn't just a bunch of blast beating; there is variety too - something which a lot of death metal bands seem to forget about, especially in the drum department. Like in most death metal, there is a lot of tremolo picking as well ("When Darkness Calls" is a good example of some fine tremolo melody). Great news though - its not just tremolo picking in the guitar department, there is a fair amount of chugging riffage going on, especially in songs like "Epitaph."

There are some very catchy tracks, like "The Nomad" with the hypnotic chugging guitar riffs and obtuse drumming. For awhile, I've been kind of irked by Peter's vocals, but hey, they are different and more unique than most death metal vocalists in the business are. If there were anything perplexing about this album, I'd say it's the solos. The solos wail and scream into the flow of music, batter the listener, then fade out with that haunting vanish of lament...and how can you not love that wrathful line in "Epitaph" near the end... "KILL THEM ALL!" Pure rage and aggression right there.

Over all, this isn't a bad album, but I feel it's a step down from "Litany," musically. It's certainly aggressive and assertive like Vader have always been. Very good album, not great, but pretty worthy attempt.
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on August 18, 2004
This is probably my favorite from them. Not as heavy or as brutal as Litany, but excellent technicallity makes this release from Vader my personal favorite release by them. The vocals are awesome, the spedd is excellent, the guitars are crushing, well I can't see why anyone wouldn't already have this CD if they claim they like Death Metal. Oh and this CD has some sort of atmosphere to it, and makes it feel all sci-fi and apocalyptic. It's amazing!
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on October 2, 2013
There was a small part of me that was hesitant to buy this one. It has tracks that were already released on previous albums. But, when I heard some of the songs I knew it had to be part of my collection. I was ecstatic to hear Nergal (of Behemoth) do vocals on "Whisper." That song, and "Torch of War" are my favorites from this release. If you're a fan of Vader, or you just simply want to hear what the greatest death metal band of all time sounds like, then pick this one up (or any of their records) as soon as you can.
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on March 1, 2003
POLISH GODS ARE BACK. I prefer this CD over their last full lenght CD, "Litany." This has more guitar solos than "Litany" is one reason, and the double bass drum is louder than the guitars on this (on my version of "Litany") I have the german version of this CD where "Son of Fire" is the bonus track instead of the 3 original songs from "Reign Forever World" so this CD actually does end with "Revelation of Black Moses" the way is should be. Black Moses a little slower for Vader but it rules. The solos in it are amazing I think Peter only uses a dive at the end of his solo, but Mausers solos is my favourite. Anyways, this band has changed very little since "The Ultimate Incantation" but that is not a bad thing. My personal favourite of 2002. Vader also is basically what Slayer should be and isn't, but all Vader is still better than everything Slayer. Buy this CD is you want fast, pummeling metal with loads of guitar solos.
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on May 18, 2011
Vader are a Polish Death Metal band. Peter/Piotr is the main force of Vader, playing guitar and doing the lead vocals. The vocals merit a mention as they are always a selling point for some and a point of contention for others when it comes to death metal. Pete simply has some of the best European Death Metal vocals an extreme music freak will hear--very deep and husky but totally understandable. I can listen to most Vader recordings and not even need to look at the lyric sheet to get the gist of what they are trying to get across. Most of the lyrics are of the occult variety, ranging from arcane rituals, zombies, and Lovecraftian themes of the Old Ones. If you are familiar with any of Howard Phillips Lovecraft's writing, Vader will be quite a treat for you as several songs in their catalog feature this, just not so much on "Revelations." Drums on this album are handled by Doc/Docent, and he is one mean-ass death metal drummer. The bass drums are not nearly as massive as they were on the previous recording "Litany," but the quality of the playing is on par. "Revelations" opens with the track "Epitaph," a mid-paced crusher that is a very wise choice to lead off the record with. Peter lets loose a line about midway that is just awesome-"KILL THEM ALL!!!" "The Nomad" and "Wolftribe" follow, showcasing Pete's semi-tech guitar work and some smart sense of groove. The epic closing track "Revelations of Black Moses" allows Vader to stretch out a bit, and it works well in the context of the album. My copy of "Revelations" has some bonus tracks from the EP "Reign Forever World," and all three on here are of excellent quality. Basically, this album is a great value and would work well to introduce someone to Vader's extensive catalog, and maybe open your eyes to one of the best Death Metal countries-Poland.
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on April 17, 2004
People gave this bad reviews? How? This is the 1st Vader album that I bought, and if this is their worst, then their previous albums must be unbelievable. The drummer Doc on this CD is nothing short of spectacular, but there are a lot of good thrash bands with excellent drum work. Where Vader really stands out is in their dual guitar attack, with solos being shared by lead singer Peter (most of them) and lead guitarist Mauser. These guys are true metal guitar vistuosos and are among the best around.
I personally like every song on "Revelations" a lot, with The Nomad and The Code being my favorites. The 3 bonus tracks (10-12 if you have a CD with them) are all good, with #12 being the best. The songs of course are heavy thrash, mostly fast but with some slower (but still heavy) moments. To me Vader sounds like a newer version of Slayer from Reign In Blood. If you like Vader, then I would recommend that you also check out the debut CD by Watch Them Die. Good stuff.
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on December 9, 2002
This, Vader's newest album, to my joy, is on of Vader's better albums, thoguh it does not rank with DE Proufundis on my scale, it is about as good as litany, and black to the blind. Whisper, and When Darkness calls are great tracks, and it has a strong ending(if there were no bonus tracks)The Revelation of Black Moses. This is one of my favorite Vader songs. The bonus tracks are not that great except the last song. I only wish Vader were more heavy, i think this band may live up to great once they disband. Maybe in the future there creativity will be taken in to account, and they are looked back on as a great
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