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on January 27, 2010
I have owned the same kettle for the last 16 years and dropped it and broke the lid/whistle so I needed to replace it. I ordered the same size, brand,etc. The one I received is such poor workmanship that I am now on a quest to find something better made. The lid/whistle does not seat well so it will barely whistle. All of the steam escapes around the lid and not through the whistle. My reason for paying the price was for it ability to whistle and whistle loud so I could hear it anywhere in my house. My other rub or gripe is that I order Paul Revere which was a US product only to find out it's made in China like everything else. God only knows how much bad metal is probaly in this thing!
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on August 18, 2006
Great kettle, fast heating. Without a fill-hole on the top, steam doesn't escape when pouring - a great feature. Easy to use pouring spout. The whistle fell off after 22 years of use and then it was a month after that the plastic melted because the whistle wasn't working and I wasn't paying attention. Easy to keep clean - wipe it off when wiping down the stove after cooking.

Oh! And the large size is great if you need to pour 3 qts of hot water down a sluggish drain!
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on March 21, 2007
I grew up with a Revere teakettle, which my mom (at 90 years old) still has. Living in apartments later, I used an enamel one and would be close enough to it to know when it was boiling. When I moved to Taiwan, I used a large aluminum kettle for boiling water for drinking, cooking, ice cubes (so I boiled large quantities at a time). That was large enough that it could hardly be forgotten -- except for one time when I was rushing around getting my house ready for someone to house sit while I visited the US and I realized, in the air, 2 hours outside of Tokyo on the way to the US, that I had left the kettle boiling. By divine grace, I found out when I finally got a hold of someone in Taipei, the gas in the canister had run out just at the same time that the water boiled away.

After my return to the US, I had a treasured Revereware tea kettle passed on to me about 12 years ago, and it served me well until about six months ago, when the whistler came out or loose and my DH threw that part out. You can imagine ... "You THREW it OUT??? That's the best teakettle you can buy! You know that." Since then, he has bought several other whistling teakettles for me and I keep burning them up; they just don't whistle well, for a variety of reasons -- loose seals, off-kilter spout and whistle cover, whistles that blow right off the kettle, kettles that get dropped because the handle heats up ....

I have to have a good whistling tea kettle to save me from myself, and a Revereware teakettle is the only one that will do. Period.

Made of good quality reflective steel, these are very forgiving stove-top workhorses, always returning to a pleasureable reflective shine when polished up for guests, special occasions, or just to brighten your day.

In teakettles, you get what you pay for. Revere copper-bottomed teakettles are more than worth the money and, as you can see from other reviews, not only serve reliably for many many years but bring great pride and pleasure to the simplest of cooking activities, that of boiling water.
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on July 5, 2005
I've been a big fan of Revere Ware products. I liked the teakettle and have used it to boil water on a daily basis since I purchsed it in late May. It's big and sturdy, at least at first. Unfortunatley we found it leaking 2 nights ago while being heated up (not even to the boiling point yet). The leak was bad enough to put off the flame completely. The gas leak was so bad that we had to keep all our windows open for an hour for ventilation. The same thing (flame being put off) happened again twice today and it's a good think that I was right in the kitchen to catch that both times. We've decided it's too dangerous to continue use. I just wrote to request for a replacement since it's still covered by the 1-year warranty.
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VINE VOICEon August 16, 2012
This is a very good tea kettle for the money. A number of people have complained that it is made of lighter-gauge metal than the classic. While that's true, all products in the world are being made as inexpensively as possible, and this fact is also totally irrelevant. The relevant question is: how well does it perform, and how long does it last, compared to others in the same cost category? And can you get a better one by paying more?

Very wide bottom for efficient heating on a gas stove
Loud whistle so we can hear it on the second floor
Large capacity, enough for both of us to make plenty of tea
Well made; expect years of daily service from it

You must be careful in pouring out the very last of the water; can scald
Handle can get hot; best to use hot pan holder

We have a gas stove. The very wide bottom means that the flame mostly stays underneath. Hint: if the flame is licking up the sides, that's wasted heat: turn it down until it does not.

Sometimes I put on water then go upstairs to the office and wait for it to whistle. I can definitely hear it all the way up there; it's loud enough. Hint: high heat and heating after it comes to a boil shorten the life of ANY kettle: turn it off immediately when it comes to a boil.

She likes to make big batches of tea sometimes, and the very large capacity of this kettle ensures that we can put on enough for both of us. Hint: don't boil more water than you need; heating water you don't use wastes energy. On the other hand, if you pour out the very last of the water, the spout is positioned such that the steam will rise up and potentially scald your hand. Hold it farther back on the handle than where you naturally would, and use a hot pan older to protect yourself.

The handle can get a little hot, especially if you over-boil. Again, a hot-pan holder can help.

You can buy kettles for less money, but from experience and reviews, they seem not to be worth buying. We bought a Chantal Teakettle for about $85 because of its cool harmonica sound when it came to a boil. It is also heavier gauge. However, after five years, the weld that held the harmonica on failed, and it no longer told us the water was ready. I wrongly assumed that paying three times the price of an inexpensive kettle would mean it would last ten or twenty years.

The reality is that if you use a tea kettle on a daily basis, it is going to have to be replaced after a few years, regardless of whether you buy a basic quality kettle like this Revere, or if you pay ninety bucks for a Chantal. You can pay more to enjoy the luxurious appearance and sound of a Chantal, but you will be replacing it as often, if you use it every day.

My sense is that this Revere will probably last us 3-5 years, maybe longer, as long as we do not abuse it by overboiling water, boiling it dry, or dropping it. Any kettle will fail from such abuse. I don't think heavier gauge metal would make it last longer; I suspect the thing that will fail is the spring-loaded plastic cover, the whistle, or the handle.

If you look at my review on the Chantal Teakettle, you will see that I updated it five and six years later when it stopped whistling, when we had to throw it out. Similarly, I will definitely update this review if anything changes about our use of this Revere teakettle. If you see not updates, it is safe to assume that we are still using it on a daily basis and it is providing satisfactory service.

Four stars means "I Like It". Nothing wrong with it; it isn't so great that I would say "I Love It" but it does it's job just fine.
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on February 24, 2006
This is quite possibly the best tea kettle on the market. I had a smaller version of the same thing for 20 years and replaced it with this larger one. I tried a "more stylish" kettle, but was very disappointed in the weight and shape. With the spout on the top of this one, it can be filled to capacity and it is still light enough to manage. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a durable, functional kettle. Nice, loud whistle. Easy to fill and pour. Excellent value.
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on May 14, 2012
Since Revere Ware was bought out by world kitchens, a respected quality old brand, many changes in design came about!
This tea kettle with this trigger pull is the weak link waiting to break!
Also, there are no replacement trigger parts if it does break!

So, my experience in 6 moths using this kettle!
1)The cap sticks and does not seal at times so need manually to be pushed down/
2) The trigger broke on one kettle, and was warranty replaced/
3) Pulling the trigger, is not consistant, at times pulls from side, depending how I hold it, I can feel the 'strain' in pulling up top.
4) Once simmering, whistles easily and with full boil loud!
5) the weak link is the trigger, a piece of poor engineering waiting to break, be forewarned...

I asked why there was not a 3.5 quart push button kettle as the old ones and also the smaller 2 quart series? No answer from customer service!

So, be warned for trigger breakage, and warranty terms! Free replacement- under warranty, for how long?

NOTE: kettle pours smoothly and easily!
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on August 21, 2009
I was enjoying this kettle for about six weeks. Then I noticed rust where the copper joins the stainless steel. The water was also a little off color. I tried cleaning the rust but couldn't get it all off. I was hoping the Revere brand would be fine but now I'm looking for a replacement. Try a different brand.
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on April 11, 2006
Well reviewed on amazon but this kettle is lacking. The copper does, indeed, boil water fast; and that's the job of a kettle, I admit. However, the button/trigger that opens the spout is too close to the steam and you're forever guarding your fingers and shying away from the kettle. As you tilt the kettle to pour, you're also tilting the steam nearer to your fingers. It's uncomfortable at best and searing at worst.

While you learn how to not get scalded, this kettle is always at least slightly irritating. There are better kettles around.
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VINE VOICEon September 3, 2005
I have had the same large Revere Ware Tea kettle for over 43yrs.
I use "Bar Keepers Friend" for cleaning the outside and the copper bottom.
With this cleanser you don't have to scrub or polish the copper or the stainless, just put it on your sponge or sprinkle it right on the kettle, like you would wash out your sink with any cleanser.
It can be bought at walmart, bedbath&beyond or your market.
I do not work or have anything to do with "bar keepers friend", but it works and makes my life easier...

Now for this Revere ware Tea kettle.
I don't know how the new ones are, but like I said, Mine is 43yrs old, and looks almost as new as when I got it for a Bridal shower present, and I use it all the time.
I just bought a new "Vileroy & Boch French garden" tea kettle,which looks cute, but does not compare to this tea kettle.

I don't know why any of you think this is not so good looking!
When I put my Villeroy & Boch on my new Stainless Bosch stove, even my Daughter said, that is tackie, put your Revere ware one on your stove, it looks Classier.
Now We are not into Country cutesie, so if you are, then maybe the Villeroy and boch one is for you.

The Revere Ware whisle can be heard ,but Not the other one!
The Revere ware, I have NEVER had any trouble with.
It stays cool to handle and, doesn't burn your hand.
Is easy to fill, and I don't have to take a lid off, or the end off when I'm ready to use it.
I have never had any broken parts on mine.

My only complaint is, you really cannot clean the inside, but I put vinigar & Bakeing soda inside it, let it sit for a short time , then rinse it out with soapy water, then clear water.
Nobody has died yet of a dirty Tea kettle in my house.

A couple of weeks ago, I forgot about the Tea Kettle and the water boiled out .
I thougth for sure I ruined it..
The bottom was gray ash.
When it cooled down, I keeped rinseing the inside out, and black specks of burnt something, keeped coming out while trying to clean it out.
I used Vinagar & baking soda , rinsed that out, boiled more water in it, used soap and water, keeped rinsing it out till not anymore black flakes came out...
Used my Bar Keepers Friend on the bottom,top and all over...
This tea kettle is amazing...
It now works just like new, and still looks like New...
I think if it was another tea kettle I would have had to throw it out...

I can see that the newer one has a different looking spout cover, and the puller to pour the water looks different then mine, and flumsy !

Enjoy -o)
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