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on July 12, 2010
I keep saying, greatest hits and best-of compilations are not for die-hard fans. When will they get this into their heads? Such albums are for casual listeners. So all these complaints about single edits vs. album cuts and minor, mostly-forgotten hits not being on the album are purely academic. I, for one, am quite pleased with this CD. Though I have great respect for Steve Winwood as a highly creative and true professional, the only Winwood album I have ever owned is Traffic's Low Spark of High Heeled Boys (which is a masterpiece, by the way). As such, all I have every really desired is a single or two-disk compilation with all of the hits I grew up hearing, especially Steve's solo stuff. I've waited a long time for this, as Chronicles cuts off before "Roll With It" and the first boxed set was much more than I wanted to own or pay for. And, as far as what I do want, this finally has it all!
True, "Valerie" is not the more familiar re-mix; but, as the liner notes state, that was only a "slight" re-mix. The difference to the casual listener is not significant enough to matter. As for the edit of "While You See a Chance", I never owned Arc of a Diver, so I am not familiar with the album cut. This is the version I know from radio play and it's all I wanted. And when it comes to the radio edits of "Spanish Dancer 2010" and "Dirty City"-- well, these songs are new to me, anyway, and not the reason I purchased this. But they are great tracks and I love them just as presented, so good enough. I do, though, agree that labeling "Low Spark..." as an edit when it clearly is not is a silly mistake, but a small one.
While I would have preferred a comp of all solo recordings so as to have more of a taste of this material beyond the hits as well as a more consistent listen, I do love having the two Spencer Davis Group hits and the really great Traffic songs included. And good call including a sample of something from Blind Faith. I didn't have any of these recordings (other than "Low Spark...") and I'm glad I do now.
I know Winwood's real fans would see people like me as having a shallow view. But, come on; we can't be a die-hard for every artist. There's no way we can own the complete catalogs of every artist out there who catches our attention. I am a hard-core fan of certain artists that I collect that way. Winwood's just not one of them. For us, comps like this are a great thing. If you are a die-hard, great, don't buy CD's like this one. They're redundant to your collection and not for you. But don't rain on the parade for the rest of us!
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on June 24, 2010
I, too, have most of this material. But I bit for it, and I'm glad I did. I a-b'ed it to the Finer Things box set and it's no contest because, as the notes implied, Winwood spent time in the studio tweaking the music. Not only is it remastered, but check out the new mix on Low Spark. I don't think it's louder in the sense of Volume Wars. Rather, even the mono Spencer Davis tracks jump out (and I'm no purest mono freak). Steve Winwood is my absolute favorite musician. If you're young and have yet to collect his music, this set is perfect for you (and well priced!). If you're a longtime fan, you'll be equally thrilled. As for the missing trax, "Roll With It" and "Finer Things," suck it up and download it for an extra $1.99, burn it on a 35 cent disc and stash it between the pages. The liner notes are a little goofy, but it's all about the music. (Speaking of i-Tunes, what idiot would download it for $29.99 when you can get the discs (software)and the artwork for five bucks less?)
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Fifteen years ago, Island Records released an excellent 4-CD retrospectve of one of the great artists of the British Ivasion. With 63 songs and more than five hours of music, THE FINER THINGS covered Steve Winwood's career from the Spencer Davis Group through his solo career.

Now Island has unleashed REVOLUTIONS: THE VERY BEST OF STEVE WINWOOD, and the question is, why? Of the first three discs, all but four songs were also included in THE FINER THINGS. Overall, these two collections share a whopping 37 tracks. That leaves only 21 tracks that are new to this collection. Many of them are from the handful of albums that Winwood has released since the previous collection. Still others are simply a result of tinkering with the track listing. For example, you now get Blind Faith's "Presence of the Lord," but gone are the two previously unreleased live tracks "Sleeping in the Ground" and "Under My Thumb"; you do get "The Morning Side" from the hugely successful ROLL WITH IT, but that album's No. 1 title track is missing.

Bottom line, there's no point in purchasing both of these collections; and all things considered, the nod goes to THE FINER THINGS.
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on October 31, 2011
To gather almost 50 years of the music Steve Winwood has been involved in would be a daunting project . I guess that's why Stevie decided to grab the reins and do it himself . After listening and reading the materials included the proof is in the pudding because this collection is outstanding . The remastering adds depth to the older selections and the order in which the music is presented really enhances the listening experience . I hope Steve continues to make new music and tour for many years to come ! This is a must have for any Steve Winwood fanatic but the 4 disc set is not an easy find .
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on June 17, 2010
The "Revolutions" box set provides listeners with an excellent overview of Steve Winwood's career. It includes most of the key tracks featuring Winwood from The Spencer Davis Group, Blind Faith, Traffic, and his vast solo career. The remastered sound is a welcome addition to Winwood's catalog, and a few "surprises" are thrown in, for good measure - including an excellent 2010 re-recording of "Spanish Dancer" and a revealing print interview with the artist himself. In "Revolutions", the range of multicultural influences on Steve Winwood's music are on display, which may surprise some listeners who are familiar only with his radio hits from the 1980s. In fact, the only criticism of this box set I can make is that several of Winwood's radio hits were omitted, including "Roll with It" and "The Finer Things". However, this is a minor quibble, because these tracks can always be downloaded from iTunes,, or similar outlets. Overall, "Revolutions" is an intriguing and revealing listen for Steve Winwood's fans - old and new.
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on March 22, 2016
Surprised at how much I enjoyed this. The first half anyway. I don't mind the second, 80s, half of the CD but really, the value in this collection for me was serving as a few songs introduction to his earlier work. The bait was the track "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys", and the fact that the collection touched on each stage of Winwood's career. With a compilation of just Traffic I might have lost interest but the half dozen songs served up here do an excellent job of ingratiating me to a group that I'd always dismissed as FM-Rock-Hippie-late-60s-amelodious-etc. This is a good springboard for further discovery of Traffic and Blind Faith. The second half seems more 80s mainstream for yuppies sipping white wine at the lite jazz bar, but I don't fault the man for having made some great music, then settling in to pad the retirement account. But even from those years, "Roll With It" provides a redeeming moment.
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on April 3, 2016
I am slowly replicating my CD collection into the MP3 format. Love the music of this time period.
No auto-tuned pre-fabricated stuff like today. Love that Amazon lets you pick the song you want from
the album which makes it SO easy to get what you want.

The Amazon Music Player is far easier to use than most apps out there.
Thanks Amazon.
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on August 23, 2015
Another album that needed to be added to my collection. The recording has not been remastered and you can hear it. I put this album on my DAP I did not convert this into a FLAC because of the mediocre sound quality. I could not tell a difference between a MP3 compression or a FLAC file.
It is still a nice addition to my collection.
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on July 23, 2015
I hadn't any Steve Winwood CD's in my extensive collection of Rock & Roll. This filled in the missing pieces.. Winwood has a great voice and sytle about him. His writing and hits made it a very enjoyable listen. I've had it in my car for two weeks now and I'm still not bored.
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on July 9, 2015
Highly edited, butchered by some sound engineer. Listen to the lousy editing on "While You See A Chance" at 2:21. Some marketing jerk thought you didn't need to hear the full, original song in all its glory. After hearing this I became suspicious of the whole collection.
Do yourself a favor and buy all the original recordings if they are available. Somebody made some $$ off Steve's work but the originals were lost in the process.
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