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on February 26, 2013
It is a fantastic product, but here are the pros and cons:

-Endless hot water
-Huge space saver
-Easy to setup (not install)
-Amazing customer service (Rheem)
-Saves money on the long run (be prepared to spend an additional $500-$700 on materials, plus whatever your electrician charges for installing)

-You need to buy #6 Cable that costs around $250 for 125 feet; you need to run two lines from the heater to the main electrical box (one for each phase) so depending how far your heater will be, the amount you'll need
-You need to buy two GFCI 60 amps breakers that go for $85 each
-Unless you have a lot of space in your panel, you'll have to buy additional breakers or install new box to make space
-Most likely all your lights will flicker when your heater is on, especially the energy efficient ones
-Unless you live in the hot zones, the heater won't be able to give you 5GPM if your average underground water temperature is below 55, so forget about taking a shower and wash dishes or clothes at the same time

Bottom line, even with all the cons, I highly recommend this product, you just need to be realistic with the results and installation facts; the same goes for other brands, or worse for the ones that have three phases (three breakers and more cable)
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on October 21, 2012
Purchased and installed unit in our cabin last week. Unit worked first weekend but this weekend, unit would operate for about 30 seconds and shut off. If you continued running water through it, it would turn on again for a few more seconds and then turn off again. I'm pretty sure the unit thinks it is over heating but there is no documentation available to troubleshoot.

The operators manual has nothing to check out except that it is wired in correctly. I am a licensed Electrician and Electrical Engineer and am very confident that it is wired correctly. Beyond that, the manual is useless for troubleshooting.

Then look for the customer support # in the documentation. THERE ISN'T ONE. You have to send a letter to manufacturer!

Other things that concern me include:
1) The build quality of the unit is sub-par. The control board and interface with the sensors attached to the heat exchanger is wired in with microscopic wire. It must be 28 or 30 ga wire (about the size of a fishing line). The wire is so delicate they have it glued down to the circuit board with silicone. It remindes of prototype boards I've built before a product goes to market. The build quality is nowhere near high enough to last the time I expect a home appliance to last.

2) The heating elements are not standard. I did not open up the heat exchanger but the elements are extremely small and will be difficult to replace if/when they fail.

3) I was expecting to install 2- 60 amp circuits. Hoever, when reading the install manual, the 27kw unit requires GFI breakers. That increased the breaker price from $30 each to $98 each (ouch).

In summary, I am returning this unit and going to try the Ecosmart unit. It gets better reviews, uses standard elements, and costs less.

I might be willing to work with Rheem to get this working but my 30 day return window with Amazon is closing and they don't even post a phone number to call.

If you are considering this purchase. Download the documentation and read the customer service details in the back of the booklet...then decide for your self.
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on January 17, 2012
I'm not sure why anyone would not be happy with this unit (if it is installed correctly) but I have to say I love it. It was one of the best investments that I ever made for my home!! We have a 2 story 3 bathroom house and it works great for us(4)can take showers 1 after another and there is always hot water. My old 30 gallon tank would have been done after 2 showers. It is not perfect, using the washer or another bathroom can throw of the temp but hey there is always hot water...
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on March 1, 2014
This is a great idea in theory. In practice, Rheem has yet to get it right.

Before I go through a brief history, please keep in mind that each time this unit goes out [4 times total!] I have to spend a few hours on the phone first with Amazon about the order and replacement and then with the Rheem tech support going through the various troubleshooting steps. Meanwhile, my house and my rental unit are without hot water for days while the unit is being troubleshot and replacement(s) are being ordered, shipped, and installed.

I purchased and received my first Rheem RTE electric tankless water heater [#1] in Feb 2012. An electrical short at one of the element switch wire terminal occurred at first power-up. The replacement unit [#2] had the switch wire terminals insulated and the unit actually worked for over 12 months until the printed circuit board (PCB) went out.

Amazon referred me to the manufacturer for replacement since it had been over a year. Luckily I found a person familiar with the product and the problems with them and she orchestrated a replacement for me. This one [#3] made it until November of 2013 when again the PCB went out.

Amazon, being the champs they are, stepped up and replaced this one with a new unit [#4] saving me from the warranty grind with Rheem. Granted, I had to pay over a hundred dollars in restocking fees but they minimized the hassle.

This last one [#4] just went out Mid Feb 2014.

OK. I'd given the concept and Rheem 4 tries and it just didn't work out. I sent the last one back to Amazon (still working on getting the restocking fee refunded) and installed a regular tank hot water heater.

So there it is. Two years and four Rheem units later I installed a normal hot water heating/storage tank. It was a costly and frustrating experience!

Save yourself the headaches. Do not buy this Rheem product. It's great in theory but Rheem can not seem to get the engineering of the electronics straight (PCB particular).
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on November 25, 2014
This unit was installed by a licensed contractor for use in a bathroom extension. The water supply was to one shower, two sinks. As soon as we activated the unit any lights in the house that use regular light bulbs began to strobe (flashing quickly). Whenever water was flowing from any tap the lights began flashing, no matter what temperature was set, no matter what flow rate. Our contractor tried everything over two days and the problem persisted.
After researching the units i found this was a typical problem and was very difficult to fix.
Our unit was on a dedicated circuit from a 200 amp main supply box.
It seems the only solution was to install a second defecated 200 amp supply, and this answer came from one of Rheem's own bulletins.
Obviously this was not a solution as we would have to have the electric utility install new cables underground to allow us to install a second 200 amp panel.
This problem is not limited to the RTE 27, but is also reported on the RTE 13.

So if you can stand your lighting circuits becoming strobe lights then all is ok. I have MS so the strobe caused me to loose my balance therefore i could not allow the problem to continue. As the unit was installed and subsequently taken out i highly doubt i will be able to return it.

There is no warning of this problem with any Rheem pre-sale information, you have to dig deep.
Here are links to read:
or Google
Electrical Fluctuations with a Tankless Electric
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on September 5, 2015
advertised as 5 gpm but then the Tech says it's actually a 1 to 2 gpm and not whole house but a point of use only . Then after it was installed it was faulty and had to be removed . $295 later no hot water and a pissed off wife.
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on May 13, 2014
Customer service at Rheem is unable to provide part numbers for this unit. Rheem believes this product should be replaced rather than repaired. This looks like a well made unit - better than the well reviewed Stiebel Eltron - that is meant for easy servicing. Tankless heaters are a great idea until you get into the details. Because the unit must heat the water on demand the heating elements (or gas burners as the case may be) require most homes to have their electric (or gas) service upgraded to accommodate it. Rather than just requiring a thermostat and relay to control the current to the elements, electric tankless units rely on SCRs (silicon controlled rectifiers) to modulate the current. They probably cost Rheem about $2 each (there are four in this unit) and I could see Rheem charging $50 for the set but when they go, Rheem wants you to remove and replace the unit rather than support it with parts. Shame on Rheem!
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on October 1, 2011
After waiting two weeks for delivery, and spending all day with the electrician putting in the correct breakers and wiring, it did not work. I talked to two different representatives at Rheem over two days, and all they could do was send a trouble-shooting guide which instructed checking power to all parts, which the electrician had already done. The return to Amazon was easy and they credited me very quickly (they get 5 stars).
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on August 8, 2013
We bought a Rheem 27 kw tankless water heater for our cabin, and while it worked great for a few months, it recently quit working. It was finally determined by an electrician that the electronic control panel in the unit is not working. We called Rheem customer service for a replacement control panel, and were told that while the company manufactures and sells tankless heaters, they do not sell replacement parts for their products. The customer service rep did offer to sell us a new unit! Also, the warranty was void because the tag with the registration info for the heater was not on the unit. We do not recall ever seeing such tag. Poor quality and poor customer service. Will never buy a tankless water heater again!
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on May 31, 2014
I purchased this about 1 year ago, and installed it. Worked great until 6 months, then the hot water stopped coming. I checked it out, and found no issues with power. I called Rheem, and they made me take the unit apart, and test it with a digital multi meter, to see if the heating elements inside were bad. All 4 turned out to be bad.

They told me the return the unit back, where I purchased it. I explained to them that it was on Amazon and its pass the returning policy, but they told me I had to take it back to where it was purchased. So I contacted Amazon, and they accepted it back. I ordered the same until again, and within a week of installation same issue. This time the power stopped going to the unit.

I would recommend buying a difference brand.
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