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on March 20, 2009
It has come to light that approximately 2/3 of the episodes in the "Rhoda-Season One" set, are the edited for syndication versions. Fox holds the masters to "Rhoda", and they are said to be damaged. Apparently, Shout! did the best that they could do, and the choice was to release "Rhoda", as is...or not at all. Some of the footage that did make it to this release is quite flawed, and it is anything but pristine. A few episodes are unedited, such as "Rhoda's Wedding", "You Can go Home Again" and "Along Comes Mary"...all personal favorites of mine. Since this is the only set of "Rhoda" that has yet to have been offered on dvd, I am not terminating my pre-order, as other fans have said they have. Shout has been quite clear on their website concerning the content of this dvd set. Of course, we all would like a perfect dvd release for "Rhoda-Season One", but it is what it is. To buy or not to buy. It's up to YOU. As for myself, I still want the set. To read a review of the "Rhoda" dvd set, visit Sitcomsonline.
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on April 22, 2009
The show is obviously beautiful but this DVD isn't: first of all the episodes are cut (where's Mary on the Pilot?), then the quality is unacceptable. This DVD is a total shame!!!
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on April 21, 2009
I went out today and purchased the eagerly awaited "Rhoda: Season One" on DVD. I just completed viewing the entire set and I'm disappointed to report that the quality is absolutely dreadful. The picture quality on the episodes included in this set range from fair to unacceptable. The worst being on disc 3, episode 4 titled: "Whattaya Think It's There For?" looks as if it was transferred from a VHS tape with lines in the screen and a jumping video image that looks as if it needs tracking (remember that on a VCR?). To their credit, Shout Factory includes a disclaimer at the beginning of each disc stating that episodes contained in this set are from the best source material available. I guess I should be happy that Shout Factory released it at all but, I'm sad for paying such a high price for an inferior quality product. I think with the state of other digitally remastered shows being released on disc I was expecting more.

The one special feature doesn't even include an interview with Rhoda herself (Valerie Harper) or Julie Kavner... what we do get are interviews with the show's creators James L. Brooks & Allan Burns basically discussing the same things they covered on the special features of the first season DVD of 'The MTM Show'. If fact, I believe it is from the same interview on that 'MTM' DVD set. Yes, nice to have the featurette however, like the rest of this release it left me wanting more.

Basically, this DVD set for the die-hard 'Rhoda' fan only which I think the makers of this release was banking on. I really don't think I'll purchase other season releases of 'Rhoda' if this is the level of quality to be expected.

Love the show. Always have, always will and it really holds up because it's so well written and acted. Don't love the DVD release! Sorry. Just expected more and I don't think it's alot to ask for with a nearly $40 price tag. This show is a classic that deserves more respect.

I'm curious to know the feedback of others regarding this release.
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on February 6, 2009
Rhoda, TV's favorite, funny second banana is FINALLY returning in a complete first-season DVD boxed set!

Shout!Factory is issuing the four-disc boxed set to honor the show's 35th Anniversary. (Obviously, this is a pre-order review, so the actual discs could not be examined.)

The series, starring Valerie Harper in the title role, ironically became an iconic sitcom itself after spinning off from THE iconic sitcom of the era: The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Rhoda was a ratings success, even beating its parent show, and was also the winner of two Golden Globes and two Emmy Awards during its run.

Rhoda premiered in 1974 on CBS and ran for five years. Harper portrays her character, Rhoda Morgenstern, as larger than life - a big mouth, big hearted woman from the Bronx with self-esteem and weight issues. Her best friend was the prim and proper, responsible Mary Richards (played to absolute perfection by Ms. Moore), the two meeting because they both lived in the same apartment building in Minneapolis. The juxtaposition between the flamboyantly dressed, non-conformist Rhoda and the fashionable and traditional Mary was a consistent source of humor.

(Note: the following contains specific plot details.)

In this series, Rhoda, who has beaten her weight issues, takes her trademark head scarves and returns home to visit. Once there, she meets Joe Gerard (played by David Groh) and a romance begins. Rhoda decides to stay in New York, initially moving in with her younger sister, Brenda (played by Julie `Marge Simpson' Kavner), who is struggling with the same issues that had plagued her older sister.

Their parents, Ida and Martin Morgenstern (played by the brilliant Nancy Walker and Harold Gould) are arche-typically Jewish, having aired prior to political correct ideas. So, Ida is overbearing, overprotective, loving and desperate to make sure Rhoda finds a good husband. Martin is henpecked, dutiful, and mild-mannered.

In a move that was quite controversial for its time, Joe and Rhoda decide to live together, but do so only briefly. Whether from pressure from viewers or not, Rhoda quickly realizes she wants to be married, and they wed.

Just eight weeks into the series, on Oct. 28, 1974, Rhoda and Joe were married in a special hour-long episode. Widely publicized, the episode became one of the highest-rated TV shows during the decade. All of the main characters from The Mary Tyler Moore Show were on hand for the nuptials. Ted Knight, who played the bombastic anchor man Ted Baxter, was not in attendance.

In addition to Mary Richards, look for curmudgeon Lou Grant, played by Ed Asner, writer Murray Slaughter, played by Gavin `Love Boat' MacLeod, sometime friend Phyllis Lindstrom, played by the brilliant Cloris `Dancing With the Stars' Leachman, and gentle Georgette Franklin, played by Georgia Engle.

In the closing credits of the first season, Rhoda was depicted walking across a New York street. She stops and tries to imitate Mary Tyler Moore's trademark hat toss, but instead the cap slips from Rhoda's hand.

Comic and producer Lorenzo Music, portrayed Carlton the Doorman. Carlton was often drunk, and always unseen. He spoke to Rhoda, et al via the apartment intercom. (Music was also the voice of the TV Garfield.) Becoming well-known for never being seen on Rhoda, gave Music the idea of never being photographed directly in public or on film. If filmed, there would always be something blocking his face, or he'd only be depicted in silhouette.

The opening explanied: "Rhoda Morgenstern was born in the Bronx in December 1941. She's always felt responsible for World War II. She had a bad puberty. It lasted 17 years. She's a college graduate, she went to art school. Her entrance exam was on a book of matches. She decided to move out of the house at the age of 24. Her mother still refers to this as the time she ran away from home. Eventually, she ran to Minneapolis where it's colder, and she figured she'd keep better. Now she's back in Manhattan. New York, this is your last chance."

This boxed set includes all 25 episodes of Season One: Joe; You Can Go Home Again; I'll Be Loving You, Sometimes; Parent's Day; The Lady in Red; Pop Goes the Question; The Shower; Rhoda's Wedding Part I; Rhoda's Wedding Part II; The Honeymoon; 9-E is Available; I'm a Little Late, Folks; Anything Wrong?; 'S Wonderful; Good-Bye Charlie; Guess What I Got You for the Holidays?; Whattaya Think it's There For?; Not Made for Each Other; Strained Interlude; Everything I Have is Yours, Almost; Chest Pains; Windows by Rhoda; A Nice Warm Rut; Ida, the Elf; and Along Comes Mary.
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on March 23, 2009
Reliable sources have let it be known that there is a strong possibility that the episodes on this DVD set will NOT be the original episodes broadcast on CBS from 1974-75. The episodes may be the edited-down, syndicated episodes. If this is the case then I am going to cancel my order; this is precisely what happened with Season 1 DVD of ROSEANNE. I suggest you all try to contact SONY or whoever is responsible for the set and find out what is going on.
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on May 17, 2009
When I saw the news that Rhoda Season One was coming out on DVD back in December 2008, it made my week. I penciled in the release date on my calendar and anxiously waited for April. Not long before the release date, I started seeing news about how the episodes had been edited from the originals, and people were canceling their pre-orders. I did not cancel my order and I am glad I did not!!! I am very pleased with the Rhoda Season One DVD box set. I know that I am too young to remeber the show as it aired originally in the 1970s, but I became fond of the show, as well as all the other MTM shows, in the 1990s by watching them on Nick at Nite and later on TV Land.

I urge Shout Factory to continue releasing all of the remaining seasons of Rhoda on DVD, edited or not. Of course, to please original fans, please do your best to improve the subsequent season releases on DVD. BUT- I wll take Rhoda any way I can get her. The season one set was not the color and audio quality of The Mary Tyler Moore Show, but I think the shows are hilarious, even edited, and that the picture quality is good. You can still see all the great 70s fashions and set decorations clearly. There are a few jumps in the tape, especially on the Christmas episode, but I only saw this as a problem on about 3 of the 24 episodes.

Again - please continue to release all of the other seasons of Rhoda on DVD...SOON!!!! It is such a great escape for the working girls of today.
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on April 23, 2009
This star ratting is based on this set put together and distributed by Shout Factory.
The Image of the film transfers on this set ARE just disgraceful.
Each episode contains film dirt, spec's color fades and video tape damage runs as these episodes aren't taken from film to digital, but rather analog tape to DVD. These episodes look as they were taken from some public domain source.
Now Shout Factory does note in the start of the DVD that these episodes contain glitches and this is from the best possible source material available. You see Fox owns all of the MTM catalog and had granted Shout the rights to distribute this show and so Fox is to blame for the transfers of this series set. Fox those greedy jerks probably figured that they will give Shout poor material intentionally so that It would give them (Fox) a security to be able to produce a proper Film to DVD transfer in the future for some double dipping, But as MTMSThe Mary Tyler Moore Show: The Complete Seriesfans know that most likely will never happen.
Fox really sucks as a consumer home entertainment company.
Hmmm I wonder what the lettering on the box that states "35th Anniversary Edition" really means here?

Thanks to Shout Factory for at least trying and bring what they could to the fans. Shout had done very nice transfers for "That Girl".
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VINE VOICEon May 28, 2009
After reading quite a few of the reviews on here, before ordering, I wasn't sure what to expect once I received my order.

All I can say is that I think the picture quality is fine. I've watched the first 2 dvd's without any problem, at all. My tv is from 9/03, so I don't have an LCD or plasma tv. My tv is 25", not a flat screen or anything, just a plain old tv.

Considering this show is 35 years old, I think the picture quality is amazing, and just feel grateful to even be able to purchase this show, at all.

I think some of the critique on here was pretty harsh, but then I bought this show to relive a show I first came to love when I was 16 years old.

It stands the test of time for me. I think any future buyers of this show will be happy with their purchase. I sincerely hope that all 5 seasons are available for purchase.
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on April 22, 2009
Remember how Mary Richards had a cameo in the "Rhoda" pilot? Well, you're stuck with your memories because it doesn't happen in this new release. I can't begin to explain how disappointed I am in this because I had been so eagerly awaiting it. Reading some reviews online, 15 of 24 episodes are cut and the masters for many episodes are not in good shape. But I do not blame "Shout Factory" entirely - they were given the best masters they could find and they do have disclaimers about the quality on each disc. (As compared to some other studios who have tried to slip edited episodes by the consumer, hoping they wouldn't notice.) Unfortunately, the best masters are lacking and that's disheartening. "Mary Tyler Moore" prints are in beautiful shape on DVD; not so much "Rhoda." But there is a glimmer of hope. The hour-long special celebrating Rhoda's marriage to Joe is here in its entirety. That's something at least!

"Rhoda" deserves more than three stars, but the presentation is, unfortunately, lacking.
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on June 3, 2009
September 9, 2009 was the 35th Anniversary of the "Rhoda" tv series which began on CBS in 1974.
Valerie Harper played the role of "Rhoda Morgenstern" since the first episode of The Mary Tyler Moore Show - The Complete First Season (1970-77). During the 4th Season, she left to begin her own spin-off, Rhoda (1974-78).
Mary Tyler Moore would make occasional visits to see "Rhoda" on her show, 3 of them in the first season of "Rhoda", and Valerie Harper would visit on the Mary Tyler Moore Show during its Sixth Season and in the final show in 1977.
This long-awaited DVD set comes at an ironic time as two memorable actors from the "Rhoda" tv series had recently left us: David Groh and Ron Silver.

Nancy Walker passed away March 25, 1992 of lung cancer. Age: 69. She played "Ma".

Lorenzo Music passed away August 4, 2001 of lung & bone cancer. Age: 64. He was the voice of "Carlton the Doorman".

David Groh passed away February 12, 2008 of kidney cancer. He played the character of "Joe Gerard" for three seasons on "Rhoda".

Ron Silver passed away March 15, 2009 of Esophageal cancer. He played the character of "Gary Levy" beginning in the second season of "Rhoda".

Harold Gould passed away September 11, 2010 of prostate cancer. He played Rhoda & Brenda's dad.

This DVD set includes all 24 episodes of season one in the order as broadcast. Each episode is from the most finest print available, including the "Wedding" episode that was the highest-rated, most watched episode at the time.

Regulars include: Valerie Harper as "Rhoda".

Julie Kavner as "Brenda" (was the voice of "Marge" in "The Simpsons" bumpers on "The Tracy Ullman Show" in 1987-89 and "The Simpsons" animated tv series.

Nancy Walker as "Ida". You remember her from the film, BEST FOOT FORWARD (1943) with Lucille Ball, and as "Rosie"--the waitress in the Bounty paper towel tv commercials (1970-90). She passed away March 25, 1992 from lung cancer.

Harold Gould as "Martin" passed away September 11, 2010 at the age of 86.

David Groh as "Joe Gerard". His tv debut was in the "Dark Shadows" tv serial in 1968. He and Valerie Harper remained life-long friends.

Lorenzo Music as "Carlton--the doorman". He was one of the people who created and developed this tv series. He was never seen on the show except for his hand and arm. You can see him in The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour (1967) and in, Oh Heavenly Dog (1980) as "Carlton". He also did the voice of "Garfield"--the animated cat. He passed away August 4, 2001 of lung & bone cancer.

Guest stars and familar faces: Todd Turquand, Henry Winkler, Wes Stern, Howard Hesseman, Robert Alda, Louise Latham, Tom Atkins, Scoey Mitchell, Candy Azzara, Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara Sharma, Beverly Sanders, Florida Friebus, Linda Lavin, Ed Asner, Gavin McLeod, Cloris Leachman, Georgia Engel, Richard Masur, Charles Lane, Marjorie Bennett, Burt Mustin, Pamela Bellwood, Richard Romans, Martin Kove, Barry Brown, Richard Schaal, Allen Garfield, John Ritter, Norman Fell.

Disc 4 contains the featurette, "Remembering Rhoda", an interview with James L. Brooks and Allan Burns.
Spin-off: "Carlton Your Doorman" was an animated short televised on May 21, 1980.
 Rhoda: Season Two, includes episode 12 with Vivian Vance in one of her last tv appearances before her death.

In 2000, Mary Tyler Moore and Valerie Harper returned in the ABC tv-movie, Mary and Rhoda, broadcast February 7, 2000.
Mary Richards and Rhoda Morgenstern just happen to see each other again in New York City and it brings their friendship back together. Their lives have changed over the years and they decide to take a private walk and have a heart to heart talk as this story begins.

"Rhoda" reunion: Dinah! (Dinah Shore talk show, September 2, 1977 with Valerie Harper, Julie Kavner, David Groh, Mary Tyler Moore.

Reunions with Mary Tyler Moore/Cast:

This is Your Life, Honoree: Betty White, April 19, 1987.
Mary Tyler Moore Show: The 20th Anniversary Show, February 18, 1991.
The Rosie O'Donnell Show, May 7 1997 & February 3, 2000.
The Mary Tyler Moore Reunion, May 13, 2002.
2nd Annual TV Land Awards, March 17, 2004.
Oprah Winfrey Show, May 19, 2008.
Hot In Cleveland, Season 4, episode 23. September 4, 2013. Love Is All Around [HD].

Rhoda: Season Two is available.
Rhoda: Season Three is available.
Rhoda: Season 4 -- BRAND NEW RELEASE!!! is available.
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