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85 of 86 people found the following review helpful
on June 14, 2012
I have never left a review for a Kindle eBook before - in fact I had to create an account to leave this one! But this book was a truly wonderful find and I wanted other people to discover it too. I purchased this book while it was free due to some promotion by the publisher I think but I would have paid $7 or $8; it is far and away the best book I've ever read on my Kindle.

The book itself is laugh out loud funny. The characters are witty and like-able without straying into caricature territory. The plot treads several well worn tropes, but takes them on in a new and fresh way. For example, one of the female characters is masquerading as a man. It is clear that at some point, a reveal must be made. Even before starting the book, I felt confident that I knew how it would go, since all books that use this plot device are the same. But I was wrong! It was handled so differently from other books. I wish I could go into more detail without spoilers, but suffice to say, this book had several such pleasant surprises where the author turned tired plot devices on their ear.

This book is of the same quality as a mainstream novel by Sophie Kinsella or Meg Cabot book. It is well-polished, there are no typos that I remember, and it gave the sense that it had been carefully & lovingly edited before being published, rather than just being foisted on the unsuspecting reader like so many terrible eBooks these days.

This is definitely a stranded-on-a-desert-isle book!
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102 of 107 people found the following review helpful
on June 7, 2012
This book had a surprise around every corner. I love that! It was generally true to Regency society rules, and when needed, customs were explained for the reader in a natural way that didn't break up the narrative. I loved the chance to spend some time in the male Regency world and hear the commentary of the main character as she experienced the differences of living as a man.

The description of the book really doesn't do it justice. It sounds all dramatic and like just a straight romance. I think it should be changed so more people will decide to buy this fabulous book.

Mr. North was hilarious, and I loved the dialogue whenever he decided to entertain. It was a nice contrast with the practical nature of Millicent.

I would have liked some more character development for the grandmother, who sometimes seemed as if she was there just to move the plot points. What motivated her style of discipline? Where did she learn it, and why did she believe in it? I also would have liked to see the scene in which Lady Beth finds out the truth.

D.L. Carter, please write more books, and soon. I know good writing takes time, so I'll wait. But don't make me wait too long.
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35 of 37 people found the following review helpful
on June 1, 2012
This book portrays a strong family tie in which the main character will do most anything to protect her family. Millicent is a very clever quick thinking gal. The hoops she walks through and the hurtles she jumps over are a serious matter, but you can't help having a good chuckle through-out the story. A very good read.
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189 of 230 people found the following review helpful
on January 15, 2013
I'm only writing this because I wish someone else would have so I wouldn't have made this mistake... I felt like the romance portion of this book was pretty inappropriate, a little too descriptive . I like my romances to be a little more innocent; the feelings leading up to the kiss, the excitement of the first glance, etc. I don't want to know about what's going on in his pants, or what her chest feels like.

I know I'm a little more sensitive than the general public, but like I said, I just wish I would have known before I ended up with those pictures in my mind.

Do with it what you will.
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251 of 320 people found the following review helpful
on October 23, 2013
So lets put it out there that many who read the regency time period books have certain expectations that it will be a fairly clean novel, because of the social structure of those times. Well spoiler alert, but this book has a ton of sex in it. I dont mean they just elude to it either, its descriptive and specific. I feel like the first half of the book is pretty true to the regency time period, but the second half falls completely short of that and the author just gets wrapped up in writing a sex novel. I mean, in this time period, Women really truly valued their reputation and being a women of respect and honor, and the main character in this has NO regard whatsoever for her reputation or being respectable. This whole "casual" sex thing is way too indicative of modern times. And then lets take a second and address the leading man. At first you think hes such a gentleman, but then he talks about all his mistresses and again, all the casual sex, and hes a total dirtbag who doesnt respect women at all.
Respect, virtue, and moral cleanliness are somewhat expected when you read regency novels because of what the social dynamics were back then, at least for the higher respectable social class, and this novel completely lost all of that during the second half.
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100 of 128 people found the following review helpful
on July 10, 2012
42% in, this is what I thought: great! Personally, I detest the 'heroine wears breeches' premise in Regencies but this author makes the ruse a high-stakes gamble to provide her mother and sisters with a solvent future. Later: the emphasis on the heroine's 'masculinity' and their lack of chemistry made their romance unbelievable before/during/after the heroine was revealed to the hero. The last half of the book - and the romance itself - fell flat for me as a result.

I paid four dollars for this, unlike many, many who read it for free, so I have skin in the game. I bought it because the sample started well. I really got a sense of the time period and the social mores but the story lost my interest after the inevitable reveal/reconsideration/'sex/romance.'

Here's why: the author emphasized repeatedly that the heroine was masculine-looking enough to pass as male among men. She was tall, not pretty, horsey and small breasted enough to be able to wear loose men's clothing with one stock flattening her and another hiding her lack of an Adam's apple. In test after test of her disguise, and there were numerous occasions, no man suspects her true gender. Even the hero. There was no hint of the hero second-guessing his sexuality b/c of 'untoward feelings for his friend. Ever. Her Mr. North was an amusing friend, nothing more. (Most damning, the hero was willing to distance himself and his sister when nasty rumors about Mr. North circulated.) That put up a high hurdle for the story to clear when it came time for the big reveal and next, romantic phase. Given the set up, how could these two fall in love? I was on the edge of my seat wondering what the hero would do when he found out about her. Turns out, not much but mount her.

Where was the romance between H/h? Prior to Mr. North's revelation, the duke felt nothing but friendship and at times admiration for Mr. North's perception and kindness. So while she's secretly drooling over him behind her disguise, the hero's only ever seeing his friend, the fribble, Mr. North. The worst WTF was the duke's bland response to the big reveal itself. This made me cringe. From this point on, the story sank lower and lower into incredibility. Possible SPOILERS below.

At the key turning point, the duke sees the heroine at a masked ball, tarted up in blonde wig and revealing gown of a courtesan. He approaches her in her new disguise, has no idea who she is and takes her home to have sex. Not love at first sight, a one-night zipless deal. Forgot to mention, he was shopping around for his mistress-for-the-Season when he picked her up for a trial-run slap-and-tickle.

Then the He's a she! reveal in bed: The hero's reaction to her unmasking/de-wigging was incomprehensible -- sort of "Gee, Mr. North's got boobs. Better peek under the sheet a couple times. Yup. Okay. Let's get busy." Wha? After the BIG, LONG, INVOLVED build-up about her convincing Mr. North disguise, the duke - a real rake by rep - sees his best male friend's head on a body with breasts and quim, and that's all he does before humping her? From that scene on, he was TSTL or too shallow, take your pick. It only got more painful and, for me, unromantic from there. Their subsequent decisions (she does become his mistress) made them less and less appealing.

I read hist. romances to see two people, often opposites, deal with obstacles or conflict, and come to love one another as they overcome their differences. This had a doozey of an obstacle, she must be a he for life to keep the wealth she/he has fraudulently inherited. But after the set-up, what I got here was something between a duke and the dude-who-wasn't who he hung out with, then screwed, then married to spite his mother or grandmother-- can't remember, don't care. 1.5 stars. It wasn't even a particularly good bromance.

HOWEVER, to each his/her own. Other readers have loved this. And given the author's skill, another Regency romance of hers might suit me better. (But I'll wait till it's free. Lesson learned.)
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14 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on June 16, 2012
Way too often I start a book that had rave reviews and wonder "what on earth did the reviewers read?" Not so with this one! What a wonderful suprise to stumble across a hilarious, original work with surprises at every turn, and the best part is it is so well written. How refreshing to read a freebie that is not plagued with awful grammar, spelling, etc. Snappy dialogue, offbeat characters, an original plot - well done!

Look forward to reading more from this author.
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10 of 11 people found the following review helpful
on June 13, 2012
I loved everything about this book from the dedication (bravo to teachers who understand that kids don't all fit a neat little bureaucratic mold) to the very short and highly humourous author's bio at the end. With an abundance of 5 star reviews already here for you to read, I will not wax on about how great the book is but I will say it's as funny as... "a comedy of errors " meets "laurell and hardy" meets "honeymooners" meets "family guy" LoL. With some "Monty Pyhon" and "Robot Chicken" thrown in for good measure.
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on May 30, 2012
Millicent Boarder is a daring Regency miss. In order to save her mother and sisters, she disguises herself as her uncle upon his death and enters the forbidden world of men. The calamity begins when she meets an attractive Duke who has to power to see through to the woman behind the cravat. Their attraction leads to hilarity and hijinks as they move through London's top society. If you want a fun, fast-paced read that will leave you smiling, Ridiculous is the book for you!
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7 of 7 people found the following review helpful
on June 16, 2012
I, too, thank the Mrs. Fuller of the dedication for encouraging D. L. Carter to "put the story down on paper." RIDICULOUS is a wild, fun ride, and the character of Millicent/North is a person of goodwill, grace and hilarious wit. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about the trouble she gets into while trying to provide for and protect her sisters and mother. The heroine and the author truly deserve their happy endings!
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