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on August 16, 2011
When my guild fell apart on WOW after the Cata expansion, I decided it was time to try something new. I had heard some good things about Rift and knew a few people playing, so I went ahead and gave it a shot.

For the first month or so I was hooked. The graphics were amazing, and the ability to really customize your abilities and switch easily between specs made for a fairly versatile toon. Not knowing a whole lot of people on my server, the public grouping system for rift raids was appealing, and in the beginning, a lot of fun. I loved the sparkly artifacts tucked away in dark corners and hidden places. Being able to start the game with a mount (with the Collector's edition) was pretty cool, too.

After about 6-8 weeks, I started to lose interest. The random zone raids felt more like being part of a swarm of bees moving by instinct rather than an actual group coordinating and communicating to achieve a common goal. This was one of the big draws to the game for me and so it losing it's luster so quickly was disappointing. Also, while I enjoyed leveling, due to the lack of players (at least on my shard) max level content largely consisted of rep grinding - there simply never seemed enough players to raid, etc. Rift does have a queue system for pugging, much like WoW, however, even with tanks and heals in place, the queue time was often in excess of 45 minutes. The dungeons, at least for me, were unremarkable and unmemorable, making the wait for a group all the more frustrating.

I give Rift credit for being the first MMO to pull me away from WoW in years. It definitely has potential, but only time will tell if the game can get enough players and bugs worked out to become sustainable. Possibly worth giving a shot now that the game price has gone down, but don't be surprised if you don't stay. I definitely recommend trying it for the first month before committing to a long subscription!
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on April 3, 2014
I started playing Rift a month ago and liked the game. As with many MMO's storage is tight so instead of buying more bag slots in game I bought this disk to get two more slots and the character limit increase from two to six. It also gives one month patron status and 7,000 Loyalty points plus the patron bonus's like dally boosters and a free lockbox and key each week for a month plus the other patron perks. Well worth the price.
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What to say about Rift? Is it beautiful? Yes. Is it fun? Amazingly so! Is it different? Both yes, and no.

Visuals and Sound:

Are you tired of cartoony graphics that stress your video cards but don't really look all that good? I know I was! World of Warcraft knock offs abound these days, and I have gotten sick and tired of the same graphics every time I try a new game. I remember buying Age of Conan and being wowed by the graphics, why has it taken so long for another game to follow suit?

Well the wait for amazing graphics is over! Rift's graphics are on par or better than any other MMO out there. Everything is very "realistic" (in quotes because it is a fantasy world). Water looks like water, spell effects are top notch, and this is all done without stressing my 2 year old computer too much.

The sound quality is very rich. Yes, it can be a bit repetitive. A sword hitting a shield can only sound so many different ways. I do wish there was a bit of differention in the combat music but oh well. That is a minor gripe. Speaking of music: it is a mix of World of Warcraft and Guild Wars, depending on the area. I loved GW's music and am glad to see that someone else picked up on this style.


If you've played an MMO recently, then you know how battles go. You hit your predefined buttons until either you or the enemy dies. What makes this game different is the range of skills you have available even very early in the game.

Speaking of skills: You do not just pull from one specific class (or soul as they call it). You can use up to 3 souls at a time. Yes, the three you are using are fairly similar in purpose, but the function is completely different! By mixing the souls and purchasing their abilities how YOU choose, your characters can be very different even from someone else using the same 3 souls.

You can also change "Roles" on the fly. These are like Talent Builds in WoW. You can use any souls that you have available on different roles. I currently have a Tank role and a DPS role on my Warrior. This makes it much easier to make sure you are playing the right character for the job.

But is it "Just another MMO"?

Game play can be divided into a few areas: Open world grinding, Open world rifts, Dungeons, PVP.

PvP: This is done similar to other titles. There are battlegrounds with specific objectives. These are instanced and can either be really fast, or take a long time depending on the teams. PVP can also happen in Open World. Both reward you with points that can be spent on gear.

Grinding: Unfortunately, the quest grind is pretty much here to stay. At least it is very story driven in Rift. I do think they have you running around a bit too much, but this keeps the areas fresh and interesting, so I was pretty much ok with it once I got my mount (about level 15).

Rifts: This is a blast! You get another type of currency for closing Rifts and defeating "Footholds" in the open world. Every so often there is a major incursion which takes a large group to defeat. These are so much fun, everyone turns out to defeat the invasions from the rifts, and I always stop and close any Minor Rifts I find (it takes a small group to close a Major Rift). Footholds can easily be defeated in a couple of minutes by one person, depending on their level.

Dungeons: Pretty much your standard group of 5: 1 tank, 3 dps, a healer. So far the dungeons are a little shorter than some other games, but are still challenging and offer nice rewards. Definitely worth the time and effort!

Overall: I will definitely be playing this game a lot for the foreseeable future! The mix of Guild Wars, World of Warcraft, and Age of Conan is the perfect mix in my opinion. Finally, a gaming company learned from the mistakes of others and made very few of their own!
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on September 28, 2011
So I decided to break from WOW after 1 solid year of playing. I did Rifts half anniversary deal. Ten dollars for a game with a mount at level 1? Why not?! The fact that this game takes a lot from WOW doesn't bother me. It's nice to see things evolving. If someone does, something better, we all tend to use it no matter what. But I don't think, this is the case with Rift. So I'll break it down into likes and dislikes for easy reading:


Of course the graphics, and character graphics are beautiful. The characters look like humans trapped in a pc. Very well designed.

More character development and originality with soul system. A shaman, druid, necromancer all in one????? A healing mage? Insane!!!!!

World events and invasions!!!!! This is an awesome concept that will be the new wave of MMO's pretty soon. WOW needs to jump on this. (and I'm not talking about the lame elemental invasions before CATA came out) Full on NPC's attacking you all over the world!!!

Spell animations rock.

Instant public groups are a great idea and seem to work really well.

Love the fairies and Fae concept. A character WOW doesn't really have.

Rifts are mighty fun and get harder as you level.

Plenty of rewards.

UI is streamlined and more customizable (if you play WOW, you'll see what I mean)

Lots and Lots of class choices!

Fun animations to look at.

The characters "look" at people (this one cracks me up everytime lol)


The actual "Rifts" get old very fast lol. Once you do about 20 you see a rift and go "pass".

The actual graphics are nice but can be a strain on your eyes. After a while things sorta blend into this detailed mush of animations. Hard to explain but, sometimes too detailed is not always good. It's like looking at a resume with wall to wall words. No white space. Cities are the worst.

4 classes that all look the same lol. Elf and human is all I see. Oh wait, there's big elf little elf and humans with foe hawks.

A big one for me --> Lack of interesting lore. One thing that makes WOW amazing is the story it tells. Rift, ehhhh, not so interested in what's happening. The characters in Rift? I have no idea who is in charge. lol If I said THRALL, CAIRNE, MALFURION, OR STORMWIND you'd know exactly what I was talking about. I don't even remember the name of the major city in Rift. lol.

You're restricted to crafting in cities. Bleh. I want to be able to craft anywhere. To me it's not a matter of "Realism", this should be convenience. I was like wtf, I want to make 10 wool boots and now I have to go all the way back to town lol.

Mounts are horrible. Two-headed turtle you buy with the collectors edition is the best mount.



For the most part this game has great potential, if not for itself, for other MMO's to use to develop their own games. If WOW did some of the things Rift did, there would be no competition in sight. Rift has great ideas (you'll notice my likes are more than dislikes) but the lackluster lore and game play gets real old, real fast. It doesn't have enough to KEEP you interested after the initial awe of "new" gameplay. Overall I did one month, got bored and went back to Azeroth. Give it a try, you just might like it. Trying new things should always be something worth doing.
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on October 17, 2013
I love playing this game, and by buying this CD it saved me a bunch of money in game. The four extra character slot expansions and the extra baggage slots would have cost me around $10 for each item. I totally recommend this to anyone who wants to play the game, even though the game is now free to play, this will save you a lot in the long run, especially if you really want to immerse yourself into a great game.
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on November 24, 2015
Bought a brand NEW (don't ever buy used...the codes won't work!) CD so I could get patron for a month, 2 bag slots unlocked account-wide, and more character slots per server. This game is free to play and has been for awhile now - so the only reason to purchase this is for those bonuses. I got exactly what I paid for, and I feel it was well worth the small amount of money I paid. The CD came still wrapped in plastic and obviously new, the code works fine, product was shipped fast - can't be happier. For those that haven't played the game yet - go download it (the game is FREE to play) and test it out beforehand.
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on January 15, 2014
By buying the actual copy of the game you get a lot of great in-game awards. Such as 1 month (30 days) Patron status, 7000 Loyalty (if you don't have it already) 4 additional character slots per shard, and 2 extra bags slots account wide.
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on March 12, 2011
Pretty much all I can say has been said in the previous reviews. The game is plain and simple the best that has come out since WoW, and definitely the most polished/well done MMO-RPG out there besides WoW. Basically they took the ideas that were amaizing and worked from other MMOs (many from WoW, no shocking there) and implemented them in what I would say a much cleaner way. Example of this are the "RIFTs", which are a version of public quests introduced by Warhammer Online, yet they made them more appealing and in general better done, however they didn't take all the other bad things of Warhammer with it. Same thing we can say from a numerous of concepts that they definitely burrow from WoW and EQ, taking only the good and leaving the bad out.

The interface, world-physics and graphics are amaizing to be expected of such a new game. They out-do WoW in everysingle aspect in that sense, and sometimes by a mile (like the graphics). The interface is very polished, modern and clean, and incredibly customizeable out of the box, which eliminates the stress of Mod hunting. All the options you want are out there in the interface and very easy to modify them as pleased. The world-physics are on par with WoW, basically you don't feel that you are wacking a mob that is 4 miles away, like you do in Warhammer for example, this game has really good world-physics which is something that has been a weak point of most of the MMOs in the past decade. The graphics are plain and simple gorgeous, even if you run them at low settings you won't be dissapointed. The optimization can improve, but overall I've ran RIFT in different computer specs, including a very cheap no-gamer computer and has done well enough. However, I do recommend a modern video card for a better experience, like a GTS-450 or the like as minimun to run the game confortably.

All in all the game is really well done, definitely a worthy competitor of the leading MMO-RPG out there. However, some food for thought: When WoW was released it didn't look (nor had) nowhere near all the content and quality RIFT has. I remember WoW's launch, and as much as I love the game I have to admit that RIFT destroys the release-WoW in everysingle aspect. Now, the fact that they are releasing a product that can stand toe-to-toe with a 6-year old-WoW is amaizing, and they managed to do it without reducing the quality of the product. So if they have done such a good job with the release of the product, I can only expect good things out of Trion if they game does well (meaning subscriber base). They seem to listen quite a lot to their players, and are not afraid to make changes right away, which is something that made WoW the leading MMO-RPG on its time.

I know this will make some people out there angry, but this is the way I see it : If I was put in a table and shown both products, WoW and RIFT, and I had no prior knowledge whatsoever of either games, and I was told to choose which is the better game, which is a higher quality game: I'd say WoW is a cheap rip-off of RIFT. That's not the case of course, RIFT in fact balantly stole so many concepts from WoW that is impossible to talk about RIFT without talking about WoW, but they implemented them well, in many cases BETTER than WoW and other MMOs.

So my conclusion, if you are looking for another MMO, and even if you arent, RIFT is well worth it's price. It's simply a well done/polished product and can stand toe-to-toe with the leading MMO (WoW) and that's its release version, you can only expect good things out of this MMO in the future if you give them your support (by support I mean buying it and subscribing).
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on November 24, 2011
I'm not going to write up every aspect of the game, just touch on some key points for you.

Rift is great fun. I waited until it was out for about 6 months before I bought it, just to give it some time to work out any issues it had and see if it maintained any sort of player base. The graphics are pretty decent, nothing special but definitely not bad. The combat, and pretty much everything else movement and gameplay related, is honestly practically tweaked WoW cloning. I understand that that gets thrown around a lot with MMOs, and it irritates me when people say it, but it really is the case with this game. I actually think that the WoW similarities are what made it appealing to me and made the transition very easy. Same gameplay in a somewhat new and different world.

The rifts opening up randomly throughout the world are pretty cool, but it happens frequently and they sometimes spawn in quest areas, which can get old very quickly.

My biggest problem with this game is the somewhat small player base. The dungeon queues bring in people from all of the servers to run with, but I was still often in queues for HOURS as a healer in low-level dungeons. I cannot speak on how long the queue is for high level dungeons as I quit before I got that far (because of the queues and not finding people similar to me to play with), but from what my guild-mates say it doesn't sound too promising.

My opinion is that this is a pretty well made game with a lot of promise, it's just disappointing that there is not more people playing.
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on January 1, 2014
If your interested in playing the game you can't go wrong from the retail box purchase it gives inventory slots 2 or 3 which are $8 each to every character and gives 3 character slots which are like $10 each. So 5 Characters = $30 and +3 slots $24 x 5 Characters = $120 so $150 for the cost of the retail box and they throw in a free month of premium worth $15
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