Customer Reviews: Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World
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on April 2, 2011
If you ever watch the news, listen to the radio or check the headlines on, you must read this book. There is a battle going on for the information gateway of our country: the news media complex.

And the great general leading the charge, the brilliant strategist who has been literally on the forefront of this fight and has seen it from the inside-out and the ground-up, who makes it possible for you and I to literally hear "the rest of the story".... is Andrew Breitbart.

Anything we know today, about the JournoList, about ACORN, about Pigford is directly because of Andrew Breitbart. (And if you don't know about any of the things I just mentioned, start researching, because this affects YOU)

"Righteous Indignation" is part memoir, part treatise, part history lesson. It begins with the infamous ACORN sting investigation, in which James O'Keefe and Hannah Giles went to multiple ACORN offices around the country and asked ACORN to help them find tax breaks for their brothel, in which they claimed to employ underage illegal immigrants. Yes, they explicitly stated that was their business - underage human trafficking.

And Breitbart dropped the videos, one by one. Aside from the moral repugnance of the actions of the ACORN offices, the bigger story was that ACORN was doing this using taxpayer dollars. Within weeks, Congress unanimously voted to defund one of the largest community activists groups in the country.

All because of some bloggers and a couple of kids with a camera.

The next part of the book details how Breitbart became the biggest New Media magnate of our day, the driving force behind the biggest news stories in the last 5 years. Breitbart grew up in Brentwood, LA's upscale suburb, to middle-class, hardworking conservative parents. He then went to a liberal party school for college and wound up tens of thousands of dollars in debt with a degree in American Studies. (Which, by the way, makes me feel a lot better about that Creative Studies degree I got.) He found himself challenging both the values he grew up with and the values he acquired while in college - at polar ends of the spectrum - and having to decide which were really right.

The power of the internet was made clear in the 90s. It was the internet - specifically, the Drudge Report - that broke the biggest stories of the decade. Essentially, it was Matt Drudge that exposed not only Bill Clinton's criminal and immoral activities (yes, criminal activities, his impeachment was not about sex, it was about him committing multiple felonies.), Drudge also showed how much the mainstream media was ignoring, covering up and lying about. This is gone over in detail in the book so I won't recount it here.

Breitbart also tells about his key involvement in creating what is now the antithesis to his Big sites - The Huffington Post. Yes, The Huffington Post likely would not exist without Andrew Breitbart, and he is proud of it. He and Arianna Huffington, though on opposites side politically, are still friends. Why would he create a venue for people he absolutely disagrees with to be able to express their beliefs - often times hatefully about him? Because, above all, he's a believer in the importance of letting all sides into the conversation, and that when people are able to see all points of view, only then are they able to really decide what is true and what isn't.

In the midst of all these personal anecdotes, he drops a very heady chapter on philosophical history for the last 200 years. Wait, what? My brain was not ready for the shift, and at first it was a little jarring. But the history is important, and he is able to expertly articulate, in a very non-stodgy way, the connection between today's media and political personalities and Rousseau, the Frankfurt School, and Saul Alinsky. (Never heard of those people? You will.)

The latter part of the book is the treatise, the call to action, the good ol' fashioned Rebel Yell (if he'll pardon the expression) calling you and I to stop being merely observers of the world and be engagers. The communications landscape of our country is changing, not because of what goes in in some elitist J-school or because Jon Stewart shoots his mouth off and hides behind his clown nose, but because people like you and me, bloggers, everyday ordinary people, are doing to it.

As Breitbart puts it, it's time to walk toward the fire. It's time to stop being passive and settling for what the official story is from the government and the media. It's time to start engaging our friends and neighbors in conversation and education, to spread the truth and encourage others to seek out information for themselves, rather than being spoon-fed. It's time to start asking questions, holding these people accountable for spreading misinformation, for stoking fear and division. It's time to take up the mantle of responsible citizenship and start holding the 4th Establishment's feet to the fire. We're not gonna take it anymore.

Andrew Breitbart is to me what Rupert Murdoch was to my parents. The game-changer in the media conversation, the one person willing to go out and create an avenue for news from an alternate perspective, not just the canned official line of the establishment. The difference is, Breitbart isn't a multimillionaire doing this out of academic interest. This is his life. This is his country. This is our country. And it's time we stepped up and protected it.

Walk toward the fire.
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on April 3, 2011
Well, I started the book yesterday and was up reading it until 2:30 AM. The book is good. I finished it this morning. What is captivating about the book is that you get to peek behind the curtain into the real life media and political battle for the heart and soul of America. Breitbart takes you on his journey. I get the sense that there are huge gaps in the journey and that there is a lot that he is not telling us. But what he does tell us is fascinating and very insightful. At his heart, Breitbart is a big picture strategist, a gutsy provocateur, and a new media entrepreneur. This is a very good thing. There are very few of those on the right. The right is usually reactionary, playing defense and fighting the last battle-not the next one. His book is a clarion call and he gives us his game plan. Read it if you are part of this huge middle-right nation that has grown weary of seeing the media trash all that is true, good and beautiful. Join Breitbart's army. Oh, and bring a recording device and/or cash.
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on April 18, 2011
I received this book on my Kindle on Friday, and finished today, Monday. I follow Breitbart and his Big websites, and all the controversies through the past few years, so I am already aware and loved hearing about it from the inside.

Especially interesting was how the ACORN exposé went down, as well as the Lewinsky story and Drudge. It is amazing how Clinton's indiscretions were morphed by the left media complex into the narrative that it was only sex, and then digging up affairs by Republicans to run interference for Clinton. You forget how it was sometimes.

As someone who also grew up in LA and was a default liberal in my 20s, returning to my family's conservative values as I got older, I can relate to Breitbart's story of finding himself politically, and the satisfaction he gets from attacking the left by going after the Old Media Complex.
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VINE VOICEon April 10, 2011
The authors of a sci-fi webcomic sell a tee shirt with the declaration "Fools, I will destroy you all! (Ask me how.)" Staring like the subject of some monstrous experiment from the cover of Right(eous Indig)Nation, Andrew Breitbart declares that he will destroy the people who tried to make him in their image, and tells us how.

Born to conservative, apolitical parents, Breitbart was reared by the Political Left. In college he followed their plan. He partied, skipped class, and parroted what his teachers told him. When he realized he was in trouble, he asked for help. He was told--seriously--to spend a semester dropping acid in New York. He did.

At Tulane the Left taught him what they wanted him to know, showed him what they wanted him to see, gave him the Party Line that he should think. But Breitbart somehow retained a thread of sanity. When it came time to rejoin The World, he compared what The University had taught him to what he could see for himself in The World, and realized that the whole substance and foundation of his "liberal" education was a lie. A lie deliberate, malicifent, and malignant. He chose to choose, and chose to turn on his creators. And since the Mad Political Scientists of the Left had also taught him how they think, and how they persuade, and how they lie and inculcate lies, they gave him the means to do what they had never planned. They gave him the means to destroy them.

Righteous Indignation is part memoir, part manifesto, and part master plan for making good on his subtitle: "Excuse Me While I Save The World"

How does Breitbart plan to save the world? With the one thing the Left fears above all: the Truth. In "That Hideous Strength" C.S.Lewis wrote "They have an engine called the Press whereby the people are deceived." Breitbart means to force the Left to tell the truth about themselves, to help them when they are willing to do it (hence his work for the Huffington Post) and to force them to play out their machinations in the public view. This is not a battle for the meek or naive; the Left plays dirty and plays for keeps.

There is a twentieth-century word for Breitbart: Muckraker. But it's a far more precarious task today, for the Left are the true masters of Muck, tarbrushers extraordinaire, and utterly without scruple. They will destroy one of their own to save the cause, "throwing him under the bus" as a sacrifice to the easily distracted public opinion. They must be forced, step by step, to utter lies that can be exposed in succession. It is not a game for the gullible or short-sighted.

So far, Breitbart has won. Along the way, he explains the Left and its theories, how the Left sprang up in the soil of the industrial revolution, how a particularly dangerous strain bred in Europe and came to these shores with the persecuted academics whom we rescued during World War II, and how they have infected all our fiduciaries of truth. Much of it was already familiar to me, but it remains a revolting tale of treachery and ingratitude.

What happens next must await Breitbart's next book--unless we care to follow him on the Internet. That is the battlefield of our age, and Breitbart is assembling his forces. Expect to hear more.
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on April 15, 2011
Part auto-biography, part politics sprinkled with lots of laughs. This is one of the most entertaining books that I've read in years.
A great,easy read that's hard to put down.

Not just the same old Conservative opinion book that most would come to expect. Mr. Breitbart is truly a man on a mission, whose discovered his passion,and lives it. He has gone from one side of the political spectrum to the other, and experienced the different ideology's.

Andrew's humor actually makes the subjects of politics and media fun to read. Only wish it were longer.
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on April 3, 2011
Part biographical sketch, part political screed, Righteous Indignation is an engaging, revealing memoir by one of the more prominent players in the new conservative media. Breitbart reviews the key moments and influences in his life which he feels made him into who he is today.

The book opens with, and then about 2/3 through circles back to, his first encounter with James O'Keefe, which ultimately led to the crushing of ACORN. Breitbart considers this his first major victory in his war with what he calls the "Democrat-Media-Complex."

Breitbart also claims to have planted the seed in Ariana Huffington's mind for the Huffington Post website, by suggesting that it be a platform for left-leaning pop culture celebrities to spout their opinions. Interesting, if true, and so far, at least, Huffington does not seem to be refuting the claim.

The book bogs down a bit in the middle when Andrew gives the reader a tutorial on the history of the Progressive movement; this chapter reads somewhat like a transcript from the Glenn Beck show. But, like Beck, Breitbart understands this topic well enough to draw the necessary lines between it and the current occupant of the White House.

It goes without saying that liberals will not like this book, and will probably pepper this comments section with 1-star reviews to bring down its ratings average (most likely without even having read it). Ignore the trolls. If you're an internet enthusiast anywhere right-of-center politically, you'll enjoy this book.
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on March 29, 2011
You can tell a great book by the type of people that it pisses off.

The Moonbat Army is out in force, witness the utterly ridiculous 1 star reviews here.

Andrew Breibart is trying to balance out the Left-stream media, and that scares some people. But real Americans should thank him for all he has done.

The best way to thank him right now is to buy his book. Right now. Right here.
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on April 16, 2011
It's good that someone has decided to take on the institutional left, because the "mainstream media" is not up to the job. Time was when a reporter wanted to break a big story, expose a scandal or bring down a crooked politician. Now most in the media would rather push a bad ideology, leaving it to citizen-journalists at the BIG sites to break and pursue important stories. In this book, the author shares his personal story and combines it with an explanation of how things got so messed up. Now you can read the story of the creator of the Big sites who is fighting the good fight. Two thumbs up on this book.
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on April 13, 2011
This is an entertaining and informative book and well worth the relatively modest time investment.

Coming from a guy with an obviously short attention span (Breitbart of the self-diagnosed ADHD), the book contains some supisingly insightful observations and crystallizes a few truths in a concise and powerful way. Personally, I think the book needed the editor to take a slightly stronger hand on polish (e.g., a few word choices seem just wrong), but the shortcomings are few and then only mometary distractions. Also, I would have worked to persuade Mr. Breitbart to be a teeny bit more modest in his self-assessment (if only for the sake of appearance -- he really has done some very important things).

With that, I enjoyed the book very much and was inspired by it. I thank Mr. Breitbart for his admirable efforts to help preserve liberty, opportunity and personal responsibility in the greatest nation on earth. You can too. Buy the book!
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on April 6, 2011
Just got the book yesterday and almost have it finished. So easy to read and hard to put down. Having watched most of this play out through the years, I find the book an interesting look at Andrew's background as well as living history of an ongoing conflict between progressives and conservatives. Some detailed descriptions of the history of the progressive movement in the US as well. Clear concise writing style.
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