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on June 6, 2009
Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I picked this book because I like Lisa Rinna. After reading it, I still like Lisa Rinna, but the book doesn't live up to the portion of the title that proclaims "Getting Your Best Life Ever."

Keep in mind that the secondary reason I selected the book is that I'm in the author's age range and, therefore, in the demographic she probably hopes to reach.

But there's the rub.

This is a thin book, and other than some personal revelations and the occasional new tidbit of advice, it's comprised of information any woman who ever read Cosmo fairly regularly would have read decades ago and claims with no science to support them.

There are certainly good suggestions there, things any woman can do, as well as things out of the price range of most. Now, personally, I don't mind rich people spending money how they like -- it's theirs to spend. However, this book is so thin that it can't stand to lose to things that most of the readers can't implement. All this would have been fine in a more substantial book.

Ms. Rinna likes fads, too. And psychics. And anecdotal evidence. Which would make her a fun friend, sure, but it's of limited helpfulness here.

I'm okay with women getting plastic surgery. I think anyone who proclaims they like Lisa Rinna would probably be tolerant on the topic, but what does the average woman do with Ms. Rinna proclaiming getting some was the only thing that made her able to feel like rolling in the sheets with Harry Hamlin? She spends a lot of time talking about creams and exercise and drinking water and a good outlook, but when all of that is done, it becomes about the surgeon's knife defining her sense of self-worth.

She takes it as a given that people should drink 8-eight ounce glasses of water. Okay. Is there anybody who hasn't heard that? Then, I can't help but think of how this has been disproved several times in recent years -- most recently on Oprah with Dr. Oz. This claim would still be okay, as old as it is, as disproved as it is, if it wasn't in a book with advice of similar ilk.

There's nothing wrong with reminding women of advice we know -- sometimes it's a needed nudge. At some point I wanted substance though. Not: drink water, exercise, be open to your husband's needs, and research your plastic surgeon. Most women of a certain age could have written much of this book, as could their daughters.

I think a Lisa Rinna autobiography would have been great, with a sprinkling of health, beauty, and romance advice comprising a couple chapters, but the book doesn't hold it's own at what the author wants it to be. There are few insights here, little substance, and not enough to justify a book. This would have worked well as a monthly feature in a mag or a column on Huffington post, but I just don't see it fulfilling the title.

Three stars, because it's not bad -- just insubstantial. Definitely worth getting from the library or the bargain bin and I still think the writer has a better book in her.
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Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
This book reminds me of they type of book beauty queens like Raquel Welch and Victoria Principal wrote years ago spiced up with notes on sexuality. It will date quickly and is very personalized. Here Rinna bares all about what works for her. The book covers her fitness, beauty, spiritual, fashion and sex life. Essentially the reader is to use this tips to "rinnavate" their own life and become as happy and healthy as Lisa. Lisa has developed a program that really works well for "her" but it is so personalized and she uses such a mix of things whether it will work well for others seems unlikely.

For diet Lisa explains how she uses or has used a mix of "Fit for Life", "Zone", "The Blood Type Diet", detox plans, and eating small meals frequently, but goes on to say that her plan isn't really a "diet". One is left curious about what Lisa's plan really is.

Lisa suggests keeping up with your looks with injectibles but shares that she messed up her lips using them. She shares tips on how to whip your skin into shape but confides that she used the hard to get prescription accutane to get her acne under control. She shares home beauty secrets such as using Preparation H under the eyes. Use of Preparation H, in an area it was not intended for, could potentially be damaging.

Lisa's fashion tips have merit. She shares buying quality over quantity. But she also shares how she was once unable to join an event because she was wearing pants and they were not allowed. She had to wait in a small room. She enjoys telling this tale and others and it appears she likes to "shock the epater" ie shock the middle classes. Most of us can't pull off shocking the crowds and will look like fools instead. Often wearing appropriate clothing is best.

Lisa also takes on sexuality in her book and is unashamed to share about her and husband Harry's sex life. Lisa also shared she spilled all on Howard Stern. Why not keep intimacy intimate? As an aside, Harry wrote a beautiful introduction to the book.

A lot of Lisa's personality came through in the book and she comes across as a sincere person who is comfortable with herself. Overall though, I think Lisa may have been better off writing more of a biography and including a smattering of beauty tips instead of writing this type of self help book.

~ Lee Mellott
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on May 30, 2009
Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I began watching Lisa Rinna years ago on Days of Our Lives. She was always beautiful and captivating, so I was very excited when I saw that she had a book about her struggles and triumphants with beauty and life! This book was a quick read. It has over 200 pages, but the font size is large, and the style is easy to read. Lisa does a great job of keeping the reader engaged in what she is trying to explain. Most of her topics were interesting, some were not applicable or did not relate to me. When she talks in detail about skin treatment, facials, and other beauty regiments, she loses me. A lot of her focus is on outer beauty. I am okay with that as long it is focussed on making you feel better; I don't think women should get so hung up on their outer beauty that they miss enjoying life on a more intimate level.

Lisa speaks on different enhancement procedures that she's had, and I appreciate her honesty. She is a beautiful girl with great advice. She concentrates a lot of her book on her marriage and things she does to make her personal life more intimate. Even Lisa Rinna has struggled with some depression and feeling inadequate. She has some good insight into how she dealt with each of those issues.

Lisa writes this book as a real woman with some of the same issues that we all face. Although she's never truly 'struggled' with her weight, she has had baby weight to lose. She has some ideas about weight loss that are scientifically supported and easy to adapt. She believes in eating small, healthy meals throughout the day. She also gives some details about cleansing the liver and going on a liquid fast to cleanse the system. Her recipes are an added bonus!

Lisa is one of those weird ones who actually enjoys exercise! Yuck! For those of us who don't just love exercise, she gives us ideas on how to quick start our exercise regime. She also has some methods for losing weight fast to fit into a special dress. Those methods include both exercise and eating right.

She pays some homage to Howard Stern a few times in the book. He is not a man that impresses me, so that part was a little disappointing. She also has read and gained an understanding of "The Secret". I have some major issues with the subjects contained within it. All in all, Lisa is sharing her tried and true methods that have helped her achieve a healthy body, a healthy marriage, and is now allowing her to enjoy her 'best life ever.'
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on January 18, 2015
The problem with these celebrity self help 'Getting your Best Life Ever" books is that they are full of advice that is now, in 2015 ,out of date. Not practical for the rest of us who don't have personal exercise trainers and work out six days a week. Or high end clothing designers, manolo blanick shoes, or advising readers to "get your Mojo back" by having a boob job!
Written in 2009, published in 2010, this book is just like Lisa. She seems to be charming, cute, energetic. Fun, certainly, but I wouldn't take any of her advice seriously. This chapter lists outdated diet fads, such as The Blood Type Diet, The Zone Diet, The BBDO Diet. (Whatever that is) after saying in previous pages "I don't diet". When she "detoxes" for a Red Carpet appearance, she lives on lemon infused water with cayenne pepper, a protein bar for a mid morning snack, a salad with a ice tea for lunch, and only a cup of low sodium chicken broth with another salad for dinner!
I like Lisa, but this book is needing some updating. As well as editing! She comes off as very shallow, totally insecure. Jumping on every current media obsessed trend out there.. Oh, and gullible.. A weird psychic telling you that you need a curse removed, dear? Then soaking in a tub of ice water for an hour to "remove" it? Even desperate, I hate to say...Like I said, fun, if your girlfreinds are emotionally in the eighth grade. Don't don't expect too much ..I'm embarrassed for her.
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on July 24, 2009
Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I liked this book. I like Lisa Rinna, with reservations. She and I do not share moral values. While I think that Lisa seems like a genuine person, I would not make many of the choices that she has. That said, here's what I feel you may like/hate about the book:

It's more of an autobiography that "self-help". Lisa shares what has worked for her and openly conceeds that these things are not for everyone. Obviously, as a celebrity, she has a lot of help from professionals in the beauty business.

She is encouraging and not judgmental, but requires the same from her readers. She is bold but also shares her insecurities and a great amount of criticism she has received and has used to help her grow.

She is honest. There may be more personal information here than some care to read, skip it. I didn't need to know about her sex life. Her anecdotes about "spiritual pursuits" give her more depth.

Some suggestions are unrealistic, but she admits it. Although Lisa talks frequently of being "short on time" she still have no concept what the average mother of two does all day long. It's obvious from her personal care regimen, exercise schedule and career choices that Lisa must have a lot of help in the babysitting department. If you have a small fortunte to spend on sitters, in addition to self-care, you can take her suggestions and run with them.

There's still something for everyone. She does offer a detailed "7 day detox" program that she uses herself for rapid weight loss. It's completely do-able. She also share recipes for home skin treatments that do really work.

There is some conflicting information. She mentions in one section that she avoids sugar and artificial sweeteners, but also states elsewhere that she likes pizza, home made cookies and sugar free jello. On another note, she readily admits that the rules are not hard and fast, but good guidlines that she, herself cannot abide 100%.

Lisa is likeable. The book is a light-hearted and easy read. She is personable and open. None of the information comes across as "preachy" or "because I'm a celebrity and I said so." I've never followed her career, but have admired her diversity. I liked her even more after reading her book. If you want a few "red carpet secrets" and generally like Lisa Rinna, you won't be disappointed.
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VINE VOICEon July 16, 2009
Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I like Lisa Rinna, and I enjoyed her book with only a few minor complaints. I love that it came in hard back and that it is a pretty book. It has larger print, huge margins, and double spacing. I don't think the book would have been half the size, had they used a normal format. I felt a little cheated, I must say.
Now for the contents: I noticed a few times, that she tells you a rule to follow and then tells you to basically break whatever rule that may be. For example: She says to "never starve yourself and always make sure to eat many small meals throughout the day" and then on the next page she says "that when preparing for an event, she often has only healthy shakes, etc." No real food! If you're like me, you have to have food, not a shake, to feel full.

She shares some lovely photos of her and her family in the book and I enjoyed seeing that side of her. I'm only use to seeing the person I see on tv, not the family person she is. I enjoyed reading about her life and the advice on intamacy the most. I love reading about those kinds of things anyway. That's just me.

There are times in the book when she tells you about different parts of her diet that she adapts from different books and diet plans. I enjoyed reading those, but they aren't her own, they are from another person. I just didn't see many original diet dos and don'ts. Everything, I had read somewhere before.

I found that some of the beauty tips she offers are out of my price range, but never the less, they are helpful and would be good things to try, if I was going to some huge event and needed to get beautiful really fast. I enjoyed the fact that she offers recipes for many of her beauty treatments. Now that, I can do. If you enjoy beauty/diet books, you will probably enjoy this one.
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on June 29, 2009
I first checked this book out from the library, kind of as a joke. There were a few recent media clips of Lisa that were a bit on the immature side, which until then, I did my best to keep a positive attitude about her. Once I started reading the book, and got past the many sentences starting with "I", Lisa shares a lot! From her personal struggles throughout life, how she stays healthy & beautiful, to how to she got her mojo back after giving birth.....I found this book offered some great information for those of us who can't afford the Hollywood lifestyle.

Sharing her tips, recipes, beauty treatments, and fitness regimes, she gives specifics on her favs, some which are actually a reasonable price! Because she realizes we all don't get to experience top notch spa treatments, Lisa goes "Back to Basics" and has a nice lengthy list of homemade beauty treatments. I love this, and appreciate it! She's been on both side of the financial fence, and is generous in sharing reduced cost ways to pamper yourself.

She gets a little deeper and shares tough times in her life. She talks about her failed relationships, and Harry....her struggles with self esteem, postpartum depression, finding her path to happiness. I think many women can identify with Lisa's struggles, and it is comforting to know that you aren't alone.

Motherhood for her is something else I can appreciate...she does things her own unique way - which is fitting to her personality type. I am similar in that, and get interesting looks from supermoms =) She discussed her feelings about her body after her 2nd baby, and the effect it had on her sexuality and interacting with her husband. Boobs, gone...so she got a boob job, too bad she doesn't have any at home remedies for that!

This book is cute, lighthearted & fits her personality. Just be aware it gets a tad annoying at times =) She is open and honest, and thank you Lisa for that! Overall, I enjoyed this book...it's a keeper for me!
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Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Well, this book was a page turner...only because it was such easy reading.
If you look at reviews, hubby Harry Hamlin, has added his own five stars.
I believe that this book is a concerted commercial and in turn a full blown fiasco!
The book is so much about Lisa, her life, her purchases, her events, her career, her achievements, her loves, her shopping, her expenditures, her favorites, her moments and on and on.
Her extremely no holds barred approach to sexuality is almost laughable. Harry is happy. So if Harry is happy, she asserts it results in her own fulfillment.
So what about her choices of plastic surgery, posing for Playboy while pregnant and then again a few years later, considering Howard Stern a guidance force and mentor...gee whiz! Does that sound like she is comfortable in her own skin?
Her regimens and expenditures to achieve her look and happiness are pretty out there.
When Lisa writes of healthy food, she is at her best. But she is also at an extreme with her detoxing etc.
I was so disappointed. I had been drawn in by a few reviews that seemed to indicate there was something special to offer in this book.
If I was in a slump, an average woman, with average resources, this book would send me over the edge...and not in a good way.
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VINE VOICEon June 10, 2009
Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I will say right up front that I am probably the only person on the planet who has never watched Dancing with the Stars. OK, now I feel better.

Lisa Rinna is charming and I imagine that one would have an afternoon of fun shopping or sharing a couple of glasses of wine (of which she doesn't drink much) with her. Her bubbly personality really comes through in this book. However, this is a pretty fluffy book. The chapters are definitely filled with fads and personal anecdotes, not much in the way of real "how to." For instance, I can't imagine living on a liquid diet and getting colonic cleansings just to lose a couple of pounds. Readers should take her advice with eyes wide open.

The author is obviously in great shape and works very hard at it. But I wonder how many of her readers have the time and money to do likewise? The same for surgery and other more drastic beauty treatments. While she talks about how spiritual she is, she does tend to visit a lot of psychics, I wonder if she spends any time the great philosophers?

Finally, I was a little disturbed by the several references to posing nude for magazines. Is this necessary? She has two young daughters and one wonders what they will think of this when they reach dating age and their boyfriends are checking out their mother's Playboy spreads.

All in all, not a bad book, just a rehash of most drugstore women's issues magazines. Take it to the pool or the beach for some summer light reading.
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Format: Hardcover|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
One of the best ways to learn is from your mistakes. A better way to learn is from the mistakes of others. In Rinnavation, Lisa Rinna, whom I'd never even heard of before reading this book, shares what she's learns from her mistakes, her experiences, her friends and acquaintances, and from her wide readings.

She shares with her intended female audience tips and advice on health, exercise, marriage, sex, beauty and motherhood. At times in her life Ms. Rinna lacked confidence, was depressed, and felt something was lacking in her life despite physical possessions, looks, a celebrity husband and a lifestyle many would kill for. She calls her path to happiness and satisfaction Rinnavation. If you follow her path, who knows what good things could happen?

The "secrets" revealed in this book are nothing profound. One needs to eat right and exercise for good health. Good sex can make for a good and happy marriage. The power of positive thinking can go a long way in fulfilling your goals and dreams. Nothing new here.
As evidenced by her Playboy appearance (I checked out the photos myself, and she does look terrific in her birthday suit.) Rinna says she looks and feels better now than at any point in her life. She wanted to share her life's journey with others through this book and hopes her story helps someone.

I found the book repetitive, contradictory and rambling. This autobiographical advice book, sometimes blurrily focused and circuitous, veers and zigzags rather than progresses in a straightforward progression.

You can find some nuggets of good advice in Rinnavation and might even become motivated to eat right and exercise more. I even bought some berries and yogurt after reading the health chapter. It's impossible for me, however, to relate to such a wealthy, beautiful celebrity. A female reader might find it easier to relate.

Rinnavation is a bit of light fluff,a pleasant way for a Rinna fan to while away the hours on the beach or a lazy afternoon. After reading Rinnavation, you might be moved to tweak your diet, exercise more, buy some clothes, or maybe even amp up your resolve to achieve a particular goal. Just don't expect this book or the advice therein to have any life altering impact.
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