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on May 22, 2012
I am a big fan of Nora Roberts books, and I wasn't crazy about this one. Mainly because I didn't find the romance very believable. The chemistry was wrong, and the transition from rival to all of a sudden attraction and interest and love was not smooth and believable. The book was easy to read, but not fun like Nora Robert's usual. I usually devour her books. My recommendation would be to skip this one. Read her new Inn at Boonsboro series books, they're great!
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on January 18, 2012
This was not a bad romance except that it was a bit dated. Lots of smoking and no cell phones, maybe a few other things also that made you think what the heck was going on. I liked the story and the romance was good, being a re-release I wish Nora had edited the story a bit to being it into the current decade, I believe it would have been better received and enjoyed by a wide audience. The story was good and I love a sweet romance that doesn't take long to read, I'm a sucker for the Happily Ever After ending.
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on January 17, 2012
As someone mentioned this is a re-release, & I recall having read it a long time ago BUT I enjoyed thoroughly it this time around! Yes, the smoking is tedious and silly in 2012 but that was in the 1980s and things were lots different then so it seems to me must be taken in that context.

Now, me, I liked the characters, no one got on my nerves & the nice twists & turns were fun cuz I for sure didn't see them coming, except of course one knows romance will out :)

I wasn't sure about the certificate for diving being required there, don't know about that neck of the woods? But because I had doubts, wasn't upset that it wasn't required AND loved the bit about how one can snorkel underwater using the air trick! Wish I'd known about it when I snorkeled off Antigua years back. Really liked the location and descriptions too. I could see how the heroine had gotten into such a rigid way of thinking as she went through so much at such a young age when it would have impacted her differently than if she'd been older, but, what was she, 18 yrs. old - that's pretty young, so didn't find her narrow views of relationships unrealistic. I liked Jonas and Moralas too - he had a dry sense of humor.
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on October 11, 2012
I love Nora Roberts but this is not going on my fave list. In looking at my NR library, I much prefer her newer books over her oldest (1980s). If you're like me, then focus on her latest, like the Inn Boonsboro trilogy (which has some roots in real life as she and her family have restored an inn of the same name), the wedding series and books like The Witness.

As others have said, this story is dated (smoking, etc). My biggest objection is that the lead female has left home in disgrace, never returning even to the US, because she got pregnant out of wedlock. Given that time has passed, yes, out of wedlock babies was a bigger deal in the 80s but I have trouble with the melodramatic approach to this even more than the smoking. Having said that, I liked the development of the characters - Ms. Roberts is always good at developing characters.
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on July 16, 2013
Liz was a strong, independent woman who knew what she wanted. After finding herself pregnant by the man she loved, she found out that he had had no intention of making a life with her, especially after his parents threatened to cut off his money for college. He was studying to become a lawyer. He refused to become a father, threatened her, gave her a check and told her to end the pregnancy.
She left the united States and went to Cozumel. She worked in a hotel as a maid, pregnant, until she had saved enough money to start her own dive shop. She expanded to two diving boats, a fishing boat, and a glass-bottom boat. She did all this for her daughter. That was the most important person to her. She stayed away from men.
While her daughter was in Houston with her grandparents during the school year, Liz rented her daughters bedroom out to a man who was murdered. He worked for Liz, His twin brother showed up, shocking Liz. Demanding to know the answers to a lot of questions that she had no answers for.
While searching for these answers, Jonas realized that Liz had unknowingly been drawn into a situation she knew nothing about. It appears his twin brother had been involved in drug smuggling and had stolen some of the money and product. The drug dealers went after Liz demanding to know where it was. Jonas moved in with her to protect her and they worked together with the police to try to find answers.
Jonas realized the more time he spent with Liz and the more he found out about her, the more he was falling in love. Now if he could only convince her...and keep her safe.
Lots of action and suspense. Several twists and turns. A good read.
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on January 25, 2013
I chose this because it was by Nora Roberts, who sometimes writes entertaining novels. However, this book felt like an amateur's version of the last book I read by her. Then I saw it was written sometime in the mid '90's, so maybe she was still honing her craft. I would have appreciated knowing up front it was a re-print or whatever it was because it was a waste of time and money. I give it 2 stars for being written by a woman who can really do good stuff sometimes.
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on July 2, 2014
Risky Business is another one of Nora Roberts earlier books,circa 1986. And she combines mystery and romance very well.Her focus character, Liz Palmer,was easy to relate to. Single mom, jilted by rich boyfriend while pregnant, starts over in Cozumel.Works her way up from hotel maid to owning her own business. Fiercely independent and determined not to expose herself to the hurt of romantic involvement again. I liked her.
A murder mystery begins almost immediately, so this is a page turner for that reason alone. The love interest, twin brother to the murder victim, comes on the scene.Jonas Sharpe is the responsible twin,who has played the straight man for his adventurous, womanizing brother all his adult life. A lawyer(of course) he is determined to find his brother's killer and mete out his own brand of justice.
While not the most likable man, he and Liz do the romance dance as the mystery unfolds and eventually find themselves having an island romance. When the mystery is solved and Liz decides to send Jonas on his way, it gets creepy.Having been told no thank you by Liz and sent packing back to the States, he takes it upon himself to contact her parents and said parents allow an unaccompanied visit to Liz's ten year old daughter to the local zoo!
And when the daughter and parents come for their summer visit with Mr Creepy tagging along with an engagement rock, Liz is flabbergasted and says yes! I don't care what decade this was written in, that kind of creepazoid behavior would not fly with any mother I know of!
Fortunately, the mystery was engaging enough to keep me interested. The romance was controlling b.s. and I was sorry that Liz fell for it.
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on September 10, 2015
This book is more romance and less mystery. One twin, Jerry, is murdered in Cozumel, his twin brother, Jonas, comes to investigate. Elizabeth Palmer ends up in the middle of a drug smuggling operation gone bad. The twists and turns are up with Nora Roberts' romance mystery writing, but not with her mystery style exhibited in Sanctuary. The book is enjoyable and entertaining. If you are like me, once I star any book I don't want to put it down until I finish. The same goes for this one. After all, if you finish, you miss the surprise at the end.
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on June 2, 2015
Nora Roberts writes books that are interesting, keeps your interest and always wonderful. Seems she can write about anything and it is always great. What an author we have in her. Thank you Ms Roberts. A pleasure as always
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on December 26, 2015
What a nail bitting story.........not interested in love because you where hurt and don't want to go down that road again can leave many scares.......but some men are not worth crying for.......beware of those who are watching...........try to ignore and push away that was sent to find you and make you will read until the very end....
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