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VINE VOICEon April 27, 2011
First off, I want to say I really like this series. I would give every book previous to this one five stars. However, the new one left me completely underwhelmed and so bored, I couldn't even make myself finish it.
There was barely any action, and I could not care less about all the new characters that were introduced. The relationships with the characters are getting stagnant and boring, too. I was surprised when I realized I was halfway through it, and nothing had really happened. All the new characters were hard to keep straight, and I kept wondering why I was supposed to be emotionally invested in them enough to care what happened to them. Mercy and Adam going on and on about whether it was otters or a plant or whatever that injured that guy's foot was enough to put me to sleep. When you try to make cute, little otters out to be dangerous, you know your story is going downhill.
I cannot believe during the whole writing, editing, and publishing process, nobody noticed that this story was pointless. Briggs actually spent pages upon pages describing a museum visit Adam and Mercy made and all the exhibits they saw. It did not add to the story, and I was bored to death! Shortly after that, they were given a petroglyph tour by one of the new characters that went on for way too long, and I finally just gave up. I'm taking the book back today.
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on August 1, 2011
I strongly recommend you read the previous books in the series (Moon Called, Blood Bound, Iron Kissed, Bone Crossed and Silver Borne) prior to reading this installment.

I procrastinated to read this installment and for good reason. The plot was a complete and utter flop. It was so boring, reading this book felt like a chore. I was determine to finish this book, solely because I paid so much for it (talk about an over-priced e-book).

I have to agree with another reviewer that wondered "if Ms. Briggs was taken over by pod people." This installment wasn't as good or even resembled previous books. The main characters were basically a footnote. The storyline seem to come out of left-field, and lacked some sought of pizazz and direction.

In a lot of ways I wish the werewolves from Mercy's world were similar to the hellhounds from Sharon Ashwood's latest installment in the Dark Forgotten series, Frostbound or the weres from Ilona Andrew's Kate Daniels series. Sharon Ashwood's hellhounds and Ilona Andrew's weres feel more "alive" to me and have a greater range of supernatural diversity and freedoms. The werewolves from Mercy's world treat their wolf as a curse and don't seem to celebrate the connection to their wolf. In addition, the females are severely limited and function as nothings. They are low on the totem pole and equal to slaves with no other purpose than existing solely for mating and completely no other reason to be. And at that, they can't even breed as a were.

The story was overrun with an abundance of secondary characters. I rated this installment two-starts because I did appreciate the effort Ms. Brigg's put in to using a different culture for the basis of the book, instead of sticking to the usual European folklore, which most authors seem to do. I never really got to the point where I just couldn't put this book down or the story stayed on my mind constantly when I wasn't reading it. I was entertained at rare points but not held spellbound throughout most of this book.

In truth, I am contemplating if I really want to continue on with this series. I don't really see any point to it, what is the focus? Where is the series headed? Personally I feel like this series should have ended with Bone Crossed, then it would've ended on a high note.
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on March 4, 2011
Hmm.....Well, I am a diehard Mercy Thompson fan and have been eagerly looking forward to her new book - that I purchased at Borders for $2.76 w/my points -but this book fell short of her other novels, which I assumed to be her best efforts.

It was enjoyable but it didn't fit in w/Mercy's world. The tone and sincerity seemed off. After all, Patricia is writing about entities that don't exist. I acknowledge that those authors have to invent and update their worlds frequently. The mistake she made was leaving Mercy's world stagnant. No (except for two characters) development and in books of this type the author also spends a certain amount of time rebreathing life into the main characters. Writers of fantasy and sci-fi books have to constantly recolor their protagonists or they fade away. I felt like I got a B&W outline - like the author was too tired to bother.

I worry and am left to assume that Patricia felt her introduction of American Indian mythology and world beliefs could function as a character in the book. They don't. These stories and beliefs are not news to me. Maybe she spent the time and energy on her research instead of on crafting a Mercy novel. Maybe she just didn't get it right.

In past books, Patricia has brought credible life and backstories to vampires, ghosts, the fae & accompanying tuatha de danann, & sorcerer. Let's not forget the witches! I think the American Indian history that she learned didn't provide her w/the ability to incorporate their ideas and bring a credible vibrancy to that part of her book. It needed many more pages. At least the same amount of time she speant creating the other worlds she writes about.

ONE SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE between her other worlds and designing this one w/Amer Ind mythology is that there is a population of people who believe in them. None of her other worlds include entities that are still worshipped or revered today - in our current times. ???

Five things happen in this book: Stefan gets help, Mercy gets married, Mercy fights monster during honeymoon, Mercy meets other walkers, and lastly, Mercy meets her father.

Now, I'm one of those fans that can't get enough Adam. He's the only character from Mercy's world that plays apart in River Marked. So, it was nice to see more of him although we don't learn anything new.

I'm really sick of today's book editors. Don't they read these novels critically for story development? I think editors have put an end to the careers of numerous writers by not challenging them w/positive and productive feedback. Every book needs polishing.

Patricia Briggs is a great storyteller. This novels falls short of her other work. Oh, yeah, there is no ending. Start at the beginning of the Mercy Series and the Alpha & Omega Series. I highly recommend them. This book doesn't fare well in comparison to those that came before.

BAD NEWS - there are TWO sharp NEGATIVES - Patricia has contracted some "Laurell Hamiltonitis." If Bran's age changes one more time, I'm going to SCREAM. And, if the metamorphosis from human to werewolf continues to get increasingly painful from book to book, I have to wonder why they just don't end it and go for a swim. And, how scary is a were-animal that's takes 15 minutes to change, You could get on a bus and be miles away by the time they recover. LOL Right?

I'm a re-reader. I reread all of my books. Ya know, I just didn't care enough to reread River Marked. This deserves 2 1/2 stars. It could have easily have been 5 stars.

It all felt like an AFTERTHOUGHT. Check it out! If you pay for her HB, I'm afraid you will be diasappointed. PB price okay.

Over and out,
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on March 17, 2011
I loved the beginning of the book. Sweet, romantic, and funny. At around page eighty, when you're ready for typical Mericy trouble, the plot begins to form...if you can call it that. The book reads slow, the characters are confusing, and honestly...I just didn't care enough about the book as a whole to figure it all out.

I did finish it, and I'll definitely buy the next Mercy Thompson book. I'm just going to count this one as Patricia Briggs one allotted dud.

If you picked this book up because it was on the bestseller shelf, put it aside and go back and read the previous 5 books. They are incredible!!!!
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on March 9, 2011
I've been reading the super natural genre for many, many years. I have always enjoyed Ms. Briggs stories and have been especially fond of Mercy and her "group"(as well as the A/O series). I can't believe there are so many reviews giving this 4-5 stars. This story was HORRIBLE. Thank goodness, there are some "honest" reviews out here pointing out the numerous flaws in this book.

1. Very weak plot
2. You think about 1/3 into the story you might pick up some momentum and a hint of story line, but you're mistaken.
3. With the inconsequential characters, it's hard to keep them straight and really you don't care who is who.
4. Mercy and Adam by themselves isn't enough to sustain an entire book...short story, maybe. Mercy is too involved with the characters we've come to love in her books. They add too much to be dismissed here.

I made it to the last 1/4 of the book - skimmed the remaining pages and toss it back on the shelf. I neither wanted nor cared to finish this story. Unfortunately, I paid top book store price for the hard cover. After reading this, it was a hard pill to swallow.
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on March 16, 2011
I have loved this whole series except this book. To me the story and characters were boring. I found myself skimming, just wanting to finish and get it over with. Will the story end now that she is married? Adam saves me. I save Adam. Not the engaging story I am use too. This one goes into the sell pile!
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on March 12, 2011
I was so excited to get the new mercy thompson. I have read them all and really enjoyed them. This one just did not do it! not even close to the previous books in the series. It was very slow and boring. Near the end the excitment picked up a little but this one did not hold up to the rest. disapointed in this one :(
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on March 11, 2011
I have enjoyed the Mercy books quite a lot. Though there was a fair amount of standard strong heroine formula, Briggs invented a very clever and engaging set of characters with fairly complex relationships between them. The word in which they are set is also fun to read about. However the last couple of books have been way too focused internally rather than on the adventure at hand. In this one, the wonder of coming face to face with the Platonic Forms of nature and the insight into Mercys true heritage is subordinated to her relationship/marriage to Adam.

I grew very tired of hearing how fiercely she loved and possessed Adam and no one else could have him. Even worse was the constant analysis of what he said and meant and how she felt about it and how she should respond or not respond and on and on. This has always been a part of the books but usually in doses that served to make the characters human ( well... you know what I mean ) and relateable. It was the salt rather than the meat. In this book the ratios were off, with almost 25% gone before the adventure begins to begin.

I am sure this won't bother everyone but for my tastes, I can find more interesting reads if it continues. I may try one more but am not sure.
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on December 25, 2012
I like the secondary characters a lot and missed them in this book. I found the plot line was pretty slow and unsatisfying. I understand her wanting to get into Mercy's Native American heritage but I did not think it was done well. I don't have much to say about it because there isn't much story. I will give the next one a try but I get the feeling the author has tired of the series and simply has nothing left to say.

I would say to save your money, as this book does nothing to move the series forward and contains no new information.
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on May 24, 2011
I absolutely love this series, but not this book. It's so different from all the other books in the series, so much so, that it felt out of place. River Marked would have been a great short story to fill us in on Mercy's heritage. It isn't a bad or terribly written, but it seriously lacks the excitement of the other books. Briggs tried to cram too much history into this overly inflated story that had me constantly asking when she was gonna get to the point. This is a severely disappointing addition to an otherwise engaging story! Mercy deserved more than this. It just feels so incomplete. If she would have written this as a short story for us to read while we waited for the next book I wouldn't be so critical of it. Die hard fans will all be scratching their heads in wonder!
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