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on October 14, 2006
I got this karaoke unit for one reason and one reason only--because it had the ability to change keys. So many of my karaoke discs are just a few notes too high or low for me, and the idea of being able to change the key was very appealing. I have a key changer for audio tapes which basically speeds them up and slows them down to change the key, but I had never seen this feature with CDs. I also liked the idea that this model plays pretty much anything on a disc--CDs, CD+Gs, DVDs, picture discs, MP3, etc. etc. etc. (see the specifications!), but I really only needed it for the karaoke player.

So I got it and tried it out. The key change function works wonderfully. You have the capability to go up 16 keys or down 16 keys, so you can choose pretty much any key you want. The music does not speed up or slow down; it stays the same tempo. There is a little sound distortion once you get past 5 or so key changes on either side, but you're bound to find something within that that you can use.

Sound quality is as good as any other mid-priced karaoke player. The unit has all the regular features you'd find on a karaoke player--echo, mic volume, etc. The two included microphones are not the best quality. They are fine for home use, but if you want to record anything or sing in public, you'll probably want to buy a better mic.

As a DVD player, it's not so great. I am guessing that the synch problem must be hit-or-miss, as one of these reviews mentioned it and the other did not. I got a "bad" one I guess. The picture and sound are ever so slightly off. It comes and goes, so you might start a DVD out looking good, then 30 minutes into it the voices stop matching the pictures. For this reason I do not use it as my main DVD player. The fun thing about it is that the key change function works for DVDs as well as CDs, so you can amuse the kids by playing something with really high voices. Again, the action doesn't speed up; it just gets higher pitched. I have to wonder if this is responsible for the synch problem, as the sound can be manipulated without the vision changing.

There is another small problem in that the manual is poorly translated and doesn't contain instructions for half of the functions on the unit. You have to sort of mess around and figure things out through trial and error. This will be a problem if you want to use a bunch of weird features, but if you just want to play music, you'll be fine.

Bottom line: if you want a really great karaoke player, I would recommend this. If you expect to use it for DVDs, be prepared to be disappointed. It makes a good addition to an entertainments center so long as you have a backup DVD player. Use it for music alone and you'll be fine.
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on November 22, 2004

I'm astonished by how bad this DVD player is. Yes, it plays DVDs from any region, but the "playback" is an immense problem that makes the item worthless.

First, the video and audio playback are completely out of sync. This may not matter to you if you're watching an imported film with subtitles, but watching any English DVD is a complete pain. The delay is about half a second or so, and it's impossible to correct.

Second, within 3 months of using this item (watching 3 or 4 DVDs a week), the eject mechanism failed. I had to unscrew the top, pop off the casing, and manually open the tray to remove a stuck DVD. This problem happened a second time, and I had to remove the springs which close the DVD "Eject" door. It gets stuck on half of my DVDs, which means I have to take a butter knife to the player, stick the knfe in to the eject gear, and rotate it until the tray comes out far enough that I can pull it all the way out. When I close the tray, it doesn't go all the way back in, so I have to nudge it with my finger tip.

Finally, the video resolution is such poor quality that you can see vertical lines on the creen from 7 or 8 feet away (on a 27" TV).

This DVD player fails in every respect. I'll toss mine in the trash once my replacement comes in the mail--I wouldn't Ebay this to anyone. I have no other experience with Daewoo products, but after this, I'd say buy from another company altogether.
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on November 23, 2004
I purchased this DVd Player last year in hoidays and it works great no problems good picture quality no goasting no region problems It plays my all DVD's from UK on US tv plays PAL and NTSC without any problem also has very good sound Will paly Regions 1,2,3,4,5,6

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on July 18, 2007
Absolutely love this product! I hooked it up through my Bose and I had no problems with the mic quality after that. Cheap entertainment is exactly what I wanted and this is a lot of entertainment for the price. I have been singing for hours and am very satisfied with the quality, very sturdy. Somewhat tricky hookup but eventually figured it out.
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on February 12, 2011
RJ Tech products are garbage. I bought their karaoke system and soundbar and they broke down in less than a week. Their customer service is also garbage. Rude, impatient people who could barely speak English over the phone. I went to their office in Chino and their manager, a bumbling fellow by the name of William Hsiao, admitted that their products are junk and they get complaints everyday. This guy had the nerve to accuse me of tampering with the POS they sold me. After an hour of arm twisting they finally agreed to replace their junk. I went home and used them for about a week before they died again. Went back to their office in Chino and that they said they won't honor warranty on a replacement?! I gave up and just threw their POS in the garbage next to their office. As I drove off I saw two of their employees digging through the thrash to salvage the POS they sold me. They'll probably try to resell them as "refurb"... This company is garbage, STAY AWAY!!!
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on June 12, 2009
i have had mine for over a year now and never had any of those problems. you just have to set up the unit correctly to play what you want. i did have a small problem with the audio on the dvd but after finding the correct setting then all was well. the karaoke part worked great as well and even read my own karaoke disks i made myself as well. the pitch control was perfect and did not hurt the song itself or speed. the echo effect worked well and it allowed for 2 microphones that came with it when i bought it. the tray for the disk worked great as well. if you read booklet it tells you not to set anything on top of this unit as it will effect the free motion it needs to eject and take in the disk. sitting something on top of this unit causes pressure on tray and when it tries to open it puts strain on the belt and will stretch it so soon the try will not close on it's own. if you read and do as it says and take care of it along with not sitting things on top of it. this unit is perfect in my opinion. the karaoke part works great as well as the dvd part and the picture is awesome too. the only thing i did not like about it was the microphones included. they work ok but i went and bought 2 shure pg58 mics which worked perfect for this device. so all in all i have to give this item 5 stars........... but i wish i could give 10.............. note people just need to read the directions all the way to set this up and it will work great. i found those who complain just lay the instructions down and then play with it. then when they find it will not work right it is the device and not them forgetting to really read the instructions. so as long as you read and do what it says you will have a great device to last you for a long time. mine still looks and works like new! still wish i could give it 10 stars LOL.
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on March 30, 2008
The RJ Tech RJ-4200 was my very Karaoke system. Of course it is easy to buy something expensive at your local electronics dealer, but I already have one so I used what I had. DVD Playback is fine, but I use a seperate DVD Player.

The first fact I noticed was that the microphones it came with were not ideal for parties or gathering or friends. I quickly swapped in a pair of Sony Microphone F-V620 Vocal Microphone I bought. The sound quality improved by a great factor, and I was able to hear the voice clearly.

The funniest part about this system was that at one time when my friends were around, we loaded up random Hollywood Films and just sang into the movie whenever there was a vocal scene. We ended up laughing at how much we needed to train to get a singing voice.
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on February 24, 2009
I purchased a RJ4200 DVD CDG Divx RJ4200PK Karaoke Player, 2 Mic + Supercore 2008 - 16 CDG on 2/16/09 though a karaoke website and got it in about a week. I hooked it up and the CDG played just fine, but when I tried to sing into the mic it would make a terrible crackling sound. I thought that maybe it was the mics, so used the my own mics that I've always used with my old karaoke machine and it did the same thing. I also tried to adjusting the mic volume, the echo, the delay, and the results were all the same. I feel like I would of been better off just buying a little karaoke machine for $35 I never had any trouble with the one I've had for years. Anybody that says this karaoke player is great are fooling themselves and don't karaoke very much. If you enjoy karaoke like I do PLEASE HEED THIS WARNING!!!! Save your money and read good reviews before you make a purchase
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on January 12, 2012
The karaoke player works very well.The only thing is you need to have a separate amp sound system to here yourself singing on the mics.The player will play the background music and show the lyrics on your T.V.,but there is a separate rca plug hook up for the mics to work right.
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on June 19, 2012
I found that the R J Tech 4200 was a great buy for such a great product. I have had one previously that I dropped. I use mine a lot singing karaoke. I would recommend this product to anyone and would certainly purchase another one.

Leslie Reeves
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