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on December 13, 2000
I couldn't believe my eyes last night when I was watching ALL THE KING'S MEN:THE SECRET LIFE OF ELVIS, about Elvis' so-called Memphis Mafia, when I got so fascinated by these men and their behind-the-scenes stories about the King, and then one of them started to look familiar..."Wait a minute!" I thought, "That red headed man looks like the guy from ROADHOUSE!!!" I remembered hearing about Red West years ago but I didn't know he was an actor and so I just looked him up on the cast list for ROADHOUSE and there he was!
This is an entertaining movie, with a good hero, terrific supporting actors, and Ben Gazzara is just right as the small town mean rich guy! The women are attractive, and the bar scenes are a lot of fun, too. I just wish the story had been written to lead to a sequel, and that Sam Elliot hadn't been killed off, as he and Swayze worked well together.
The photography is excellent, and there are several unusual character actors. And one other thing... RED WEST IS GREAT IN THIS MOVIE!!!
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on August 2, 2006
Road House mania has finally hit in 2006! Not only has this movie, which has been to late night TBS what Whoopi Goldberg is to Hollywood Squares, finally been reissued in a special edition, but now Mike Nelson from MST3K has released a RiffTrax for it! Road House was long acknowledged as a target that Nelson and the 'bots wished they could skewer on MST3K and he finally got his wish.

Listen, Road House is great. Tinker, Sam Elliot (voice of the beef council) and the oh so creepy owner of the Double Deuce are some of the best characters to ever populate small town Missouri. But watching it with Nelson's RiffTrax playing in the background took the unintentional (i think?) comedy of Road House to an entirely new level. Nelson is both knowledgable and funny, the kind of guy you wish your friends were as clever as. If we are ever blessed with a 20th anniversary edition of Road House, I would hope that Nelson's riffing can be included, because I can't imagine watching this movie again without it.

Check it out: [...]
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on February 3, 2000
Patrick Swayze's crowning achievement. He's Dalton- the NYU philosophy major turned king of the bouncers. Dalton enthralls us with his wisdom with lines such as "Be nice" or "Pain don't hurt." He is ably supported by the king of cool, Sam Elliot, as the bouncer guru. Opposing them is Ben Gazzara as big, bad man around town, Brad Wesley.
This movie is a hoot! A well-made and fast paced action flick. It's a guilty pleasure. You know it's bad; yet you can't help watching it. Once you start watching "Road House," you won't be able to stop. We have rednecks fighting, their girlfriends doing stripteases on tables, more fights, a monster truck used as a prop, more fights, a trophy room that could have only been stocked by hunting in a zoo, more fights, Memphis Mafia member Red West as a supporting actor, more fights, and a stuffed polar bear being used as a weapon against the baddies. A special mention must be made for Marshall R. Teague as Jimmy, Brad Wesley's main goon. Jimmy stares at Dalton. Jimmy laughs maniacally when he burns down a house. Jimmy informs Dalton during a fight of what he used to do to guys like Dalton in prison. (It leads one to believe that when Jimmy was staring at Dalton it might have been more about checking out his bod than trying to intimidate him.)
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on December 10, 2003
What on the surface seems like a basic 80's action film is actually hiding a film that will eventually come to be recognized as THE CITIZEN KANE OF DOWN-SOUTH, PHILOSOPHER BAR BOUNCER MARTIAL ARTS FILMS !
Every line of dialogue is a stroke of genius ("Pain doesn't hurt.."), every costume a master work (I was stunned that it didn't win an oscar just for the Pizza Hut (TM) table cloth dress that Kelly Lynch wore!) and the music probably made John Williams weep that he did not do this film.
No one, but no one could have played the Shakespearian character of Dalton but Patrick Swayze. No one.
Although watching it on DVD does not give you the necessary breaks to catch your breath from the intensity of the film like watching it on TBS does you can always pause it and breath into a paper bag for a few minutes and then go back to it.
Dismissed by many, the true fans can see beneath the surface of this film that was obviously hidden in the wrapper of an action film so that enlightenment could be passed onto the masses.
I have molded my life around Dalton's philosophies and have lived by the simple but truly wise wisdom of:
"I want you to be nice until it's time to not be nice."
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on March 9, 2015
This dvd is of course a must if you are a Patrick Swayze fan. Typical 80's movie. Swayze plays the mysterious and almost mythical bouncer who comes to the biker bar from hell to clean it up. The problem is that the whole town is run by a wealthy sleazy narcissistic psychopath. Lots of good fight scenes and good music too. The hilight is probably getting to watch Sam Elliot who is always a treat to see. Love interest is blonde Barbie who is also the local doc. Thankfully Swayze did not believe in graphic sex scenes so we are spared the embarrassment. There is just enough to foreshadow what was to come the following year in "Ghost." Funny that they do play the exact same song during the love-making scene that they play during the love-making scene in "Dirty Dancing." Were they just trying to capitalize on the previous success? Looks like they could have chosen a different tune. There are no great bonus features on this dvd and by that I ultimately mean either a behind-the-scenes making of/ retrospective or a feature commentary with Swayze. He must not have been a fan of dvd commentaries because of all the movies of his I have on dvd- probably all of his "big movies" like Dirty Dancing, Ghost, Point Break, City Of Joy, Red Dawn, Too Wong Foo, North and South and some others Tiger Warsaw, Grandview USA, Uncommon Valor, Youngblood, not once does he do a feature commentary. The only instance I can find is on The Outsiders re-issue The Complete Novel he does participate in a feature commentary with certain other cast members. This is the only time I can find that he does this. Not even on his show The Beast but obviously he could not since he passed away before this show came out on dvd. What a shame because as a Swayze fan I would love to hear commentaries with him. Sadly we never will. But Roadhouse is a good Swayze movie- sensitive with action and even a little humor. And classy throughout...
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on May 15, 2005
This is the greatest movie I own. It has everything you could ever want in it. Fighting, boozing, strippers, blowed up buildings and a monster truck. There is also a character who looks like the poor-man's Patrick Duffy and he gets his throat ripped out by a sweaty Patrick Swayze. The best part about this movie is that it makes no logical sense and you will understand that when you watch it. And you should watch it.
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on December 17, 2002
Road House is like jazz, if you have to ask you will never know. It sneaks up on you like a STD, you don't know you have it, until you REALLY have it. From Swayze's peacock mullet to his greased up body doing slo-mo kung-fu moves on the beach, this movie is art for artists.
Patrick Sayze, Kelly Lynch and Sam Elliot combine to form the holy trinity of "world-class bouncer with a shady past makes good" movies. Evey word of this movie is like pure poetry, and every image should be preserved so that our children can learn what it was like to be white-trash in a time and place made for white-trash. A great story arc, that ends with our fair-haired hero vesting the pernicious Wesley, played by Ben Gazarra. Finally, just remember what Patrick Swayze tells Kelly Lynch upon their first meeting, "Pain don't hurt."
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on February 14, 2003
This is hands down the best movie ever made! The timeless plot, the believable characters, the conflicts both internal and external, etc. make this a true gem of a movie. Although Hannibal Lector or maybe Darth Vadar are considered to be the "ultimate screen villains" is there any one character in movie history more frightening than Brad Wesley? Ben Gazzara's turn as the kingpin of Jasper, Missouri is remarkable. Perhaps only one or two times in film history has there been a better performance (possibly DeNiro as "Jake LaMotta" or Pacino as "Michael Corleone").
However, Gazzara brings a scary realness to the role of Brad Wesley that has been long missing from your typical good guy/bad guy Hollywood movies. Don't get me wrong I love Dalton, but Brad Wesley steals the show. I highly recommend "Road House." It is an absolute joyride of a movie that is suitable entertainment for the whole family.
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on February 5, 2016
This is an exceptional martial arts movie - Bruce Lee meets a Clint Eastwood western. Swayze is totally convincing as a simmering badass, the themes of love and friendship and the contemptible, smug "big boss" villain give this flick a hell of a kick. Pure, engrossing entertainment with heart.
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on November 15, 2000
In the grand tradition of fight now, ask questions later, comes Road House. Patrick Swayze is Dalton. He is the new breed of bar bouncers. Calling himself the cooler, Dalton is small, a martial arts expert, and he has a degree in psychology. This means bad news for the regulars at the Duece, Duece because Dalton has been hired to clean it up. And clean it up he does. But first he had to personally put every piece of bad element he doesn't want out on their rear ends. Everything seems to be going right until Dalton runs head to head with Brad Wesley(Ben Gazzera). Wesley is like the town's dictator, he owns a piece of just about every business in town and he doesn't like Dalton's presence one bit. Lucky for the audience one of them must go and Dalton isn't one to budge easily.
This is a guys movie all the way. Swayze is awesome as Dalton. He is cool, confident, and tough as nails. Gazzera is good as the villian and he sends plenty of thugs over to the Duece, Duece to keep the action coming. Sam Elliot is great in his supporting role as Dalton's mentor, Wade Garrett. And of course there has to be women, and there are, but none hotter than Kelly Lynch, Dalton's love interest. Roadhouse never slows down. It has a great soundtrack and it is well directed. It's just a fun movie.
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