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on April 28, 2013
I sure hope they don't cancel this GREAT show. I'm so tired of all the reality shows. I can hardly wait until the DVD is available. Sure there are some inaccurate aspects, but with being a show about the times 50 years ago, we should give them a break. Not nit pick some much on cars, clothes etc. You can watch episodes on the network website. That's just an option. Sure hope the execs at CBS have the good sense to keep this show for next season. It always comes down the those Neilsen ratings. How many of us have the box anyway? How about all of us who don't, we don't get a vote on this. Not too fair.
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on April 23, 2013
VEGAS combines the style of MAD MEN with the drama of BOARDWALK EMPIRE and the wit and charm of WHITE COLLAR. Love the sets, the plots, the fashions and most of all, the acting and star power! VEGAS is a class act all-around. Please keep this show going for several seasons to come. A winner!!
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on March 12, 2013
Good honest fun show. Not Vegas but then what is? Living in Vegas since 63 I find this to mirror some of Vegas but is candy coated for TV. Ralph Lamb and his Brother Darwin OWNED this town for 20 years and while Ralph was Sheriff no one screwed up. They minimized what he actually did to law breakers. Folks who were thieves were "rumored" to find themselves out at the state line in underpants and nothing else after a VERY long and sound beating. The Lambs were not everyone's cup of tea but as a law abiding person they took care of the town and no one messed with them.
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on March 2, 2013
I have been reading where Vegas has been cancelled. I am sorry especially if they leave it hanging. There are shows that are a lot worse than Vegas. I say they should give it a chance.
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on February 20, 2013
Great story line, wonderful eye for details ie set and setting, acting is awesome, casting I love both the good and bad guys. The show ends and I can hardly wait till the next week. Best show I have seen in a long time. It's a 5 star, scale 1-10 it's an 11.
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on January 19, 2013
I like the attention to detail (takes place in the early '60's) on the sets and props. The acting is excellent! My favorite show.
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on July 30, 2015
Vegas, without a doubt, is the best series I have ever seen. The writing, acting, and photography are all first rate. This show should have run for ten years. The setting is early 1960's Las Vegas. The mob has just moved in and they sent in the Mr. Savino character. I saw all the GODFATHER movies, but no one ever captured the head, heart, and soul of a an intelligent and complicated Mafioso like Savino. The man eats spaghetti, but he farts Angus beef.
His opposite number is Sheriff Lamb. I don't like Westerns and I find the idea of the two-fisted cowboy ridiculous, but the Lamb character gets six stars out of five. He is as rough as Savino is suave. He is as straight on strong and smart as Savion is devious. Where Savino looks a little doughy, Lamb is as lean as a slice of jerky and just as tough.
These two guys go head to head, toe to toe, knuckle to knuckle every episode. Sometimes they clash horns; others, they almost join forces. In real estate it is location, location. In Vegas it is the writing and the acting. Dennis Quaid, Michael Chicklis, and Sarah Jones give master performances. There are a number of writers and they are all award level professional. Nick Santora, Stephen Levenson and Greg Walker are frequent contributors. These guys know how to make you laugh, cry, and keep you in suspense.
If you don't like the Savino character, you are strange. If you don't admire the Lamb character, you are stranger. If you don't fall in love with the Mia character played by Sarah Jones, you are not human. I was born in New Jersey, so I know how beautiful Italian women can be. Those girls can stop your heart and shut down your brain. Sarah Jones with her curves and bee hive hair do can "shake my bones and rattle my brain". She leaves me breathless and wanting more scene after scene. Jason O'Mara got to do all those love scenes with her, but he didn't deserve it. Nobody does.
I have no idea why this show was cancelled after 21 episodes, but it is an obscenity that this show only lasted one season.
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on February 26, 2014
It is hard to keep my attention. I've seen so many TV Cop shows they all seem to use the same script with some tweaking. This one did come up with a novel theme. So it was more tolerable and entertaining than many-many others.
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on February 1, 2016
Vegas initially pissed me off because I can actually remember some of the now "gone bye" great older casino's and clubs. I am NOT one of the fans of the "new" Vegas and that alone got me watching initially. The first several episodes were clunky of a sort as if the actors were being fed their lines via a teleprompter or some such things and the Sheriff initially was not a believable character but with Episode Four everything started to really gel and I started to really enjoy the show a lot. I rated it four stars here due to the slow start et. all but I am now hoping for a Season Two that takes off like gangbusters no pun intended. The best character acting is being done by several of the peripheral gangsters and I hope that the powers that be were savvy enough to beef up their roles a bit. It is a good show to watch especially when there is no one in range who will pipe in with "oh how violent it all is"" and similar. That means no kids and preferably no women folk who cannot stay quiet as the writing improves with each episode and the nuances, especially from the mobsters is important to hear. (Kidding of course with the women comment as they are after all very nice to have handy to prepare and bring in the snacks and other chow while the show is on!!) Expanding my fan base one review at a time! Scott
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on April 25, 2016
This show had so much potential, granted that I am only up to episode 5 down I started to lose interest due to the way the show progressed episode by episode like a pattern. For starters I wasn't expecting this show to be "each episode mystery solved" type show, consistently every episode builds up a case from the start of the show then abruptly the suspect is caught towards the last 10 minutes of the episode... The worst part? Every time they catch a suspect it's as if none of the criminals of this time know how to lie, each time the sheriff asks a question it's like they were dosed with truth serum, immediately they admit their crime... All in all, it just became a disappointment as the show started to become a kid's Disney type mystery show with adults as characters. It was almost comic and I couldn't take any of the characters seriously.
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