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on May 24, 2010
In all four previous reviews and in the product description there is no mention on how long these cables are! In the picture they look pretty long, and you would think length would be a primary concern. So, from the back of the product packaging, once I received the product, here you are: 2 Feet long, 14-gauge wire.
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on February 21, 2012
I bought this cable to go along with the viair 85P portable air compressor, that way I didn't blow fuses.

As soon as I opened the cable, I noticed it was only a couple feet long, which is not very long, but I was happy anyway.. The clamps also don't open up far enough to connect to a battery terminal securely.

I took it outside and plugged it up to my compressor, popped the hood of my car and as soon as I opened the clamp the positive wire fell out of the clamp.

Once I inspected the wire and the clamp, you could clearly see there was almost NO solder on the wire, and what little bit was on it was a "cold joint". The cable was also not crimped to the clamp like it was suppose to be (it looks like someone forgot to crimp it) , which is another reason it came apart.

I went ahead and pulled the sleeve off the negative clamp and noticed it WAS crimped (unlike the positive clamp), but the solder was also very little and cold-jointed.

Both clamps were also forming rust around the solder connections where the wire goes.

LUCKY FOR ME, I own a soldering station, so I disassembled both clamps, cleaned up the rust, re-soldered them on PROPERLY and THEN crimped them. They work perfect now and should never come loose again.

This is the first time I've ever rated a product 1 star, but when it literally falls apart as soon as you remove it from the box , it deserves 1 star.

I'm just glad I wasn't stuck somewhere on the road with a flat when it fell apart on me. Luckily I ALWAYS test my equipment before I rely on it for emergency use.

I wouldn't recommend this product unless you own a soldering iron and want to take the gamble of fixing it yourself or returning it to amazon.

EDIT: I bought another set of these cables, and they were properly crimped and soldered, I will upgrade my rating from 1 star to 2 stars, but RoadPro needs to improve their Quality Control.
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on April 9, 2013
Both the stock photo, and the J.Koster JPG you see of this product are no longer valid, and what
you get is what my JPG shows.
The product has been cheapened by shortening the wires by half (now 1 foot)
by the time you spread the wires apart enough for the clamps to reach both
terminals on a standard sized 12 volt car battery, you have just taken up half
the wire length which leaves you 6 inches left over.
I have not stripped the insulation of the wires to check gauge, but it can't be anymore
than 18; 16 at the most.
While the product does work, you would have to use it right on top of the battery, which is
OK for me, as I only use it for test purposes.
As far as the whole "Front panel illumination" line, I can't figure out why that is in the
product blurb!
The product comes in a cheap clear plastic bag, NOT A THERMAL FORMED PACK! as is shown, so
the product you see is not the product you get.
Again, see my JPG of what you ACTUALLY GET.
Due to the low price, it is not worth returning, but you should be aware of these changes.
review image
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on May 20, 2010
I bought this to use with a Vivair air compressor that draws about 15A. It will work off some accessory sockets, my bimmer works for instance, but not for very long without the engine running. In my truck, the amp draw is high for the accessory socket and it is only active with the engine running. This is a bit of a pain when you want to check and air up your tires. So I clip this to the battery terminals and I am good to go. The clips are not huge but work fine for me and the construction overall is fine. It is nothing very fancy but it is well worth the modest price IMHO.
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on January 7, 2010
Works as advertised. The little clamps should be much bigger - the same size as what you have on light duty jumper cables. This way they would connect securely. Also, the short wire supplied should be a tad thicker. Main concern and 4 stars is b/c of the clamps being small and not very secure on battery terminals.
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on July 12, 2011
Works fine for the occasional use. It is pretty well made, but the battery clips are pretty flimsy. They do the job for me on my cigarette lighter air pump VIAIR 85P Portable Air Compressor Both worked fine
The wire gauge was adequate and I noted no heating of the wires for the 15+ amps this pump draws.

I will say that plugging in a cigarette plug is quite hard.. you may think you're going to break something, but it does work.

The unit appears to be designed to be more or less permanently mounted as it has a "water cap" over the plug, but I'd certainly not use it for that purpose.

Some might desire longer wires. They are about 2 foot long, but I suppose no length is going to be "right" for everyone. It was adequate for me. A 12-foot extension set is available for those who might want LONG wiring RoadPro RP-203EC 12V 12' Extension Cord with Cigarette Lighter Plug

I would have given 5 star if they had heavier duty clamps

PS: I noted someone asked if you ran the engine or not.. it doesn't matter as the adapter has no idea if you are or not :) .. it carries the same amps either way unless you have a VERY LOW battery :D
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on May 14, 2012
I always blow fuses if I plug in my 12v air compressor into my cigarette lighter. By plugging it into the Raodpro Clip On Adapter, which is clipped directly to the battery, I can avoid blowing fuses. Great little adapter and easy to use.
review image
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on November 14, 2012
In my previous review of the seller, I gave a 5-star review before using the product. This is to revise that review & comment on the adapter. Basically this adapter is junk. I plugged it in & it didn't work. I plugged in several items that I knew were in working condition & none of them worked with this adapter. I got out my electrical tester & discovered an open in the red line. Upon further inspection I realized there was a cold solder joint where the red wire attached to the red clip. I tried to re-solder it since it didn't make sense to pay to return a $5 item. I got it to work, but will be throwing it away. I originally purchased this to go with my portable air compressor. Based on the low quality of the product, I don't want to risk relying on it in case of a flat tire. I'll buy something more substantial locally.
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on April 13, 2011
Roadpro 12V Battery Clip-On and Cigarette Lighter Adapter

When I first looked at the product the cable length looked longer than the real thing... It works pretty well but I was disappointed with the clamps which are too small and the tubber cover for the socket was broken with no damage to the packaging... I guess for the price I shouldn't expect a whole lot...
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on February 14, 2015
I expected the battery clamps to fit on the terminals of a car battery, they are far too small for that. Other than not fitting a car battery, the battery clamps are also quite poorly built, one of the thin sheet metal jaws was even cut incorrectly.

I replaced it with a "BESTEK 12V 24V battery clip on cigarette lighter socket extension cord MRS301", which has battery clamps that are built much better and fit the terminals of a car battery.
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