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Dismissed by many as overly-long, poorly-scripted Rat Pack self-indulgence with inferior musical material, "Robin and the 7 Hoods" is a wacky mafia musical in the fun-loving style of pre-Hammerstein Broadway variety shows, and with a pretty snappy collection of Cahn-Van Heusen tunes. Remember, it's this musical, not "Chicago," that gave the Windy City its proudest anthem. But as solid as the Chairman's performance is, it's almost no match for Crosby's, in the venerable crooner's next-to-last film appearance.

Once Bing appears mid-way through the film, the rest of the picture--with the exception of the"My Kind of Town" gala finish--belongs to Crosby. His acting, singing, and dancing not only outshine his on-screen companions' but ihelp bring order to the proceedings, practically making the somewhat slipshod Rat Pack appear like a coherent musical comedy team. At five foot seven inches, Bing was usually the shortest member on the set, but his crisp, economical body movements and quick, graceful feet make him "play" taller than his actual height.

The dubbing is, as others have observed, pretty unconvincing. On the other hand, most of the dance and music scenes are shot continuously in a single take or two, like an Astaire film. Others may prefer the frenetic and manipulative MTV editing style of films like "Chicago," which permit the filmmaker to edit a "constructed reality" while transforming Bozos into Baryshnikovs. I'll take these lovable Bozos just as they are (though a Blu Ray version is certainly overdue).
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VINE VOICEon January 17, 2007
In early 1960's, Frank Sinatra and his Rat Pack were asked to do a musical, after the hit film Ocean's 11 (note for those unfamilar, this is NOT the Clooney version). Frank, Dean and Sammy did their version of Robin Hood. Supporting them in this film were Barbara Rush, a pre-Columbo-ed Peter Falk and Bing (White Christmas) Crosby. This film reminds me of Sinatra's Guys and Dolls

The story is a gangstered 1920's ish, Chicago mob story with music. The Rats are minus Peter Lawford and Joey Bishop, but you wont miss them in the romp. Crosby does a sendup on his image in a trio song with Sinatra and Martin. Sammy solos in Bang! Bang!, showing tap dancing and GUNS can go together in the hand of a master showman. Falk steals every scene he is in with such aplomb, you wonder why he did not do many more comedy.

the Sammy Cahn score, orchestered by Nelson Riddle is first rate and pure Sinatra with songs like My Kinda Town Chicago.

Extras include Frank Sinatra jr audio commentary, which gives great insights into the film itself and its making

Worth every minute!

Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD
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on June 16, 2000
They were legends in their best venue. Sinatra, Martin and Davis. Singing, dancing and vamping up a storm. Throw in Crosby and great character performances by Falk, Buono and Rush, and you have great entertainment value!
On the few occasions when the film bogs down, a Sammy Cahn tune is there to save the day. Each of the stars gets a fine solo shot. Sinatra's MY KIND OF TOWN is best known but Davis" BANG BANG is reminiscent of the best of Astaire and Dino's ANY MAN WHO LOVES HIS MOTHER should have become a Mother's day classic standard. (it's not too late either if the public would just get to hear the soundtrack version without the films comedy gimmick that accompanies it.)
A little long, but that is the only drawback. Terrific entertainment and easily the best of the "Rat Pack" films.
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Come back with me children to the Sixties while the youth of America began opening their eyes with various hemp products and the new drug of choice LSD... and were beginning to suspect the military-industrial complex was much more evil than even Eisenhower had warned about (and still is), adults were unwinding with legal drugs in Vegas with the Rat Pack. Comprised of shifting members (depending on Sinatra's legendary moods) they included Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr, Joey Bishop, and intermittently, Peter Lawford and the forgotten unofficial mascot, Shirley MacClaine (other names have been floated around these by people since but they were peripherals only). A gang of entertainers who'd figured out that what the American legal aged adult wanted was to 'fuh-get about it' all and have a good time, so that's what they gave them, a rip roaring good time. For almost a decade! Individually Sinatra, Dino, and Sammy were Super Stars in their own right and Joey and Peter were hanger-ons benefiting greatly by the association (though Bishop was well respected in Vegas itself as a great warm-up comedian). MacClaine was an ingenue at the time (and to this day a lot of people don't know she's Warren Beatty's sister). I bring all this up because it is the reason this movie got made. The Rat Pack put an already popular Vegas on the map for all time and were the greatest draws Vegas ever had, with the exception of Elvis Presley who was headed down that road soon after the Rat Pack went their ways. The heyday was 1960 to 1964 and during that time Hollywood knew a good thing when it saw it in the Vegas concert halls and churned out four Rat Pack movies. They are in order - Oceans 11 (1960) - Sergeants 3 (1962) - 4 For Texas (1963 - and culminating in the movie we are concerned with here - Robin And The 7 Hoods - 1964.

The four movies were to capture the chemistry that made the Rat Pack so entertaining and put it up on the screen with stories that focused on a little action, a little humor, and some song and dance thrown in at the end. Oceans 11 is the most serious endeavor and it never strays far from the humor, Sergeants 3 is out and out slapstick out West, and 4 for Texas panders to the two major movie Stars (Frank & Dino) sense of macho, song, and again...humor. With pretty women featured prominently in all.

By the fourth movie the Rat Pack pictures which were very popular at the time had warranted a big budget treatment and into the mix an additional legend was added...Bing Crosby. It's a movie about Mobsters and mayhem in the twenties and features the very lovely Barbara Rush as the femme fatale (and the label says it all). It's loaded with Classic musical numbers and is the only out and out musical of the four movies. Sinatra sings "Chicago", Sammy dances up a storm, and the only screen appearance by Crosby, Sinatra, & Martin singing together (You've Either Got Or You Haven't Got 'Style'!). Sammy Davis, Jr has a couple of numbers that will knock your socks off at how multi-talented he was!! The story involves the usual mobster machinations with our intrepid heroes trying to front a charity to bring in ready cash.

The budget allowed for a veritable herd of old school Hollywood character actors to be rounded up and put to marvelous use. For those of you who remember Peter Falk before Columbo, sit back and marvel as he sings!! He's the pack's biggest threat. The wonderful Victor Bueno (who's entire career seems to have run from 1960 to 1968 before he died way too early, is the buffoonish sheriff to be. Don't miss the un-billed cameo by one fo the greatest Ganster Stars of the 30's and the one who started it all!! And the aforementioned Barbara Rush holding her own in a man's world with a surprise in store for them all. Where is Bing Crosby in all of this you may ask? Well he's brought in to legitimize the charity that Sinatra and the gang set up and he does a marvelous turn.

Many have dismissed this movie as just another Rat Pack movie but they miss the boat. It's a full fledged musical extravaganza featuring some of the Sixties greatest singers singing wonderful songs, in great set pieces, surrounded by 'A' talent all the way. It's fun, It's foot tapping time, and it's a part of Americana we will not see the likes of again!!! For a great evening of entertainment for the whole family (all the adult stuff is wink wink nudge nudge - so the kids are safe) it doesn't get any better than this!!!
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on April 11, 2006
Robin And The Seven Hoods mirhfully gives the Robin Hood legend a depression-era , Mobtown Chicago settings .There , North side boss Robbo (Frank Sinatra (1915-1998) hopes to get a leg in his power struggle with rival Racketeer Guy Gisborn ( Peter Falk 1927 - ) . Robbo sets himself up as a latter-day Robin Hood with Philanthropic front enabling him to scam the rich , take his cut and then give to the people . Dean Martin (1917-1995) , Sammy Davis Jr. (1925-1990) , Bing Crosby (1903-1977) , and Barabara Rush (1927 - ) , join in the giddy , gansterish fun . And the jazzy Sammy Cahn (1913-1993) / James Van Heusen (1913-1990) score (including Sinatras classic : My kind of Town) is the perfect match for this all star cast , when you share the music and merriment of Robin and The 7 hoods . A Funny and Cherish movie ! . Recommended
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VINE VOICEon September 27, 2004
This flick is among the funniest, most amusing ever made! Odd that it is not better known, given that it stars the 2 biggest songsters ever (Frank and Bing), and 2 others close in the running (Sam and Dean)..Peter Falk is terrific in pre-Columbo days doing a similar role, this time as a head Mafioso. He's terrific and absolutely hilarious. The plot's excellent, but the show stopping tunes are real blow-outs! The 2 funniest are "Mr Booze", done in a relgious revival scene during a police raid, and "Style", both which must be seen and heard to be believed! Frank's "My Kind of Town" is also among his best solos ever! And the 1920's costumes, scenery, cars, etc. are also great! So, don't miss this one! More fun here than in a baker's dozen of similar films!
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VINE VOICEon October 11, 2009
Frank, Dean and Sammy go gangster in the Rat Pack's most satisfying film. Breezily directed by Gordon Douglas, "Robin and the 7 Hoods" (1964) features a colorful supporting cast and the Sinatra standard "My Kind of Town." The musical-comedy is notable for the only cinematic collaboration between Sinatra, Martin and Bing Crosby - who memorably croon their way through "Style." Meanwhile, Davis gets to strut his stuff with the incredible "Bang! Bang!" number. Despite its overlength and disappointingly abrupt conclusion, the Rat Pack's final big-screen epic remains preferable to the self-indulgence of "Ocean's 11" and "Sergeants 3."
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on September 24, 2005
Without question one of the greatest movies made by ' The Clan'.

The story is very good covering the prohibition in America and the clash between two gangs. One headed by Robbo (Frank Sinatra),

and the other by Guy (Peter Falk)- The difference between these two leaders is that one can sing and the other can't (have you heard Peter Falk sing ??? )The DVD covers additional material which is very interesting , The service from AMAZON . COM was as great as the movie. Defineatly for fans of Davis, Crosby, Martin and Ol' Blue Eyes....
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on June 25, 2015
I love the "Rat Pack" films. Robin and the Seven Hoods is another fun flick. Lots of great music and great dancing by the wonderful Sammy Davis Jr. Bing Crosby not a member of the pack but as always.....Great Entertainment. This movie has three of the greatest crooners the world has ever known....I will miss them till the end of my days. Great transfer to Blu ray. 😀 john
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on February 28, 2005
With a cast like this, how can you miss. There is gangsters randomly bursting out in song and so much irony in the whole movie between the charaters and the actors who play them which just adds to the entertainment. Where else are you going to find Bing Crosby being lectured on how to dress by Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin. Overall, this is a must see for anyone who loves the rat pack or just great entertainment!
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