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on June 22, 2004
I was skeptical about this when I first saw it at the store, as I already owned the fantastic Criterion edition DVD. I was pleasantly surprised to find that the new MGM unrated version found in the Trilogy boxed set is well worth it. So here is a review for people who already own the Criterion disc and are wondering if they should shell out their hard earned cash for this newer DVD.
Here are the differences I found between the new disc and the Criterion one...
a.. Anamorphic widescreen. The Criterion disc was not anamorphic. As a result, the picture on the MGM disc is a lot less pixellated than the Criterion one. The color is also more saturated.
b.. New sound mix. The Criterion disc was mixed in Dolby surround. The new mix is in Dolby 5.1, and they obviously had fun remixing it. The surrounds are split and very directional. The sound is really an improvement in every way (see (d)).
c.. It's the same unrated cut that was on the Criterion disc.
d.. They fixed some of the excrutiatingly bad sound edits that were on the Criterion disc. Although Criterion had re-edited the violent footage back into the movie, they neglected to remix the sound for those moments, ie. they didn't remix the sound to blend the new footage. On the new MGM disc, they FINALLY fixed this. Now the new footage sounds like it was SUPPOSED to be there.
e.. As one reviewer mentioned before, the director's commentary on the MGM disc is new and completely different than the one on the Criterion disc (ie. don't throw away your Criterion disc).
f.. We finally have the sequels in anamorphic widescreen and Dolby 5.1. This is a plus or a minus depending on if you enjoy them or not! Although it would have been nice to have a longer version of Robocop 2, as Frank Miller has alluded that huge chunks of that movie were edited out of the final version.
g.. The new MGM version of Robocop also has some good documentaries and other curiosities for you to peruse (only on the unrated cut). These are NOT available on the bare-bones theatrical DVD that MGM has out for individual sale.
a.. The picture is a bit darker on the MGM disc than on the Criterion disc.
b.. The director's commentary was recorded when they were watching the theatrical cut of the movie, so it is oddly funny (and a bit distracting) that they will be commenting, "remember how we had to cut out the more violent shot of...." when we at home are actually watching the footage that they are talking about.
c.. If you don't like the sequels, it sucks to be you, because the only way to get the unrated cut of the first movie is to buy the boxed set.
d.. Don't really know if this is a minus or not as I'm not 100% sure what Verhoeven's intention was. The Criterion disc is framed at 1.66:1, and the new MGM disc is framed at 1.85:1. As it is, Criterion tends not to mess around. I'd wager that it's supposed to be projected at 1.66:1. Either way, 1.85:1 still looks pleasing.
All in all, more pluses than minuses I wager. I found that the new version has everything the Criterion one had, and it presents it in a more pleasing manner (sound, picture, extras, etc..). If you're a fan, I think this would be right up your alley.
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on October 16, 2010
Well I have to say, I'm a huge RoboCop fan and I was excited to get this on Blu-Ray. I didn't find any extras on the case, so I thought it would be on the BR itself, But no dice. The DVD has more Xtras than the Blu-Ray. The 2nd and 3rd have only a trailer and being a being a huge Robocop fan,I was hoping they would have a lost featurette or new Commentaries. I was disappointed in this purchase and I wouldn't recommend this, I'd suggest to pick up the first single disc of the first movie. Oh well, Live and Learn. I'm keeping this though since I already bought it.
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so you can buy it for under ten bucks anywhere (and we all know it not only is a bad transfer but has NONE of the great bonus features available on the normal DVDs) all you get for your huge investment is a bare bones 2 and 3...

I can't believe I got suckered into buying this but I couldn't imagine them doing this at that price...fool me once...well I'll wait in the future until some other person does the experimenting.
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on June 9, 2004
The one thing that doesn't seem to be getting any fanfare, with the new release of this trilogy from MGM, is the fact that the first movie, is in fact, the UNCUT DIRECTOR's CUT, that was presently, till now, only available on the out of print (and pricey) Criterion version of this DVD.
Oddly enough, even the new trilogy packaging and extras, don't go out of their way to press, what you'd think would be a GREAT selling point, almost as if the decision to use the directors cut, was a last minute thing.
Funny enough, even the commentary (which, unfortunately, is NOT the commentary present on the Criterion disc) was made, with the director and crew, watching the theatrical version of the movie, as they keep referring to this fact, and discussing the deleted scenes, EVEN as we, the viewers, are watching the very scenes that they are saying are missing in this version. It also amazes me, as to how they managed to sync up the commentary to the cut film, over top of the uncut film, without any lag or dead spots, where the cut scenes are replaced, but they did it.
One thing that MGM did fail in though, is that they placed back in the cut scenes, but didn't bother to colour correct, or do anything, to make the scenes run seamlessly, as you can always spot the new scenes, by the sudden loss of quality in the picture, which, in itself, is another reason that you'd think that MGM would have indicated that this was the uncut version, and explained (as most movies that add in extra scenes, but don't bother trying to fix them up) that the extra scenes have not been cleaned up, so that the viewer doesn't think that the film has glitches, or that MGM's quality is inconsistent (as the overall picture quality is pretty descent, except for the extra scenes, that is).
Another complaint about the new set, is the stupidly constructed fold out packaging, as it boggles my mind, as to why they couldn't just use the new, slim DVD cases, in the box set slip cover, instead of the "Road Map-like" fold out, that you get.
You technically need a whole kitchen table to open the set up on, just to extract one disc from the set.
BUT, that said, for the money, this set is VERY good, and definitely worth getting.
Or is it just me? :)
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ROBOCOP - The '87 blockbuster that started it all. Look, I'm well aware that this is not the "greatest" movie of all time, but it sure is my favorite. I grew up with it. I mean, true, the film's violence is pretty nasty an' unremitting even by today's standards (in fact, movies have gotten TAMER since then), but once you get past that you'll find an incredible world here that Paul Verhoeven created that has influenced many other films. It's cold an' cynical society is established through sardonic television news, commercial products, big business conferences, an' the idea that the body of a hero cop killed in the line of duty could be used as the blueprint for a new brand of law enforcement (marketed not by the police force, but by a major corporation). The movie is wickedly satirical, but there is also an incredibly human story beneath the surface, as Robocop, the half-man/half-machine, begins to re-discover his past and what he was, which makes him further resent what he has been turned into. If you're looking for the ultimate sci-fi movie, no need to look further. THIS is it. A modern classic.

ROBOCOP 2 - In some ways, 'Robocop 2' is a really underrated movie. I mean, it really is almost just as creative as the original in a lot of ways. During a huge citywide police strike, Robocop is the lone officer that patrols the crime-filled streets, now completely overrun with designer drugs and heartless thieves an' criminals. The OCP corporation that created Robocop (and runs the city's police force) is apparently oblivious to all. The chairman played again by Dan O'Heirley has gotten wildly out-of-control after his massive success with law enforcement, and decides to up the ante by creating a newer version of their original Robocop. I shouldn't give too much away, but there's quite a few cool touches to this one, although the film loses its bottom by the end and becomes almost a parody of itself. Overall an above average sequel that just barely falls short. Now...

ROBOCOP 3 - Ohhh, boy. Here's the Robocop movie that you can skip, and not miss a thing. I don't think there is one redeemable quality about this film. The plot is basically OCP running thousands of citizens out of their homes to make room for urbanization and high-rise office buildings. A small citizens' uprising begins underground, raging guerilla warfare against the capitalist army. Robocop, sensitive to the little people as he is, decides to join them and assist the rebel forces in their crusade. Even the appearance of veteran actors like Rip Torn and CCH Pounder can't save this awful mess. The story plays like an after-school special, with cheesy morals being plastered in your face, an' awful dialogue an' corny one-liners from every character that will make you wince with embarrassment. Peter Weller, who played Robocop excellently in the first two films, is replaced by Robert John Burke, and, although you wouldn't think it would be all that noticeable due to Robocop's limited dimensions, it's ANNOYINGLY noticeable.

Overall, the DVD set is nothing really amazing, with hardly any features on any one of the discs. But at least the films are shown in Widescreen format, the way the movies were presented in theaters, and the sound and picture quality is obviously sharper an' clearer than my beat-up, worn-out VHS copies. Any fan of this series should be happy purchasing this collection for the simple fact of having the complete trilogy. It's not likely that the Robocop series will ever be resurrected (especially not after the UNFORGIVEABLE third film), but I'll never get sick of watching and remembering how fresh, sardonically funny, and action-packed the first two were, and how I seemed to never get sick of the half-man/half-machine police officer who went out against all the odds, refused to let go of his humanity, and dished out some cold justice against the deplorable criminals who made him what he was.
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VINE VOICEon June 5, 2014
Actually, the answer is yes right now... you can pay more not to have that ridiculous 3rd Jetpack Ninja atrocity by just getting the newly released standalone RoboCop (Unrated Director's Cut) [Blu-ray], - the first Robocop included in this product trilogy collection is also the SAME EACT disc/artwork as the one from that product. I own both of them. (not to mention other Robocop DVD versions/steelbook and never-ending releases of the same film that they want us to keep consuming... can't wait for newly restored 8K Trilogy release 10 years from now!)

I just found out that they released this trilogy collection in May of this year (2014). Before, the blu-ray trilogy collection were out of print and very hard to find; people are still trying to sell them for over a hundred dollars. Thankfully, there's no need to be ripped off by those versions because they re-released this trilogy pack replacing the first Robocop with the newly restored HD version - so that old trilogy package is obsolete. Make sure it's the trilogy pack where Robocop has a side profile looking to the left (the old one, he's looking to the right)

The reason I bought this was because I really wanted to watch Robocop 2 in HD and I couldn't believe it was so difficult to find, not to mention, people were selling that standalone overpriced too.

I'm really thankful for this re-release trilogy package making it easily available for all of us now at a bargain price. I'm not sure if the current price is really a special sale or some kind of early promotion, but at $15, it is a no brainer to buy this one than any other versions out there.

The only reason to get the standalone first Robocop Blu-Ray is if you just care about the casing artwork - the artwork on the disc itself is the same thing. Personally, I like the simple clean side profile of Robocop on this Trilogy case - it looks nice and it comes with a slip case cover!

- The discs are not individually cased. They are all in one casing.
- Robocop 1 is the same exact disc as this product here.
- Robocop 2 and 3 has no bonus features. Just trailers.

The day I bought this trilogy, I can't believe I had a Robocop movie marathon!

I saw all 3 Robocop films back-to-back AND entire bonus content... (I was quite exhausted). I started with Robocop 2 and honestly, the 2nd one is not a bad movie at all - of course it's nowhere near as the original - nothing can come close to that perfection, but it has its moments; it's more violent than the first one and it's also quite hilarious in a good way ("Now, a word on nutrition..." oh silly Robo...) Overall, I think it's a worthy sequel and has just as creepy villain (I watched it in theaters at the time too!).

And then I actually sat through the entire abomination of Robocrap 3... Like seriously, we all have to wonder who exactly allowed that mess to be made like that. How can they possibly make every single detail the wrong way? Clearly, all they cared about was selling toys with ninjas and jetpacks, but seriously... I don't think anyone can screw up a franchise more than how Robocop 3 ended up. Every single thing about that film was just beyond dreadful. Like EVERYTHING. I think student film can produce better. Fred Dekker, the director of Robocop 3, (look at his resume and you'll see he hasn't directed a thing after the mess he made) is clearly only suited for making really corny low-budget soap-opera/TV-style shows. You like cheap corny monster films and cheesy dialogues then you're possibly one of the few people who would dare say Robocop 3 wasn't bad.

It's really interesting to see the acting by the same actors, such as Lewis and Sergeant Reed, who were in all the other Robocop films and you can see how much of difference a director makes; it's the same people... Robocop 1, acting was just top notch by everyone including characters like Lewis And Reed. And then you take a look at Lewis and Reed in Robocop 3 - they're dialogues are delivered so over the top (not to mention the horrible writing), but they turned them into cartoon characters... it's just so so sad. You can't blame the actors there... It is the director.

When you watch Robocop 3, you just can't help but think you're watching a super low budget as if they're purposely trying to kill the franchise and make everything cheesy as one possibly could. Robocop 3 really has no story and he's not even the main spotlight. It's so torturing to watch Robocop in the 3rd film. He really does NOTHING, especially when he's fighting the Ninja... just laying there like an idiot and those god awful cheesy lines (after Robocop gets his fingers cut off and says "(you are under arrest for) destruction of police property"). What kind of stupid line is that? Robocrap 3 is loaded with ridiculousness. I mean, I'm aware Robocop 1 and 2 had some cheesy lines of its own, but it mostly does it in a clever way; in Robocop 2, Robocop was saying all those stupid things but there was a point to that! With Robocop 3, it's just simply a stupid line with no merit. They really insult the viewers intelligence with brainless solutions; just throw in this little girl who carries a super computer that is miraculously capable of hacking anything... always comes to the REAL rescue -- not Robocop!

It's really amazing and interesting to see the contrast with Robocop 1 and 3 just from having different directors/team. With Robocop 1, you can see every department from writing, acting, music, editing, cinematography, the list goes on... Robocop 1 really puts so much heart and soul into it... that is why it is a timeless CLASSIC. And then you have Robocop 3 where EVERYTHING fails... as if the story and acting isn't clearly bad enough, the editing is a mess and the director has no idea where to que in the music at the right time like it is brilliantly done in the first Robocop. They recycled music from the first one in the 3rd one, but it's just a total mess. Robocop 3 just seems like some anti-Robocop executive purposely made a joke out of it and thinking he can buy a bigger yacht selling ninja jetpack toys. *sigh* Robocop driving a pink car? It's like they truly wanted to mess it up on purpose and make a joke out of Robocop. What they did with the 3rd film is everything one shouldn't have done with Robocop. Imagine if the first Robocop script were handed to the director of Robocop 3, Fred Dekker, Robocop would never have been a world-wide icon or cult classic... I feel sick just thinking Robocop 3 even exists.

Robocop 1: 10/10
Robocop 2: 7/10
Robocop 3: 0/10

Did I mention how awful the 3rd one and how much I hate it?

Watch Robocop 1 to see what true artists can create with having the best writing/editing/acting/directing/cinematography/music/REAL special effects... you name it. And watch Robocop 3 for what you shouldn't do. I'm a huge Robocop 1 fan and always will be. NOTHING can ever top the original or replace it.

Robocop 1 is one of the most brilliant ahead-of-its-time sci-fi movie ever made. It's more than just your average mindless action with many many layers of intelligence and heart. If you just judge on the surface and movie title alone (like even the director himself did at first), then you're missing out. I'm glad CG wasn't around then and ED-209 looks intimidating and not silly like the 2014's video game ED-209.

I can watch Robocop 1 countless times and it never gets boring. It was released in 1987, yet it still feels fresh today. It's just THAT good and the pacing is fantastic. The true best movies always last forever. As cliche as that sounds, Robocop is one of the best films ever made. It also has the best villains in film history. It just has everything you'd want in a film. A character to root for... You really get the satisfaction ending and vengeance... one of the gangs ending up in the toxic waste? Come on!? It's just pure genius and creative... Not something stupid like a generic typical briefcase ticking time bomb blowing up a building and Robocop flies off on a jetpack... so so lame.
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on October 8, 2010
Just to let everyone know if they are wondering the quality of this release on Blu Ray. I could not find any reviews that could give a good review on this set online since this set just came out. I have the Standard dvd version of the trilogy and I just recently got the Blu Ray version and did a comperison of them both. Your not going to get a crystal clear picture with the age of these movies unless the studio decides to spend the time and money doing a big picture cleaning restore like George Lucas or James Cameron would do with with their movies in the studio. It does sound better and the colors on blu ray do look better compared to the standard dvd. I was amazed how when Ed-209 in the first robo-cop made my sub-woofer on my surround system thump loud and robo-cops foot slaming on the ground as he get out the police car to fight crime. This set does contain the unrated edition of the first Robo-Cop. If you are buying this for sharp picture quality you will be disapointed. All 3 films do contain certain amounts of grain in the picture. The picture will balance from looking good to high amounts of grain in the video. It seems what the studio did was just take the video from the standard dvd set and put the video and sound onto blu ray uncompressed. I like the first 2 movies the most the third one was ok. Maybe the 3rd one could have been better if Peter Weller was Robo-Cop instead of the other actor that replaced him. I have seen all 3 of these in the theaters back then when they were released. I just wish the studios would have done a better job at restoring these movies better on blu ray. There are fans out there that do like Robo-Cop and would love to see better restored versions of these films. I would rather watch the blu ray version of all 3 movies on a nice surround sound system than the standard dvd. The 4 stars are for having all 3 movies in one set and the upgraded sound on all 3 movies in the set compared to the standard dvd.If you dont have this set at all and a Robo-Cop fan pick this up on blu ray.
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on June 15, 2006
Amazon is confusing, they put the SAME reviews for two DIFFERENT DVD Boxsets. Make sure you DO NOT get the ROBOBOX and are looking at the Robocop MGM Trilogy. The great version of the Robocop collection is the MGM version with Robocop 1 UNCUT. The Robocop 1 in the ROBOBOX collection is EDITED! I was mislead by all the positive reviews so I ended up getting the lame Robobox which simply just has the movies, no extras, and a butchered/edited masterpiece (yep, there are a couple minutes missing from Robocop). Avoid the blue Robobox, it's not the same DVD set everyone here is praising, it's DIFFERENT, not the definitive version of these classic movies. I wish somebody made that clear before I made a big mistake.
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on October 24, 2010
I already have the Robocop Trilogy on DVD. I bought this blu-ray version of the box set because I was expecting to see an improved High Definition re-master. And it's not. This transfer to Blu-Ray looks no better than the DVD's. So, it's a waste of money, isn't it?

So, I've done a little research of some of my other re-purchased films on to Blu-ray (from MGM) and I've noticed that they too, were disappointments to me as a blu-ray transfer. So, I know now: If it's released by MGM, it won't be any better than the DVD. MGM just doesn't seem to care WHY we would re-purchase our favorite movies on to Blu-ray.

The first Robocop in this box set is the same 2007 release. They didn't even bother to change the brownish artwork of the disc to match the other two movies bluer artwork. And of course, there are no extras on any of these discs.

With the HDMI cable I had with my older regular DVD player, many of my regular DVD's were greatly improved in picture quality. So, it's proving to be very few and far between that a Blu-ray reissue of a film is actually going to look any better. Some do. I have about 75 Blu-Ray discs now, and only about 45 of them look greatly improved. (When I buy the Blu-Ray, I compare them right away, side by side, Blu-Ray against the DVD, with my two TV's in my den) I guess some movies can't be helped, while some other movies were great masters from the start so no re-mastering effort would be required.

I outta just re-cellophane this Robocop Blu-Ray and give it to somebody for Christmas because my DVD's are just as good anyway. I hope they will apply somewhat of a better effort to improve all the James Bond films onto Blu-Ray.

UPDATE: I've just recently bought a new 47" LCD TV. Maybe this was a mistake because it is NOW that I see a great improvement of my Blu-Ray DVD's over my regular DVD's. So, I guess the only way that I can continue enjoying my regular DVD's is to keep watching my DVD's only on my 32" LCD TV with the HDMI hook-up because at 32 inches, DVD's look very much like High Definition. On the 47" TV, regular DVD's just don't look that good.
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on May 27, 2014
Basically, what you're getting here is the old box set, only repackaged with the 2014 release of the original Robocop for the first disc. Now, Robocop 2 and 3 may lack any special features, but I found the transfers for those films to be noticeably cleaner than the original's. Aside from getting zero special features on the sequels' discs, the set is worth it, if you don't already own the movies individually on Blu-ray.
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