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on December 26, 2013
I went out on a limb and got this for myself as an extravagant Christmas gift. Man, am I ever glad I did!!

The game disc itself is loaded with lessons on everything from attaching your guitar's strap to advanced playing techniques like harmonics, "squealies" and esoteric jazz chord structures. If you are new to guitar then the lessons segment of the game will be a MUST. You will have a hard time understanding just what the stranger symbols -- above and beyond the normal colored blocks -- coming toward you are if you don't.

Once you have had your share of lessons and are beginning to grasp the simplest techniques, you will have the option of playing any of the over 60 songs included with the game. They are ranked in order of difficulty, and they all start off by giving you a simplified arrangement to work with. As you learn to play and start to master the easy arrangements, the game will skill itself up just a little at a time, always pushing you just outside of your comfort zone. This is how you learn. There should be something to please nearly anybody in the mix of tunes, and I happen to appreciate at least something about every single track. There is also a growing list of DLC available at this time, plus the option to import the songs from the original Rocksmith onto your 360's hard drive. This makes me want to also purchase the original game. ALL YOUR SONG ARE BELONG TO US!!

If you are having a problem with any part of a track, you can go into what is called the Riff Repeater, and select any portion of a song from a small snippet to the entire track, adjust the speed from 1% to 100%, and play the troublesome part over and over again as many times as you would like until you nail it. There is also a Session mode, where you can start jamming out in a selected scale and an automated "backup band" will play along with you. The ways in which you can choose to hone your playing are nearly limitless.

The included series of Guitarcade games is not to be overlooked! There are games to teach every major aspect of playing the guitar, and they're all based upon -- and charmingly resemble -- the quarter eating arcade games of old. These again are ranked in order of difficulty, and include games to improve your strumming dynamics (volume), your way around the fret board, the playing of bends, picking the six strings one at a time without looking as you change from string to string, scales, harmonics, and chord switching. The games are complete with their own online leaderboards, and they are all important, addictive and fun.

As for the guitar, well it is an inexpensive one. But its overall quality is good enough for a beginning player to get the hang of what they're doing. As with nearly everything else you can imagine, there is also a video lesson covering how to re-string your guitar when the included cheap strings wear out. At least new strings are only around $9 per set, so this is an inexpensive hobby to take up after paying for the game itself and the value and sense of satisfaction for the money is very tough to beat.

There are some minor bugs with this game, which I believe Ubisoft will iron out eventually. The worst one I've found is that occasionally detection of notes on the low E string is spotty. This makes itself most obvious during the string skipping game in the Guitarcade, and is less of a problem when playing actual songs. The forums for the game make it clear that this is more a problem with the software than the included guitar, so if you notice this happening then you will know that it's very likely not a problem with the guitar.

I definitely cannot recommend this game enough. It WILL teach you to play the guitar, and it WILL do it in a way which renders the need for more learning materials very minimal during the early and intermediate stages of your journey. It's 200 of the best dollars I have ever spent.
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on February 14, 2016
The stringing of this guitar is horrible. Out of the box we connected it to our xBox 360 and started following the easy tuning directions. However, two of the strings could not be tuned. One string snapped during the initial tuning process as it was telling us it needed to be tightened. When we contacted the seller he told us we need to go to a music store to get it stringed and offered us $4 as compensation. Will keep you posted on what the music store says about restringing and the cost.
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on January 23, 2014
I have no musical talent whatsoever. I listen to music. I probably don't even tap my feet in the right beat.

But I wanted my 12 year-old daughter to learn how to play a guitar. And so did she.

This item was her Christmas present. She is smart and capable and knows how to work things -- including her Xbox.

To make a long story short, three weeks later I was buying my daughter the GoPro Hero camera for a late Christmas present.

The guitar stands next to the Xbox in the rec room collecting dust -- as a monument to hope and to bad software/product implementation.

The problem is that every single time you want to use this guitar you have to tune it and tuning the guitar takes so long and so much (frustrating) effort that by the time the guitar is tuned -- if it even can be tuned -- your child will be bored/unhappy and no longer interested.

Nightmare is not too strong of a word. My daughter has been reduced to tears trying to get that fifth/last string tuned over and over and over again without success.

And you can't actually use the guitar until you tune the guitar.

Worse -- the tuning function times out after a bit so that if you don't get all six strings tuned in time you have to start from scratch. Did I say nightmare? NIGHTMARE

Of the time this product has been "used" over 95 percent of the time has been trying to tune the guitar.

The product needs a software update that allows a bypass of tuning. Until then this product is not useful for younger children.

I ended up buying a separate amplifier that my daughter can simply plug into to play. But that has no training value whatsoever. And I don't want to exaggerate but this item has actually had a negative effect on my daughter's interest in guitar.

Rocksmith: Fix/upgrade your software.
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on January 3, 2014
it does not explain things very well. My nine year old has a very hard time following the lessons it does.
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on January 23, 2014
Bought the game and the guitar works great but the disk didn't work. I don't know why, it looks brand new. So I just went and bought a copy at gamestop.
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on June 21, 2015
This is awesome however its not a game but a true training aid to learn how to play a guitar. It takes that hard work out of learning but not the dedication. From experience I will say that if you don't practice then it wont work. Its not a magical machine to make you play but it most definitely will help you learn if you dedicate time to learning. Would recommend and buy again if need to. Excellent for any age who think that the old fashion way is boring.
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on October 28, 2014
still learning. but this is a great tool!
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on December 4, 2014
Grandson loved it - cool little guitar
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on February 1, 2015
Grandkids love it......
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on July 24, 2014
Good guitar. Way to often, the game will crash. But that may be my console. I would definitely buy this as a gift.
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