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on November 17, 1999
This movie had just as much heart as the original. It was just as realistic, just as heartset, and just as expected. A true hero, Rocky follows his true calling, and defends his honor as initiative for this fight, as opposed to winning the title. The film was incredibly emotional through Rocky's eyes, because we see him try to support his family other ways, try to be a good worker, but he knows that his true calling belongs in the ring. The result is what I think to be the most realistic, greatest fight of the series.
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on May 18, 2005
"There's one more thing I want you do for me."

"Yeah? What?"

"Win. Win!"

"What are we waitin' for!" - Adrian gives Rocky her seal of approval to go the distance, again in "Rocky II"

"Rocky II" is one of those rarities of a sequel - it expands the world of & depth of characters created & introduced in the preceding film, instead of being a rehash of the first film. "II" is crowd pleasing hit, that will have you cheering for Rocky right to the final bell.

Picking up seconds after the first film, "Rocky II" has "The Italian Stallion" whisked to the hospital for eye surgery sustained from the fight with Apollo Creed. Creed is also there & automatically wants a rematch. But, with a few broken ribs & bruisies that he recieved, special delivery, from Rocky he ain't going nowhere. In the early morning hours following the fight Rocky, in a wheelchair, wheels himself to Apollo's room & asks one simple question. Did he get Apollo's best? Apollo replies with a distant yes.

Over the next few weeks, Rocky's life changes. He asks Adrian to marry him & she accepts. He spends his winnings on a new house. Adrian announces she's pregnant. But, the one thing that Rocky can't get is a decent job. Agreeing with Adrian to stop boxing, he tries everything.

Things change, when Apollo Creed starts hounding The Rock to the breaking point. Rocky agrees to a rematch, against the wishes of Adrian. With Adrian not happy with her husband's decision she decides to help out financially & work at the pet store she worked at in the first film. With a lot of stress & Adrian not wanting him to fight, Rocky's heart isn't into training. Tragedy strikes when Adrian goes into premature labor. The baby makes the delivery (Robert "Rocky" Balboa Jr.) but, Adrian slips into a coma. Now Rocky has to make a choice - sit by his wife & hopes she wakes up or train for the fight of his life. When Adrian does come to, the choice is made for him.

"Rocky II" is one of the better films in the saga. Stallone's direction is character driven. There are quite a few memorable scenes including the films opening, Rocky & Adrian's wedding & why Rocky never uses condominiums, Mickey's confession to Rocky in church, & the usual training montage & fight at the end of the film.

As for the DVD it can't make it through the first round. "Rocky II" is presented in the widescreen format on side 1 (this is the first time its presented in this format on video) with the full screen option on side 2. Audio is Dolby Digital surround (not 5.1) with a trailer for a special feature. The rerelease is in widescreen with Dolby Digital 5.1, & zero for special features.
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VINE VOICEon November 3, 2006
"Rocky II" is a worthy sequel, more in line with the subtlety and realistic drama of the first film than the super-heroics of the later sequels (which nevertheless were fun in their own way). Here are a few things I liked about the movie (beware spoilers):

Character-based consequences and outcomes lent credibility to the proceedings. Character and heart helped Rocky "go the distance" in the first film, and kept him on his feet here, too. But, in an intelligent move on the part of the filmmakers, it's made clear that Apollo is still the superior, more skillful fighter and would have won again this time. Apollo's downfall here is that he ignores his trainer's advice to just stay out of Rocky's way in the later rounds and win again on a decision. But, no, Apollo's temper and ego make him get in close and try to go for a knock-out, which of course gives Rocky the opportunity to try for the same thing.

I liked how the movie wasn't afraid to be low key and maybe even a little boring in the earlier going, as we see Rocky struggle with finding employment and living a quiet domestic life following the big fight at the end of the first film. As both the audience and Rocky's wife Adrian eventually comes to realize, however, maybe a quiet, normal life isn't for everyone.

While Apollo plays to the cameras and resorts to some unsavory publicity tricks to lure Rocky back into the ring, he's never reduced to the role of a one-note villain. You can understand why he's frustrated and wants closure after the unfinished business of the first fight. All along, though, an unspoken rapport with Rocky, a level of respect for him, is evident. Apollo's alliance with Rocky in the broader but still very entertaining "Rocky III" is therefore pretty believable, as the groundwork is laid here.

Like the first film, this one has lots of great little moments: Rocky's wince-inducing attempts to film the aftershave commercial, learning to be quick by chasing the chicken around the yard, and his stopping for a quick blessing at the church right before his rematch with Apollo. But the movie knows when a big moment is the thing that's called for, too: witness the great training session with all the kids following Rocky up the Art Museum steps and the numerous great moments during the big fight, for example.

Like the first film, and the Rocky character himself, "Rocky II" has plenty of heart, resulting is a sequel that's worth your time. Pop this into your DVD player (after watching the first film, of course) and sit back and enjoy.
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on July 14, 2015
Rocky II is a great follow-up to Rocky, which came out in 1976. Rocky II starts where Rocky ends with Rocky and Apollo Creed getting taken to a hospital. Rocky and Apollo train for a rematch, in which Rocky wins. I thought this was a good movie, but compared to some of the others, it's not quite as good. The fights are excellently choreographed, and the characters are developed more. I think Rocky II is a great movie and is well directed and very re-watchable.
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on October 30, 2013
ROCKY II is one of my favorite sequels ever. But there is a serious problem with the ROCKY series on Blu-Ray. The only ones worth owning are ROCKY (original) - this is because they got the negative off the restored DVD they did a few years ago - the problem: the TONS of extras found on the ROCKY dvd, including a commentary track by Stallone from 2006, are missing. The picture is ok. ROCKY BALBOA on blu-ray looks great because it's a newer film - but the first 5 Rockys need a serious restoration - especially 1-4, the soundtrack needs to be cleaned up - and really - ROCKY II was a best picture contender - this is a shameful release as is the whole ROCKY BLU RAY series. With the exception of ROCKY BALBOA, the blu-ray presentations on the first 5 Rockys are truly shameful - no extras, no nothing. Just a barely decent transfer and as I'm watching ROCKY II right now - somewhat awful transfer. Stallone should do commentaries on all these films and release a definitive ROCKY BLU RAY 6 PACK and treat this series with the respect it deserves. The movies? ROCKY, ROCKY II, ROCKY BALBOA - A PLUS. ROCKY III - B Plus. ROCKY IV - B - ROCKY 5 - C - BLU RAY TRANSFERS ON ROCKY FILMS: F
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on March 31, 2012
Rocky II picks up where the first movie left off. Rocky first tells the media at the hospital he is retiring from boxing despite the champ Apollo Creed's demands he wants a rematch. Rocky then cannot find a good paying job since he does not have the skills for a high paying job. He gets a job at the brother in law meat packing factory but is laid off. His wife is expecting a son. Rocky goes to back to his trainer's gym to work as a janitor. The champ starts a negative campaign to get a rematch with Rocky. Rocky's wife does not her husband back in boxing. Then his wife falls into a coma when her brother gets into an argument with her telling his sister to give Rocky permission to fight again. After Rocky and his trainer pray for her recovery she gives birth to his son and gives her husband the blessing to fight again. Rocky trains for the fight and he steps into the ring with the champ in an epic battle for the ages. It is will be remembered for the line "Yo Adrian I did it."
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on June 20, 2016
Well, it's sort of Rocky all over again. But this time the concepts wear thin. I don't know if this is so much of an "Underdog Champion" movie as much as it's a "this guy can take seventy-five punches to the head and he's still standing" kind of thing. I mean, we still loved it when Rocky takes a disbelieving and exhausted Apollo down in the end. But, we were also left with the uncomfortable feeling that we were cheering for something that's just stupid.
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on January 3, 2015
This movie has a scene that I really appreciate. In the second round of the fight Rocky had been knocked down a couple of times. Between rounds he said "I'm not going down again" or something like that. In my life I had been getting figuratively beaten up like that too and felt like I had been in a boxing match. When I saw this movie it inspired me to not get knocked down again.
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on January 8, 2015
ROCKY II continues Directly from the last fight scene in the first ROCKY
according to the Judges in the first Rocky, the fight was a Tie not Rocky or Apollo won
so rocky is asked/forced to come back for a rematch on APOLLO CREED in this brilliantly written sequel by Sylvester stallone
so it's better to watch ROCKY & ROCKY II back to back to get the full 4 hour story
Produced again by Irwin wrinkler but Directed by sylvester stallone this time in his first Directing Debut
released in 1979 sylvester brings back Carl weathers, Talia shire, Burt young, Burgess meredith

and also brings back an exceptionally Great Actor that never got the respect he Deserved as an Actor
JOE SPINELL, Joe spinell has more screen time in this sequel than he did in the first Rocky
Joe plays Rocky's best friend in this sequel

brilliant performance by sylvester stallone as ROCKY as he had to Act some very emotional scenes
when Adrian played by Talia shire had to go into Hospital from suffering pre-mature labor
which made her go into a Coma
and also his emotional scenes with Mickey played by the Great Burgess meredith
Sylvester gives an excellent effort Directing the film at the same time as Acting in it

MGM this time gave this ROCKY sequel a new 4K HD transfer just like MGM did for the 2014 reissue of ROCKY
and the picture quality does look much better and much sharper for sure
again no new Audio mix, just the same 5.1 Master audio mix from the previous release
and no new special features either not even a Theatrical trailer for some reason
it would've been Great if there was a new Audio commentary by Sylvester stallone or a new interview with stallone
giving his recollections on Directing this sequel, but tragically no
still time to upgrade and get this new 4K transfer of this Great sequel

i gave this new reissue only 3 stars based on no new special features
but there's a new HD transfer of the film
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on December 12, 2015
Really loved this move when I watched it so many years ago, and loved it again now. My wife, who doesn't watch English movies much, also loved this equally to the point she was excited watching the boxing match like it's a real fight :)
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