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on February 26, 2005
I disagree with most of the crtical reviews of this movie 150%! Not only was this movie my favorite Rocky film (YES, even more than the original Rocky), it is one of my all time favorite movies which I have seen dozens of times and NEVER grow old of it. So much so it became the inspiration of the main graphic on my business web site.

Why? For many reasons.

To me the Rocky theme never grows old. It is the classic "Hero's Journey." The underdog in life that is challenged to pull deep within, fight the inner "demons," connect with one's true strength and inner potential and triumph in the end.

What makes Rocky IV different and more potent in my mind is the contrast in themes. In this movie, Rocky is at the top of his game (in fact retire with all the trappings of success) and is forced to look deep within again but for a much deeper and more soul provoking reason. His best friend and original boxing contender -- Apollo Creed -- has lost his life in the boxing ring to the testerone-driven, freakish, goliath-like Russian boxing challenger. This castrophe forces Rocky to do some deep soul-searching about how "he sold his passion for glory." (from "The Eye of the Tiger" song).

How many people in the business world and life in general, sacrifice their passion for glory?! Probably 95+%. Being a business coach, I constantly look for movies, books, stories that coach people in their businesses. To me this movie has that compelling message. "We must fight to keep our passions alive."

The other aspect that I like about this movie is the strong contrast between nature and technology. Rocky flies off to the desolated mountains of Siberia using nature as his training ground, connecting with his true inner strength. The Russian on the other hand uses all the latest high tech gear and non-stop steroids to build his massive robotic body that looks more like a machine. Another valuable lesson.

While technology has tremendous value to our society, how often do we allow technology to rule our lives, stripping us of our of our connection with ourselves and other people, making us feel more like machines?

If you look at this movie as just a boxing movie, you miss the deeper lessons it can have for your life. Go watch this movie with new eyes and see its brilliant message unfold in front of your eyes.
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on November 17, 1999
Simply put, it has the most inspiring training sequence out of all five. The music placed with it is excellent, and the mountain climbing scene put me to happy tears, and raised my pulse about 1000 notches! The fight scene is heartfelt. He wasn't supposed to live through round three. The inspiration felt in this film is outstanding, and if you're a conspiracy buff....well,the Cold War ENDED a short time after. GO ROCKY!
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on January 10, 2005
THis is one of my favorite films ever I have been watching it ever since I was a kid. I liked this movie more than all the other sequels made to the Rocky films. Please do buy this DVD and do yourself a favor.
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on April 14, 2004
The Rocky films are such inspiring movies. I don't think anybody that has seen any of them other than five has felt motivated to do something with there lives. In the first three Rocky films we see the Italian Stallion come from a nobody to a somebody. He's the heavy weight champion of the world and has overcome a lot. Rocky IV shows they were running out of ideas and naturally Sylvester went to the easy way out, he'd have Rocky fight communism.
Rocky IV is simple enough to follow. Ivan Drago(Dolph Lundgren) is the next big thing in the boxing world. He's the enourmus Russian that looks unbeatable. He's won the gold medal and has cleaned Europe out. He comes to America looking to become the champion and put Soviet boxing back on the map. Apollo Creed(Carl Weathers) wants Ivan. The Soviet agress to the match to show that he's unbeatable. He kills Apollo in the match and then looks at Rocky like he's next. Rocky(Stallone) feels responsible for the death of Apollo. He's unsure if he can beat the Soviet. Even his own wife Adrian doubts him. It's now up to Rocky to rediscover himself and restore honor to himself, Apollo Creed, and the United States.
Rocky IV is such a hoaky movie it's beautiful. The East vs West set up is great. It's not just Rocky vs Drago, it's the United States vs the Soviet Union. This 1985 movie did take place during the arms race and it's a great patriotic tale. Very few movies have me made want to shout USA out while I'm watching them and Rocky IV does that.
I have to tip my hat to Syvelster Stallone and Dolph Lundgren. Both are in amazing shape for the movie. Everybody that has seen the movie loves the scenes in Russia where Rocky and Drago are training. It's so barbaric, tender, and motivating all at the same time. The two in there boxing scenes also look good. Drago is the most impossing force ever scene in any of the Rocky films. Dolph broke most of Stallones ribs during the filming and did a number on bones in his face. You have to love that kind of dedication from Stallone who also wrote and directed.
Rocky IV is an excellent film. A lot of people said they should have stoped after III and they are wrong. Rocky IV is a great motivational and patriotic tale. In a liberal dominated hollywood and media it's great to watch a feel good movie like Rocky IV.
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on July 14, 2015
Being made in the 1980s, Rocky IV has a very anti-Soviet feel to it. I still consider this the 2nd best Rocky movie behind the first one. The plot is good. The characters are well developed. Ivan Drago is a cool opponent. The only thing I really dislike about Rocky IV is when Ivan kills Apollo Creed. A very sad moment and sad for a cool character.

Rocky IV is one of 3 movies that came out in 1985 that has an anti-Soviet/Russian tone to it. Another one is: Rambo: First Blood Part II, because of them being the villains. The other one is the American version of Godzilla 1984, re-edited and released in America in 1985. There are scenes purposely put in and re-edited, and re subtitled to make the Soviets look bad, including a shot made of the Soviet commander launching a nuke at Tokyo. Another anti-Soviet movie is Rambo III, released in 1988.

The soundtrack is great and the songs in the movie are great. The training montages are well made and the fights are once again well choreographed. Nothing against this movie aside from Apollo Creed's death. Great movie, and Rocky's speech at the end is very well written.
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on March 9, 2005
The whole Rocky series of movies is about the American dream.
In the first two, Rocky works hard and works his way to the
top of the boxing world through his own hard work, GOD, and
belief in family. In Rocky III, he was on top of the world
but had to learn to defend himself from those who would attack
him and take away what he *owned* and *earned* through his

But in Rocky IV, he takes it to the next level. He is drawn
into the struggle against communism in the 1980s. The communists
hating Rocky, have created a drugged up monster named DRAGO
with the specific purpose of sending him to America to steal
the world title and more importantly prove to the world that
communism can produce a better boxer than capitalism and
individual effort produced in Rocky.

As in many cases in the history of America, Rocky and his friends
underestimate the threat of communism. Apollo steps in to
take out the Russian and is killed by him as Rocky looks on.

The communists retreat back behind the iron curtain. Rocky
puts everything at stake and follows determined to defeat
DRAGO on his home ground. Rocky's wife gives the usual liberal
objections, but Rocky is firm in his purpose to fight for
America against the communist monster.

They go to russia and are treated about as would be expected.
They are sent out to a hut in the gulag where they can train
for the fight. They are constantly watched by communists.

Finally there is the fight. Rocky puts everything on the line
and uses his hard head to face down DRAGO and communism. The
communist bosses turn out to have made a mistake in going after
Rocky. Their slaves in the boxing area turn on Drago and then
on the entire evil system of communism. They learn to respect
America and the kind of individual effort that rocky represents.

In the end, we get a 1980 Olympics style moment where Rocky
covers himself in the American flag and creates one of the
great scenes in film history. And unlike 1980, the location
is not the USA, but the heart of the communist empire. The
communist slaves have seen the power of american freedom and
have rejected the anti-god collectivist slavery system of their

This movie also introduces a robot into the rocky family of
characters. While the robot is strictly played for comedy,
it adds some good clean fun to the film. I wish there was
more of the robot and that the next Rocky movie had followed
up on what happened to the little fellow.

Stallone knew that communism was rotten and that it would
fall. And I think this movie played a role (a small one)
in bringing about its end.
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on December 5, 2014
This is a great movie. My 3 yr old daughter counts this as one of her favorite movies. I think it's the music :) I explained to her that what they are doing is considered a sport, and they train and prepare so they can be good at their sport.

If I'm reviewing the purchase itself--it came quickly and was very affordable. Works great, and has widescreen/fullscreen options.
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on March 30, 2015
About the purchase, excellent price, delivery time, and the conditions of the product. This movie is awesome and also the soundtrack is excellent. Check the site to find more Sylvester Stallone movies.
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on February 26, 2015
Never, never, EVER get tired of Rocky movies. They're the best, most inspirational, motivational films!! If you're in a slump, pop in Rocky, Rocky II, Rocky III or Rocky IV - you'll be up and at 'em in no time!!
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on March 28, 2014
Truth be told, my son ordered this film and viewed it. I'm old enough to have seen all the Rocky genre films when they first came out. Typical of all sequels, the first Rocky film was the best, being most heart wrenching and most believable. Each successive Rocky release, features the same/similar tired story line and aging charactors, literally! LOL.
I like:
Sly's films while not literary masterpieces, are NOT crude or vulgar and generally not insulting as compared to many competitors.
The values portrayed in the Rocky genre are generally positive;
Rocky is always loyal to his friends and family, both on and off screen. The same actors re-appear in several sequels.
Rocky has his weak moments(like all of us). Rocky works hard to overcome his weaknesses and achieve his goals.
Rocky generally achieves his goals when he takes some risks, works hard and perseveres.
Rocky is deeply in touch with his Italian heritage. There's a little Italian in everyone which comes out when they cook or watch Rocky films.

I may not like:
Boxing is an inherently violent sport. It may not be appropriate for young children.
The films feature generally uneducated individuals whose lives are less than ideal. Interactions between charators are basal at best. Parents may want to watch and discuss some of the themes with their children.

Bottom line, if you liked the first Rocky, you'll probably like this one but to a lesser degree. The story is a bit rediculous and Rocky is just too old . . . but what the heck! Yo, put on your muscle tee and boil so spaghetti water LOL
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