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on May 9, 2009
I purchased 3 different "beginner" DVDs on Amazon to try. I am somewhat familiar with Yoga but haven't practiced it in years, and was never that advanced to begin with. I was worried that some of the DVD's would be too easy or too complicated for me. This was perfect. (Incidentally, the one I really didn't like was "Yoga for Every Body" which somehow managed to be both too easy (not challenging physically) and too complicated (using Hindu terminology and a lot of props) This DVD, on the other hand, was great becasue it was simple and straightforward, while being physically challenging at the same time (easy poses to customize to your level of fitness, too) I only wish it were longer. I will purchase more of the Gaiam DVDs with Rodney Yee
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I love Rodney Yee as well as only a handful of other instructors such as Rainbeau Mars, Seane Corn, etc. who have a real passion for yoga to help balance the body and the mind.
This has 2 about 20 min workouts, Rodney doing the morning & Colleen doing the evening. They both use only basic beginner poses that have a relaxed, slow pace. The great thing about this dvd is the 3 different audio instruction. You can have basic overall instruction that Rodney uses in the past which gives you the pose name, basic instruction about posture, as well as some inspiration teaching such as not being hard on yourself that you aren't doing the best you've ever done, etc. You can choose "pose only" which is just the music & Rodney/Colleen only saying only the name of the next pose. Or you can have the "inspirational" mode which tells you the pose & how it helps your body & other inspirational ways the yoga pose helps you through life in a more positive way, by noticing the positive in your body, etc. This is a great idea to get larger target audience who might all have different taste in instruction, or different needs depending on the day. I think all workout dvds should do this, even offer even more varied choices, especially "instruction only" in case you don't like the music, but do want the instruction, etc.. Most dvds now only offer instruction w/music or just music which is too limiting considering the technological possibilities, dvd reviews will get much less complaints due to varied user's tastes & much more sales. *hint hint*
The pose 42 min guide has Rodney & Colleen taking turns being the teacher/model in a total white studio for poses like: mountain, side bend, back bend, standing fwd bend, downward dog, triangle, wide angle standing fwd bend, side angle, warrior 1, cobra, cobbler's/butterfly, seated twist, seated cross legged fwd bend, seated fwd bend, reclined easy stretch figure 4 ankle crossed over knee then pull to chest, happy baby, reclined twist, bridge, reclined rest with knees up, total rest. They mostly focus on common thing people do wrong & quick basics on how to do it right. There could have been more instruction, but this is good for people who get bored fast.
If you want really deep instruction that answers questions you wouldn't even realize to ask about muscle alignment/use during a pose, I would suggest Seane Corn's Vinyasa Flow Yoga - Uniting Movement with Breath.

Video clip: Youtube under "Rodney Yee Yoga for Beginners"
& quick trailer at Gaiam com
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on April 21, 2009
This is one case in which the title does not mislead. If you don't have much background in yoga and need to have all the various postures explained in some detail, this is the DVD for you. Even if you do have some experience with yoga, they will take you back to the basics where you might need a little correction here and there. Also, on the disc Rodney Yee and his partner take you through the steps of two yoga workouts that will lead you in the end to a wonderful feeling of relaxation.
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on March 4, 2011
I'm in my 20s, relative beginner to yoga, and I've been practicing almost every day for several months now. I've ordered several beginner yoga dvds, but I'm disappointed in this one. (especially considering all the good reviews)

I ordered it because I saw a glimpse of the pose guide, which appeared helpful. Aesthetically, the exercises on the beach looked peaceful, the music non-intrusive, and Rodney Yee seemed to have such a soothing voice (a big plus in a yoga instructor).

But the exercises move waaaaay too quickly. Doing the practices felt like I was being ushered along hurriedly--like I was late for a meeting or something. Kind of the antithesis of what yoga is all about, right? The instructor would even say, "Stay here for a cycle of two breaths," but s/he would only give enough time for a single quick one.
Aaaahh!! Cue aggravation, another thing you don't want to get out of a yoga session.

Given all the good reviews, I was really surprised. Granted, I'm only a beginner, but I feel like the whole point of yoga is to get into the poses...if only for a few nice breaths. I felt so short-changed with this DVD; there's no way I'm hitting the pause button after every pose. This is probably the last Gaiam or Rodney Yee dvd that I'll be ordering.
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on June 20, 2009
I bought this DVD based on the rave reviews of how appropriate this DVD is for beginners. With the exception of one yoga class many years ago, I consider myself a true beginner and was looking for a DVD that would start with a thorough introduction to the basics. While the section on poses does a good job of focusing on common mistakes, the camera angle is awkward and sometimes cuts off when you are trying to follow along. With that said, the attempt at fancy camera work hinders the ability to follow along in true form, and this continues into the workout section. For instance, some shots only display Rodney's head and arms held up, but will omit the position he takes with his legs. I was not able to complete the first workout section; the pace was quite quick and unless you have the poses memorized by name and form, you would not be able to keep up with Rodney. This DVD is best for advanced beginners who are already versed in yoga poses and only need additional instruction to correct form. Discouraging DVD for the true beginner!
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on February 2, 2009
Excellent program for beginners (and those of us over age 65). Relaxing format with good information. I will likely order more Yee tapes in the future.
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on May 3, 2009
First of all I have to say of all the Yoga dvd's I have I like Rodney Yee's the best. I own his Am and PM Yoga and found this dvd to be similar except Rodney only does the morning workout and Colleen Saidman doe the evening workout, compared to Rodney instructing in his earlier released am and pm yoga. The new dvd give you a description on how to align your body and do the movements which I find difficult to visually watch and do at the same time on other dvd's. If you are a beginner this is perfect for you, however, I would suggest later adding other Rodney Yee dvd's and not his am and pm yoga to your collection.
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VINE VOICEon January 25, 2012
As I get older, my muscles are contracting and my balance is not as deft as it once was. I'm not a weight lifter and don't enjoy exercise outside of the neighborhood walk. But I thought that if I didn't do something soon, then I just might keep pulling muscles as I floss my teeth and that is unacceptable - at least from now on.

So I picked up a copy of this DVD. It explains the poses and sets up for a couple sessions of light yoga. I admit that it is nearly perfect. The explanations by Yee are soothing and easy to follow. I used this DVD for two weeks and then felt that it was too limiting. Now that I had the basics, I opted for more sessions of different pose routines.

I moved on to the Rodney Yee's AM Yoga for beginners. It is also well done. However, I do think that Rodney Yee's Yoga for Beginners should be the first one used.
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on October 29, 2010
I read many of the reviews here and was surprised there was no mention of why I feel I can only give this otherwise excellant dvd 3 stars: lack of labeling / notation (for beginners) to identify & learn the various poses.

Before I elaborate, first let me say some of the good things I enjoy on the dvd. One, there's a whole range of poses. Two, you can go to select poses and go directly to the pose that interests you (though, then the video continues to other poses without telling you, which, for a pure beginner, is very confusing at times.) Three, the instructional info on common mistakes, alignment, and reminders that one need not to stretch to full stretch, is excellant; beyond useful, it's essential for safer movement. And lastly, the "inspirational" portion, which I anticipated would be too spiritual-gushy and authoritarian for me, was suprisely really more poetic visualization - it provided a vivid counterpoint to the techno-instructional style. My only improvement suggestion for the inspirational portion would be a kindly reminder / encouragement by the narrator for the viewer / participant to come up with their own more pertinent imagery.

But my main complaint, and main reason for purchasing the dvd full price at a discount store (50% higher than here on amazon), was to learn the various poses. A simple script notation onscreen for each pose would have done wonders. Add in that often a new pose is introduced without either narrator saying what the pose is, and, again, for a pure beginner, very confusing.

Still, not knowing other yoga dvd's yet, if one had no other choices, at least this is a beginning; and, since I want to learn, I am writing down the pose names, doing my own little stick figure image next to the name, and learning.

Disclosure: I've done yoga, off and on, since my early 20's (I just turned 60) but just enjoyed doing it without ever bothering to even know there were names to the poses (or ignoring them if I heard them) and am now at a point of refining and recognizing what it is I am doing - hey, better late than never, huh? (smile face)
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on January 17, 2010
My wife and I just did the instructional portion of this DVD and were both impressed. The ability to adjust with guidance based on your flexibility and strength limitations was great, as were the relaxed instructions from both Rodney and Colleen. A great DVD to get started with!
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