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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon October 11, 2013
The Roku 1 is a compact, nicely designed media streamer. It may not have some of the bells and whistles that its bigger siblings, the Roku 2 and 3, have but what it does it does well. The main features it does have are those that count the most; 1000+ channels, built in wireless, and 1080p video playback. It has a HDMI line out for HDTV's and RCA component line out for standard TV's, making it compatible with virtually any TV. The Roku 1 comes with a newly designed remote that features 4 channel shortcut buttons. At $60, the Roku 1 is very affordably priced.

Roku LT - 1000+ channels, built-in wireless, channel shortcut buttons on remote, 720p video
Roku 1 - Same as LT but adds 1080p video
Roku 2 - Same as 1 but adds dual-band wireless and remote with headphone jack
Roku 3 - Same as 2 but doesn't have channel shortcut buttons on remote and adds motion control remote for games, 5x faster processor, and USB hook up

ROKU 1: I own or have owned the Roku LT and Roku 3 along with the Roku 1. I like the Roku 1 the best. It features 1000+ channels, built in wireless, and 1080p video playback. The remote with the Roku 1 is updated from previous Roku remotes. The Roku 1 remote adds 4 channel shortcut buttons toward the bottom that provide instant access to M-Go, Amazon Instant Video, Netflix, and Vudu. Normally if you want to switch to a different channel you have to hit the home button, go to "My Channels", and then select a new channel. This is a nice update that saves time and steps if you regularly watch one of those channels.

ROKU 2: Looking at the Roku 2, the dual-band wireless is important if your Roku will be far away from your wireless router. My Roku 1 is a few feet away so it isn't an important feature. My LT is now about 35 feet away. I haven't had any connection issues at that distance but 1080p will be more demanding than the LT's 720p video. The remote with headphone jack on the Roku 2 is a great feature to avoid disturbing your partner or roommate if watching programming on the Roku late at night. It does the job but I found the sound quality to be mediocre, most likely as a result of the very cheap earbud headphones included.

ROKU 3: The Roku 3 also has dual-band wireless and a remote with headphone jack. It however doesn't have channel shortcut buttons on the remote like the 1 & 2. Instead the remote adds motion control for games. The remote basically works the same as a Wii remote although not quite as fluid. The Roku 3 has been a very well reviewed product but with mine the remote would occasionally lose sync. Of the complaints about the Roku 3, it is one of the more common ones. The Roku 3 has a 5x faster processor. Using the Roku 3, than the LT, and now the 1, I wouldn't have known the Roku 3 has a 5x faster processor. Surfing through the menus on the LT and 1 is fluid and I didn't notice any significant lag time in loading videos compared to the 3. Finally, the Roku 3 allows you connect an external drive to it. To me this was the biggest selling point for the Roku 3 when I purchased it. However, the interface when connecting an external drive to the Roku 3 is horrid; it is a very common complaint.

CHOOSING THE RIGHT ROKU: The Roku 1 will fit most people's needs. If your Roku is going to be far away from the wireless router or if you will be watching programs late at night and don't want to disturb anyone than the Roku 2 is your best option. To me the only reason to step up to the Roku 3 would be to play games with the motion control remote.

If your looking to purchase your first Roku rest assured that set-up is easy. Simply plug the Roku 1 into your HDTV or receiver via a HDMI cable. A HDMI cable isn't provided so if you don't have an extra one you will need to purchase one. Then you connect the power cord to the Roku. There is a set-up menu that walks you through the process which pretty much consists of connecting the Roku to your wireless network. The final step is linking your Roku 1 to your Roku account on a computer. If you don't already have one, you will need to create an account online and provide a credit card number like you do with an iTunes account. Like an iTunes account the credit card information is provided for any channel purchases that may be made in the future. It is possible to bypass adding a credit card to your Roku account by calling customer service. If calling customer service they can activate your account without a credit card.

Roku's channel selection is unmatched. You can select your favorite channels of the 1000+ available to show up on the Roku 1's "My Channels" screen either through your account on a computer, directly through the Roku 1, or with the Roku phone app. To be honest many of the channels are what I'd consider "community access" programming. A fair amount of what's left over are subscription or paid channels, like Hulu Plus, Netflix, and Blockbuster On Demand, or channels which require a TV cable subscription like Fox Now and HBO Go. Be aware that many channel apps are free to download but require payment to view anything. I consider those to be paid channels even if the app is free.

There is a large enough selection of channels to start with that anyone will find some freebie gems in the 1000+ channels available. For me it's PBS, PBS Kids, Smithsonian, and NASA. While some of the main channels that people seem to watch on the Roku, like Hulu Plus and Netflix, are standard on many devices, one of big reasons I looked at the Roku initially was to unify my channel/app programming onto one device. I had to turn the blu-ray player on to watch Amazon Instant Video, my WD TV Live on for Hulu, and my computer on for PBS or MLB. Now with the Roku I just use one device to watch all those and more plus I can use my iPhone as a remote control via Roku's app.

Roku's new media streaming player, Roku 1, has the right combo of features with 1000+ channels, built in wireless, 1080p video playback, a HDMI and RCA component line out, and channel shortcut buttons on the remote. Plus, it is at an great price. At $60, it would be hard not to get your money's worth out of it.
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on August 8, 2014
Decided to get this as I would be home-bound recovering from surgery for several weeks. We purchased one of the early Roku's back in 2011, but lent it to our roommate and we have a Panasonic Viera smart TV, but that's in our living room & I wanted to be comfy in the den. We have very basic cable in the den, so I figured I'd get a ton of use out of the Roku while recovering.

Anyway,first off - my favorite feature of this Roku is the search ability. If I want to watch something, I don't have to check all my channels for it, I can just search from the home screen and Roku will show me every channel it's available on, even if I don't have that channel installed.

They already had the most popular channels added and it's easy to remove unwanted channels.

In the 2 weeks or so I've had this one, I've never had a connection error and shows stream with high quality. Same goes for our other unit. It can be affected by wifi signal, so just make sure you have a strong signal.

The remote, although equipped with more buttons than previous models, is simple and easy to use. A fabric tag hangs off the bottom which makes it easy to orient the remote correctly in the dark.

I would recommend this for anyone who wants a better option than a computer or tablet device to stream Netflix and other similar channels. Those not very tech savvy may need a little help getting it set up and figuring out how to change the TV to the correct input to access it,but once everything is set up, it's quite easy to navigate.

Some things to note for those not familiar with the Roku:
-It's a streaming media device, not a service, so you only pay for the Roku and don't need to pay monthly for it, but...
-Many channels do require paid subscriptions (such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Blockbuster, etc;)
-Roku requires internet, so you will need to connect it to your wifi or directly to your router
-It has YouTube and if you have a Smart Phone, you can connect your phone & send videos to watch through Roku (personally, that's the only way I use YouTube on the Roku because it sure beats trying to type out searches!)
-There is a Roku remote app you can download (at least for Apple products)
-There's no power button, but they say it requires very little power so it shouldn't be a problem
-You're required to enter a pin (that you set up) before making purchases on it so you don't need to worry about unauthorized purchases and...
-You can view & manage your Roku accounts online & view all Roku purchases as well through
-It's easy to set up and just takes a couple minutes, but you will need to go to websites to register/link some accounts, so be prepared with a computer/tablet/smart phone during set up
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on November 7, 2013
I really enjoy using my Roku 1- from the quick and easy setup, minimal parts and plugs, to the fast and simple logins with various streaming accounts. The device barely takes up any space. Once you are logged into various accounts such as netflix, mlslive, hulu, you are good to go. This isn't free online TV- you do need to have some kind of account to watch something-- but with Roku 1, it's so easy to sign up and into programs you actually want to watch. There's no need to watch basic cable or wait through commercials anymore. Definitely a fun item to try out.
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on May 7, 2014
My Roku stopped working within 3 months of ownership and became useless. I spent over an hour and a half with Roku tech support troubleshooting this problem. I would like to note here that I am an IT Systems Engineer and work on wired an wireless networks and devices for a living. By the time I called Roku support I was pretty much sure the device had a hardware problem, but I've learned to give the manufacturers a chance because they know their products best.

For those that don't want to read this long post, I want to say right now that Amazon took excellent care of me even though my Roku was over a month past the return period after I told them about my experience with Roku.

Here is the transcript of how my tech support call with Roku went. Normally I wouldn't post something like this, but I think potential buyer should be made aware of how Roku stands by their products.

S - Ashwinth M -- Hello Mike. How may I help you?
Mike -- Hello. My Roku1 doesn't see the network anymore.
S - Ashwinth M -- Sure,We are here to help!
Mike -- I would like to paste in the information and troubleshooting results.

S/N 1XE3AV137927
Purchased from 02/04/2014
As of this morning, My Roku no longer sees my (or any) wireless network. The Roku still displays the wireless MAC Address
I've tried the following troubleshooting steps that I found on your support forum:

I power it off for 10 seconds and plugged it back in.
I did a Factory Reset
I setup a second wireless network using my Verizon Hotspot
I tried manually entering the ssid

Roku still doesn't see any wireless networks
S - Ashwinth M -- Please give me few minutes I will check with my resources and get back to you
Mike -- Sure thing.
S - Ashwinth M -- Thanks for waiting.
I apologize for long delay.

Mike -- no problem
S - Ashwinth M -- May I know currently are you unable to see any wireless networks available in the list of wireless networks?
Mike -- No. I scan and nothing. I tried to enter the SSID manually and that doesn't work either.
S - Ashwinth M -- Okay. Not to worry. Let us isolate the issue.
house button - 5 times
fast forward button - 3 times
rewind button - 2 times
Please press the buttons with minimal pauses.
Please press the keys on the remote as fast as you can.
You will get the secret screen on the TV.

Mike -- ok give me sec to do that..
S - Ashwinth M -- Okay. Take your own time.
Mike -- Ok. I finally got there.
S - Ashwinth M -- That's good. Please provide me the wireless mac address that you see on screen.
Mike -- dc:3a:5e:2e:20.ed
S - Ashwinth M -- Thank you for your information.
The player is having the valid wireless mac address.
May I know the distance between the Roku and router?
Mike -- It is odd that it showt an IP address and reports an Uptime of 2 days.
It also says it is unregistered.
under 20 feet

S - Ashwinth M -- Not to worry. It shows unregistered if you are not signed in Netflix account.
May I know who is your internet service provider and the brand name of the router?
Mike -- Cox Communications Netgear Nighthawk AC1900
S - Ashwinth M -- Thank you, that's helpful.
Is it possible to reduce the distance between the Roku and router?
Mike -- not permanently. I had a Verizon Hotspot within 5 ft of it today and it still didn't see a network
S - Ashwinth M -- Okay. I see.
Is it possible to connect the player to any other TV which is located in another place?
Mike -- sure
I have to take it upstairs to do this. Give me a few minutes
S - Ashwinth M -- Okay. Please take your time.
are we connected?
Mike -- yes
just about to try it...
S - Ashwinth M -- Okay.
Mike -- ok same thing it doesn't see the wireless and a scan does no good.
S - Ashwinth M -- Do you see other wireless networks?
Mike - Not sure what you mean.. It doesn't see any networks.
S - Ashwinth M -- Okay.
Mike -- It worked fine for a couple of months.
I am leaning towards this unit have gone bad.
S - Ashwinth M -- Okay I understand that how you feel at this moment. Let us reset the player once again.
At the back or bottom of the unit, you should find a recessed little hole. Use a pin or paperclip to press and hold the button till the Roku powers up. The device will reset to default and be ready for setup again.
Mike -- ok
I don't see one... Are you sure the Roku1 has that?
I found it on the bottom
Hang on a sec
S - Ashwinth M -- Okay. Please take your time.
Mike -- Ok. I held it until the Roku emblem came up.
I will need to do the setup now
S - Ashwinth M -- Okay.
Mike -- Nothing. It still doesn't see any networks.
It also no longer has a MAC address.
S - Ashwinth M -- Please give me few minutes I will check with my resources and get back to you.
Mike -- ok
S - Ashwinth M -- Could you please go into the secret screen and let me know the MAC address?
Mike -- ok
It doesn't seem to want to get into that screen... And now I have French as the language
I'm going to power cycle it.

S - Ashwinth M -- Please wait.
Mike -- Sorry. I already did it. It is coming back up now. I am at the chose language screen now
S - Ashwinth M -- Okay.
After it powers up please go into the secret screen and let me know the MAC address of the Roku.
Mike -- it has been booted up.
S - Ashwinth M -- If you do not have the steps please let me know I will help of how to go into the secret screen.
Thank you for letting me know.
Mike -- NO. I have the steps, it just keeps rotating through the languages.
Can I select English and try from another screen?
S - Ashwinth M -- Yes please.
Mike -- Ok. No MAC address listed. all zeros
S - Ashwinth M -- Okay then.
Mike -- Can you arrange an replacement?
S - Ashwinth M -- We will process a B-grade for you.You have to send us the faulty unit first with the RMA number mentioned on the box. As soon as we receive the faulty unit, we will ship out a replacement unit to you within 5 business from the date we receive the unit. You will receive the RMA Number and complete replacement instructions through email. You have to pay for one time shipping.
Please provide me your shipping address.

Mike -- That is not acceptable. I just bought this 2 months ago.

S - Ashwinth M -- I am sorry for the inconvenience caused but that is our procedure.

Mike -- Are you paying for shipment?

S - Ashwinth M -- No it is a one time shipment charge.

Mike -- I will try to get a replacement from I will also
Post this transcript for future potential buyers.

At that point I just disconnected and contacted Amazon. Amazon was great! I explained to them what happened and my experience dealing Roku support and they sent me out a new unit overnight. Amazon also provided a return shipping label at not cost to me. This was even though I was past my return date by over a month.

If Roku would have at least agreed to cross ship a replacement unit and let me send back the other once it arrived, I would have bit the bullet and paid for return shipping. They are not a company I would recommend dealing with.

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on July 4, 2014
Only had it for 2 days, so i'll update in a few months as to its quality. I bought it to replace my Wii which has been acting up for some time now. The Wii was starting to annoy me very much with its constant screen blackouts and extremely slow navigation (I'm using Amazon Instant Video). Now with the Roku, I can start watching movies and shows almost immediately. I enjoy watching programs while I eat. Before, I would have finished 1/2 my meal by the time my show started. With the Roku I no longer worry about timing my eating and viewing. Plus, the navigation and response is much quicker on the Roku; a press of the button gets instantly registered whereas the Wii takes 2-5 seconds to accept an input. Compared to the Wii, the Roku is so much more convenient, saves times, can stream in HD, and provides a plethora of options to watch. Definitely worth the money.

As to this unit being refurbished, who would have thunk it. The only giveaway is the plain cardboard packaging.

Update: about a year now. Even though it's discontinued, I just want to provide an update and say that this never failed on me and doesn't seem like it will ever fail.
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on October 15, 2013
I unplugged the extra cable set box that I am paying extra for each month and plugged in the Roku 1 -- and I actually have more access to more sources of entertainment. The directions were easy to follow. Without much trouble I added NetFlix, Amazon, Pandora, HBO, and TWC. I can control all of those "channels" with the one simple remote. The picture is just as good as it was before. I had the Roku set up and all of these channels in less than 30 minutes, and that's includes entering a few codes in the computer and setting up a Roku account.

I downloaded the app and that works pretty well, too -- I don't need to be in the line of sight and I can control all things that I can with the remote and more. It takes just a fraction of a second to capture the touches from the iPad screen. It even plays my playlists and other music I have loaded on my iPad.

It's hard to believe that this only costs $60.

The only drawback I see so far is that the TWC channel doesn't stream the local TV stations-- I'll need to figure that one out (but I don't really watch those too much, anyway).
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on October 22, 2013
The Roku 1 is the newest unit in the Roku Streaming Player line. The Roku 1 is just above the Roku LT in price, but comes with better features. The most obvious of these is the ability to stream at full 1080p HD, where the Roku LT can only do 720p. 1080p is also called Super HD (SHD), or HDX if you watch VUDU. These designations are designed to further distinguish 1080p HD from 720p HD. Get used to them, you will see them more often as time goes by.

The Roku 1 has a new remote control design, somewhat slimmer than previous remotes, with rubberized buttons. This is not one of the motion control remotes, so there is no lanyard. There are the usual controls found on other Roku remotes, including Back Arrow, Home, the D-pad arrows for directional control with the OK button centered on the D-pad, FFW/RWD, Play/Pause, Replay and Asterisk. But there are also four quick access buttons at the bottom for accessing MGo, Blockbuster, Netflix and Amazon, just a few of the more popular channels from the 1000+ available on Roku devices.

The user interface is the newest one available, the same one found on the Roku 3. Navigation is simple and intuitive, I have no trouble getting to the channel or device setting I want. The search tool is awesome, allowing you to search all of your channels for content, not just Netflix or VUDU, for instance. Type in the name of a movie, actor or director, you are then presented with a list of matches and which of your channels you can find that content on. Select the channel/provider you prefer to watch and you are taken directly to the content to begin watching. Functional and easy, I can't say enough about this feature.

The Roku 1 comes with an HDMI output, as well as standard RCA connectors for audio and video. There is no SD card slot, nor is there a USB slot for viewing/listening to your own content. This unit is wireless only, so no Ethernet port, either. If any of those features is important to you, you may want to look at the higher-end Roku 3 instead. Also note the Roku 2 and Roku 3 have remote controls with headphone support, but the Roku 1 does not.

Setup was easy and mostly automated. You need a wireless network, and you will need to know your wireless access code. You will also need to create a user account on the website. Once the Roku 1 is connected to your wireless network, it will connect to the Internet and automatically update itself to the latest software version, followed by a reboot. After that you will be presented with a special code that you enter on the Roku website under your user account, linking your Roku 1 to your user account. From there you are ready to take a look in the channel store and start adding content to your player. You will want to go into the settings menu and change from 720p to 1080p, if your TV supports 1080p. The Roku 1 is set to 720p by default.

I did notice the unit runs a little warm during use, so give it some space and decent ventilation. My unit is plugged into the switched outlet on the back of my surround sound receiver, so when the receiver turns off, the Roku 1 turns off with it. Might as well save a little power and extend the life of the Roku 1 and its power supply.
Altogether, the Roku 1 is a nice little package. For a few dollars more than the Roku LT, you step up to full 1080p HD. It is another great product from Roku, filling a nice gap between the cheap LT model and the more expensive Roku 2 and Roku 3. The Roku 1 is a good choice among many.
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on March 10, 2014
When I first received my Roku I loved it, it was very easy to put together and hook up. It found my wifi right away. I used this to stream Netflix and amazon. After 2 weeks all of a sudden it couldn't find my internet connection. After many attempts with talking to customer service to troubleshoot they asked me to ship it back to them first then they would send me a replacement, which meant I had to pay $12 to ship it back for a defective product which is absurd, and I have to wait for the new one to come In, with no tv in the meantime. I am not a happy customer.
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on June 6, 2014
After owning the Roku 1 for about 4 months, the device failed to turn on. Upon failing, I learned the Roku is covered by one of the worst product warranties I've encountered in recent years. The device has a 90-day warranty, meaning it will be going in the trash rather than in the mail for a replacement.

The length of a warranty period typically reflects the expected longevity of a device. The manufacturer seeks to balance the cost of replacing broken devices with the consumer perception that a device is of a certain quality. A standard warranty term for consumer electronics is 1 year. By providing merely a 3-month warranty instead of a longer 1-year warranty, Roku is indicating that it's devices are low quality and it expects a significant number of devices to fail before reaching 1 year of age.

I can only blame myself, I suppose. Please don't make the same mistake I made. There are alternatives to the Roku.
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on October 28, 2013
Why I got the Roku1: I got a Roku2 for the guest room (due to the headphone jack on the remote) also sometimes my wife and/or I hide out in the guest room to catch a movie with peace and quiet)) and was so happy with it that I bought a $99 19" Insignia TV from best buy (awesome deal BTW) and bought a Roku1 to hook up to it to use in the workshop.
This Roku1 is really something and then there is the price, which is also incredible. So now I can be in my workshop and listen to Pandora with the Roku1, watch Netflix, listen to Amazon MP3, listen to Radio Paradise, watch a free movie on crackle, check the weather, see news, watch a movie on Amazon Prime and the list goes on and on. So why am I a Roku-aholic; ANSWER: I have one in every room that has a TV and even bought a TV to go with a Roku...
Final Thought: With the price point being so great on the Roku1, I am thinking about giving some to friends for Christmas this year.
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