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I purchased this to put away in a drawer in case I lose my original remote control, because if you lose one and you don't have a spare you are SOL on using your Roku. I have the cheapest Roku (the LT) and this remote works fine with it. This remote is flat on the bottom, not like the LT remote which is rounded. As far as the instant replay feature, it's good, but I don't see myself using it often - nice to know it's there if I need to go back a few seconds. BTW, check around, you can find better prices elsewhere, sometimes the Roku site sells them for $2, I got a new one on eBay for $5.
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on December 12, 2011
I like this little fellow.

It is the improved remote from the Roku1 series with additional back/info/instant replay buttons. It is infrared and works with all models of Roku digital video players, old and new. If you have the oldest 9-button remote circa pre-2010, this 12-button one is a step up.

It works with Roku 2 players as well, with all channels but "Angry Birds" game - only the Bluetooth gaming remote can. On the other hand, if you are tired of your BT remote from going "to sleep" and taking 5-10 seconds to reconnect - or that it seems to last only couple of weeks on pair of new batteries - infrared is the way to go, it lasts many months and never falls asleep.
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on January 7, 2013
As the title says, there is no replay button on this remote.

I got this overpriced remote to replace a lost one for our original roku. (I used the iphone app roku remote for a while until we made sure the lost remote couldn't be found, but it was frustrating to not have a real remote.) This one is over priced at twenty bux (what I paid). I'm not sure if a generic universal remote could have been made to work with a roku, but you can get a basic one for like ten bux. The price a Roku 2 can be bought these days, this price is way too high for just 14 buttons.

The old remote that we lost had a button on it that had a replay symbol (a circled arrow) that when pressed bounced the video playback about 10 seconds back almost immediately. Perfect for when you miss something someone said. Now you have to press the left arrow, and then play, and there is a 5-10 second pause while it buffers before it begins again. Annoying. (#firstworldproblems)

When I received the remote in the mail I wondered if I was sent the wrong model, but even the sticker on the plastic wrapping indicated it was a "Replay Remote". False marketing.
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on December 27, 2011
In case you lose your remote and have to order another one, you can use the Roku remote on the iPad and iTouch. They also have the instant replay. The battery doesn't last super long on my iTouch, but they are nice to use while you are waiting for your new remotes from Amazon.
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on March 23, 2012
I don't understand why Roku would come out with a new remote and no instant replay button like in the previous version. The Netflix/Pandora/Crackle buttons are nice but not nearly as useful as an instant replay button.
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on July 4, 2013
I wish you could still buy the real original remote. This one has a contoured "ok" button that my kids pull off in seconds. I have FIVE of these remotes missing the middle button because children are monsters and these remotes are not even close to durable enough for a child. My original (square boxy Roku 1 Remotes) have been dropped, crushed, and mangled, held together with duct tape but they still work great, these do not last a day up against my children, the masters of destruction.

I have tried three or four different kinds of glue, to attempt to put the OK button back on, with no success. The best we have done is put a square of duct tape over the entire arrow/OK piece, which sucks.

The last time I ordered these I ordered four. This time I am only ordering one, to replace the one my precious children ruined while over at a friend's house for five seconds.
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on June 18, 2013
The original Roku remote was lost sometime ago and this was never a big deal as I was able to control the Roku (until recently) with an iTouch. For whatever reason, the programmers at Roku changed the way you add networks. As soon as you click wifi, or try to change a network setting it instantly changes. If you are going to a different network or changing settings (WEP to WPA etc.) you will lose control of the device. Once you scan, or attempt to enter a new password it will drop off the network. You aren't able to connect even with a wired Ethernet or even get control back with a factory reset. Irregardless, this is a nice little remote! It feels better in your hand than the gaming remote as it fits very comfortably in your palm the buttons are very easy to learn and manipulate. It does add the instant replay feature which skips back seven seconds in case you miss something. Now that I have this neat little remote, I am happy to have both it and my Roku working again!

07/07/2013: As an update & side note. This remote uses infrared and not wireless like the gaming remotes. I have had the Roku stop responding to these commands even though the light on the roku dims which signifys it is receiving the command. Sometimes after several seconds it will eventually start processing these commands and if you pressed the button several times it will chain all of the button presses together bringing you to who knows where. It might be best to order the gaming remote as this stacking of button presses and lack of responsiveness makes the instant replay button pretty much unusable.

This is when used on a Roku 2. One star demoted. Otherwise its a nice little remote and very easy to use without having to look at the keys.
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on December 20, 2012
Worked just as well as the original did before being chewed up by the dog! I ordered 2, because the dog does like to dine on these things, and he has already gotten ahold of one of the two replacements, but even with the end gnawed off it still works--what more could you ask for?
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on October 15, 2015
The only cool thing about this remote is the new buttons that take you straight to you different streaming choices (amazon, Netflix, ect). They took away the headphone jack which was a favorite feature on the old remote. This remote is HORRIBLE. More often than not, we have to attempt to "click" 10,20 times for the system to respond. The box has a hard time reading this remote. I will move all around, pointing at different levels, even walking just feet away from the box, yet it more than often does not read. This remote is SO frustrating! I might take a video of trying to use the remote to show how many attempts have to come before they system and remote connect.
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on February 19, 2015
This remote works, but it is a step down from the remote that comes with the Roku 3. First off, it's an infrared remote, so you must aim it at the Roku. I loved how the Roku 3 remote works via your wifi network -- so you could be in the other room controlling the Roku. Also, this remote does not have a headphone jack like the Roku 3 remote. I knew this going in by reading other reviews. I do like the placement of the "ok" button on this remote. It's in the center of the d-pad, vs just under it on the Roku 3 remote.

It's a solid functioning replacement remote. But, I'm torn on the price. At $20, that's about a fourth/fifth the cost of a replacement streaming device. I considered saving the money and buying an Apple TV. Also, why the heck did my Roku 3 remote crap out after only a couple years? I don't think it was abused any more than our other four remotes for various things. They're all still working. Strange.
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