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If you have been in 1,700 movies, and starred in plenty of them, and have directed some of them yourself, and your name is well known for your brand of films, you can perhaps expect not only fame, but also a level of respect from peers in Hollywood, and plenty of further bookings in Hollywood movies. Only some of those expectations have come true for Ron Jeremy, but if you believe his forthright and funny autobiography (written with Eric Spitznagel) _Ron Jeremy: The Hardest (Working) Man in Showbiz_ (HarperEntertainment), he's not at all bitter and he is very much amused by the turns his life has taken. After all, he has been wildly successful in what he does, and he is crazy about working in movies, or publicity stunts, or book signings, or hawking tee-shirts, or partying with the well-to-do. Ron Jeremy, you see, is "the top porn star of all time" according to one trade magazine, and it is hard to argue with the designation. And Ron Jeremy has a big penis. Not the biggest in porn; that honor probably goes to the late porn star John Holmes, but Jeremy's size was remarkable enough to secure him into his profession, whereupon his other attributes (like ambition) sustained him in a career that has been far longer than others in the field. (Of his co-stars, he jokes, "I'm a dinosaur compared to them. I was making porn when most of them were still zygotes.") It's a remarkable life, and he has enjoyed it all very much (including the estimated 4,000 women with whom he has had sex for films and for fun), and while his book won't please the prudish, he has well conveyed his sense of fun and a very likeable self-effacing image.

Red-staters may be dismayed to find that Jeremy didn't have a broken childhood and wasn't forced into the business to support a drug habit. He never smokes, seldom drinks, and never does drugs. And he loves his parents. During high school and college he acted and played music, and along the way he became an accredited special education teacher. (He loves children, and he loves small animals, and his book contains an invitation to help him in the fight against world hunger.) When he was 24 he and his girlfriend submitted photos she had made of him to _Playmate_, and after those came out in 1978, he did his first porn movie (after getting permission from his dad). Jeremy does not have the model's face or physique sported by other porn stars. He is tubby, and has a lot of body hair that led to his getting the trade nickname The Hedgehog. He says that even though he has put on weight for all to see, it has never stopped him from getting work, and thinks it may be part of his attraction; it's no surprise that the good-looking actors get plenty of sex, "But when people see me in a porno, they think, If _this_ guy is getting lucky in the sack, maybe there's hope for me!" His eagerness to do anything made him famous quickly. "I wanted to stay busy. I wanted to work. And if that meant leaving one set at midnight and driving to LAX to catch a red-eye to New York for another movie the next morning, I'd do it."

He has enjoyed his notoriety, and is too busy promoting it to complain (much) about its drawbacks. He is a sincere actor, but mainstream producers tend not to hire him because as soon as he shows on the screen, everyone in the audience will point to him as that porn star. When John Frankenheimer wanted to portray the porn movie world in _52 Pick Up_, he wanted Jeremy to invite him to see a porn shoot in progress. "You don't need to do it again?" Frankenheimer asked on the set. "What if the lighting is wrong? What if the continuity is screwed up? What if you don't have enough coverage?" Jeremy's answer comes with a shrug: "Hey, it's porn. Our audience is very forgiving." He also got consulting credit on the wonderful ensemble movie about making porn films _Boogie Nights_, although his acting scenes were cut (as often happens when he works on mainstream movies). He does get called upon to do TV roles, but usually he is asked just to be Ron Jeremy, hosting S & M shows, judging wet tee-shirt contests, introducing rock acts, or even participating in serious academic seminars on aspects of pornography. Just like when he started in the business, he seldom says no, and knows that he might be just a commodity. "If Ron Jeremy is a commodity," he explains, "then I've been my most enthusiastic salesman." Perhaps this amusing autobiography is all a part of the sales, but still, it is a hugely entertaining and candid report by a man who loves his work.
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on March 10, 2007
I would venture to guess that most (certainly many) adults have heard of Ron Jeremy. The book (sure easy to spot in the bookstore with all of the color and the provocative picture) is a relatively quick and easy read, and overall is well-written and funny. That said, Ron really doesn't reveal as much about himself as some might think or prefer...the book is almost tongue-in-cheek, with, as one can imagine, numerous anecdotes regarding the adult film business over the last 30 years. Ron is, and has been, obsessed with being a 'legitimate' actor. The book consists of 3 parts, 17 chapters total. There is an appendix of 'fun facts' (and some are rather peculiar) as well as a list of "movie roles that never made the final cut" -- I think that this gives the reader an idea where Ron is at...

Ron is obviously a very bright man, trained as a classical pianist, an accredited special education teacher, college lecturer, comedian. Yet, when reading this book it is clear that Ron is still seeking his 'holy grail' -- to be cast as a leading actor in a major Hollywood film.

After a while it started to wear thin the number of references that Ron makes to his meetings with movie stars, politicians, etc. -- there are dozens upon dozens of footnotes throughout the book! Ron provides plenty of pictures as well in this book, written with Eric Spitznagel.

It was interesting, and somewhat poignant to read as Ron discuses his relationship with his 'girlfriend' Juniper, his hopes and regrets concerning their past and ? future...I must say that I am also quite impressed that Ron has reportedly never resorted to abusing, or even using, illicit drugs, nor does he abuse alcohol. He has an excellent relationship with his parents and siblings, by all reports. In this book Ron comes across as a quite genuine and caring person -- good stuff, Ron!

Overall, if you you are interested in learning more about Ron, and the world of adult film, this is a good start, and as noted, it is fun. Some other books to consider would include Jenna Jameson's biography, and a book entitled "The Other Hollywood." Ron, you have surely left your mark (so to speak) and I hope that you are offered that big Hollywood role that does not end up on the cutting room floor...
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on February 7, 2007
I'm a busy guy and I read it in two days. For anybody who's interested in the porn industry of the last three decades you won't put this book down. I rank it up right up there with my favorite bands' biography (Motley Crue, The Dirt) and Jenna Jameson's book. I was fortuneate enough to host Ron for dinner at my restaurant in April 2006. My best friend who knew I was a fan of Ron's, convinced the owner's of the local nightclub he worked at to fly Ron in to host a party at the club that evening and Ron didn't disappoint. He was as hilarious and quick-witted as he is in his 1700 + films and was gracious enough at dinner to take as many pictures with my staff as time permitted. A matter of fact I personally think he's the most underrated comedic actor of our time. You may not morally agree with his career choice, but their is no denying the man's work ethic, forthright and good heart. Although he's slept with over 4,000 women on film or socially (most of them beautiful) he's also an acclaimed animal lover who currently maintains a work/travel schedule most young executives would scoff at, all the while never forgetting his roots. Through hard work and determination he's accomplished the unthinkable for a male porn star- he's penetrated the mainstream and either consulted or appeared in many big budget Hollywood films as well as the T.V. show the "Surreal Life." The latter has resulted in Ron becoming somewhat of a household name. Want a great read, grab a copy of this book. The only downfall is that 335 pages isn't enough to fully grasp how remarkable a life this guy's had. Look forward to more laughs with ya soon Ronnie!
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on March 20, 2009
Having been interested in the adult film business since the late 70's I was hoping for a look behind the curtain from someone who been a primary in the industry for nearly 30 years. What I found instead was Ron Jeremy explaining how he's been cut out of mainstream movies, lots of name dropping
(celebrities I have known), some personal history, and not very much about the adult film industry.
Jeremy seems to be a really nice guy who's been lead by his d**k for most of his life. His longevity in the industry is not that big a deal, men who can perform on cue last forever in porn, it's the women who get chewed up and spit out in a couple of years.
I bought the book on a cut out rack for under 4 bucks. At that price it was worth the money. Ron Jeremy, in my opinion, missed a chance to write what could have been a really interesting goo on the porn industry.
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VINE VOICEon February 29, 2008
Everything you ever wanted to know about the porn industry and more, told by a witty and charming person, Ron Jeremy himself, the King Of Porn. You see or think of Ron Jeremy you think of adult entertainment, but surprisingly he's also a classical pianist and violinist, does stand up comedy, has a Masters degree in Special Education, was a teacher at the Crystal Run School For The Mentally Challenged, holds a brown belt in Kung Fu, and was honored by PETA as an Ambassador Of Goodwill. Surprise. He was also a boy scout.

Growing up in a normal and supportive family, Ron Jeremy Hyatt wanted to be an actor, a real one. He stumbled into the porn industry by submitting a photo of himself to Playgirl magazine. His career took off from there, but he always tries for (and treasures) getting cameo and bit roles in legitimate movies. He's managed to spend his lengthy career staying away from the drugs and excessive alcohol linked to the occupation.

This book is an explicit look at the porn industry, not holding back in describing scenes or use of language, so its not for the squeamish in that area. There's a 17 page black-and-white photo spread and a 16 page color photo spread included, plus black-and-white photos throughout the book and at the beginning of each chapter. No "naughty bits" are shown except upper torso. The color photos are of Ron with a surprising array of famous people. He's like a who's who of Hollywood. It was also Ron Jeremy who directed (and acted in) both of the movies made with John Wayne Bobbitt and his revamped equipment after his wife cut it off.

While graphically describing scenes such as filming on a yacht where all the actors and actresses were seasick, a "swingers club" (basically a $ex club) in New York, and after hours antics at celebrity houses, Ron still manages to come across as romantic and sentimental. Plus, he has an amazing sense of humor. Another surprise.

If you're not shy of delving into a sleazy industry, then I highly recommend this book. It's funny, informative, and entertaining. I'm not a fan of the porn industry, nor do I own any (though I've rented a few in my lifetime) and perhaps because of that I found the book interesting. It's easy to not put faces to such a faceless occupation, but Jeremy opens up the world and slaps us in the face with it.

This book is a very fast read, even at 360 pages. The content is graphic but told in a humorous tone. It takes us from the 1970's through current day in the industry, and Ron even waxes nostalgic for the "good ol days". Make sure to read the prologue too. I highly recommend this book as long as your not offended by the content. Enjoy!
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on March 21, 2007
This book provides an entertaining account of the life and times of Ron Jeremy. The book provides a very detailed insight into the sordid adventures that Ron has encountered throughout his career. It talks about his sexual partners, his foray into the swingers scene, his skills at autofellatio, the length of his member and covers all the salacious subject matter that would expect in a book of this type.

However, the book does lack depth and does not cover what I would consider some of the more interesting questions that could be asked of a career in porn. Has his career hindered his ability to have relationships with women outside the industry? How is he viewed by the general public. Is it with admiration, disdain or something in between? What regrets does he have?

If you're looking for a book that talks about sex, sex and more sex then purchase this book and you will not be disappointed. On the other hand if you're looking for an account of some of the emotional turbulence that must accompany a career that lurks on the fringe of mainstream society then you will be disappointed.
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on August 20, 2007
Ron Jeremy's memoir characterizes his life perfectly. Ron Jeremy is an actor, an adult film superstar, a comedian, and an all-around hard working man. He's been in nearly 2000 films and directed well over 100 himself. He travels the country for appearances year-round. He loves adult conventions and he occasionally performs on the comedy circuit. He's always willing to pose with a fan, always willing to mock himself for a good laugh, and likes to enjoy good food and drink.

It's only natural that Jeremy's memoir is a string of laugh-out-loud funny anecdotes, organized into chapters by subject matter and chronology. Jeremy's had a few struggles with the law (and seen friends have much worse ones with vice squads), but overall, he's a jolly man who loves life, and his memoir reflects that. He doesn't get overly introspective or take an academic look at his life and career, and that's exactly what Jeremy's fans should expect from him. This memoir is Ron Jeremy through-and-through: vulgar with charm, rampantly self-promoting, and celebratory of life. Sure, he name drops, but he usually constrains that to footnotes, and boy did I chuckle at some of those footnotes. He includes plenty of pictures with celebrities, and plenty of pictures of himself in absolutely ridiculous costumes and settings.

The behind-the-scenes tales are too numerous to recount. The food buffet at Plato's Retreat is cited as the cause of Jeremy's body health downfall (nevermind the swinging). He reveals the origins of the chicken soup myth, one that started on an early set when someone asked how he could produce so much output. He credited his grandmother's chicken soup, and the legend lives on today on modern sets. He also talks candidly about discovering his autofellatio skills. Every time he did it on camera was sure to be the last, but the right amount of goading and money could convince him to do it again.

Any porn history buff won't want to miss Ron's version of the controversial careers of Linda Lovelace and Traci Lords. He's got some great stories straight from Linda's first husband, and later discusses Linda's own disagreements with the antiporn feminists who cast her as their pet cause.

If you need one more reason to pick this up, I leave you with this: Who wouldn't want to read a book with the photo caption, "Here I am as Mussolini in an XXX World War II parody?"
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on March 13, 2015
This is a book that is readable, asking for nothing from the reader (a lot like porn I guess).

But I wonder how true it is ?

Other reviewers have mentioned what it contains, which is a white-washed look at the porn industry, and a benign look at Ron Jeremy's life. His guiding light in life appears to be acceptance of what is, and ambition to achieve what will likely never be. A paradoxical attitude to life that the book presents as him being quite comfortable with.

There is a seamy side to all industries and professions, from the clergy to the porn star, perhaps reminding us that we are all fallible human beings. But the porn industry, with it's inherent prurient interest, get more attention than most (except perhaps the clergy).

Like many readers, I guess I was hoping to learn something about the pornography industry that I did not already know, and that would prove useful to me. I did not learn anything, and I am sure I have a lot to learn.

As other reviewers have mentioned, Ron Jeremy comes across as a likeable guy, who loves his work, and is addicted to hedonism. This is not said to disparage him, simply to state how he comes across in his own words. Hedonism as a life-choice would, I am sure, be the choice of many, if only they could achieve it, and Ron Jeremy certainly has.

But he makes it clear he has missed out on getting legitimate (non-porn) acting fame, and a wife and children. And this is sad, but has likely been because of the choices he has made. He may well have the talent to be a mainstream comedy actor, but his unremitting pursuit of the next porn job has prevented this.

We can talk about alcohol as the magical means of relaxation and conversation, or we can talk about alcohol as the scourge of many families and populations. In the same way we can talk about porn as a relaxing interest for couples and others, or as serious addiction for many, and a degrading sexual education for others, including any child who has access to the internet.

This where the whitewash comes it. It is as though someone was talking about a war, and never mentioning that both combatants and civilians were continually getting wounded and killed in that war. If we are to believe Ron Jeremy there is no downside to the pornography industry. The non-violent erotica touted many years ago as the porn equivalent of mainstream movies has virtually disappeared, and in its place is a plethora of violence, degradation and misogyny.

Ron is no fool, so this total omission of any mention of the very real dark side of pornography has to be deliberate. He may very well not be a part of that side (well, hardly a "side" any more), but for him to totally ignore what he must be well aware of, strikes me as dishonest.

The book is full of meaningless trivia, sometimes amusing, which I suppose is how Ron Jeremy see's himself. He has yet to write what he really knows and thinks, and what his view is of the damage that pornography is doing to our adults and their current relationships, and our children and their future relationships.

Some say that pornography is mainly watched by loving couples to enhance their sexual relationship, and others say that pornography is mainly watched by sex addicts. Statistics are hard to come by. But thinking of what is likely the truth - is not so difficult. Ron could have helped with that but he chose not to.

And finally, I note that sex addiction is not mentioned at all. I wonder why ?
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on June 27, 2014
The general consensus in society is that casual sex leaves you empty inside and that fame is fleeting, and friendships with celebrities are shallow and meaningless relationships. Ron Jeremy seems to dispel these myths. He has slept with over 4000 women and seems completely fine with it. He is happy to be recognized and seems to make it work to his advantage financially and socially, he names dozens of celebrities that he has befriended and speaks of them with great fondness.
Ron is either putting us on or his life is fantastic. He doesn’t seem to dislike anyone; not the police detectives who arrest him and more than once, not the actresses who spurn him and not the mainstream studios who have forced directors to cut him from their films. He doesn’t hold a grudge against any of them. I marveled how he just seems to exist in a state of happy-go-lucky. I was beginning to think that maybe Ron was a sociopath but then about two thirds into the book he gives step by step instructions on how to have anal sex without making a mess. Hilarious! It looks like Ron does care.
The book doesn’t really go into any details about which porn star is nice to work with or who is the best at certain sexual talents. I found that odd. Also Ron never mentions the darker things in his life like having performed with at least three women who have committed suicide and many others that have died young. Yet he says he identifies with Vietnam Veterans but doesn’t memorialize any of his porn star veterans. He keeps the book light. He spends most of the time name dropping and saying he would rather be a mainstream actor. He gives the impression that porn is just his day job and doesn’t want to talk about work and mainly writes about the other things that go one when he isn’t doing porn. The funny thing is when he isn't doing porn his extra curricular activities involve sex. It was lacking in substance but still it interesting read.
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on April 18, 2013
For a man in his line of work, you would expect something a bit more interesting. The trouble is he tells anecdotes of his life and particularly encounters with celebrities as though it makes for a life story. It doesn't. There are no insights and you can't help but feel that he is, if not completely lying, twisting the truth somewhat. The overall feeling is not that dissimilar to watching a porno: initial excitement at that which lies ahead, before getting a bit bored, skipping ahead to the good bits and ultimately not getting to the end.
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