Customer Reviews: Rosewill Dual Fans MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case FBM-01
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on March 27, 2013
I bought 4 of these as part of a 4 PC build for my work to add to our aging fleet of ancient Pentium 4 machines. I had heard great things about Rosewill's products, and have had good luck with them, plus the price is ridiculously low so I chose them over some other similarly priced cases. I'm glad I did!

The FBM-01 is a micro ATX tower, meaning you can only put in a micro ATX motherboard. Don't try to put in an ATX or full ATX because it won't work! It's small like it should be, about 14" tall, 14" long, and 7" wide. Perfect size for an office machine or home PC. If you want to build a gaming PC that will use a discrete graphics card, this will work, but if you want to do over clocking and need a cooler, or want to do SLI or CrossfireX, look elsewhere because you will run out of room inside very quickly.

The case is made of plastic and 4 mm stamped sheet metal. The front bezel is very nicely polished plastic with a cool brushed strip with chrome trim running along the bottom. The power button is nearly flush fit and has a blue power LED. There is 2 USB 2.0 ports and a mic-in and headphone/audio out jacks. There are 2, 5.25" expandable bays and one 3.5" bay in front, and inside there is room for 2, 3.5" hard drives. In total, there are 4 expansion slots, plenty for most all applications. A little bit of a bummer for me was there's no USB 3.0. Some cases in this price bracket do have them, so if you want front USB 3.0, you might want to look elsewhere.

Also inside are 2 fans! You get an honest to goodness 120mm front fan and an 80mm non-PWM rear fan. The leads are nice a long too. Thanks Rosewill. The front fan has both a standard 3-pin non-PWM motherboard header connector and a 4-pin Molex connector. The case feels very sturdy and the fit and finish are excellent for under $40. I've seen cases for $60 and even $80 that aren't this nice. The side panels fasten with very nice thumbscrews, and it included the hardware you need for mounting a motherboard and internal drives. The leads for the USB front and audio connectors were decently long, but not so long it causes issues for cable management, which for this case is cause for concern. The power supply is top-mounted, which is fine for this application. Rosewill even includes a little aluminum badge with Rosewill on it that you can stick to the case. Very nice touch!

My micro ATX motherboard went in with no problems. However, there was an issue with the RAM. If you are going to use RAM DIMM's with tall heat sinks like Corsair Vengeance, you WILL have clearance issues with them interfering with the hard drive. I had this issue where the hard drive didn't clear the top 3/4" of the heat sink, so I had to cut away one of the fins to get the drive to fit in so I could attach the power lead and data cable to it. VERY annoying and potentially disastrous if your RAM is DOA or dies shortly after you install it. Retailers don't take an RMA for a modified or damaged item. That's my only issue with it, but it's a potential deal-breaker if you like that type of RAM. For the record, Kingston's HyperX DDR3 fit perfectly. A fix for this if you wanted to rn the Vengeance would be to drill extra holes in the hard drive cage to mount the drive farther into the cage to eliminate the interference with the plug. Again, you'd void the warranty of the case, but personally I couldn't see returning it for any reason other than it arrived in pieces.

The fans are very quiet and vibration is undetectable. Ventilation won't be an issue either as there's ample room for good crossflow. I am impressed with the quality. For $30, you can't go wrong.


High quality materials
Sturdy construction
Looks nice
2 fans included are very quiet
Thumbscrews for side panels
Plenty of expandability
Adequate ventilation for a small case


Fitment issues for RAM DIMMs with tall heat sinks
No quick-release drive bays
No front USB 3.0

So aside from the issue with RAM clearance, it's about perfect. Pick one up. You'll be glad you did.
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on December 23, 2012
I found this small tower case incredibly lightweight. You can pick it up with one finger...of course, that is before you load it up with all up.... Amazon had this case for a mere $20 bucks during the black Friday week, I should have bought more, but as we always say, "next time"... This is a simple case, Black in color, clean lines, but has a tight fit inside especially around the hard drive bays. If you install a processor copper cooler with dual fans, then you better install the hard drives first because that cooler will be in the way of those drives as you can only install them internally and not through the front of the case. It allows for 4 PCI or Pci-e card slots depending on your motherboard. It comes with two internal fans, a 120mm fan in the front and a 80mm in the back. I would suggest changing out the rear fan with a 92mm fan for better air circulation. Also, this case does support those liquid processor coolers such as the Corsair H60 or H70. This will avoid the need for those copper coolers which are large and bulky. I recommend this case for all those who build computers on a budget.
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on March 27, 2015
Pros: PRICE. Sleek looking and nice room for most of your components. Fans are silent and move a lot of air. Plenty of screws included, as well as a couple ties.

Cons: 1 Tight fit between some tall heat sink RAM, HDD, and DVD. I'd advise to install HDD and DVD drives first
2 PCI slots are sharp and they can't be replaced after removing them so be careful
3 No intake holes for the front fan to get good air flow

Other Thoughts: This is a great case for the PRICE. When building your PC make sure you purchase the right size case ( look at your motherboard form factor). Don't leave negative feedback on a Mini Tower case, when you should have purchased a full tower in the first place. Those that are complaining about the case being flimsy; Sure, it isn't rock solid, but go look at a Nzxt h440, Fractal Design Define R5 etc PRICES, and come back and tell me this is not a good deal I mean, what are you doing with your PC case? if you're not propping your feet up on it, it should last a long time. Take care of your parts, and you don't have to whine about little things like a flimsy side panel on a case that is 20 to 50 dollers. I just needed an up to date PC with the ability to upgrade soon if needed. This case allows me to have my basic build for a price that doesn't hurt my wallet should I need to purchase a larger case in the future. Please stop writing negative reviews on items on Amazon/Newegg. It makes it harder for people to purchase a 5 stars/egg item when people are giving it 1 stars/eggs because it didn't come with LED's or seven case fans

PS. Sorry for my poor picture quality and a dirty PC. I have been using the case for 2 to 3 months
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on July 24, 2013
I browsed Newegg, Tigerdirect, and Amazon for reviews of Micro ATX cases, and it seems this is the "bang for the buck". I was a bit skeptical at buying this case due to its low cost, I got mine for $23 with free two-day shipping. It arrived today in a very compact-sized box, the case was a really snug fit, however I managed to get it out fine. It has a really sleek design, I love how simple it is!

Here is my set up, which fits in the case:

AS Rock Micro ATX N68C-GS - Motherboard
Corsair XMS3 8 GB DDR3 - Memory
Antec VP-450 450 Watt Energy Star Certified - Power Supply
Cooler Master Hyper 101a - CPU Cooler with one 92MM fan
AMD Athlon II X2 260 Regor 3.2 GHz - CPU
Bluray Internal Drive

Along with the fans that came with the case. The height of the CPU cooler is a little over 3 inches, fit with no problem.

The material is a little cheap feeling, but it's not like i'm going to be moving this case around too much. You can't really complain about it.

If you're on a budget PC, and need a case, buy this.
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on September 5, 2015
Great budget case! I almost didn't buy due to lack of reviews, but at the $35 price tag I decided to make the purchase and I'm glad I did!


Pricetag: I built a budget gaming computer and needed a case that was low in price but wasn't a piece of junk. The SRM-01 did a great job at that.

Quiet fan: I almost bought a separate fan to replace this case's fan because I worried a $35 case's fan would be garbage, but it's completely silent! So, I will not be buying another fan.

Cosmetics: It's a great looking case.

Cable management: It's great. I was able to run some wires behind the back panel, and there's room to tuck all the wires on the front end of the case

Dust Filter: comes with a nice dust filter on the bottom of the case

Air ventilation: everything flows smoothly. With the PSU and the case fan at the top-rear of the case, all the air is circulated in the bottom-air-filter and out the PSU and case fan.




Cable management was nice, even with my EVGA 430w non modular PSU. My 750ti fit in the case perfectly. The description says it can only fit up to 300mm GPUs but there is a lot more room for more.

Great case!
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on January 1, 2016
Pretty good case, it's high quality for only being 29 dollars. Seems to be plenty of room for a gpu. Probably not enough room for a aftermarket CPU cooler. One gripe I have with the srm-01 case is the DVD drive eject button that comes on the case and applies pressure to your drives eject button kinda sucks. But if that was fixed then this case would be perfect. In a pic below I have my finger on my issue with the eject button. The button come with the case it's not your drives button it just touches your drives button. I would rather the DVD drive be more external to where I touch the actual drives button.
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on February 24, 2014
I've put together three systems for family members using this case, and I don't think you can beat it for the cost. This is a very clean looking case with no bling so it doesn't looks cheap. As others have noted the case material is light weight but once the side panels are installed the case is solid. Since it's a mini tower space is tight but one trick I used with my wife's computer was to use 2.5" drives (an SSD as a boot drive and an HDD for storage) using a plastic dual drive bracket I picked up on Amazon. I was even able to install two optical drives in her system, there's enough room. The other two computers I built using this case were less crowded, with one standard sized HDD and one optical drive in each system, and I didn't have any trouble putting them together. You won't be able to use fancy CPU air coolers or closed loop water coolers, there isn't enough room, but stock CPU fans work fine and the included case fans cool the case adequately and are very quiet.
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on July 24, 2015
This case is inexpensive, but it looks nice and comes with two fans and all the screws and other accessories you will need to install all your components. It's a good value overall. I wanted to get a smaller case for my HTPC, and settled on this model to install my MicroATX motherboard, along with two 3.5" HDDs. I didn't put in a full size optical drive. To save space, I got a Chenbro 1x ODD Bay to 1x Slim ODD Bay and 1x Internal 3.5-Inch HDD/FDD Bay Cage and used a 12.7mm laptop-style DVD drive along with a SKYDIGITAL USB 3.0 Internal Card Reader with eSATA
If you're considering purchasing this case for a MicroATX build, you should know that it's a VERY tight fit for these motherboards. My speculation is that the design team was trying to see how small they could make this while still making it THEORETICALLY possible to fit a mATX motherboard. If you use a modular power supply, it will save you a lot of trouble, since you won't need to find a spot to stuff the unused cables inside the case. I didn't use one, so I had to stash the cables underneath the ODD and card reader in the other 5.25" bay. This worked OK, but if I had been willing to spend the extra money to buy a modular PSU, I could have used that space for my second 3.5" drive. It would have also been nice if Rosewill had made the 3.5" drive cage removable instead of permanently attaching it to the case with rivets. As it stands, you can mount a 3.5" HDD in the top slot of the 3.5" cage after installing the motherboard by removing the knockout panel in the case and sliding it in through the front. I also found that the slots they provided in the cage didn't line up with the mounting holes on my HDD, but I was able to bend out the little tabs underneath to lower it down enough so I could put screws through the slots and secure the drive. If you need a second 3.5" drive in that cage, you must mount if before you install your processor's heatsink/fan, or you'll never get it in there. Another thing to note while I'm on that subject is that if your heatsink needs special mounting hardware on the bottom of the motherboard, be sure to get that installed BEFORE putting in the motherboard, as there is no cutout on the motherboard tray to allow you access after it's installed. Since I already had my heatsink/fan mounted on my motherboard and didn't feel like removing it to put the 2nd HDD in, I had to get creative. I found a spot against the back of the case where there is a grille and when I set the HDD up against the inside there, one of the screw holes lined up perfectly with a hole in the grille (see photos) so with one screw and some hot glue I was able to secure the HDD. If you have a 2.5" HDD or SSD, Rosewill provides mounting holes to let you attach it to the bottom surface of the case, so that is another possibility. In spite of the issues I ran into in my specific situation, I would still highly recommend this case, as it is an excellent value for under $30.
In closing, other things to be mindful of are that the front panel is plastic with a glossy finish, so if you have young children who like to put their little paws on everything, this surface will collect lots of hand prints. Secondly, since it's constructed of plastic and thin steel, this case is not exactly rugged: if you put it on the floor, it's at risk of being damaged if it's accidentally kicked or bashed with a vacuum cleaner. Lastly, since the front fan intake is on the bottom of the front panel, it should not be placed on the floor if you have carpet, as that would restrict air intake. (In any event, you'd get a lot more dust in the case if it's sitting on the floor, since dust tends to settle.) Overrall, you'll get the best result by placing this case in a cabinet, on a desk, or on a shelf in your entertainment center.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon February 8, 2014
I have to wonder how familiar with computer cases some of these reviewers are. This design has been around 20 years! I'm 200 pounds and I've stood on unless you want to be able to kick it without it denting...As for quality, this is an excellent mini tower case with 2 fans. This little guy is designed very well with optimum airflow and quiet running. But sadly, the carton didn't contain a $200 case...and a removable drive cage is convenient.

This case is about 4 inches less in height and depth than than a mid tower, but a standard width and there are a lot more components that fit, than don't. Just stay away from RAM with giant cooling fins and extra long video cards...but you will find GTX 660 cards that fit.

Assembly..guys if you lay it down with the panels removed, just fill it up. Install the processor and RAM and then install the board into the case using a magnetic screwdriver, P/S, drives and then cards. I was pushing the power button 30 minutes after greeting the UPS guy. At least this worked for me and with the 15 I've assembled like this going back to before the days of slide off panels, about '96. If you plan on spending time in your case swapping and testing parts, buy something else. If you just plan to use it, a little bit of a cramped installation will happen just once. A Hemostat FORCEPS can be very useful for installs if you've never tried one and you may prefer Shorter SATA Cables.

This comes with all the necessary hardware so the options are up to you, determine your ATX power supply wattage needed by using an online power supply calculator and after that? All that I desired was a 3.5-Inch Front Bay USB 3.0 Expansion Port and Card Reader. Which may need a SATA Male to 4 Pin Female Power Cable (it takes a Molex) and then you'll have 3 new front USB 3 ports handy. Wanting four memory slots for the 16GB I already had, the mainboard I chose was This ASUS. Paired with the third generation i5 3.4 GHz processor and an Intel 530 SSD it really is a small, quick and nearly silent PC. For low noise I use a fanless Zotac GeForce GT 640 Zone Edition 2GB video card and a quiet Enermax power supply and Asus provides a utility to reduce case and CPU fan speed if you want it even quieter. But you can use any normal length, standard profile video card and a 3TB internal and external drive...and by starting with this case you'll have a fast, quiet and large, mini tower.

Truly an amazing value among the 50 to $350 cases I've previously purchased. Now you'll have money left over for other parts. I write this just to help you in deciding your purchase.
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on September 26, 2012
1. Compact size, small even among MicroATX cases.
2. No nonsense look
3. Inexpensive
4. Come with two quiet fans

1. I had to literally destroy the cardboard box to take the case out.
2. No CPU cut-out for motherboard tray, so replacing cpu cooler could be a very very annoying process -- close to reassembling the entire system.
3. A little bit hard to place in PSU.
4. Due to the compact size, my stock CPU fan (stock = it's likely the smallest non-watercooling CPU fan available) had to bump and squeeze tightly against the harddrive's SATA power cable to stay on the APU. (ASUS F1A75-M - FM1 Socket - A75 - SATA 6Gbps and TPM Support (Hudson D3) Micro ATX DDR3 1800 Motherboards)

Other Thoughts:
Took a star off because of the close-to-impossible installation of CPU fan.
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