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on March 27, 2011
I researched carefully before buying another iron. E-How provided insights, and I read reviews of the best irons. A good steam iron should have at least 300 steam holes, my sources told me, and 1700 watts of power. This Rowenta has 400 steam holes, a smooth gliding sole plate with specially designed tip to get around buttons. This is an update of the Focus DZ 5080, but probably pretty much the same. It seems that irons have gotten more expensive over the years, but cheaper in manufacturing and quality. I was so tired of my Black & Decker spitting brownish liquid onto my clothes, dripping, cooling instead of steaming. I actually like ironing, but need a tool that works. The Rowenta Dw5080 is great -what a real steam iron should be. The first time I filled it it really gave off steam, has a nice feel, good weight, and glides easily. Heavy cotton fabric, which used to take several passes, now takes one and looks perfectly smooth. All of the functions are easy to see and use and it has a large water tank. It does use up water, but so did my old B&D. The difference is, this one really gives off steam. One note on filling it: if you get little white flakes, your water is too hard, so add 50/50 with spring water (not distilled), and be faithful about using the self-clean feature once a month. So far, I just love this iron and look forward to ironing with new delight.
I hope it lasts a long time. I am tired of buying poor quality products that end up in landfills.
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on July 8, 2011
I work at a huge corporate facility and have to use an iron often, sometimes daily. Having freshly pressed clothes is something I take pride in and ironing is so much cheaper then taking your clothes to the dry cleaner (plus the chemicals they use....blech). Back when I was living with roommates one of them had a nice Rowenta iron. That iron was such a work horse it put my old B&D iron to shame. I was sad when we all parted ways and got places of our own because I had to give up use of such a great iron. So here we are a year and change later and boom my old B&D iron I started using again began to leak which was the final blow to the problems I started having with that iron. I was actually happy about this because I was eager to finally get a Rowenta of my own.

The reason I chose this iron is because of the look and size. I'm a 6'5" male with pretty big hands so I like the fact that the handle has a nice sturdy feel to it and the steam and squirt buttons are big. The weight of the iron is good; makes you feel like you have something sturdy in your hands, something that will last you a while if taken care of.

Performance is astounding. The iron glides across your clothes and the bursts of steam are even on every pass. As soon as I got home I followed the first use instructions and went to work on a basket of dress shirts and slacks I had just washed. What I noticed immediately is that my ironing time was cut in half. With my old iron it would take more then a few minutes to get warmed up and when finally warm I would have to make several passes to get that nice ironed shirt look I enjoy. With the Rowenta, it takes about a minute or two to warm up then the magic that can only be found using a Rowenta happens. This iron ate through a whole basket of dress clothes in less then half the time it would have taken with my old iron. With my old iron ironing a full basket of clothes was more like a project that I had to set aside time for but now that I have this Rowenta in my stable ironing that same basket of clothes has been reduced back down to a simple chore that only takes a few minutes to complete.

Take it from someone who irons on a regular can't miss with this purchase. Save yourself a whole lot of time and frustration. When it comes to buying an iron, don't buy cheap, buy Rowenta.

EDIT: Been almost a year now and this baby is still going strong. If you haven't bought one already and you're looking for a great iron trust me, it's worth the extra coin.
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on January 6, 2013
I have my shirts done and use my iron every morning to touch them up. I also iron khakis, denim, cotton moleskin, and wool flannel trousers, as well as sport jackets and suits. I mention this because I have years of experience ironing and I need a high quality iron that puts out lots of steam.

My previous iron was a Rowenta DE-871 "Professional." The old DE-871, (no longer available) lasted over ten years, put out lots of steam, and never leaked or spit water out of the steam vents. I purchased my first Focus model DW-5080 slightly over a year ago and it worked very well for about one year until it quit altogether. (would not power up when plugged in) After several calls, including to Rowenta North America, I determined that it was the plug itself that was likely broken or defective. I contacted the Rowenta service center in Seattle, WA. to learn that a new plug costs $39.95 plus $20.00 to install the part. (plus shipping of about $20.00 for a total of($79.95) I informed the individual at the Rowenta service center that I am fairly handy with electronics and asked if, in his opinion, he thought I could install the part myself,....He replied with one word, no.

So I went back to Bed, Bath & Beyond and told the story to the Manager who could not have been more understanding. He gave me a brand new Rowenta Focus model DW-5080. To my surprise Rowenta has changed the design of this iron enough so that it should no longer carry the designation "Focus," or the model designation DW-5080.

The new Focus DW-5080 spit out large quantities of water from the steam vents every time I used it. Wanting to give it some break in time I varied the amount of water I put in the tank, tried to use a lower or higher heat setting, and it continued to spit large amounts of water from the steam vents. I called Rowneta North America and from my conversation with them I have no doubt that Rowenta is well aware of this issue as well as leaking water tanks and faulty electronics that cause their irons to shut off intermittently. (Overall poor quality control with their products.)

After two weeks I took this model back and spent extra to try the next model up, a DW-8080 "Pro Master." Looking over the reviews I can see that others have experienced the same issue(s) I've experienced with my Focus, (DW-5080) as well as with the Pro master,(DW-8080) (most of their product line of irons)

Bottom line: DO NOT purchase a Rowenta iron unless it's from a retailer like Bed, Bath & Beyond who will allow you to return the product back to the store you purchased it from. If I had purchased this product over the internet I would not have had the resolve to spend the time and money to try to return Rowneta's defective products.

Rowenta spent years establishing a reputation for quality, if expensive, products. The newer Rowenta products are simply hit or miss in terms of quality. BEWARE!
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on January 29, 2016
I've done a lot of research and a lot of comparison before buying this iron. I sew, mostly for my family and myself, and most of my projects require pressing. My old iron was not cutting it, it took forever to heat up and the steam was not steaming at all, it was more like a faucet, water leaking everywhere. I've looked up recommendation from other seamstress/sewer and 95% of them recommended Rowenta.
Since I'm not making things to sell or use it on the daily basis, after hours of comparison, I decided to buy the DW5080, it was right on my price range and did everything I needed it to do. Once the package arrived I couldn't wait to tear it open and begin using my new iron. It's not lightweight, it is definitely sturdy, so just be aware of that. Read the instruction that came in the box carefully and follow the instruction for first time use. If you are like me, I want to make sure my tools last as long as they can.
Okay onto the iron itself.
- The cord is a little bit longer than my older iron (maybe about 2-3 inches longer).
- The water tank is definitely bigger
- The steam holes is definitely more than my old iron
- There are several settings for how much steam you want to use in each project
- There is a self cleaning tab (I do this at least every other week since I do not use it as often)
- The heat setting knob is smooth, not like my old iron it feels like the combination lock where I need to hear it click to know it's in the right settings
- The pointed tip is perfect for pleats, collars, tabs, and so on
- The iron heats up in a minute maybe less (I really didn't set the stopwatch for this)
- It automatically shuts off after a few minutes of non-use
- To turn it on I just lay it flat for a second and stand it back up
- With this iron it takes me 5-15 minutes (depending on how many yards of fabric I have). The old iron takes me 15-25 minutes (depending on how many yard of fabric I have).

Even the hubby commented on how well and quickly he was able to iron his dress shirt with this iron.

If you are looking to buy an iron, go with Rowenta, I'm super impressed with the quality of this iron and highly recommend it.

If you found my written review helpful, please click “yes” that my review was helpful. I certainly appreciate the feedback. Thank you!!!
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on June 30, 2011
This is my third Rowenta Iron and I love it. It has plenty of well dispersed steam holes and I really like the shape of the sole plate head- great for around button holes and small areas. Produces plenty of steam even for terribly wrinkled linen. Use bottled spring water and you won't have any problem with the iron spitting. It's not a light iron, but a good iron must have some weight to it. I do wish the Rowentas had an on/off switch but I'm guessing this is a safety issue. Once you go Rowenta, you won't go back. I've passed my older Rowentas to my college age children and they're still working. The cleaning kit is also a good purchase- the cream cleaner works well.
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on January 31, 2013
Even after carefully following all directions and even "troubleshooting", I can't get this iron to not spit water on my shirts, and I just got this iron today! The directions say to keep it hot enough so it doesn't drip, but the thermostat light is constantly going on and off and I am not touching the temperature dial at all. I don't know what the magic trick is, maybe I got a lemon. But it can't stay hot enough to make the water into steam so it is getting returned tomorrow.
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on July 2, 2013
I am on Amazon right now looking for my receipt for this iron which was purchased in Nov of last year. The iron is leaking very badly and when I called the company they acted like it was my fault because you always have to dump the water. I left the iron for like six hours and there was a huge puddle on the floor and also it leaks all over the ironing board. I was warned not to purchase a Rowenta but the last one I had I had for six years. Am hoping I get a replacement because at $80 that lasts six months, that can get costly.
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on December 19, 2012
Rowenta has disappointed me. I bought this iron 9 months ago. Worked great, then suddenly without provocation or cause it started leaking and THAT is an understatement. A river runs through it, is more like it.

I use the steam function often but it doesn't matter. Steam or spray when I begin to iron, water RUNS out of the bottom holes and the heel, staining the clothes I'm ironing. And water from an iron stains such that the item has to be re washed. I have maintained and cleaned the iron, so there is no reason for this.

Yes, I know sometimes you get a lemon however I purchased a different model Rowenta iron 14 months ago and the same thing has happened; the leaking isn't as bad but I'm going to have to replace that one soon.

Planned obsolescence is fine but having to buy an ANNUAL iron at this price? Uuh, I don't think so.

I have purchased Rowenta irons for over 20 years and have had no problem. Their website? Awful. When you attempt to communicate via email the contact us form does not scroll all the way down. I tried 2 diff browsers. So frustrating.

I now need an iron and I have no idea what to buy but Rowenta is O-U-T! Maybe you have to get in at the $200 price point to get a decent everyday iron. When that happens pigs will fly and Hell will serve snow cones!

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on August 27, 2014
I like it. I don't love it. I liked my Shark better. Just my preference. This however is an excellent product. Well made. I sew a lot and my iron is life to my projects.

My issues with it are these: it's a little to heavy, it's awkward to handle as I'm left handed, it doesn't seem to steam as well as the product description made it sound, and for as much as this iron costs, it does not come with it's own filler cup like a lot of irons do today. Not a big deal. I just used the one I had for my old Shark after I finally found it. I find it a little pricey. I don't see 80.00 worth of iron. However, if it lasts a long time, I'm sure that it will make up for the cost. A concern that I have with the new age irons are the sensors used to turn it back on when you pick it up. Those often become impacted or mess up. My shark was awesome and this is what went bad in it. The iron was fine it was the little sensor that turns it back on when you pick it back up. I'm hoping this won't become a problem with this iron as well. If so, I'll just go back to the ones you have to turn off by hand. Auto is great until something goes wrong. :)

The things I like about it are: It's simple to use, easy to fill, auto-shutoff (that's important for me, I forget and leave it on a lot), and the sharp front is easy to do fine lines like basting for quilting and clothes as well as corners. Over all it's a super great product if it weren't so awkward and a little to heavy for me.
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on July 10, 2016
I have owned three of these irons over the past 5 years. All instances have been the same. I like the brand. However, the cord begins shorting out within a few months of consistent use. There is clearly an engineering flaw in the handle design. It shorts within the handle hinge as the cord becomes constricted, pinched, and cuts itself. I was going to see about a replacement, but the company repair policy/return policy hardly makes it work the effort and time to do so as it requires either shipping to the company at my expense or taking the iron to an authorized repair center. I am not sure that I would purchase another one of these. This iron has only been used since February, a total of 5 months. If you iron regularly, I would avoid this product.
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