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56 of 60 people found the following review helpful
on September 26, 2013
This is my first good iron. I've been sewing clothing for the last 14 years. I have made my daughter's whole wardrobe from the time she was an infant, until recently (she's 11). I have now taken up quilting. My husband is the big ironer in the family though. He has uniform inspection at work. Having been prior military, he's a bit of a perfectionist in the task. That being said, a run of the mill iron only lasted us about 2 yrs, and the iron did not last very long where I could use it for sewing. Usually he would ruin the sole plate long before he couldn't use it for uniforms. (starch burn/build up and scratched non-stick plates)

That being said, we both LOVE this iron. We mostly need heavy steam for the items we iron and this gives AMAZING steam. Ironing has become so fast and easy. It takes mere seconds and one pass to get a crisp fold into the fabric, where as it took several slow passes and heavy pushing on the iron before. The iron is heavier than I expected. But then again, that means I don't have to push on it to get crisp folds. The elongated nose makes getting into a seam, or around buttons, a breeze. I love the fact that I can use this iron for vertical steam as well. The iron also comes to temperature VERY quickly. No more waiting 10-15 mins for the highest temperature to be reached.

I would like to say that this iron is not for everything though. The whole purpose of this iron is STEAM. It does not have 6 heat settings like others. It has 3, and I would say the 3 highest heat settings you would normally find. I would definitely not use it to iron delicate things like chiffon or nylon. These are fabrics that should not be steamed at all and the iron itself would probably not be cool enough.

I did get water 'spotting' as was noted on other reviews. But when I started paying attention I noted that this happened when the iron auto shut off had engaged and it had started to cool. When I picked it up, it would turn back on, then I would get water spotting. This is to be expected if the iron is not at temperature when you go to use it. Still, the spotting was minimal and did not occur when the iron was properly at temperature.

This iron works great for steam, and for the majority of jobs in my house this will be all that is needed. However I will still need to hold onto my old iron for those VERY infrequent times when I need to iron delicate items.
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60 of 67 people found the following review helpful
on October 8, 2012
I recently purchased this Rowenta to replace my old Sunbeam which was also a great steam iron, and wow, what a nice piece of household equipment! I ironed 8 dress shirts in less than an hour and they all had a great finish, only refilled the iron once and I was using heavy stream. My shirts came out looking better than they do when I take them to the cleaners. This iron will easily pay for itself in the first couple months. Also, how cool is the finish on this iron? I couldn't resist it. The black, green and stainless steel are a nice option from the boring colors irons usually are, looks great sitting up in my walk in closet. I've already had several people ask what brand it was and where I it it from. Definitely reccomend, well worth the money and will last a decade before needing to be replaced.
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104 of 121 people found the following review helpful
on February 27, 2013
We've been using this powerful iron since early November 2012. It puts out a great amount of steam on medium and high settings, and, to its credit, I do think the one millimeter bevel helps with dispersing steam using less water. The unit feels good in my hands and the cord is not too short. For medium and high temperature-capable fabrics, this iron is a good, solid buy. For low temperature fabrics, well, that is another story.

One millimeter. What a difference that millimeter makes.

That missing millimeter across the vast amount of the surface of the iron's soleplate, means you are actually only pressing your material in the areas with bordering ridges. These ridges appear to equate to, at most, four inches in the center, from front to back, and two inches closer to the sides. This means you either press harder, use more steam (which means raising the temperature almost to the line where the medium heat range starts), or press longer, if you want to eliminate wrinkles on low-temperature fabrics.

Why is this? Because when using the lower heat range, the thermostat only turns on the heating element long after any steam stops. Sadly, all of my dress pants require heat lower than what this iron needs to produce steam (to be fair, the steam button can occasionally produce steam, but only right after the element cycles on). So, it leaves one ironing very slowly (remember, you are only hitting the fabric with 2-4 inches of warm metal) or raising the temperature, and, in reality, going really slow IS raising the temperature on the fabric to some extent. Although I've tried to be careful, two pairs of pants have not-too-nice glossy areas on them from these approaches (thankfully, I iron them inside-out).

This iron also makes wet ironing - when you don't use the dryer - difficult. Again, that millimeter means that even if you are ironing shirts that accept a medium heat setting, you are only going to really be ironing with 2-4 inches of the whole plate bottom. So, this makes another ironing chore of mine rather more time consuming than I would have expected. (Of note, it is interesting to see the inverse image of dry-vs.-wet soleplate on a wet shirt. It really illustrates what part of the iron is actually doing the work.)

Despite these concerns, the iron has been worth the try. I can vouch that it does a really nice job if you aren't using it for my normal circumstances.

Due to these issues, we may find a close relative to whom to give this. To Rowenta's credit, we will likely get one of their flat-bottomed units.

What a difference a millimeter makes.
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16 of 16 people found the following review helpful
on October 21, 2012
Recently bought this to replace my 7yr old Azur Philips steam iron. The Rowenta iron works wonders. Everything about this iron is great, except its cord would be better if its longer.
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41 of 48 people found the following review helpful
on April 10, 2013
I have owned many irons that came from big box stores in the $20-$30 range. They always do a decent job for a while and then they break. When my old iron was on its last legs, I started looking for something that wasn't quite so disposable. I decided I wanted to go with Rowenta because of the company's reputation and especially because most of the irons are still made in Germany instead of China like everything else. When comparing Rowenta models, I'll be honest, the design of this iron won me over. It didn't look like any other iron and is actually kind of pretty. I mean, it is still an iron and I'm not going to put it on my mantle or anything, but it is a pretty iron!

I am blown away by the performance of this iron. After years of using those crappy irons and struggling to get wrinkles out, it has been incredible to smooth fabric with one pass. This iron has LOTS of steam. The first big ironing project I had was a quilt I was making. Every step was a breeze, from ironing uncut fabric, to pressing seams, to smoothing multiple layers of fabric. I have since had similar results ironing clothes and even delicate curtains. It is just incredibly quick and easy. I have never used an iron that works so well and would recommend this model to anyone.
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9 of 9 people found the following review helpful
on March 7, 2015
After reading about leaking and other problems, I still went ahead and bought this iron. I like Rowenta brand and it says right on the iron "made in Germany". So I thought to myself that it can't be a bad iron. Plus I'm not too picky about the iron anyways. I'm a male, so for me it's basically my dress shirts and dress pants that needs to be ironed. First want to point out something really quick. The leaking occurs when you either set your temperature too low or use the steam button too often. When I used it in the beginning I was pressing the steam button too quick. You have to give it a few seconds per instructions that came with the iron. So when I was pressing my trousers I noticed that if I pressed three times in a row. The third one was very weak/didn't make the usual steam noise. So you have to be a little patient with it. Also when you done with the iron you have to put it in DRY position otherwise it's going to .... you guessed it right LEAK. So that's that. Now quality overall is great for my liking. Just an advice for the first time users. When you get everything ready to go press that steam button on the left a couple of times just to make sure all the dirt is out and then start ironing. DONT FORGET TO WAIT A FEW SECONDS in between. Will update if I have any issues in the future. But definitely no leaking problems for me. Just read the instructions after you buy something.
review image
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6 of 6 people found the following review helpful
on September 13, 2014
The Good: This iron has saved me a lot of money by ironing at home. Ironing was such a chore before getting this iron because I never realized how bad my old iron was. I like that you are able to use tap water with this product and you don't have to bother with distilled, or boiled water. Distilled water is actually harmful for this product and should not be used. I would recommend reading the instructions from start to finish because this high-end iron is like nothing you've used before.

I use the iron daily to iron my clothing for work. My household uses the iron as well and I've noticed a $15 savings on my electric bill since buying this iron. The steam is strong and plentiful enough thanks to the 300+ steam holes and can iron through the toughest wrinkles.

The Bad: The strong steam requires you to use a mesh ironing board. My traditional ironing board doesn't allow the steam to penetrate and therefore the steam has no place to go except up the sides of the iron. This has burned me and I have been more cautious as a result. The instructions actually point out that you should only use a mesh ironing board cover.

Summary: If you spend a lot of time ironing each week this is well worth the investment. Not only will you save time ironing thanks to the generous amount of steam, you will also save money thanks to the eco setting feature which uses less electricity. I spent a lot of money on cheaper irons over the years and it's true, you get what you pay for. Do yourself a favor and buy a Rowenta.
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9 of 10 people found the following review helpful
on July 29, 2013
We had a run of the mill iron from Target, but my husband is the ironing police, so I got this for him for Christmas (how disturbing is that?!) He loves it and it turns out professional dry cleaning results
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7 of 8 people found the following review helpful
on July 24, 2015
Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Auto Shut off Steam Iron with 3D 400-Hole Stainless Steel Soleplate, 1700-Watt.
After much research I bought this iron from BB&B because of the mixed reviews on Rowenta irons. I wanted to be able to return it beyond 30 even 90 days after purchase if I don’t like it or something goes wrong with it. Let me start by saying that I loathe ironing. It is my most dreaded chore and because of that I need highly efficient gadgets. You can see my review on the Reliable steam press. I was so excited to receive my new iron (I really need to get a life when an iron actually causes me excitement) I unboxed it, followed the instructions, put water in the reservoir and tested it. This Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence Auto Shut off Steam Iron with 3D 400-Hole Stainless Steel Soleplate, 1700-Watt... iron is beautiful, solid, well balanced and presses really well and I like that. But this iron doesn’t seem to get hot enough even in the highest cotton setting. That’s why I say it’s a conundrum- because on the other hand wrinkles still remained and I believe it is because of the steam and the 3d plate, not enough steam is generated to really produce a well ironed garment. I spent entirely too much time on one piece, which leads me to another point-energy saving/consumption. If it takes me so long to get results am I really saving energy? The garment eventually looked good but it took too long and that totally defeats the purpose because I want to get the item finished with as little passes as possible and move on. I decided it wasn’t for me (sadly) when I decided to iron a pure silk blouse and I kept raising the temperature and it was still wrinkled. I was using a handkerchief to avoid burning the blouse but no results were visible so I took a chance at ironing the blouse in the highest setting with steam (what little it produces) and no handkerchief, nothing, wrinkles remained and my disappointment just grew. I boxed it up ready to send it back. I then went to my trusty military exchange and purchased another Rowenta iron; Rowenta DW5080 Focus Auto Shut off 400-Hole Stainless Steel Soleplate Steam Iron, 1700-Watt, Beige. (BB& B doesn’t have this model) I’d been eyeing this one a while but wasn’t really sure about it because of some of the reviews about it leaking water but the majority of the reviews (over a 1,000) were mostly good sot I took the plunge. I took it home and like the first one did all the necessary preparations and started to test it with the handkerchief itself that still had lines the DW 6080 left behind. OMG, what a difference. Both irons are 1700 watts so they both should reach the same temperatures and both press beautifully, but this one makes so much steam that the handkerchief came nicely ironed in no time flat. I ironed a cotton blouse in no time, all wrinkles out most of the time in one pass. The silk blouse I would not dare touch with the iron without the handkerchief shielding the blouse, wrinkles gone. I believe the real difference is in the amount of steam and also that the Rowenta DW 6080 has that 3d plate and I don’t think that helps things any. I was even wondering if maybe I got a bad one because I really could not see the steam and the iron’s thermostat kept going on and off quite often. On its defense it initially heats up fast it just doesn’t stay to temperature like the DW 5080 whose thermostat did not fluctuate nearly as much. One thing I liked about the DW6080 better than the DW5080 is that it seems better balanced-it stood nicely semi upright on the side holder while the 5080 seems top heavy and it tilts forward so it has to be completely standing or flat to keep it from tilting. So there, I could say more but this is already very long. By the way, they both seemed to use about the same amount of water I just don’t know why one did not produce much steam, in hindsight it might’ve been because I had to use the steam shot so much. I hope this review make your decision easier when you can’t make up your mind between one and the other.
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15 of 19 people found the following review helpful
on September 19, 2013
If this iron worked properly, I would love it. The steam boost lever is in just the right place. But after only 4 months of infrequent use, the iron leaks from the underside of the metal heat plate and also from where the electrical cord exits the iron! Electrical shock hazard anyone? In under an hour, just sitting on the ironing board, not being used, the iron loses 90% of its water. Note that the iron leaks whether it is full or barely filled, I do not overfill the iron, I do not use spray starch (so vents are not clogged), and I use the self-clean function. I chose this model because it is made in Germany and supposedly of better quality. Guess I chose wrong. Skip it and find another.
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