Customer Reviews: Rowenta DW6080 Eco-Intelligence 1700-Watt Energy Saving Steam Iron Stainless Steel Soleplate with Auto-Off, 400-Hole, Black
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on September 26, 2013
This is my first good iron. I've been sewing clothing for the last 14 years. I have made my daughter's whole wardrobe from the time she was an infant, until recently (she's 11). I have now taken up quilting. My husband is the big ironer in the family though. He has uniform inspection at work. Having been prior military, he's a bit of a perfectionist in the task. That being said, a run of the mill iron only lasted us about 2 yrs, and the iron did not last very long where I could use it for sewing. Usually he would ruin the sole plate long before he couldn't use it for uniforms. (starch burn/build up and scratched non-stick plates)

That being said, we both LOVE this iron. We mostly need heavy steam for the items we iron and this gives AMAZING steam. Ironing has become so fast and easy. It takes mere seconds and one pass to get a crisp fold into the fabric, where as it took several slow passes and heavy pushing on the iron before. The iron is heavier than I expected. But then again, that means I don't have to push on it to get crisp folds. The elongated nose makes getting into a seam, or around buttons, a breeze. I love the fact that I can use this iron for vertical steam as well. The iron also comes to temperature VERY quickly. No more waiting 10-15 mins for the highest temperature to be reached.

I would like to say that this iron is not for everything though. The whole purpose of this iron is STEAM. It does not have 6 heat settings like others. It has 3, and I would say the 3 highest heat settings you would normally find. I would definitely not use it to iron delicate things like chiffon or nylon. These are fabrics that should not be steamed at all and the iron itself would probably not be cool enough.

I did get water 'spotting' as was noted on other reviews. But when I started paying attention I noted that this happened when the iron auto shut off had engaged and it had started to cool. When I picked it up, it would turn back on, then I would get water spotting. This is to be expected if the iron is not at temperature when you go to use it. Still, the spotting was minimal and did not occur when the iron was properly at temperature.

This iron works great for steam, and for the majority of jobs in my house this will be all that is needed. However I will still need to hold onto my old iron for those VERY infrequent times when I need to iron delicate items.
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on October 8, 2012
I recently purchased this Rowenta to replace my old Sunbeam which was also a great steam iron, and wow, what a nice piece of household equipment! I ironed 8 dress shirts in less than an hour and they all had a great finish, only refilled the iron once and I was using heavy stream. My shirts came out looking better than they do when I take them to the cleaners. This iron will easily pay for itself in the first couple months. Also, how cool is the finish on this iron? I couldn't resist it. The black, green and stainless steel are a nice option from the boring colors irons usually are, looks great sitting up in my walk in closet. I've already had several people ask what brand it was and where I it it from. Definitely reccomend, well worth the money and will last a decade before needing to be replaced.
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on February 27, 2013
We've been using this powerful iron since early November 2012. It puts out a great amount of steam on medium and high settings, and, to its credit, I do think the one millimeter bevel helps with dispersing steam using less water. The unit feels good in my hands and the cord is not too short. For medium and high temperature-capable fabrics, this iron is a good, solid buy. For low temperature fabrics, well, that is another story.

One millimeter. What a difference that millimeter makes.

That missing millimeter across the vast amount of the surface of the iron's soleplate, means you are actually only pressing your material in the areas with bordering ridges. These ridges appear to equate to, at most, four inches in the center, from front to back, and two inches closer to the sides. This means you either press harder, use more steam (which means raising the temperature almost to the line where the medium heat range starts), or press longer, if you want to eliminate wrinkles on low-temperature fabrics.

Why is this? Because when using the lower heat range, the thermostat only turns on the heating element long after any steam stops. Sadly, all of my dress pants require heat lower than what this iron needs to produce steam (to be fair, the steam button can occasionally produce steam, but only right after the element cycles on). So, it leaves one ironing very slowly (remember, you are only hitting the fabric with 2-4 inches of warm metal) or raising the temperature, and, in reality, going really slow IS raising the temperature on the fabric to some extent. Although I've tried to be careful, two pairs of pants have not-too-nice glossy areas on them from these approaches (thankfully, I iron them inside-out).

This iron also makes wet ironing - when you don't use the dryer - difficult. Again, that millimeter means that even if you are ironing shirts that accept a medium heat setting, you are only going to really be ironing with 2-4 inches of the whole plate bottom. So, this makes another ironing chore of mine rather more time consuming than I would have expected. (Of note, it is interesting to see the inverse image of dry-vs.-wet soleplate on a wet shirt. It really illustrates what part of the iron is actually doing the work.)

Despite these concerns, the iron has been worth the try. I can vouch that it does a really nice job if you aren't using it for my normal circumstances.

Due to these issues, we may find a close relative to whom to give this. To Rowenta's credit, we will likely get one of their flat-bottomed units.

What a difference a millimeter makes.
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on March 7, 2015
After reading about leaking and other problems, I still went ahead and bought this iron. I like Rowenta brand and it says right on the iron "made in Germany". So I thought to myself that it can't be a bad iron. Plus I'm not too picky about the iron anyways. I'm a male, so for me it's basically my dress shirts and dress pants that needs to be ironed. First want to point out something really quick. The leaking occurs when you either set your temperature too low or use the steam button too often. When I used it in the beginning I was pressing the steam button too quick. You have to give it a few seconds per instructions that came with the iron. So when I was pressing my trousers I noticed that if I pressed three times in a row. The third one was very weak/didn't make the usual steam noise. So you have to be a little patient with it. Also when you done with the iron you have to put it in DRY position otherwise it's going to .... you guessed it right LEAK. So that's that. Now quality overall is great for my liking. Just an advice for the first time users. When you get everything ready to go press that steam button on the left a couple of times just to make sure all the dirt is out and then start ironing. DONT FORGET TO WAIT A FEW SECONDS in between. Will update if I have any issues in the future. But definitely no leaking problems for me. Just read the instructions after you buy something.
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on April 10, 2013
I have owned many irons that came from big box stores in the $20-$30 range. They always do a decent job for a while and then they break. When my old iron was on its last legs, I started looking for something that wasn't quite so disposable. I decided I wanted to go with Rowenta because of the company's reputation and especially because most of the irons are still made in Germany instead of China like everything else. When comparing Rowenta models, I'll be honest, the design of this iron won me over. It didn't look like any other iron and is actually kind of pretty. I mean, it is still an iron and I'm not going to put it on my mantle or anything, but it is a pretty iron!

I am blown away by the performance of this iron. After years of using those crappy irons and struggling to get wrinkles out, it has been incredible to smooth fabric with one pass. This iron has LOTS of steam. The first big ironing project I had was a quilt I was making. Every step was a breeze, from ironing uncut fabric, to pressing seams, to smoothing multiple layers of fabric. I have since had similar results ironing clothes and even delicate curtains. It is just incredibly quick and easy. I have never used an iron that works so well and would recommend this model to anyone.
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on October 21, 2012
Recently bought this to replace my 7yr old Azur Philips steam iron. The Rowenta iron works wonders. Everything about this iron is great, except its cord would be better if its longer.
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on August 15, 2015
I was a bit leary of buying this iron, as it is quite expensive, but I decided to go for it. My old iron was decent, but cheap. This is a HUGE upgrade. Loads of steam, it heats up quickly, and it is very pretty with the floral pattern on it.

This is a very hefty iron - which is good - the weight means I don't have to bear down on it like with my old iron. There is a huge amount of steam coming out of this iron - even more if you switch it to turbo. I was able to iron 3 dress shirts in under 20 minutes, which is a huge improvement over my old iron. I was able to iron the sleeves from one side, without flipping and ironing the other side, and the crease in the sleeve is razor sharp. After ironing the three shirts I still have half a tank of water left.

One thing I have noticed is that while this iron heats up much faster than my old iron, it takes WAY longer to cool down. This really is a good thing, it means that it retains its heat better, and is ready for another shot of steam very quickly.

I do wish the cord was black, but that is a minor quibble that has no impact on the performance of the iron.

The cord isn't super long, but I have one of those whip cord holder things from Polder that clamps onto the ironing board, and I had no issues with reach, even though that elevates the cord 2 feet above the ironing board. I do generally iron quite close to a socket though. Worst case scenario, you buy an extension cord (buy one that is rated to carry enough power for the iron - you don't want to burn your house down.
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on February 27, 2015
In spite of the good reviews, my gut told me not to get this one. My gut was right. I really really liked the looks of the iron, and I think that played a larger role than I would like to think in purchasing it. I loved the Rowenta I had years ago, but have gone the cheap route since. I finally decided to bite the bullet and was excited to get a new one. When I first pulled it out of the box it seemed a little unwieldy, and the balance just didn't feel right to me, but, I thought maybe that's because it's a new feel, and I held out hope that i could get used to it. But I just didn't, and maybe this is a totally subjective thing. It just didn't iron 'WITH ME'. I think it weighs too much toward the front of the iron actually, and this was confirmed after exchanging it for the Rowenta DW 5080 Focus (MUCHO better, and is balanced appropriately!). I'm not an expert on irons here, and some people may prefer the balance thing. Anyway, another negative for me is that big cheap chrome plastic steam boost lever, which is, um, cheap. It bothered me because it feels like it could break at any point. The lever didn't get in my way other than visually, but it's just disconcerting (for whatever that's worth). Finally and I guess most important is that the ironing capability was totally underwhelming. My cheap iron was 'almost' better. I understand that the steam is designed to be more efficient on this model, but frankly it's just not that good at getting wrinkles out (especially compared to my new Rowenta Focus). Soooo, all that said, I exchanged it for the Rowenta DW 5080 Focus, which arrived today. After pulling it out of the box I could tell immediately that I hit the mark this time. All of the issues I experienced with the Eco were alleviated by the Focus, and I'm a little baffled by all of the good reviews for the DW6080. The Focus reminds me of my old Rowenta. It's solid, good ergonomics all around, balanced well, steams better and just plain works better! I actually enjoyed ironing tonight lol! I'm very relieved (fingers crossed)! I will review the Rowenta DW 5080 Focus after using it for a while (oh and the Focus costs less to boot!)..UPDATE - After several weeks of using the Focus, my only gripe is the massive amount of steam (using up water quickly) that you can't really adjust even though there is an adjuster lol. But I think I'm splitting hairs now, and jeesh that thing really gets the wrinkles out!
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on April 13, 2015
I LOVE It! It has a great sleek design, nice pattern, easy to operate. It's definitely the best iron I have ever purchased or owned. Works great on most synthetics as well. However, some things to keep in mind: It's very heavy, and after unplugged/shut off it takes a very LONG time to cool down.
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on September 19, 2013
If this iron worked properly, I would love it. The steam boost lever is in just the right place. But after only 4 months of infrequent use, the iron leaks from the underside of the metal heat plate and also from where the electrical cord exits the iron! Electrical shock hazard anyone? In under an hour, just sitting on the ironing board, not being used, the iron loses 90% of its water. Note that the iron leaks whether it is full or barely filled, I do not overfill the iron, I do not use spray starch (so vents are not clogged), and I use the self-clean function. I chose this model because it is made in Germany and supposedly of better quality. Guess I chose wrong. Skip it and find another.
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