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on October 31, 2012
Updated: 2/19/2013

Let me say this first, I am a beginner when it comes to capture cards (although I've recorded game play with a camcorder so does that count?). Anyways, the Roxio Game Capture HD PRO works great; no problems recording and no defects. I've yet to try streaming but I will do that in a future update of this review. The software installation is easy and so is the hardware setup; just plug in two HDMI/Component Cables, connect the card to your USB port and you're good to go(assuming you've installed the software already). The software that comes with it (Roxio VideoWave) is incredibly easy to use although I couldn't customize the render settings, only choose different presets but that's probably because I haven't fiddled around enough with the software. The device itself is incredibly light and compact so I wouldn't leave it someplace where it could get crushed by your foot or something else. If you're having any problems using this then you must have done something wrong(e.g. loose cables, wrong settings, etc.) so make sure if you have any problems that you DOUBLE CHECK everything. If you've done that and are absolutely sure that it isn't you, then you probably have a defective product. I really dislike the way people bash products due to their own human errors. This does NOT INCLUDE HDMI/COMPONENT CABLES so make sure you have the required cables.

- Lightweight & compact(Is this a good thing?)
- Incredibly easy setup(Even a caveman could do it)
- Up to 1080p capturing

- After several months of editing, VideoWave has become such a hassle to use(it will get better I hope)
- Sometimes the device won't record even though it's capturing

Final Thoughts:
If you're recording in full quality, it takes about 2 megabytes a second so make sure you have a lot of hard drive space. A 1:23 minute clip took up 158mb of space. Please make sure that your computer meets the recommended system requirements otherwise you'll be an unhappy customer and bash this product because you didn't read. If you want to use your headset and record via HDMI, you will need an audio adapter("RCA / Toslink Audio Adapter for Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Slim" from MonoPrice). I've uploaded a couple raw MW3 clips to YouTube(DolphLundgrennn)so check them out if you'd like. They don't look as nice as the original files but it's still great. I'll capture some more game play to get the quality even better once I've learned the program.

I forgot to add this into my review but streaming with VideoWave works well but you need some really fast internet. I have 30 down and 5 up and I can only stream at around 800kbps before it starts to lag.

Updates: 11/1/12
- As others have mentioned, Sony Vegas cannot read the audio codec for the recorded files so you'll have to convert the file or stick with VideoWave. It's not a bad program, it's just not as fluid as Vegas.
- If you're having screen resolution problems, you need to disable "Auto Custom Scaling" or adjust those settings. Mines was on auto and it was messing up my resolution.
- Sometimes you need to switch back to the HDMI input if you're receiving no signal(Using my Audio adapter caused the input to be on "component" instead of "HDMI").

Updates: 11/9/12
- If you have a monitor that has a 1650x1050 resolution and you're using this capture card, it may be a bit blurry but not to the point where you cannot see anything. Everything is still HD and very playable, but it may turn some off.
- Cannot stream at 1300 kbps with a 3mbps upload so I use around 800kbps in 480p.
- A friend recommends using FFSplit(assuming you can install it) and just screen cap the gameplay in the roxio software. He's gotten some really great looking streams.

Updates: 11/18/12
- Sometimes the program will freeze and stop working when I stop streaming and try to record. I cannot end the process(via task manager) which forces me to shut down my 360 and restart my PC. It hasn't happened often but it is annoying.
- VideoWave doesn't allow you to add more than 2 audio tracks so make sure you save your project before trying so. Adding an audio track(such as sound effects) into the same track works however.
- VideoWave is fairly slow and may be annoying to work with for people who are used to Sony Vegas.

Updates: 11/20/12
- If you're having the "No Signal" issue and your TV is 1080p, switch that to 720p. Took me a while to figure it out.

Updates: 12/04/12
- You can have different outputs meaning if you are capturing via Component, you can output via HDMI too and vice versa.
- Sometimes when capturing, it will not actually record so you need to pay attention to the bottom left to see if it's recording(duration, file size created, etc.)

Updates: 2/19/13
- Updated the review with "Streaming" info under "Final Thoughts"
- VideoWave is becoming incredibly annoying to use to do some basic edits and I think I'm starting to hate it. Doing commentaries or just rendering is fine.
- Still works great after about 4 months
- Sometimes will record 60fps. Maybe it's my PC but sometimes it would record my CoD videos with 60fps but mostly 30fps now.
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on October 5, 2012
The Roxio Game Capture HD PRO is exactly what I've been looking for in a capture device for a few years now. It is small/compact and has hdmi connections. It is simple to set up and the software is easy, straightforward, and has numerous features. The only downside is that the software takes a little while (depending on your computer) to install and get going. Along those lines, make sure that your computer has the capability to record hd footage. My main computer for game capture is unable to record with optimum settings (it's a little old :/). Once everything is set up, you just click capture and it captures to the specified folder and you click stop capture when you're done and that's it - pretty simple. The price I got it for, due to the special release price, made this a must have for me. The standard price is certainly lower than most HD cap devices, especially with HDMI capability. Overall, I am extremely pleased with this purchase so far. I haven't tried the streaming or direct uploading to youtube but from what I've heard/read those features are effective and convenient.

-1080 quality capturing
-software is great
-compact and simple

-install time can be long if computer power is poor (mine is) as well as capture quality is dependent on PC
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on June 25, 2013
I purchased the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro in the early parts of 2013. I saw it on sale for about $100, and after seeing some positive reviews about it via YouTube, I jumped on it immediately.

After testing it out upon receiving it, I was genuinely impressed with the quality of the footage it captured. However, the more I began to record footage (XBOX 360 soley at first), the more I came to discover the *severe* inconsistency of the device.

The biggest problem is that more often than not, the captured footage is heavily glitched up. Moments in the video will jitter and repeat themselves two or three times (requiring detailed post-editing afterwards). Other times, the file containers it saves to won't be fully recognized by varying media playback programs and editing suites. Multiple times I recorded a 30 to 60 minute video, only to find that my time was wasted because the programs I'd bring the file into only recognized the first 90 seconds of actual video. Even when converting the files to other formats, the same thing happened.

After experiencing these issues myself, I found that others had the same problems. After doing quite a bit of troubleshooting on both the hardware and software side of things, nothing seemed to eradicate the problems I was having. Even though my hardware isn't the latest and greatest, I still highly doubt it is my system (it's perfectly fine for just about anything else, including heavy video editing; AMD Phenom II 3ghz quad core CPU, 8GB of RAM, a Radeon 4890 1GB video card).

Other cons are minor complaints I could have dealt with had the device itself been more reliable. These include the buggy and sluggish software, as well as a HDMI cable not being included inside the package.

Personally, I can't recommend this device to anyone that is in need of a high-quality HDMI capture device. Based on other reviews and troubleshooting forum threads after the fact, it seems this device is way more trouble than any capture device ever should be. Anything that is inconsistent is a complete no-go when hour long gameplay sessions need to be synced up with live commentary for consumption on places like YouTube. Internet video content creators, avoid at all costs.
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on October 2, 2013
How is it easy?
Installation is really easy to do. Just slide the CD in and put in the pointless serial number. The software was also easy to use. Everythin was self explanatory. Matter of fact, There wasn't an instructions on the software and there really isn't any need considering you can learn in 5 minutes by playing with it.
How is it the worst gaming capture?
Let me start off by saying I have two laptops. One of them is an up to date m15x Alienware that every artist wishes for(I am an artist and Im not bragging) After installing it on my old computer, it went through with flying colors but I was unable to use it, because its too slow. But when I tried the Alienware It took me 2 hours just trying to get the darn thing to connect in more than 3 ways.
1. It wouldn't recognize the usb they provided even with usb 3.0! 3.0!!! so I search for solutions on, google, their, etc. No luck.
2. When it did connect with the usb(ONLY ONCE) I started to have signal problems. usually a signal problem means its probably missing an important piece of graphic ware, and this somehow makes no sense to me. Forums recommended I switch usb slots. Doing so resulted back to problem 1.
3. No costumer service or any kind of support what so ever. I mentioned it above, but this deserves its on individual problem... Roxio does not answer the phone, the help section is very limited, forums only help with "minor" issues, and for somethings that's $100+ this is an issue that needs to be addressed. if you really did have a big problem like me, you would also be screwed because they probably don't have solutions to them so what's the point in risking?!

In short: This product is a bad one. And I recommend to all that read this to not waste your time purchasing... Get a different one, or dont capture at all.
Have a nice day, and some home made cookies.
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on November 2, 2012
Just got this device yesterday and I can say that this device is AMAZING, especially with the price tag. The reason why I'm giving this 5 stars even though I said the software is horrible(which it is), is that it's a fairly new device, and I want to give them some time to fix all of the bugs within the software. The device itself is great, and the quality you get is comparable/better than the HD PVR, Elgato etc. A lot of people say a downside to recording with this device, is that you can't import the clips into other NLEs(Sony Vegas) because the audio doesn't import with it. There is a quick fix on the Roxio forums for that, or you can download "Any Video Recorder" and convert the audio only, which takes about a few seconds. I haven't tried livestreaming yet, as I don't do live streams but I will probably test it out. Instead of pros and cons, I will write what's good about the device, and what's bad about the software as of now.

"What's Good About the Roxio Game Capture HD Pro"

- H264 encoder within the device, does all the CPU processing for you.

- Component and Hdmi passthrough. If you play in component and have the device hooked up to your PC, you can play with HDMI and record via component(great if you have a second monitor that takes HDMI!).

- Great sound card, amazing sound quality.

- Doesn't need a power source, just hook up via USB and that's all you need.

- Great design, lightweight and sturdy(opinion).

- Max bitrate is 15mbps, great for people who do multiple renders like myself.

- 720p 60fps, 1080p 30fps recordings.

"The Horrible Software" - Note that this is MY experience, not yours. You may not have the same problems.

- Slow loading times.

- If you had problems during the installation, you'll have freezing problems with the software although I fixed it by re-installing.

- If you set the bitrate to max(or over the middle of the slider bar), or if you're doing anything else, the screen starts glitching out and so does the recording. If you're having this problem, the only way to fix this as of now is to move the slider to the middle of the quality slider bar and close every program(don't know why) which lets you record at 8-10mbps.

- If you mute the audio in the preview window, it doesn't save when you exit.

All in all, the device is outstanding, but the software definitely needs some work, but I will hold on to this device until future software updates as it has A LOT of potential.
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on June 16, 2013
So, this is the first capture card I've ever owned. I'm making some videos from games I play on the 360. It's actually a great card; it captures in very high quality, easy to understand and set up. The software is a bit wonky at times, and on one occasion, it force closed after the completion of a recording, thereby scrapping that recording. But the problem is not in the product, the problem is in Roxio and Corel support.

Support allows you one free question within your warranty period, which is two weeks. Yes, two weeks, fourteen days. You are allowed to ask support one question within this time period, at no cost to you. It is complicated and annoying, and once you fall outside of this two week period, a new support code will cost you $25. It was impossible for me to get in touch with support without first using my support code. I was forced to use my support code on a question that I shouldn't have had to ask in the first place, which is, how many computers does my CD key allow for me to install the software on? By the way, the answer is three.

About ten days later, we experienced a thunderstorm. After one lightning bolt hit fairly nearby, we lost power for just a moment. I was on my Xbox when it happened. So, I tried to restart my system, and what the hell, I don't have video anymore. My sound is running to a separate source so I still have sound, but there's no more video.

After you contact support, they send you a feedback request e-mail, asking them how you thought they did. I was frantic, so I replied to that e-mail, and said, "Listen, I redeemed my support code on a question that didn't really warrant a support code, and now I have a real problem." I then detailed the problem; never received a reply, or even an acknowledgment. Now, after some toying around with wires, I found the solution to be as simple as, unplug the USB cord from the cap card, then plug it back in. I know it seemed like an elementary thing and I should have tried it first, but I was first messing with the HDMI cables to see if one had shorted out.

Anyway, long story short: the question I used my support code on was ridiculous. They should have generated me a new support code just for seeing how trivial my question actually was. Where I thought this $120 product that I had gotten less than two weeks ago had shorted out due to a power surge, they wouldn't even look at me unless I paid $25 for a new support code. That's disgusting customer service. If you know well how to deal with capture cards and their software, get it. If you're confident that this card will never fail you, get it. If you ever anticipate that you'll need to ask the manufacturer a question about their product, RUN. Buy another card. Roxio makes a good product, but they are clueless about how to talk to their customers. Anybody that ever charges you $25 to answer a simple question doesn't deserve your money. I'd recommend that spend your money elsewhere, because for no support, this thing really costs you a nice chunk of change.
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on June 24, 2013
Let me first say that not everyone has the correct TV & a laptop/PC with the correct specs to capture gameplay.

IF you have the minimum requirements for this modest device you can capture Gameplay in 720p HD, then export the file in a non-Roxio format at 1228x1080p/60fps directly onto YouTube. It will look amazing, when all is said and done. After about an hour of tinkering around with the settings and creating short "test" clips, you'll quickly learn how to post High Quality HD content on YouTube or


- You only need this Game Capture, a laptop with minimum specs, and two HDMI cables to upload crystal-clear gameplay to YouTube, or to Livestream to (for Major League Gamers.)

- Editing Software included. You can create commentaries using music, voice-overs, various clips with various transitions, morph your voice, etc. No secondary software needed, no Sony Vegas Pro.

-Very easy reliable interface. Upload time for a video is less than 15 minutes generally.


- You must adjust the settings until your specific connection/TV works with the machine.
- Make sure you have back-up HD Component Cables incase the HDMI doesn't work on your older computer.
- Must buy 2 HDMI cables, or the appropriate component cables for your system.
- Default settings not necessarily the best options. Try 4000 bits per-second, and the ACVHD 1228x 1080px 60fps settings.....must render & export to your Hard Drive (instead of direct upload from the Roxio Dashboard) this allows you to remove Roxio Watermarks, Green Lines, Horizontal Pixelization , etc.)
- On YouTube subscribers must SWITCH to 1080p before each video, it doesn't automatically start in 1080p you've got to remind them in your Intros. (All they do is click the "Gear" icon below the video, and adjust to 1080p HD during the video.)
- You probably won't need customer service, which is good, because the customer service is mostly forum-based. Instead of answering your questions they will direct you to conversations in the past archived on their Forums. Very annoying. If you have a problem, which is unlikely, you're better off just drowning yourself in the bathtub. Screw searching Forums for your answers.
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on January 3, 2015
Works good but because of connection or slow computer the video can glitch when recording. I have had perfect video before so it was my computer or loose cord. I have rip off internet with only one upload and I cannot get twitch to work on this program or my xbox one stream app lol. That may be twitches fault. I have not used youtube yet or understand it. Great card which comes with everything needed to use but the user supplies the hdmi cables or component. I have borrowed another 4gb stick of ram in computer and have better sshdd replacement since my last one failed. Now time to test everything out. (previous hdd was sata 2 5400rpm, probably why I never got the best recording because it was maxed out)

Here is a sample put on youtube at export of 1080p 24p movie quality. Usually when uploaded to video it is good but looses quality for some reason. I will make a video right now and in time edit post.
review image
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on June 13, 2013
ok the product works ok on my computer (AMD Phenom X4, WIN7 x64 bits), but there's some rules to follow to it works ok.

1st. Configure wires as intructions manual says.
2nd. Turn on your pc (software must be installed)
>>>> 2.1 Conect the usb cable to the roxio card. (light blue led, must be on)
>>>>2.1 Open the program.
3rd. Turn on your console
4th. Click on START CAPTURE


if you dont follow these steps, its possible you will not be able to record, and its very important STOP RECORDING before turn off your console, cause if you turn off and pc is still recording, button to stop will be unable to press.

Video quality its configurable, i recomend use 'ALLOK VIDEO CONVERTER' to convert to avi or mp4 the MTS FILE (thats the extention of the video recorded) and later use it on adobe premire pro, sony vegas or whatever video editor.
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on January 10, 2013
When I first bought this and hooked it up, it worked fine but it's limited quality adjusments deterred me from using its pre built software. Instead i turned to using X-Split for streaming only to find out the the Roxio HD Pro isn't fully supported by X-Split. So If you want to stream and want to plug and play with full support and flawless capture quailty, then i don't recommend this device until its fully tested and working with x-split on a later version. Right now, a working version is only in beta testing and can be terribly glitchy. I ended up only getting a blue screen after streaming only literally a few times.
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