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Platform: PC Disc|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )

Roxio NXT 2 could not install AND it REMOVED my pre-existing copies of Roxio NXT and Corel WinDVD from my laptop. (UN BEE LEE VUH BULL!!!!)


I've used Roxio products for more years than I can remember and I've reviewed at least two prior Creator versions and my reviews were positive because I actually liked Creator. I attempted to install Roxio NXT 2 on a Windows 7 Enterprise machine with 8GB or RAM with Roxio NXT already installed.


The installation program detected Roxio NXT (older version) and warned that it was going to remove it prior to setting up NXT 2 which was fine with me. While the installation proceeded I watch with horror as it was removing not only Roxio NXT but also Corel WinDVD (never asked for permission to do so). Yes, it may be true that Corel owns Roxio but it's also true that I OWN MY COPY OF COREL WINDVD and Roxio or Corel are NOT allowed to remove things from MY computer unless I agree. And they never asked.

Well... a few minutes later, the Setup program was claiming that it was now rolling back whatever it installed or removed (not WinDVD though) and told me that installation was 'interrupted'. Strange. There were no traces left of the previously installed WinDVD or Roxio NXT.

I ran a registry cleanup tool, then rebooted my computer and re-tried Setup. Same error.

I went to Roxio's NXT 2 help page seeking some Tech Support help but I was advised to look at the Knowledge Base first. There was an article advising that a 'safe boot' could allow for the installation to complete. I set my laptop to boot up in safe mode and this time installation failed almost immediately.

I went back to the help page, hoping to talk to a tech support person. Amazingly, YOU DON'T GET SUPPORT from Roxio or Corel or whatever they are unless you either pay them more money or have a 'support code' valid for 14 days AFTER installation and registration. Of course, my copy could not install and could not be registered because it didn't install.

I went back to the site and registered hoping to get the '14-day free support code'. Of course they wanted my email address and all kinds of other bits of info. Once registered I received a few Spam-loaded emails and finally, the support code. Well... not so fast. Can't speak to a human yet. I am now asked to write an email, explaining what my problem is. I pasted this review because I am not going to waste a lot more time. Let's see what happens next. My prediction: they are going to ask for copies of the dozens of logs that the SETUP program left behind - as this was the first time and the only time installation failed on anyone's computer.


There are several issues with Roxio's product:

- It appears to be badly coded or at least the SETUP module is.
- The installation program seems to try to access highly restricted and highly protected features of the OS - the installation log showed Windows refusing to allow them unauthorized access and complaining that certain files had invalid signatures.
- There is no tech support to speak of.
- The sellers of Roxio seem to view their customers primarily as milkable cash cows.
- The sellers of Roxio seem to believe that they actually own the software installed on your computer and can do with it as they please, including removing it.

It's possible that not everybody is going to duplicate my experience but why take a chance when there are better and better supported products 'out there'?


UPDATE: I received a couple of emails from tech support. The first one thanks me for reporting a problem and... "Looking for faster support? The Premium Training and Support Plan offers you unlimited first-in-line priority phone support plus personalized training on any topic of your choice." (see the 'milkable cash cow' thoughts above because we should pay to get something working after first we pay to purchase it, right?) The next email states that my 'detailed feedback' was being sent up the management channels.

UPDATE 12/21/2013:
An email arrived a couple of days later titled: "Case 01959591 is Awaiting Additional Information". I am ordered to log into Corel's site and provide the information Corel wants from me (of course, they don't bother to tell me what it is they are waiting for because it's so much better if the customer wastes some time finding their way through Corel's tech support maze). If I don't reply in 5 days (an ultimatum?) "I will assume there has been resolution if I don't hear back from you within the next 5 days, at which point I will go ahead and close your case."

Well... not so fast. I log in at the site and this is what I get: "The request could not be completed due to a conflict with the current state of the resource (Session timed out. Please use the back button, reload and try again.) Of course, I keep getting the same error no matter how many times I try so, this is it. So much for Corel's support. I'm wondering if those who pay get the same nice treatment.

UPDATE 12/22/2013
Tired of waiting, I decide to reinstall my old Creator NXT. It installs just fine but then nothing works, it keeps complaining about missing registry keys.

I fully remove Creator NXT, clean the registry again (use Glary's tools) and try NXT 2 again but this time I do 'custom install' and select ONLY Creator NXT 2 (do not install NERO and "Roxio Back on Track". To my surprise, the install is successful but, of course, I now have a rather abbreviated version (many features missing) of my old Creator NXT. I give up on Corel's tech support.

Oh, and one more thing. Ever since I attempted to install NXT 2 for the first time, my laptop no longer restarts on its own after a reboot. It's on but all I get is a blank screen. The only way I can bring it back to life is to remove the battery for a few seconds and then start again. Thank you Corel.
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on April 2, 2014
I am a 50-year-old man. I have used Roxio for much of my adult life, beginning with its former Adaptec software that came with my very first cutting-edge, 2X lightning-fast, $250 Yamaha recording drive. I am a long-time collector of pop music recordings who once owned more than 2,000 vinyl records and now about 4,000 CDs. I still like to make my own "favorites" discs with tracks that I hand-pick from my favorite artists. Like most people, I don't like unnecessary complication or hassles, so here are my top ten reasons that I don't use Roxio for burning music compilations any more.

1) I need software that easily and flawlessly installs every time (Roxio does not).
2) I don't need photo editing (I use Photoshop).
3) I don't need DVD authoring (I use PowerDirector).
4) I don't need a ring tone maker (Cell Phones are annoying enough without them).
5) I don't need a media player (I use Windows).
6) I don't need to be forced to connect to Roxio's self-advertising, bogged-down website to rip a CD.
7) I don't need software that wants to "take over" as my default for everything, or that sneakily installs updates and products that I didn't ask for (Sonic Cine Player).
8) I don't want to have to re-install Roxio every few months when files mysteriously become corrupt.
9) I don't need a newer, useless-feature-packed, more expensive version each year.
10) When I give up on Roxio, I want to be able to easily and completely delete it without contaminating other files and programs or crashing my whole computer (I just spent two days fighting to get rid of Roxio).

Thanks for the memories, Roxio. You were great once, but you blew it.
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VINE VOICEon December 7, 2013
Platform: PC Disc|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
Roxio Creator NX2 appeared to be an excellent photo and video editor with a plus of being able to create photo projects, i.e. my Christmas family newsletter.

My experience with the Creator was a total disappointment. First of all, the software initially was very invasive when installing. I don’t expect merchants to like me but I do expect them to be courteous and I have little patience with rudeness during installation.
When installing I got a message early on that software on my system was in conflict and Roxio wanted my permission to delete it before proceeding without install. There was absolutely no hint as to what the offending software was. You are not entitled to support until after you register and then you get only one free call (sort of) within the first 14 days of registering. Catch 22. I talked to a salesperson who felt Roxio wanted to remove existing Roxio software on my system. So I proceeded to install.
Before the install was finished windows crashed. When I tried to start the software it informed me important registry values were missing. So I had to start from the beginning to install, which finally happened.

I went to the project area and there were templates for photo cards, greeting cards, collage (no text), posters, gift tags, and calendars but no letter template for photos and text. I found a blank poster template but it also didn’t appear to support text. So I gave up.

Now there are some things I do like. The video editor will auto-adjust color, brightness and contrast which is great, will stabilize shaky videos, add titles and credits to videos, and save in several formats. The Creator will capture streaming video from sites such as YouTube, convert to several formats, and turn standard videos into 3D movies.

The Creator also is a great photo editor, does nicely in creating slide shows, and can be used easily to share photos and videos to Facebook, YouTube and other sites. It also imports music from CDs, LPs and tapes and converts them to popular audio formats.
With the nice stuff Roxio Creator does I know I should be kinder with my rating. But I am impatient and cannot tolerate merchants and software developers who hand me off invasive software and offer no support to deal with it. How rude!
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Platform: PC Disc|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I have used Roxio's products for years, starting with Easy CD Creator 15 or so years ago. They had a really good product back in the day, as well as a pretty good video editing component for home movies to DVD, but over the years each new upgrade brought more and more problems and their technical support unit never would help you unless you paid them a fee.

While not directly relevant to the review of this specific version of the software, it does set the stage for this version as I was apprehensive about trying it in the first place. To put it in a nutshell, it had a heck of a time trying to install on a Windows 7 machine - it wouldn't install at all and the software aborted the installation after about an hour of trying (no kidding).

I did go to Roxio's online support board because they won't answer a phone, and I saw a list of similar issues / complaints from other customers. I was unable to resolve the issue and am no longer trying to install the software.

At least Roxio is consistent with their software product and lack of customer support. I'm very glad I received a review copy vs. paying the recommended retail price of $99 or even one dollar for it. I would give this one a wide berth.
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on March 22, 2014
I purchased a new Dell desktop machine and purchased this software to use. It was one of the first things I installed in the machine.

In short, it does not show any preview screens. I can't see any videos that I am editing. I can not see the trip points or see so I can adjust the video capture quality.

There is NO product support on this product at all. I contacted them in January and it is now the end of March. I keep getting the run around as to why it is not working. I have been told to install it on another machine to see if it works there. I feel if it can not work from a stock Dell machine that has not been re-configured in anyway, then they should at least look at it.

The case has been closed three times. I keep telling them I still have an issue, but there is no customer service.

They keep telling me to install the software on another machine to see if it works. They are telling me there is something wrong with my machine. However, I am running on a stock, straight out of the box, Dell, with only Microsoft Office added to it. I think they should LOOK AT MY ISSUE and not just tell me that BECAUSE it runs on other people's machines that there is a problem with my configuration.

UPDATE 10/14/2014

I have continued to call them back every month or so. TODAY they told me that I should upgrade to a new product to fix my issues. I told them I bought this product and expected to run on stock DELL machine.

The also said I could purchase an extended warranty for my existing product. I explained the issues I have the the product were from day one of getting the product and that why would I want to pay for more NON-SUPPORT. B/T/W the price for the extended warranty was higher then buying their new product.

DON'T BUY FROM COREL/ROXIO. I could not get their product to work on my stock DELL machine and could not get a refund. They just want to sell me more garbage.
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Platform: PC Disc|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
***½ Roxio Creator NXT 2 (2013) is a simple software suite for editing, sharing, and burning media including video, audio, images, and not just for video editing. The core video editor is quite basic and, though having the essential editing tools, without a lot of advanced features rendering the whole suite inferior to CyberLink Media Suite 10 & 11 and - of course - more expensive CyberLink Director Suite, both featuring excellent PowerDirector.

However, learning video editing can be really daunting and Creator NXT 2 is perfect especially for those intimidated by the task, e.g as a stepping stone to Pinnacle Studio. Though, it is a bit invasive and intrusive, like CyberLink PowerDVD 14 Ultra, as it may relegate other related software to oblivion without asking, that should be appreciated by beginners who are confused by, and unable to answer, difficult configuration questions.

Though Creator NXT 2 lags behind any suite with PowerDirector, its capacity is sufficient for its purpose of a simple and affordable suite that is the easiest to learn, thus fastest to use, better than Sony Movie Studio Suite and Nero 12 Platinum, and still retaining... sentimental value even though its installation removes without warning the WinDVD player, which can be easily reinstalled.

In the old days, Roxio pioneered the first convenient software for copying and creating CDs - Easy CD Creator, which dominated the market for years. Since then mainly due to reliability problems, it was surpassed first by Nero, and then by CyberLink, which begun by developing the industry standard PowerDVD video playing software and subsequently expanded.
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VINE VOICEon January 16, 2014
Platform: PC Disc|Vine Customer Review of Free Product( What's this? )
I cannot stand this program I was so aggravated from the the start and ending with their not so stellar customer service that I actually took my frustration out by throwing the whole thing against the wall. First let me begin by telling you I have an older laptop with the Windows Vista The Roxio Creator could not be installed on my computer. I then called their customer support and spoke to "Bob" who could not speak a word of English. Heads up Roxio , please make sure when you hire people to help your customers they can speak the language. I hung up on "Bob" and called again. I got a girl named" Katie" whose accent was so thick I could hardly understand what she was saying to me. So very slowly we tried to communicate with each other. She was a very nice girl but the language barrier and thick accent had me extremely aggravated. I just wanted the program to work. She told me that Ii had to remove a firewall on my computer and install their program. I did not feel comfortable doing this and being stuck with a computer that would either freeze or not work properly after I followed her directions because quite frankly good luck finding the same person to help you again if you have an issue. She could not stay on the phone to walk me through the process because she had other callers. She did tell me I could call back after the removal of firewall and installation of their program with any questions. I wish I could have installed Roxio Creator so I could write a more in depth review but unfortunately it could not be done I hope for those of you that do purchase this item have better luck then I did
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on March 10, 2014
This is my first product review but I feel compelled to let all know what my experience has been. As a happy user of Roxio from years back, I was needing a media suite and felt I could return to an old friend. Ordered it, received it, and installed it. I was excited to check out the video editing portion of the program but when I attempted to open the video wave....nothing. Just a circle chasing itself. So on the first night do ownership, I had to register my product and then figure out how to gain the required "support code" to ask for help. Ended up having to email Corel and wait until the next day to receive the support code to even ask a question. After getting the 9digit support code, communicated my issue with the video portion of the suite and received prompt feedback on possible solution, which didn't work. I communicated back to Corel but am getting notices that my 14 day free support is about to end? What a joke! Very disappointed so felt as though I needed to share my experience....buyer beware!
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on April 23, 2014
This product is new. I can't install it. It thinks there is no internet connection. I wonder how the program came up with that since I have a fine internet connection.
The support is strictly email.The Corel/Roxio people think that it is normal for the consumer/customer to spend several hours through emails in order to get installation help. Having no emergency support phone number, or a *one-time help* on simply installing newly purchased software shows just how abysmal the Corel/Roxio office is. The only phone number available is the sales staff who are located somewhere outside the Milky-way Galaxy. Or so they sound. It was offered that I could pay for phone support. Yes. They will gladly take money from me to get help on installing their software.
Do they really think consumers are going to *PAY* for service on installing a program?
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on April 2, 2014
If you have Windows 8, do not buy this product. Different modules crash and will not start,some features are not loaded at all, and the 14 day tech support can't help.
I purchased Creator NXT 2 to be compatible with Windows 8, but it is not.
You only get 14 days of tech support and now I know why.
If you buy this you better test everything before the support runs out.
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