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on March 7, 2013
Great product but you can buy this direct from Green Pasture website for $47.00 not $72.00. This is a ripoff.
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I've had those tiny little bumps on the skin of my upper arms for as long as I can remember, and relied on lots of exfoliating and lotion to have smooth skin all this time.

But after reading about this product on The Healthy Home Economist's site (and how it fights tooth decay and more), and then again on Hunt Gather Love, where she talked about it as a cure for those little upper-arm bumps that 60% of us have, I decided it was time to give it a try, despite my dislike of fish oil capsules and their horrible, horrible flavor.

Well, it tastes every bit as unpleasant as a capsule can, though I don't notice many fishy burps as others have stated they experienced with cheaper brands. But this, combined with fresh carrot juice for a week (for added vitamin A), totally got rid of those upper-arm bumps for the first time in years! It made me realize that I probably have a vitamin deficiency after years of eating anti-nutrients in the form of grains and legumes.

My partner was shocked to see the actual results from taking the pills, and began taking them too. Even though he's less steady than I am, he noticed that his skin felt smoother within a few days, too.

Because it's expensive, we alternate this stuff with other fish oil pills that are cheaper, so we at least get our healthy omega oils each day. But this stuff is definitely worth incorporating into your diet. In the past two months, I've noticed my hair is growing out glossier, and my nails are significantly stronger - I can't bend them the way I used to. I think Dr Price must have been on to something with the combo of fish and high-vitamin butter oil, as I've seen surprisingly good results in such a short period of time.
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on September 16, 2011
I found out about this stuff in an article about acne. The woman writing it had tried every topical and prescription treatment available (as have I) to treat her hormonal, cystic acne without success until she started taking this. And now, after taking it for 8 weeks (and through two cycles), I can tell you that I am a total believer: it took about 2 weeks to clear all the ones waiting in the wings, but since then, I have not had one single blemish, much less the incredibly painful and embarrassing cystic volcanoes that usually heralded the onset of my period. Not. One. And the scars from blemishes past are finally starting to heal and disappear.

In addition, I have far fewer PMS symptoms mood swings, very little bloating or fatigue, very light cramps. Finally, at the age of 40, I've found something that works, that doesn't stain my pillowcases, that doesn't cause horrific side effects, that doesn't smell bad (though the fishy smell of the capsules themselves can be a tad off-putting...get over it; it's sooo worth it.) and - after researching it thoroughly - it turns out it is incredibly good for me overall for all kinds of reasons. Do some reading on the Weston Price foundation website and you'll see that the combo of butter oil and fermented cod oil is a miraculous one for all kinds of health issues.

This one is going to be with me for the long haul.
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on September 25, 2013
**Final update! I reached out to the company again about the color, since my last batch directly from Green pastures was yellow bills instead of the usual brown. I explained the situation and asked if that was normal. Here is the response I received, "Fermented products will vary from batch to batch. The color, taste, smell and texture often fluctuate due to the inherent natural, and sometimes unpredictable, fermentation process." And then I was referred to their FAQ, which I've already read many times and really the response I received looks like it was copied from the FAQ. At least I received a response this time... I also spoke to a naturopathic doctor who said that is one of the reasons that he doesn't recommend the fermented cod liver oil, as there is no way to guarantee how much vitamin D, A or others are in each batch.

**UPDATE: I'm leaving the original review below for reference. After ordering these pills for over 2 years I finally received a bottle with 'yellow' pills. The comments to my original review were mixed, but many people said that they also received yellow pills. In the 2 years of ordering from Green Pastures directly, I only received brown pills. I contacted the company to find out what color they should be and never heard back. There is also only vague information about this on their website that mentions information leading you to think that the pills could be brown, but doesn't necessarily confirm it.

I was skeptical ordering on Amazon due to reading so many warnings about companies selling fake supplements on this website. I was worried that was the case when I received yellow pills in my Amazon order and not brown ones over a year ago. So, I have received brown pills for two years (blue ice royal butter oil/fermented cod liver oil blend capsules) unless I ordered only butter oil or skate liver oil (those have been yellow). However, I just received a new order last week with two bottles and BOTH bottles contain yellow pills, not brown. I am not sure why the new batch is yellow or what could cause such a drastic change in color between batches (maybe the fermentation process or weather?), but I am going to assume that both yellow and brown pills are okay since I have now received both colors straight from Green Pastures. If anyone finds out otherwise, please leave me a comment!

Original review from Sept 2013:
I have taken the butter oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil blend for nearly a year. It greatly helped me get over several issues that were lingering from being pregnant with twins a couple years prior. After about a month of taking it, a dry skin type rash on my hand disappeared, and I had much better focus/more brain power. I recently ran out right before moving across the country and decided not to reorder and see if I noticed any difference, as I have been eating well and taking other supplements. Well, after a week of not taking the supplement, I started having issues with my vision (blurry vision), about 3 weeks and my skin is VERY dry, regardless of how much lotion I put on it. I didn't notice too much of a difference in other areas. But the blurry vision and dry skin were enough to get me to order more.

I love purchasing from Amazon and rarely have issues... However, when I received this item, the color of the pills was not right. They were bright yellow and I remembered the ones I took before were brown in color. The bottle was correct, my order was correct, just the pills were not correct. They looked like they only contained butter oil and no cod liver oil. I tried to contact the company to verify the color, but was only able to contact Amazon, who gave me a refund. I reordered the item, but then was sent a completely random item by mistake. Due to my frustration with ordering this item through Amazon (though their customer service is always fantastic), I ordered directly through Green Pasture instead (it's cheaper). When I received the product (today), I immediately checked the pills and they were the same familiar brown color that I remember.

**SO PLEASE CHECK THAT YOUR PILLS ARE BROWN. If they are yellow, it's not the right product. I am going to upload a picture to hopefully help others avoid receiving the wrong item, like I did.***
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I've been taking 2 a day for 9 days. I haven't noticed a lot of the benefits others have mentioned. I have experienced 3 very positive effects though:

1. My skin looks incredible. I've noticed myself but I've also received quite a few compliments.
2. I had a lingering issue in my left knee; a pain that prevented me from running and even walking comfortably. The pain lasted two months. I've been taking 2 of these CLO's and 1 400mg magnesium pill every day for 9 days (3 CLO's for a couple days) and the pain is completely gone. I've ran on the knee quite a few times since without an issue.
3. My daughter had the flu for 7 days. I felt like I was getting it. I took 3 CLO's and a 1,000mg vitamin C with rose hips for 2 days straight and I only felt sick for 1 day. I gave my daughter 2 CLO's and a vitamin C for a couple days as well and she started feeling better. I think the flu would have lasted longer if she wasn't taking the CLO. She typically takes 2 CLO's and 2 gummy vitamins a day.

Apparently CLO is rich in vitamin D and most people are lacking in that area. From my research (lots and lots of reading), taking vitamin D regularly helps to prevent common colds and flu, and if you do get sick; the duration of your sickness is much shorter.

My daughter has a tendency to get sick quite a few times during the winters. I will keep an eye on her to see how well this works and update this review.

My only issue is that these capsules are expensive! I knew that going in. I'm thinking about getting a liquid, fermented CLO, organic butter oil, and a couple bottles with droppers. I did the math and it will actually save me a little over 700 per year that way.

Edit: 2/11/2013

3 months later:
* My daughter still has not gotten sick, even though I was wiped out with the flu for almost a week. She used to get a cold or something once every two months. BTW - Everyone I know had the flu for two weeks, so I guess me getting it for less than one week isn't bad.
* The pain in my knee is has not returned and I've run many miles (I've been pretty lazy lately though)
* I haven't noticed the increased focus that others have mentioned but my skin is still looking great. I'm pretty intensely driven so I don't think that will improve but I was curious to find out.

Edit: 4/2/2013

Now, I buy the fermented liquid CLO and the high vitamin organic butter oil from Amazon and take those. I still buy the capsules for my daughter. She took the liquid once, scrunched up her face and said, "never again." I don't mind the liquid and it saves me money. Every day I take 1 tsp of the liquid CLO and 1/2 tsp of the butter oil.

Edit: 2/8/14

I now realize the pain in my knee was related to eating gluten. I previously thought the CLO fixed this issue. What I can say for sure is CLO has boosted my immune system and has given my skin a healthy glow. It's just not responsible for getting rid of my knee pain. Gluten is an inflammatory so I should have known it was the cause. When I ate it again, the pain came back. I stopped eating it and the pain went away, again.
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on January 10, 2015
I've been very happy with this product... I had a condition related to dry eyes and after taking for a couple of months I no longer need to use prescription eye drops!

On the topic of color - please see the attached photo and below response direct from Green Pasture (response to query through their website form):

"First, the statements on Amazon are incorrect. Color variations are normal from batch to batch and have nothing to do with processing and packaging. Second, we do not authorize our wholesalers to sell on Amazon. This is difficult for us to police. I will forward this information; thank you for sharing!

With best wishes,
Green Pasture"

It would seem every Amazon seller selling for higher than the Green Pasture website price is simply purchasing and reselling. It's my opinion that anyone selling on Amazon for less than Green Pasture's website is a wholesaler doing so without Green Pasture's authorization.
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62 of 71 people found the following review helpful
on November 13, 2013
LOVE this stuff. Been using it to heal a cavity and since I have been taking it all the pain has subsided in my tooth. Can't recommend high enough...really high quality.
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on June 10, 2012
After reading this article: [...], I decided to give this a shot. My mother is a diabetic, and suffers from all sorts of related issues. She often will fall asleep during a conversation or a movie. She would complain about sluggishness and aches and pains. So I took the plunge and bought these for her. She takes 2-5 pills per day, and has been taking them for a few weeks.

Even in such a short period, the transformation has been remarkable. She rarely dozes off in a conversation anymore. She is incredibly energetic, much more so than I can ever remember. Just the other day her friend complimented her about her slimmer appearance, and she attributes it to the FCLO/butter oil pills.

Seeing the positive effects in her, I began taking them as well. As others have reported, my mother and I have been able to avoid any illnesses circulating around the house.

These pills are definitely expensive, but the fermentation process that preserves the nutritional content is also expensive. Everything else we consume is industrially processed, so why not try something natural, for once?

Nothing is more valuable than the good health of you and yours, not even money.
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on April 5, 2014
I recently purchased Blue Ice Royal Butter Oil/Fermented Cod Liver Oil Blend from the Green Pasture website because I read previous reviews about the colors of the supplements being wrong, or even, the expiration date being wrong when ordering from Amazon. I am not stating that these statements are false (as everyone is entitled to their own opinion and experience); however, I called and spoke with both customer service and sales at Green Pasture (two separate times to see if I was told correct information).
From a previous review, I thought that if the supplements were yellow and not brown, that these were wrong product.
Well, as mentioned previously, I ordered directly from Green Pasture and once I opened the fully sealed bottle, I noticed my supplements were golden yellow. As a confused consumer, believing most review hype, I called ignorantly claiming that I received the wrong supplements. I was told by customer service that the supplements will vary on color as a 'natural selection' and range in color from yellow to brown (in many different tones). Just because my supplements were yellow, did not mean that the cod liver oil was not present. They assured me that this is normal and I just happened to get a batch that looked yellow.
Still not believing them, I later on called the sales department and started the conversation off by asking them what color the supplements are supposed to be for the blue ice royal butter oil/fermented cod liver oil blend. I was told that it will depend and they range from golden yellow to brown.
After further researching reviews, I also noticed some people claiming that they received expired product. Now on my bottle, I could not find an expiration date, rather, I found a MFG date (manufactured date) of February 2014. Thoroughly checking everywhere on this bottle, I decided to call customer service again. I asked why there was no expiration date and was told that nothing in their supplements would technically expire (which I find doubtful) but they typically have a shelf life of 2+ years from the MFG date. They do not put expiration dates but the date that the product was manufactured. Again, I am not claiming that any person(s) in the previous reviews are wrong, but my supplement bottle did not have an expiration date, just a manufactured date.
Though ordering from Green Pastures is cheaper (but only by a few dollars, because I expedited the shipping), I love ordering from Amazon as a trusted site.
I am an avid review reader and felt as if I should share my findings on this product. There are so many benefits from this supplement so I hope I have helped others in their quest and will hopefully help lessen any fears about ordering this product from Amazon.

On a side note, I am already feeling much more energetic from taking these supplements.
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on March 23, 2014
I have been taking this oil for more than a month now and have noticed some benefit. I read the back of a shampoo bottle while in the shower the other day. Then I realized that I haven't been able to read the print on a hair care product without my glasses for years. This really excited me but never wanting to make an irrational claim on a healthcare product I asked my doctor if this can be attributed to the CLO. She told me it is likely the result of this supplement.
I had hoped to see some improvement in my rosacea but cannot, at this point, attribute a benefit here. Will update if that changes.
My blood pressure has greatly improved. Taking 2 FCLO capsules per day, adding coq10, and anti-inflammatory diet has my doctor considering cutting my meds. My goal exactly. :-)

Lightly flavored. No burp back. Improved eye sight. Lower blood pressure. I will never be without FCLO again. My wife has started taking them as well.

Noticed on their web sight that Blue Ice has a fish based garden soil restorer. Just thought I'd mention this for my gardener friends.
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