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on November 30, 2010
Spent a great deal of time pouring over the reviews for shredders - something for home use - as small as possible, which would handle the handfuls of credit card offers, old bills, etc, and there didn't seem to be one clear choice - everything had widely variable reviews from "the perfect machine", to "don't waste your money, it blew up after a day", so it was hard to find a clear winner. So, I wound up going with this one because the reviews were all OK, but there were only 3, so I was worried. Well, just got it today, and it's just what I wanted! Put it in the slot, and it GRABS the junk mail, and boom - it's gone in one second, just like any huge, expensive office machine. Now, if you are VERY worried about security, the pieces are big enough to show a couple of words if you put the paper in the wrong direction, but since I was tearing this stuff up by hand before, you can't compare. Plus, I dump it loose down a trash shoot, so unless the FBI wants to put a team on sifting through the trash from 400 apartments, and spends a few months putting it together, I think that I'm pretty safe. The only slight complaint that I have is that the lower half is pretty flimsy, and it takes a second or two extra to get the bin back in flush with the main body.
Oh, and love the casters on the bottom, so I can easily move it to the outlet, and shove it out of sight when I'm done. Of course I just got it, so I can't comment on how long it will last, but I have a feeling that it will be just fine - very good value for this price.
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on April 20, 2011
We bought a Royal from one of the Big Box Stores (club). It was promoted on its box as 14 page cross cut shredder. Well, it cross cut in the conventional sense but 4 sheets of regular 20lb copy machine paper would bog it down and 5 sheets would jam it. It also did several overheats and shut itself down while we tried to production-shred old documents. We took the piece of junk back. We bought this machine because it had the fewest legitimate sounding negative reviews of all the lower end Amazon offerings.

This one works well and chews up heaps of old junk mail without overheating or jamming. It will even eat those dozens of bank promotions with the "write your own cash advance check" inside, without opening the envelope. Big plus. We've now run about 2 banker's box loads of paper through it and have no complaints.

Negative (and the only reason for not giving this 5 stars) is that the manufacturers are all liars. This machine would no more eat 12 sheets of any type of paper than it would eat 500 sheets at a time. The limit on this machine is 6 to 8 sheets of paper, depending on the width, thickness and paper strength.

One other nit-picky concern might be the "cross cut" pattern. Rather than confetti-sized paper bits, this machine puts out little short strips ... confetti wide but about an inch long -- long enough to possibly contain a complete account number or bit of sensitive information. I'm not quite that paranoid but this is definitely not high enough security if you're really worried about data theft.
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on January 18, 2011
I had an older shredder that just did strips. It had a propensity to plug up, and putting it in reverse often did not solve the problem, so had to unplug it and try to clean out the jammed little pieces of paper. With tweezers, needle-nosed pliers and a lot of patience, I could usually get all the paper out, but it was a chore. It finally just quit working after a couple of years.

Also, it only took one sheet at a time, did not have an auto setting, and was extremely noisy.

This Royal shredder is a vast improvement. It is far less noisy, and the auto setting makes it extremely easy. I limit the number of sheets to eight, and it eats them up easily with no jams. I have tried envelopes and 4x6 cards, and they all are taken quickly.

As one other reviewer wrote, the removable basket is a bit flimsy, but it will fit in OK if I push it gently. Also, wish it were a bit larger, but all in all, I am very pleased with this unit.

Now I'm glad the old one quit working. :)
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on October 5, 2011
Shredder is easy to setup and use. The manual that comes with this shredder recommends 2 minute shred time with 25 minute breaks in between to let the motor cool. During my first use, I shredded about 20 sheets, roughly 4 at a time, in about 30-45 seconds. A very light work load for a shredder of this type. At the end of this time frame, I noticed a lot of smoke coming from the unit. I immediately unplugged it and expected the smoke to stop. However, the smoke got thicker so I immediately ran the unit outside to cool. This took about 60 minutes. (The unit remained extremely hot for about 30 minutes.) I bought this shredder because of previous reviews, and this may be a defective one as there are not other reviews like this. I will be avoiding Royal office products from here on out.

Also, manual claims the unit comes with an overheat shut off, safety precaution. This safety feature was no where to be found in my case.
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on August 17, 2010
It really works great cross cutting which I needed it to do and it takes up till 12 sheets as promised.
I love the fact it has little wheels on, so I can move it around in the office, and it's easy to clean under.
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on March 30, 2011
Our 3 year old clunky, loud fellowes P45C shredder ( finally decided to break down after my trying to shred a credit card. The internal plastic wheels broke and we decided it's time to upgrade from that piece of junk!

Like previous reviewers mentioned, lots of mixed reviews out there, but after reading Poodlemom's endorsement, decided to give it a shot - and boy, are we happy.

Size & Appearance: Perfect size. Live in small Manhattan apartment and this machine fits next to our kitchen counters with no problem. Not to mention it looks sleek too!

Noise & Speed: Much quieter than the Fellowes P45C machine; and the machine just sucks in our junk mail (multi-page) with NO COMPLAINTS

Functionality: The paper bin has good capacity (probably 2 weeks worth of junk mail), easy to pull out, and easy to empty. What more can you ask for? Love the wheels to for the times when we want to pull the shredder closer to the kitchen table.

Also like the fact that credit card / CD has separate slots; looking forward to try those soon and will post an update!
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on June 13, 2011
I ordered the product because it had all the features I was looking for.
When it arrived, I put on the casters and found one of the four would not stay on. The diameter on one of the caster shafts was too small.
I ordered a replacement shredder (same model), and it arrived the next day.
When it arrived, I put on the casters and found one of the four would not stay on. The diameter on one of the caster shafts was too small.
I replaced the one bad caster on the replacement shredder with one of the good casters on the original shredder. Problem solved.
I returned the original shredder no problems. UPS and Amazon are a great team.
Royal Machines must know of this by now. Why this was not discovered (and stopped), before it left the factory I cannot imagine.
So be warned, if you order this product (at least at this point in time), you can expect one of the four casters to not fit when you put it together.
The shredder itself works great, and the seperate openings for CD's and credit cards is a nice feature.
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on September 26, 2011
As others have noted, 12 sheets may go through, but the strain on the machine is palpable. In the manual it is noted that if the 12 sheet maximum is used for more than 2 minutes the manufacturer recommends that the machine then be given 25 minutes to cool down.

There is an "overheat" relay in the shredder; if the machine becomes overheated it will automatically shut down to cool until safe operating temperatures are achieved.

My previous shredder having broken a few weeks ago, I had saved up a box of material waiting to be shredded; the box of the type that is used to hold 10 reams of 8.5x10 paper. I did not run the maximum 12 sheets of consecutive shredding, but rather ran a maximum of 5 sheets at a time, pausing only to grab and flatten another bunch of sheets, or to empty the basket. I experienced no issues with the shredder, it successfully shredded the entire box of documents, including some envelopes and standard staples.

It should be noted that the basket is not massive on this machine, requiring frequent emptying. The time spent in removing the basket (which can be done without removing the shredder mechanical bits, a very nice feature), emptying, and replacing the basket allows the machine to have a small cool-down break. I did allow the "auto feed" to shut down before removing the basket each time, adding a few seconds to each "cool down" period, where the cutters were rotating but not actually shredding paper. Emptying the basket invariably resulted in a few shreds of paper falling to the bottom of the shredder, outside of the basket. I checked and the basket was fitting properly. Not a serious vexation, but it does require a moment or two to clean the bottom of the shredder when emptying the basket).

I ran one credit card through the shredder in the dedicated slot and it worked as advertised; I have not (and will not) use the CD/DVD shredding feature. I feel that this is an unwarranted strain on the machine and I have other methodologies for shredding CD's (read "scissors").

The noise factor is acceptable (at least by me); I've used some commercial shredders which had a lower noise factor, shredded the paper into smaller pieces, handled larger number of sheets, and had bigger baskets - but at nowhere near this price range.

According to the manual no flammable oil (petroleum, vegetable, or synthetic) should ever be used on the machine. I do not know if dedicated shredder lubricating oil is flammable, but if it is the manufacturers do not recommend it's use. Nowhere in the manual does the manufacturer recommend any type of lubrication. Not being a shredder service technician or engineer I do not know if lubrication is required - all I can report is that such service is not mentioned in the manual.

I would recommend this shredder for small offices (1-3 people) or to home users (depending, of course, on usage - if one is in the business of, say, being a bookie and there is a need to (immediately) shred large numbers of betting slips while someone bars the door from the search warrant, something more robust in the way of a shredder might be called for).

I would like to thank others who have previously purchased and reviewed this shredder, those reviews were instrumental in my buying decision.

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on November 14, 2011
Received item today from UPS. From the Amazon box alone I was already worried that I might be receiving a returned or used item. The box was way oversize and not enough packing material placed inside such that the packaging tape did not hold into place. The item inside was moving about when the delivery man handed it to me. I then opened it and the shredder box itself has some small tears and tape all over. By that time I was definitely sure this item is not new. Opened the box and went through the item, and I could see that clearly this is a used item. Pieces of paper were still stuck to the shredder. The bin was dusty and the casters weren't even placed inside a plastic bag. I took some photos of it. When you buy a NEW item, you should be sent a NEW item! Amazon should stop sending out this returned items to us customers! This is very dishonest and bad practice. I really prefer to purchase things online. But somehow it is more hassle free to go out and just buy it yourself.

Note: Did not bother to test the shredder because it is clearly a returned item !

Update: 11/15/11 UPS picked up the first item and delivered the replacement. However the replacement is clearly also a used or returned item. Dirty and pieces of shredded paper sticking out of it. I have read one of the reviewers of this product who complained that he received 3 used items in a row. At this point I'm giving up on this. I will return this and try to get my money back. Initially I wanted to do this however their site only allows return and replacement. That's why I was forced to get a replacement but I had an inkling that I would still get a used item.

Now I need to waste my time trying to figure out how to get my money back and not forced to take a replacement. What's wrong with Amazon, why can't they get this right. Now I'm worried that future purchases would result in this same problem. PLEASE WHEN I PAY FOR A NEW ITEM.....SEND ME A NEW ITEM !!!!!!!
review image review image
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on February 7, 2011
Poured over many reviews before settling on this one.
I did not realize it has a pull-out basket until I put it together. What a nice surprise... makes it easy to unload the scraps without pulling the shredding unit off the top.
Unit is relatively quiet compared to others I've tried in stores. The credit card and CD shredders work great. Shreds paper with no problem. Wheels are a big plus.

My only complaint is the cover over the main shredder insert. If you want to slide a thin receipt or other small piece in, it makes it a little difficult for it to grab... but that's about it.

Got my best deal through J and R Music World online.
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