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on October 30, 2007
I have owned a few Bissell models and they are pale in comparison to this model. The only fault I have found is that my motor burnt out after 1 year and the mechanism that holds the handle in place breaks relatively easy. The new model has a better motor than last years and it seems the handle latch is sturdier. However NEVER roll the unit with a full collection tank, that is how I broke my last one, its just cant take the load of water on the locking mech. Also the previous model (made under the brand name Dirt Devil) only had a one year warranty. This model has a 3 year manufacturer warranty. It automatically dispenses the right amount of soap and has a rinse only mode that gets the carpet sqeaky clean. It has dual suction and dual brushes as well as having the air from the motor being blown down onto the carpet to dry it even faster. If you use it correctly the drying process should only take about 6 hours depending on your type of carpet. I would strongly reccommend you buy this carpet cleaner.
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on October 23, 2009
After looking at all the reviews of the Bissell, Hoover and Royal, I had a difficult time choosing the best one to buy. After reading the reviews and descriptions on various sites, I read that the Royal is the easiest to assemble and also has 2 suction nozzels for getting the water out of the carpet. The Royal also has a better warranty.

Now that I purchased the Royal, I am very happy and have found the unit easy to assemble and clean. The ratings that were negative generally mentioned leaks. Upon recent use, these leaks seem to be due to operator error, since all pieces need to be seated correctly and that is fairly easy. If this breaks, the parts also seem easily replaceable.

The Royal did a very good job at cleaning the carpet and the water left behind dried in a couple hours. If you follow the instructions and only apply soap and/or water (water only for rinse) moving forward and then just vacuum when moving backward, the carpet does not get too wet and will dry reasonably quick.
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on September 6, 2009
Royal Precision 7910
When the Hoover carpet cleaner that I had for less than two years broke, I went to the local vacuum repair store. To my surprise, It would cost $125-$150 to fix a machine that cost me $180. I was suddenly in the market for a new machine. The salesman told me that their company has sold thousands of the Royal 7910 with very few problems. He said that the Hoover quality has been inconsistent and the Bissell design which connects the drive belts for the brushes to the power plant has caused lots of breakage. A friend of mine has a Bissell, which she has had in the repair shop each month for the last 4 months due to this problem, so that gave the salesman some credibility with me. The first time that I used the Royal, I thought that it was very heavy and difficult to move. I soon realized that the amount of fluid that the machine holds, solution and water in separate tanks, caused the unit to weigh more than the Hoover which had much smaller tank capacity. Now, I just don't fill the tanks quite as full. The unit uses much less solution. I used about 8 oz of solution to clean a the main traffic areas in my living room and dining room. The Hoover used more than twice as much. I had to get the carpet a lot wetter with the Hoover than I do with the Royal. Very dirty areas require only two sprays of solution. The extractor really removes the water, so my carpet dries in 4-6 hours rather than over night. This unit costs a little more than the others, but I am very pleased with the results so far. Also, you can't beat the 3 year warrenty.
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on October 20, 2010
I had a Hoover and it worked rather well, until the fan plate broke off the bolt, no more suction. I had a Bissel that stopped spraying, so it was a hassle to spray with one, get on my knees with a hand brush to scrub, then use the other machine to suck.
I bought this shampooer after taking my Bissel to the shop (and the Hoover to the dumpster) to replace the roller brush belt. I was told that the water pump belt and water pump itself also needed replacing at the cost of $80.00. I told them they could keep it for that price, and visited their competitor. Everything the salesman told me about the Royal interested me more and more: Two stable roller brushes rotating in opposite directions (no more shampooing over and over in several directions to get it all), Two extractors (no more going over and over the same space to get up the water and never extracting well enough, the Bissel couldn't even suck water from linoleum!), Heavier (no more standing on the shampooer with someone else pulling it slowly to get more water deeper down in the carpet) and gets heavier in front with the more dirty water it picks up so it can get deeper into the carpet to get more deep down water, On-off switches for the brushes and soap (no more trouble with rinsing and having the brushes wear a bald spot on the rug when using the hand tool), detachable hand tool (no more constantly picking the hand tool off the floor when it won't stay in its holder, tubing getting in the way, leaking when on the floor, splashing me when I wind it around its holders), Soap Dispenser in upright no leak position (no leaking soap when rinsing or sitting still), No more mixing of soap and water in dispener and not getting the screw ring to tighten, Seperate containers for clean water and dirty water (no more burning my hands with hot water when trying to drain just the dirty water in the container while trying to keep the clean water in the bladder, the whole concoction coming apart and spilling all over, and not being able to tell how much dirty water is actually being sucked up and how much rinse water is left because they are both in the same container), Removable front to clean, just rinse under running water (no more wrestling with the entire monster and sticking knives, etc. inside hoping to reach the hair and dirt clogs to dislodge), Sturdier rounder edged plastic front (no more breaking, chipping, front edge catching on carpet), One large belt that the shop will replace for free (no more tiny seperate belts for brushes and pumps that you have to totally dismantle the machine to get at and replace, then they fall off when you start it), Good working hand tool with lots of suction (no more fighting to get the tool to spray and suck), removable wand end for cleaning and replacing (for free), No more hot air on ankles and feet, no more two day wait for carpet to dry, no more hassles! Couldn't be simpler to use and there is no complicated assembly.
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on March 1, 2010
I bought my Royal two years ago and have used it to clean the carpets in my house every six months. It does an above average job. My Berber carpets are almost 10 years old, light tan in color, we have two teenaged kids and two cats, and the carpet looks like new after every cleaning. I definitely need to use my machine every six months especially in high traffic areas. We had a party three years ago and one of our guests spilled a glass of red wine on the carpet. At the time I used a carpet cleaning service, and while he did a good job, he never could get that stain out completely. I've noticed that with this machine it looks better for a few weeks after I clean, but the stain seeps through again eventually. The professional carpet cleaner recommends using a shop vac immediately after a spill because it will continue to seep through for years to come, something I didn't do.

Great value! I bought it on sale for $279, which is about the same amount I paid the professional carpet cleaner to clean my carpets once.

My husband and I are big do-it-yourselfers, so I wouldn't recommend this machine to everyone. It's big and heavy and not that easily maneuverable. I've used the upholstery attachment twice and haven't found it very convenient to use, though it does an adequate job.
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on March 1, 2011
After reading some awful reviews regarding the quality control and longevity of Hoover and Bissel carpet cleaners, I decided to go with Royal and am pretty satisfied with the purchase. The product seems sturdy and well built, and all of the various tanks and attachments are VERY EASY to remove, clean, and reassemble. I've only used it on a high-pile/shag carpeting in the rec room so far, and found that it took considerable effort to push and pull the extractor across the floor. I'm sure it will likely be easier on lower-pile carpeting, however. No shoes are worn in the home, and we have no pets or kids, but the extractor's dirty water container still looked discolored -- not filthy black as some have experienced. My carpets were still damp 10 hours later with only one pass with soap, and then another pass for rinsing. I haven't read much feedback on the upholstery cleaner feature, but found myself disappointed in the functionality. The attachment lacks an agitating mechanism (unlike the other brand names), and only has a small, short-length brush built in. Therefore one is basically spraying soap on the upholstery and then vacuuming off the liquid -- how clean can the results be? Also note that the extractor comes with two 64-ounce bottles, and one 4-ounce bottle of shampoo/detergent. Since the product description and manufacturer website both failed to mention this, I had proactively purchased three large bottles in anticipation of using the extractor with it.
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on March 13, 2012
I have a dog but I like to keep the place clean so I figured it is better to own my own carpet cleaner than keep renting long term. The first day I bought it I tried it on the apartment I have just recently moved in which was cleaned by rented industrial cleaner not even 2 wks prior. Industrial cleaner had really dark water so I thought the carpet was clean and i just wanted to try this one out to make sure it works, but when I run the carpet with Royal 7910, I couldn't believe my eyes. Water from carpet was pitch dark like oil ! Whether that was due to carpet cleaner itself of Royal carpet shampoo, I can not tell. I have been using this "jewel" since then for about 4 years now and it still runs strong and cleans carpets quite well.
The ONLY 2 issues I have had with this:
- problem with one of the brush rolls after 2nd use. Was still under warranty, got replaced and worked ever since.
- upholstery nozzle was dripping liquid at all times while plugged in and wasn't sealing properly (also within first 6 months of use)

- empty recovery tank makes the front end light so every time you empty 1 gallon tank it doesn't copy to the floor as tightly so leaves the carpet bit moister
- plastic body gives the impression of cheap built compared to industrial grade
- if you have pets, YOU HAVE TO vacuum prior to cleaning because this machine is not designed to get the particles larger than sand grains out of the carpet (1/16" slits on intakes)

- it SUCKS, quite powerful !
- automatic mixing of carpet shampoo, you just need to flip the "soap" switch
- lightweight and small size compared to industrial cleaners (you don't have to get evicted from apt. in order to clean it, this one will get around most objects.
- upholstery tool is very convenient for small quickies
- PRICE, I have used commercial grade cleaners before "worth" the 4-6x higher price but not doing any better than this one
- all controls are on the handle and you can easily see/control which processes are running.
- compared to mopping, the spills on tiles in kitchen or bathroom? Feels like heaven and you wish your kids would spill something

Usage: private use for ~ 900 sq ft apartment every 2-3 months, 1 pet medium length hair, took me about 3-4 hrs to do the entire place.

Definitely was a good purchase !
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on May 14, 2011
Although some components were engineered quite well, others were rendering this extractor inoperable about every 5 minutes - sometimes sooner.

*** Problems ***

- The belts wear out super-fast. If you start your cleaning late in the day and you want to make sure you don't have to leave your carpet soaked over night, get at least two replacement belts. The typical warning sign is the rubbery smell - then it's time to grab a Phillips screwdriver and open up the side panel. You should wear some thin latex gloves, because you'll have small soft black particles all over - including all over the newly cleaned carpet; think crossover of dirt build-up on old bicycle chain and really sticky chewing gum.

- When a belt wears out, it can also overheat and melt the brush assembly's plastic drive wheel's surface. In that case, you have to replace the entire set (2) of brushes - which cost me around 50 bucks. The replacement brushes don't fit too well, because the brush assemblies use a screw along with a groove to center the brush on one side - a big engineering no-no. While the belts are standard items, the brushes are not. I had to wait 3 days after doing quite a bit of research where to order a set.

- To get rid of the constant overheating problem of the belt-drive and to detect misalignment of the belt early on (happens out of the blue during normal operation), I had to operate the extractor without the protective cover, which is just ugly.

- When brushes are worn out by about 0.8 mm, the shampooing action is already greatly reduced, which also causes more water to stay in the carpet, since less stuff is foaming up. So I ordered some replacement brushes - unfortunately, the belt melted one of them down after about 5 minutes as described in one of the points above.

*** Upside ***

- Did not have any seals getting leaky (as fellow reviewers have mentioned).

- Containers snap in and out with ease - this is where the designers have done a great job.

*** Summary ***

Despite some nice components, the overall extractor is terribly flawed and a "royal" pain (sorry, couldn't resist). This could be a good prototype as a starting point to develop something that is actually of help.
If you want to clean a carpet larger than 30 sf with this one, you better have about three replacement belts, about 100 dollars worth of replacement brushes and a screwdriver ready.

What bugs me most is that the poor quality is mainly due to only two shoddy components.
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on November 8, 2012
I purchased this carpet cleaner 4 years ago, my first use of such equipment, and I quickly learned I needed to pre-treat spots the way the pros do. The main reason it is not rated at 5 stars is that it has no warning or monitor of the clean water and soap bottle fluid levels. Yes, they are in clear plastic bottles, it is just that I am spoiled by the warning you receive when the dirty water bottle is full, which is also clear plastic.

About the 3rd time I used it, I noticed it was losing suction power. Reviewing the parts list revealed a filter in the Dirty Water Bottle (dwb) of which the instructions said nothing. It is placed there to stop debris from plugging up the vacuum parts. I removed it and WELL! it was doing its job alright. It was completely plugged up so that very little air could be sucked through it. I cleaned it, reinstalled it, and again had a new machine. I now check this filter each time I empty the dirty water bottle.

Then it began burning up belts. Today I put on two of them and I knew that something must be causing them to have such a short life span. Examination of the roller brushes revealed that they had accumulated quite a bit of long hair. I cleaned the hair off the brush shafts after the first belt died. Minutes later, the second belt began to smell of burning rubber. An even closer examination showed that the roller brushes did not turn easily as there was still more hair hidden inside the roller bearings' covers, something else about which the instructions are silent. A couple of screws hold the belt cover on which, when removed, reveals the roller bearings which are stabilized with one screw each. Removing these screws made it possible to pull the brushes out and pull the bearing out of each brush shaft. When I did, little hair wreaths almost fell out on their own. Some cleaning and light oiling made them spin like new. The second belt is now running smooth and cool. I have decided to do this servicing each time a belt wears out (which for me is about 20 hours of shampooing) because half the work is already done just getting at the belt.
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on November 5, 2012
I have owned Bissels... none of which lasted longer than 9 months. That includes the time they was in for warranty repairs. No more Bissels. I bought a Hoover Platinum which set me back over $500.00. Within a month it was broken. The shop that was given the warranty repair was left high and dry by Hoover. Hoover had no idea what was wrong with the machine. The shop narrowed it dfown to a circuit board and/or a wiring harness. Hoover told them both items were "backordered" and no delivery time was imminent. I got my money back and listened to what the guys at the vacuum shop told me about this Royal machine. This thing has everything you need without the bells and whistles. The leaks and petty complaints I am reading here are without a doubt the result of misuse or failure to read the manual. If you don't vacuum FIRST, you will have a problem... burn belts maybe?? I have cleaned the carpets in my condo which is about 800 sq ft, at least 5 times and my drive belt looks new. One thing I never did was fill the clean water tank to max. What's the point when the dirty water tank will need to be emptied at halfway anyway. Bottom line: The motor is strong and leaves your carpets clean and slightly damp... dry within 4 hours or so. If you rush your carpets will be wet for the next 10 hours. Move slowly. You can turn the brushes and/or soap off with the flick of a switch at the handle.. the brushes are just to scrub, not dry. Turn them off when your extracting! As for the person that complained that the couch was saturated before she could run the attachment over it.... What? Did you ever think to TAKE YOUR FINGER OFF THE SOLUTION SWITCH???? This is the best machine out there right now. What you see on the negative side is for the most part ignorance of proper operation and misuse of the machine or its parts. I have recommended this machine to everyone in my family.
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