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on October 20, 2009
Before rubik 360 came into my hands i read about it on internet and i was very excited! I heard from a video Rubik saying that this puzzle will have the same succes as the cube and also that the cube and the 360 puzzle have many common things, allthough different problem solving logic... So when 360 came to me i was hopping for a puzzle that i can deal with it for hours and discover many interesting things before i conclude to a solution, just as happend with the cube(3x3).
1-5 minutes:Very very very cool design!
6-8 minutes:It seems impossible to solve!
8-10 minutes: Yes! I can get some balls into the right positions but it seems
just luck or that it needs very specific and talented moves by
your hands!
11-25 minutes:There must be a specific and not random way, i am so close!
26 minute: The puzzle is completely solved :(
Absolutely cool design , genius concept, far more easy than rubik's cube.
I surely recomend it to evryone who wants a fresh and good puzzle, but not to those who seek a great challenge!
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on September 5, 2009
After having learned how to solve the Rubik's Cube about 2 years ago I became more or less a collector of Rubik's products, and I must say that I am proud to have the 360 in my collection. The puzzle is very well designed, and if you're playing for the first time, it does take a bit of playing around to figure out the trick to solving it. However, it is not the most difficult puzzle in the Rubik's library. It ranks as more of a puzzle for anyone, whereas with the original Cube and any of the variations, you need to have a decent amount of patience to solve it (not to mention courage, when you get to the 4x4 or 5x5, neither of which I am brave enough to attempt). The 360 can be a bit frustrating, but if you work for a few hours you can get it. It's not nearly as bad as getting lost when you're almost done solving the Cube.

Cube experience does not seem to help; I don't know if this goes for "Cubers", but my fastest time on the Cube is a little under one minute, and it still took me a few hours of work (not necessarily all at once) to finish the 360. Regardless, it is a great puzzle for any Rubik's or puzzle fan, and the feeling when you finally solve it is impossible to describe.

PS: Amazon asked me to rate the "Educational Value" of the 360, and I gave it 2 stars, because if you really focus hard enough you can learn about gravity. =P Also, it feels pretty durable, but I can't be sure because I don't throw my Rubik's puzzles into walls or smash them on the floor (even if they can be annoying!).
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on October 15, 2009
I received this new Rubik's as a gift. I am an adult, and am able to complete the original Cube, with still some challenge. When I got this I was at first glance a bit intimidated by the design of the puzzle. But, unfortunately, I quickly found out that this game is NOT a game of logic at all, but a very simple exercise of skill. It basically consists of flipping the thing over and over and over and over until you manage to grab a little ball, then again, using some skill and patience drive the little ball into its proper hole. At first, it took me about 20 minutes to figure how the contraption swings due to some little metal weights inside. Once I captured the first ball, the next one took me about 10, then about 5, etc --- once again, not due to any mental strain, but to the fact that you need to be very skilled and, honestly, kind of lucky to catch the tiny balls. Overall, the puzzle took me about 50 minutes to complete, which was very disappointing considering the original cube took me 20 years to figure, and still challenges me.

As a game of skill, this game requires you to be seated, completely still, taking breaths to juggle around the tiny balls; so it lacks the 'portability' of the original.

Overall, this is a novelty game that carries a huge name, and probably, the assertion of it being a Rubik is what makes it precisely fall so short of my expectations.

On the pro side: anyone can do this, even a monkey with enough shaking.
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on November 27, 2009
I purchase the 360 shortly after it when on sale and unlike the original cube I simply found it to be a game of chance with no talent or skill required, this game can be frustrating at time however anyone can solve it with nor real skill with in two hrs to start, and after that perhaps its time to pass it on unless you want to hold on to it to put on your trophy shelf along with all your other accomplishments. LOL
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on April 24, 2013
Unlike an actual Rubik's cube, this puzzle requires no logic to solve. Whereas the cube requires you to rearrange it to create 6 solid-colored faces, here you must guide 6 colored balls within 3 concentric spheres to 6 color-coded domes on the surface of the outermost sphere. The inner spheres rotate on an axis within the next outer sphere, with the innermost sphere's axis offset from the middle sphere by 45 degrees.

The inner spheres are weighted at one end, with the exit hole at the other, so it is impossible to simply rotate the puzzle to guide the balls to the exit hole, as gravity will pull the weighted end down and the exit hole up. The innermost sphere has one exit, while the middle sphere has 2, each corresponding with 3 of the colored domes.

I've found the most effective means to actually solve the puzzle is to simply shake the thing to spin the inner spheres until one of the balls finds the innermost exit, and then angling the puzzle to the side and tapping it gently to guide the rotation of the inner sphere to line up the exit hole to the middle sphere, and finally to the correct colored dome. Solving the puzzle requires more luck than anything else, and becomes more and more frustrating as you solve the puzzle, with the last ball being the most difficult to place. The frustration is compounded by the 2 exit holes on the middle sphere. Due to the puzzle's design, you have no real control over which hole the ball will exit to, leading to frustrating moments where the ball ends up on the wrong exit hole and you have to start over again.

Others may enjoy puzzles like this, but I did not.
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on January 15, 2012
This toy's name is misleading. True, Erno Rubik did design the 360, but anyone thinking that this toy will have anything in common with Rubik's Cube or any of its variants will be sorely disappointed. I think using "Rubik" in the title, considering what the world automatically thinks when it sees/hears "Rubik", is disingenuous. I think "Erno's 360" would have been better, because I know I wasn't the only one who was very let down when I realized there is virtually no thinking involved in solving this puzzle at all.

"Rubik's 360" is not a puzzle that can be solved using logic, math, and move sequences. It has much more in common with a carnival ring-toss game than with any other Rubik's puzzle. In essence, this toy requires the user to utilize balance and counterweight to move six balls into their designated home bases. There are no move sequences you can learn, nor is there any deep thinking required. Basically, the 360 is a child's toy, if it could be set to "extremely difficult". It requires patience, steady hands, and a good sense of balance, and that's it.

It cannot be emphasized enough: THIS IS NOT IN ANY WAY A VARIATION ON THE ORIGINAL CUBE. It is an entirely different sort of game and it offers nothing to the fan of three-dimensional scrambling puzzles.
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on January 27, 2014
I bought this for a birthday present for my Rubik's Cube loving daughter. She has almost every cube. This is not at all related to Rubik's Cubes. It has loops and little catches on the inside and you have slide the balls around inside the box to try to catch them and lock them in the correct spot. She kept it as part of her cube collection but it's not a cube and she has never picked it again. It's a disappointment.
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on January 28, 2014
I purchased several of these maze globes for my nephews for Christmas. The kids loved playing with them. They would sit in a group each working on their different one or passing them around then challenging each other to do it faster. These are really great gifts that the kids keep coming back to just to see if they can do it again.
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on January 13, 2013
Many different people tried to solve this. Finally at the end of the day my 18 year old grandson decided to take the puzzle home. He called two days later to tell us that he had solved it. He brought it over to our house to prove it. :-)
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on August 11, 2013
Not a puzzle that can be solved using mental techniques or algorithms. Takes time and a large amount of patience. Progress is easily undone and balls frequently get stuck between layers. There may be a way to do this puzzle quickly, but it's something that can take the better part of an hour to work through right now for me, which is just too long for this type of puzzle. Your time and money are better spent elsewhere if you are looking for a quick (5-10 minutes) puzzle. But if you're a glutton for puzzle frustration and have plenty of time on your hands, go for it!
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