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on October 23, 2012
I rented this model almost two years ago and after I used it, was so impressed that I looked into buying one but the price was prohibitive for how often I'd be using it.

This is something that a small professional would use and cleans rugs just like you'd get from a paid company.

- Quality and sturdy
- Can go longer without needing water - the bigger tank does make a difference
- Gets rid of the grunge and grime
- Simple to use - no rocket science
- Really moves around the carpet fibers
- Doesn't leave the carpet soaking - takes 4-6 hours before it fully dries depending on climate

- This is a big machine. This won't fit easily wherever you put your vacuum - so make sure you have a place for this.
- The "single pass" isn't a true single pass. If you go ultra-slow you might be able to get it clean, but you really need several passes to get rugs fully clean.
- The brush seems a little harsh for more delicate carpets - I was getting a lot of fiber up on mine, but that could just be my carpet.
- Water tank (I know I said it was a pro as well) and in comparison it is bigger, but you will need to keep changing it out regularly
- It's not quiet

Lastly, cleaning your own carpets well takes A LOT of time to do it right. Since we did it ourselves once, we've paid to have them done since then because of the value vs. time.
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We got this model of Rug Doctor two years ago when we saw a good deal on a new unit and felt that it was worth the time and effort do to our own carpets rather than rent the Rug Doctor or hire a cleaning service.

I'm looking at a current ad for pro cleaning from a local outfit: to do our entire house at the moment would be about half the cost of this machine if you can get the Mighty Pro on a special offer. So if we do the carpets twice a year (just before Thanksgiving guests, and maybe during Spring cleaning) we'd get a one year "ROI" or return on investment, that is, not counting our own time and effort.

So how well did it work? Very well. The vibrating brush got up some deep stains (not all, we have a cat who was semi-wild and really destroyed one carpet. Nothing we tried fixed that stain; nature of the beast.) But for the high traffic areas of hallway, stairs and the den, the carpet really looked like new and that carpet is 12 years old.

How easy it it? Once you load up the reservoir, moving it slowly around the room (like mowing a lawn) isn't all that bad. What isn't so fun is attaching the hose unit (to do stairs) nor carrying it downstairs. While it isn't tremendously heavy (maybe 30lbs) it is awkward to carry down a staircase, at least for me.

This is the discontinued model and it differs from the newer model, the X3 in the following ways:

1. The newer model has larger reservoir for cleaner and waste water
2. The newer model has more bristles for deeper cleaning
3. The handle on the 3X is a stirrup-shape rather than a bar for easier manipulation.

The warranty remains five years.

Bottom line: This unit cleans well, but does leave carpets somewhat moist, and it isn't so lightweight nor maneuverable. And it takes up considerable room in the closet or garage to store; if these issues are of concern, a smaller upright type shampooer might be the way to go. However, if you have high traffic and want to keep carpets fresh and hate renting or hiring in cleaners, this can be an affordable alternative for home mainentance.
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on October 23, 2012
I have had my unit now for five years, during which time it has been used probably at least once every other month. We have dogs (up to 5 at one time, more typically 3 - yikes), and we wanted something that could really get at pet stains and traffic patterns.

I've had excellent results with our rug doctor, and wouldn't hesitate to buy another. Not that I anticipate needing to. Even with regular use, the machine hasn't had any problems. Everything is still where it was intended to be functioning as it should. No breaks, bad parts, etc.

I think the whole trick to using this is to really follow the directions carefully for your shampoo, use the hottest water you can, and don't soak your rugs. Get them damp but not squishy. Typically we can do a room, then set up two box fans, leave the room overnight, then it's dry in the morning. Also consider running your furnace fan during the dry time, that helps too.

The accessory kit is a necessary item as it'll allow you to do steps plus furniture.

My only gripes:

- Switching between the accessory tools and the main unit are a pain - the location of the connections can be difficult to access and use.
- Edge cleaning with the unit is a bit challenging, almost impossible. This is a bigger unit and getting into small spaces can be difficult.
- The upholstery tool works great on flat surfaces, but when you are doing chair sides, it can send foam shooting around. Beware. Likewise, getting a good suction on a irregularly shaped car floor can be a trick. Sometimes I just use the hose end for times like these.

Overall a good purchase, as I've said we've had it for several years and it's been very reliable for us. You're paying a premium for a "rental" machine in blue plastic, but the tradeoff is it should live a long life.
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on October 23, 2012
The machine worked ok for the first 3 times. I've used better. There is a major defect in the handle design and will eventually break. Oh yes Rug Doctor will fix it only if you pay postage. Postage for mine was $230.00. I resold it for $50. This is absolutely NOT the same machine and design as the one you rent. Horrid customer service and buyer beware.
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on November 1, 2012
I bought this Rug Doctor Mighty Pro when it cam up on Amazon/Woot for $299.99 rather than the "regular" price of $799.99 as a discontinued model. The machine arived in short order and upon opening the package, I discovered that the Hand Tool and Hose kit was not with the unit. This was Saturday morning, so I waited till Monday to call Amazon. Have you ever tried to Call a real live person at Amazon? Belive me they make it tough to do, but I did finnaly succeed. You don't call them, you request that they call you, and they do, right away. Anyway the customer service rep was very plesant and after about 5-10 minutes of checking with her supervisor they aggrred that the Hand Tool and Hose kit should have been in there. So they offered me two options. I could send it back (how much would THAT cost) or theyed give me an additional 20% off. I naturally took the 20% off. I mean why would I have ordered it if I didn't want it? So I thank Amazon for that solution. However this morning I decided to register the machine with Rug Doctor and while I was on the site I saw "Compare Machines" listed. On the Rug Doctor site this machine is only $599.93, $200 less than Woot claims retail is. (actually they don't have ANY rug cleaners that retail for as high as $799) Also the Rug Doctor site clearly states that the Hand Tool and Hose kit IS included, but in addition there should be two (2) 48oz. bottles of Oxy-Steam Cleaner, and one each of 24oz. Spot & Stain Remover, 24oz. Urine Eliminator, 24oz. Hi-Traffic Pre-treatment, 16oz. Odor Remover, 32oz. Upholstery Cleaner, and 16oz. AnitiFoam. Plus they offer a payment plan. So, am I happy with my purchase? Yes. Is it THAT great a deal? Maybe. Just be aware of what it is that you're getting.
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on November 1, 2012
Like several other reviewers, I too was upset when I received my unit without the 12 foot universal hand tool hose attachment. I double checked the listing to make sure this item was listed, which it is, and while the listing does not explicitly specify that the part is included (or that it is NOT included), the wording is such that any reasonable person would conclude that it is. So at the very least, the listing is very deceptive, if not out-and-out dishonest.

So I contacted Amazon via their customer service on-line chat, and without argument, the Amazon rep agreed that the tool should be included. She told me that my best option was to contact Rug Doctor directly and request the part, and that if there was a charge, Amazon would refund the price. Not surprisingly, Rug Doctor did charge me ($106 with shipping and tax), and true to their word, Amazon refunded me every penny of this. By the way, 12 foot universal hand tool hose attachment includes the upholstery tool; these are not two separate accessories.

I have rented Rug Doctors in the past and have always been happy with the results. While I have not yet used my newly purchased Rug Doctor, my five-star review is for 1) the $299.99 purchase price (w/ free shipping); 2) the way Amazon handled the issue with the universal hand tool; and 3) my historical approval of Rug Doctors.
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on December 8, 2012
Works well, cleans great- this is nice to have to clean the carpets. However, it did NOT come w/ the carpet upholstery attachments as stated in the product description. It's compact & not the "wide path" type- but works just as good. We are very happy w/ this carpet cleaner so far. We used the Rug Doctor Pet Formula & that works well too. A tip: Use VERY HOT WATER when shampooing & make sure to re-rinse the carpet 1 or 2 times depending on the dirtiness.
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on October 24, 2012
While this was a great price, the description said it came with attachments. It did not. I might not have purchased if I had known that...
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on November 24, 2012
I have rented Rug Doctor carpet cleaners before at my local home improvement center, so I already knew that it worked great for a do - it - yourself cleaner. I have used other big name cleaners such as Bissle and have always been disappointed. I got this one here at Amazon at a great price offered through and just could not pass it up. I always hated having to rush to get my house done in the 24 hour period to avoid late rental charges for returning it late. Now I can use it when I want to. The only thing that I have a complaint about is that the description leads you to believe that it comes with the hose attachment since it gives a detailed description about it, but sadly it does not. I will still give the cleaner 5 stars because that is what I am rating after all.
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on October 27, 2012
Although the jury is still out on the reliability and longevity of this unit, the product description lead everyone who purchased to believe they were getting the upholstery kit, when in fact they did not: "Upholstery kit maintains powerful suction equal to the machine's normal intake".

Shameful marketing tactic by, who owns And we purchased this item knowing it had a potential design problem with the handle possibly breaking with use.

Also found that this item has been designed for shorter operators; being 6'2" means I will be bending over while using this; if you are 5'9" or shorter it will be easier. Later edits forthcoming upon usage. So far the overriding good factor here was the "Deal of the Day" price of $300, which is a good price regardless of attachments.
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